No Bud – No Burger – #SoCS

Linda G. Hill has left me in the bar in an untenable position relative to her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. At least here in the States, there is an obvious way to roll this week. Let’s see if I can avoid it. According to Linda:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘sup.’ Use it as a word or find a word that contains it. Have fun!

If we were having a beer, you would be acting all superior.

“I drove by that park of yours, it was closed.”


“Yeah, what was up with that?”

“Don’t you mean whassup with that?”

“No. I don’t abide with butchering the English language for dramatic effect.”

“Then I guess you won’t be ordering a Bud today.”

“Perish the thought that I’d ever be ordering a ‘Bud’ Cheryl. Why would you suggest that?”

“He hasn’t seen it, Cheryl.”

“Excuse me, he is right here. What is it I hasn’t, I mean I haven’t seen?”

“The new Budweiser commercial.”

“Yeah, they brought back the ‘Whassup’ commercial – this time they teamed up with Burger King. You boys want a real beer?”

“I’ll have a Corona, Cheryl.”

“I’m out of spiced salt.”

“That’s OK. Frosted glass, slice of lime, I’m good.”

“Wait, maybe I can ask our new chef if he can mix some up for you.”

“Before you go off on a Quixotic attempt to make his beer perfect, can I order a glass of Bourbon, please?”

“Can he slide in front of you, Dan?”

“He’s buying – he can go first.”

“Who said I’m buying?”

“You did, when you got all snooty. It’s Saturday and I don’t need any more snoot this week.”

“I don’t think ‘snoot’ is a word.”

“Here’s your Bourbon, your snifter of seltzer and your glass of ice. By the way, ‘snoot’ is a word and it resembles someone at this bar…just sayin.”

“Say – ING! If snoot is synonymous with proper English, then I’m honored to be a snoot. However, I have never considered myself to be snooty.”

“That’s true, Cheryl. I’ve known him a long time. He’s eccentric, but not snooty…normally that is.”

“Normally? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You get all bent out of shape about English this and proper that. You should chill. I’m sorry, you should chill out. After all, we’re at a bar.”

“Point taken.”

“Here you go, Dan. I can’t vouch for the salt. The chef says it’s similar to a rub he used to use for steaks in New York.”

“Mmmm, this is pretty good.”

“New York? Your new chef is from New York? Talk about your snoots.”

“He is, but he’s promised not to mess with the standard items. He will be adding a few things to the menu but doing no harm.”

“That sounds like a good approach. I remember when the last guy eliminated Parm-Pep dressing.”

“Yes, Dan, we all do. You threw a bit of a hissy fit that day.”

“Yeah, well, there’s some things you don’t mess with.”

“Sounds like there’s a story behind that, Dan.”

“I had lunch on Monday with a coworker. I ordered a Lobster Roll. The lobster was grilled with some weird mix of spices.”

“That’s worse than ‘whassup’ – that’s close to being sacrilegious.”

“Speaking of lobster, one new item is a lobster salad – they look very good.”

“Normal lobster or some ‘signature’ thing?”

“Normal lobster. The signature element is the addition of asparagus.”

“I’ll try one of those, Cheryl.”

“I’ll join him. Can we get back to my original question? Why was your park closed?”

“They’re doing some construction.”

“In a park that routinely gets flooded? There’s a good use of my tax dollars.”

“Just minor stuff. It’s all supposed to be flood resistant.”

“While on the subject of construction, how are you coming with that coffee table?”

“I’m almost done. A little more sanding and it’s ready for paint and oil.”

“Will be.”

“Will be what?”

“It ‘will be’ ready for paint.”

“See; snoot.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sensitive to the sound of bad grammar.”

“To which I would say – whassup with that?”

“You two aren’t safe without adult supervision. Here are your salads – please don’t throw them at each other.”

“These look delicious, Cheryl.”

“Did you just take a picture of your salad?”

“Yes. John Howell was busting my butt about going meatless. I wanted to show him that I’m back to normal.”

“Well then turn the salad, Dan”

“What? Cheryl, it’s just a salad.”

“Turn it so the asparagus is in front…see.”

“Aw, look…its little asparagus arms are folded.”

“Hey, the chef let you keep the Parm-Pep, the least you can do is share a good picture of the salad.”

