And We Begin – #SoCS

Linda is offering bonus points in conjunction with the Stream of Consciousness Saturday drill, and you know I can’t pass up bonus points. So, if my buddy and I were having a beer, he’d be wondering about my use of vacation time. First, lets hear what Linda has to say:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘3-letter word.’ Start your post with any 3-letter word. Bonus points if you end with one too. Enjoy!”

“Can you tell me why I saw your big butt up on a ladder when I drove by your house?”

“Can you tell me why you never stop to ask me what I’m doing?”

“I’m afraid you’ll put me to work. I don’t deal well with heights, or sparks, or lifting, or…”

“…or work. I get it.”

“Hey, if you’ve been working, I’m guessing you need a cool refreshing adult beverage.”

“I do Cheryl, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I stay to have two.”

“Corona? Naughty Nurse?”

“I’ll start with a Naughty Nurse – Amber, I think I noticed that you added the IPA.”

“We did, but I’d never pour you an IPA. What’s your buddy drinking?”

“I’ll have a glass of wine, Cheryl. It’ll go well with the story I’m about to hear.”

“What story? I’m getting ready to replace the roof on my garage.”

“Most people who are getting ready to replace the roof on their garage, check Angie’s List or ask the guy down the street who they used.”

“It’s a little more complicated than that.”

“Speaking of complicated, here’s your wine, your seltzer – in a snifter – and your glass of ice. Dan, here’s your beer.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“Yes, Cheryl, thanks. I gathered this job was complicated when I saw scaffolding, ladders and big wooden things hanging in the air.”

“First, it’s ‘staging,’ not scaffolding. Second, the ‘big wooden thing’ is a segment of soffit, that I’m adding to the front of the garage.”


“It gives it a more finished look and it matches the house.”


“What and? Why do you think there’s an ‘and’ involved?”

“I’ve never known you to do anything purely for aesthetics.”

“Well, the overhang will be flattened out at the peak, also to match the house.”


“And the space created by that will create a place to hang the hoist I use for lifting things into the attic.”

“See. I knew it!”

“That has always been the plan, it’s why the doors are angled at the top.”

“Actually, I have to admit, using a hoist to get heavy stuff up there is safer than carrying it up a ladder.”

“Not just the heavy stuff, things like my bike that are awkward to schlep up a ladder.”

“So, is that it? Soffit on the front and then shingles?”

“So, is that it? That was going to be my question. You boys going to nurse one drink and then scoot?”

“The drafts are bigger, Cheryl, they don’t go down as fast as a Corona, but I think we’ll have some food.”

“Wings, I know it’s Dan’s trademark, but I’m up for wings today.”

“10? 20?”

“20. You know the dressings.”

“Yep, Blue Cheese for you, Parm-Pep for the beer drinker.”

“Anyway, what’s next with this project?”

“I’m going to build a little roof over the side door.”

“And then…?”

“I’m also going to extend the roof over the entrance to my workshop.”

“Why build more roof? You’re just going to collect more snow.”

“Actually, that’s the point for the roof over my workshop.”

“What, you want to collect more snow?”

“No, but if we get a storm where I have to rake the snow off, I want it to fall where I can get to it with my snow blower. The way it is now, I have to shovel.”

“Wow, that’s two things about this project that make sense. That must be a record for you.”

“Thanks…I think.”

“Wings are almost up. You sticking with Naughty Nurse?”

“No, I’ll switch to Corona now.”

“Another splash of wine for the Building Inspector?”

“Indeed, Cheryl. I’m still waiting for the reason for the roof over the side door. If that one is good, I might not be able to take it.”

“Just trying to provide a little protection for the door.”

“After all the roofs are in place, then you start with the shingles?”

“Yes, after I strip the old ones off.”

“That’s miserable work. Can’t you just go over the existing ones?”

“I can, but I want to repair any bad sheathing and I have to extend sheathing over the soffit, to add some support.”

“Doing it right. It is hard to find a contractor that will do that these days.”

“Fortunately, for this job, I don’t need one.”

The gallery has a few pictures from the start of this project. Hopefully, more progress was made before I arrived at the bar.


  1. Wow. That sounds like a never ending cycle of construction, like some of the roads here in Northern Virginia (and don’t get me started on the Metro system). It’s great you have the skills and the confidence to tackle a job like this–it would cost a fortune to have someone else do the job.

