Happy 4th of July – #1LinerWed

July 4th is one of the obsessive compulsive holidays in the US. It’s when we celebrate our independence from the British Empire. Although we declared that independence in 1776, the US Congress didn’t formally establish the holiday until 1941 – just as we were fast becoming England’s most important ally. Unlike Memorial Day and Labor Day, the bookends of summer, the 4th of July is the 4th, not the Monday before. No 3-day weekend in July, save those for May and September.

Falling on a Wednesday this year, it might mean a day off for some, a normal work day for others, perhaps at a higher rate of pay, and for other others, it might mark the start (or the end) of a 5-day weekend. For me, it’s a single day off. I’ll spend some time in my workshop, watch a few episodes of the Twilight Zone Marathon on Decades TV – take that SyFy – and perhaps have a beer. I’m OK with the 4th of July’s insistence on being celebrated in absolute ordinal fashion – it appeals to my logical side. And, remember:

“The first rule of OCD Club is that there has to be a second rule, ‘cuz there has to be an even number of rules.”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Gracious, Dan, your “first rule of OCD Club” had me spit my coffee across the table. The best!! Hope you enjoy your day off (even if it is smack dab in the middle of the week).

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    • Thanks Judy. I argue about these tendencies, but this one appealed to the part of me that always has the volume set on an even number. I just like them better.

      Maddie and I just got back from our walk. She wanted to walk a longer route, but the air is gross. We compromised, and I think she’s happy. She’s a bit OCD, too, “dad’s home so we have to go for a walk.”

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  2. Happy 4th of July, Dan! Thanks for dedicating your post to the holiday, the one which is always even and makes the OCD Club happy. By the way, my dues are in the mail.

    Lovely photos…I hope you have a nice day off and Maddie gets some time in the shade.

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    • Thanks Mary! It is always even – I like that. You can pay your dues with some of those bonus points you’ve earned.

      Maddie has been for a walk. She has to wait until some shade arrives in the yard, because we’re back in the 90s today. I hope you enjoy the day.

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  3. A happy delightful post, Dan. Who would have thought a quiet (not yet open) carnival would be so entertaining. I think I like it best that way, seeing all the pre-fun anticipation. (Besides, you know me and noise…). Maddie looks like she’s having a lovely time. Happy Fourth of July hugs!

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    • Maddie loves going on her walks as much as she likes sitting. She’s a little OCD, sometimes, she just has to have what she has to have because the time or the circumstances tell her it’s so. I hope you have a great day!

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  4. Happy 4th of July, Dan. Unlike you, I extended the weekend to include the holiday. I am glad that we don’t move this holiday to a Monday–I am too used to calling it the 4th of July and don’t really want to change it to something more generic as we did with Presidents’ Day. I seem to remember when I was growing up that we celebrated Washington’s and Lincoln’s birthday separately in February. Although I complain about winter weather, some of that coolness would be welcome. The heat and humidity here in Northern Virginia is kicking my butt.

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    • Thanks Mike. You remember correctly, we did used to celebrate both. I thought about spreading the holiday out, but it’s been wicked hot around here too. The heat is awful. I hope you find a nice way to keep cool.


  5. Beautiful photos Dan! I love the daisies in your yard. I hope you enjoy your holi-day. Mine is but one as well and I am happy for it. We will grill some food later. We also had a rain last night. Our heat has been average I think. I love your OCD rules! Lol

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  6. Thank you for the short historic note about the Fourth of July, Dan. It will be a day off here too. A neighbor is having a party, so it will be a nice way to catch up with his family and other people. Always nice to gather around grilled food :)
    Enjoy your free day! And cheers to our country and its people!

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  7. Happy 4th Dan. I think we all have a bit of OCD in us! I can’t pass our kitchen table without making a correction with one placemat so that it’s perfectly lined up with the one across from it!!! 😂😂

    Love the black squirrel with a brown tail. Maddie looks so content on her cot and so happy she found her old friend. Early walks while it’s still cool is a good thing for both of you. The air is oppressive.