“This salad is good, Cheryl. And, speaking of John Howell, I’ll have another splash of Bourbon.”

“You promise to behave?”

“I suppose I can restrain myself.”

“OK. Another Corona for you, Dan?”

“Yes please. And, I’ll try to support peace in our time, with better grammar.”

The gallery includes pictures from Great River Park, and some progress pictures of the coffee table. Be sure to see what’s cooking at Cheryl’s place.


    • Here we go. I don’t know why WordPress shoved this in the spam bucket. When I first saw the prompt, that’s where I thought we were going. I’m not nearly in tune enough to pull that off.

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    • Thanks Judy. I wish I had taken a class on welding, too 😏 I do like the idea of being able to cut, shape and combine pieces of metal. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that will work.

      Maddie and I just got back from our long walk. She got reacquainted (sniff sniff sniiiiiiiiifffffff) with the whole park. We sat last night for an hour. I think she’s happy today.

      The salad was very good, and I like asparagus, so that worked.

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  1. Great update on the table. I’m curious about the ‘rare earth’ magnets. Are they the only thing holding the wooden feet into the metal legs? It had never occurred to me that the legs were going to be metal .. or maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention during that class.

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    • Thanks for this question, Joanne, I was going to explain that, but I ran out of room.

      The rare earth magnets will be the only thing holding the feet in the legs, but they sit pretty snug in there, and I’m only using one magnet while working.

      On the last table, I used hot glue to secure PVC end caps in the metal base. That worked, because the metal was smooth and square and I was painting everything. The wooden feet will be finished like the top, and the legs will be painted. I don’t want to risk getting glue or paint on the wood, so I had to come up with a better solution. The other issue is that the inside of this steel is very rough, and the angle makes it hard to get the precise fit required for glue to hold.

      I had surveyed a few people (including wife and daughter) about wood vs. metal and different styles. The ‘Y’ shape was a last minute change, but approved by the Mrs.


  2. I don’t like seafood or asparagus, but even I think that salad looks good….emphasis on ‘looks’!!

    I love the way the fence looks with the reflection in your ‘view from the top of the hill’.

    Wow, tremendous amount of detail going into that coffee table. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    Maddie is going to have a couple of perfect walking and sitting outside days. Have you told her yet that this isn’t going to last? 😢

    I don’t know if that’s a good weld or a bad weld. But if it does the job it works for me!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. I usually don’t pay much attention to “presentation,” especially when it’s a spoonful of sauce artfully drizzled around my steak, but I did think the salad looked good. I was more impressed with the fact that it was a generous portion for the price, and they still had my favorite dressing.

      I’m glad you like the picture from the hilltop. I realize that from the level of the park, I don’t often see the reflections.

      Maddie has been for her walk. She and I sat yesterday and she’s sitting with my wife as I write this. We haven’t told her about the heat that’s coming on Monday, but she has been managing to point us to cool spots in the yard in the afternoon, so I think she’ll be OK.

      The table should come together soon. Everything is cut. The feet need to be shaped a bit and everything needs more sanding, but paint and finish are close at hand.

      I hope you enjoy the weekend!


  3. Haha! Someone’es ‘gonna’’ hate my post today. I think I may have grammatically offended in at least three ways-purposely of course. And mentioned Burger King! 🙊🙈That lobster salad looks pretty good. I understand about food preps and cultural standards. We do love our seafood poboys and muffalettos. I have only had one lobster roll and found it underwhelming. I prefer my crustaceans swimming in pools of butter with a side of chewy French bread. Just sayin’….🤣Raising my bottle to Barb,

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    • I just saw your post and I updated the link here to point to it. I’m heading over there to start dreaming and drooling. My favorite meal in New Orleans was a seafood poboy that I had well before lunch. I washed it down with a beer, when the bartender suggested that “it’s New Awlins” which seemed to indicate beer that early was appropriate.

      There are lots of places that serve underwhelming lobster rolls up here. There are several that serve wonderful ones. It’s hard to tell by looking, but when you settle down with a good one, you know.

      Enjoy the #free48

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  4. Whassuupppp, Dan? Yeah, I know, bad grammar and so annoying! But you know me…I can’t resist.

    I have to hand it to you – you know how to use your tools and build coffee tables. It’s looking good, as is the lobster. I haven’t had lobster in a long time because it’s just too pricey around here. I have to stick with shrimp.

    Have a nice weekend, Dan. It’s a beautiful, perfect summer day, so I’m getting ready to head out for a bike excursion. Everything else can wait…

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    • Enjoy the ride, Mary. I hope to get that table ready for paint and finish today. I’m fine with any kind of grammar, but I have a few people around me that insist on better sentence structure than I might chose. I wasn’t planning on going there, but the lines kept popping in my head, so…

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  5. Thank you for taking pictures of your meat return. I would hate to be envious of food I wouldn’t lie in the first place. The table looks fabulous. I can’t imagine welding anything correctly so you are way ahead no matter how the welds look.The park pics were interesting as well. Happy Weekend, Dan

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  6. I like the phrase, “I don’t need any more snoot this week.” Can’t wait to use it. Correct grammar insn’t necessary in genuine dialog, unless the speakers are snoots. Snoot reminds me of the word, snot, used to described a kid acting snotty. Yep, I’m still in SOC mode. :)

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  7. A most SUPerior post today, Dan. Bad grammar…sticks in my craw. I mentally stop hearing what the other person has said, correct them (in my head….or not) and move on. The photo from the top of the hill…..that golden hour is just the best, isn’t it? Have a great weekend, Dan.

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    • Thanks Lois. I have several friends who correct my grammar (not always in their head) and my wife usually corrects it before I post anything.

      My buddy is an amalgam if several people but I had to give him the grammar thing 😏


  8. Aw, look at that chillin asparagus! :P
    Sorry about the cruelty of the lobster roll impostor. :/
    Table’s comin along well, so many details — can’t wait to see the end result!
    After all that chat about the bike share the other day, my office manager just told me we got a bunch of Lime scooters in the city and by all accounts, they’re fantastic, so that’s nice :)
    Language is a touchy subject for some. I could write about language foevah.
    Happy Saturday!

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    • The lobster roll was worse because it was the first one of the season. The salad was good but didn’t make up for the roll.

      The table is ready for some final assembly steps, then one final sand and paint/finish. I’m liking the result.

      Lime Scooters sound cool. I still haven’t ridden a bike, but planning to in about two weeks.

      I wasn’t planning to touch on grammar but the prompt led me in that direction. I don’t like picking on my buddy for grammar, lest the editor thinks I’m picking on her.

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    • Thanks Kurt. I’m not big on presentation, but that salad was good. I’m glad they’re improving the park. It’s good to see some money being spent on something I use.

      I hope to get a coat of primer on those legs tomorrow.

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  9. When we Americans begin speaking the King’s English , then we know something’s wrong . My Danish friend Ivan , now an American , talks something resembling English , only more interesting , I think . If we all spoke like he does, though , it’d only be boring . Each to his own , I say , and damn the torpedoes ! ( But , please don’t play with your food, Dan ).

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    • Thanks Dan. Not to worry about me getting all correct and grammarly. I couldn’t pull it off in school, I doubt it’s gonna happen now. Besides, we dumped the king. Although…nah, let’s not go there.


  10. I saw fresh Asparagus at the market last week and grabbed some. I love it! He-Man grilled some Salmon for dinner one night, and with the left overs I made a Salmon salad, but I didn’t present my Asparagus that handsomely.

    I don’t think I’ve found the perfect recipe for the Lobster filling for Lobster rolls. This Lobster season I plan to try a couple more recipes in hopes of finding one we really love. I found a good recipe, but think there’s a better one out there.

    The table is coming along. What are Earth Magnets? I’m going to look that up.


    • I love asparagus. I never thought of having it in a salad, but this was very good. I should just stick to the few places that I know have good lobster rolls or the ones recommended by people I trust.

      Rare earth magnets are magnets made from elements other than iron. In the upper reaches of periodic table (lanthanide) is a section called “rare earth”. They can be made into alloys which can form extremely powerful magnets. The most common use is in miniature speakers and motors. Think cell phone and camera.

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  11. I was smiling and chuckling at another great Saturday banter till I hit, ‘You two aren’t safe without adult supervision.” Then the laugh-o-meter cranked up to a 10. Terrific, Dan. Thanks for sharing the progress on the table. Wedges are a bear.

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