    Great close up shots Dan, but you saved the best for last. That raindrop at the tip of the plant looks like a huge diamond teardrop. Just a beautiful picture. And you’re right, that’s definitely one big bunny!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie and I walked a couple of hours ago. It wasn’t too hot, but the air was just yucky. We didn’t walk far, but we crossed that item off the list – she’s a bit OCD too.

      I’m going to try to get some work done in the shop today, but I won’t be out there for too long.

      I must have looked pretty silly taking that picture, it’s from the parking lot at work, but I really wanted to get it right. I’m very happy with the way it turned out.


    • Thanks Gwen. I’ve been trying to get good close up shots for years. I think I finally figured this camera out (I might be going overboard). Enjoy the day!


  8. Happy 4th! I love the ordinal fashion of this holiday as well. I’d love it even more if Memorial Day and Labor Day were handled the same way. Who decides these things anyway ?!? :). Those pictures are fantastic especially the flowers. Thanks for sharing them.

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  9. such a delightful collage for the 4th… and loved the succinct way you summed up this holiday – and I fully agree with this:

    I’m OK with the 4th of July’s insistence on being celebrated in absolute ordinal fashion – it appeals to my logical side.

    same here

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  10. Hi Dan – enjoy the workshop time, then the Maddy walk and then the relaxation with family and friends … well ordered all – and have a happy 4th – but interesting about the bank holiday aspect being formalised …. cheers Hilary

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  11. The squirrels don’t seem to mind the heat even in all their furry finery! The marine layer finally rolled in dropping our temperatures down from 100° to down right chilly. Natures Air Conditioning is back thankfully. I just wish it wasn’t this cold and windy. I’m going to freeze at tonight’s fireworks show, but this isn’t new. It’s usually chilly on the 4th here.

    I loved the Daisy! Great depth of field, and low angle!

    Enjoy your day off, and have a Happy 4th of July!

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  12. Happy Independence Day, Dan! Hope you had a relaxing day off. Do you get a holiday on the Monday if the 4th falls on a weekend? That’s what we get for Australia Day. (Used to be the nearest Monday to the 26th Jan but now it’s on the day unless it hits a weekend, then we get the Monday in lieu.) Glad you’ve had a bit of rain. Looks hot there.

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    • Thanks Heather. We do get a monday off if the 4th falls on a weekend. Next year, I think the 4th is a Thursday. Our company will likely close Th/Fr and charge is for one of our “floating” holidays.

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  13. The water droplets was beautiful, Dan.
    I helped scrub potatoes at our “hometown” (family lived in Bay Village Ohio during our middle and high school years) carnival, Rich hooked me up for the third year in a row of the Kiwanis curly fries booth!
    Since Randy and I were heading to a penthouse party for the 4th of July, we only stayed long enough for me to work 2 hours, while Rich was stuck for five hours. . . Nice carnival set up photos, Dan.

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    • Thanks Robin. This is one of the few times I’ve was really happy with a water drop photo. Two hours of potato scrubbing sounds like enough. You’re a good sport to help them out.


  14. I read this yesterday morning, but then I didn’t get to the Like and Comment bit, cause somethin happened, somethin 3D. I can’t remember what.
    Anyway, I looove that you caught a big bunny, even if he’s not in your yard. Whenever the big ones come in the yard, we NEVER catch one with our snaps. We seem to mostly snap lil bunnies at a distance, while the big ones will come right up to the porch!
    That shot of the water droppin off the ends of the plant, Ooh, Ahh! Overall a lovely collection :)
    The Mister had three days off. I had the one right there in the middle. And I get paid for it! Hurrah!

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    • Lucky Mister. We will usually close for two days, but I don’t think we’ve ever closed for three. The big bunnies only seem to come to our yard to have babies. Once the get bigger, they take off.

      The water drop took many attempts. There was a breeze and some of the drops fell off or ran onto other parts. I was so glad to get that one. Thanks for coming back.

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  15. Couldn’t believe that Syfy ditched the TZ marathon this year. I’m glad you were able to tune in Decades, Dan — some people could, but a lot of other fans were left Zone-less. Glad you had a nice Fourth!

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