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    • Thanks Mike. Please don’t compare me to the Metro 🙁

      My goal is to make this place easier to care for as I get ready to retire. I enjoy this kind of work, so it’s all good st the moment.


  2. Dan you are the handyman’s handyman! For all of the work that you will put into this, you need one or two or six more ales to wash down your accomplishment. Just be careful with the tools…

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    • Thanks! I think today will come to an end with a cool glass in my hand.

      I do my best to be careful, with the tools and while above ground level. Hopefully, I can get the roof done without too much trouble, so Ill have time for the siding. A little work here, a little there and I can relax (and never life a paint brush outside again).

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  3. I wish my husband were half as handy as you, Dan, or that I were but alas, I just have to virtually share in your handiness. :-) Looks great! No outdoor work here today, as it’s pouring rain (and besides, I have to work all day.)

    Happy Saturday!


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    • Thanks Janet. Today is supposed to be a nice day, but the skies look gray and threatening. At least the big pieces are up. I can do most of what’s left for these two portions off a ladder. If it starts to rain, I can get inside quick.

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  4. This is going to be another great project. Not only are you saving a bundle of money doing it yourself, but you can take great pride in what you accomplished.

    But poor Maddie. I think she’s exhausted watching you go up and down that ladder. And probably worrying that you’re gonna hammer your thumb, or nail your hand to the garage with the nail gun!! Just sayin……

    Can’t wait until you unveil the new and improved garage.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • I am doing my best to be careful at all times, Ginger. Maddie doesn’t like me messing around in her yard. There’s a lot left to do, but these first steps went pretty smoothly. I hope to (literally) wrap this up today. A few more boards, some plastic and this stuff can sit waiting for shingles.

      I like saving the money, but I like doing this kind of work, too. The stuff I do for a living rarely feels like I’m getting much accomplished (even when I am). That’s the problem with computer stuff (and meetings).

      I hope you have a great weekend!

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  5. Poor Maddie. I think it has been a rough week all around. Full moon madness was how it seemed though I never once felt inspired to check out the moon or if it was, indeed, full. 😏As always, tour prokpject looks well planned and executed. You deserve that break and those beers! 👍🏻

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  6. Huh, didn’t know that about “staging,” I’ve always called it scaffolding. When I pass it on the street, that is, since it’s not like I tackle these sorts of projects because what the what. Good luck with the garage, Dan!

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    • Thanks Laura. I like it when I can get all pedantic with my buddy. Scaffolding is free standing. Staging planks usually rest on ladder-jacks or ladders, or, ironically, scaffolding.


  7. Horsefeathers! MiMi has the right idea. It’s hot weather for that hard work, Dan. But it was fun to see the step-by-step pics. The “helping hands” are cool.
    I hope Maddie is feeling her old self soon. Hugs to you and yours.

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  8. I hope Maddie feels better soon. I love the look in MiMi’s eye–yeah, she’s watching you, Dan! You are so lucky (really!) to be able to do all this handiwork around the house. We had a new roof put on ours a couple years ago. What a mess. Roofers were up top smoking that incense stuff…comes in little packets. Name eludes me now. We threatened to sue, told those roofers never darken our door again, and the company owner had someone else finish the job. They really lost money on us, too. Had to pull off all the ‘new’ roof because it was done all wrong, and then put our ‘new’ new roof on. What an ordeal! Yours looks great.

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    • Thanks Lois. I take the time to do everything right. Most roofers value speed over quality. The only way they can make more money is to go faster. Many take shortcuts. I pity the roofer who has to redo the roof on our house.

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  9. Hi Dan – good to see Maddie enjoying her view … while you relax! Congratulations on all the work you’re doing to your garage – enjoy the weekend – cheers Hilary

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    • I like doing hands on work.

      Yes, there is a Naughty Nurse IPA & an Amber – City Steam Brewery, Hartford, CT. The Amber is really good. I had been asking the bar manager to put a lager on tap (8 taps, 7 IPAs). They finally switched NN IPA for Amber.

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    • Thanks Judy. The garage will get a new roof, a slightly different look, new windows, a new entry door and hopefully new siding. I’m not sure how far I will get this year, but if the roof goes well, I will start on the siding.

      Maddie is trying to make sure I get adequate diversions from the construction.

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  10. Cheryl has the best lines, like, “Mr. Building Inspector.” You are doing a fine job on the roof overhangs, Dan. When you can hoist and also snowblow you’ll be thrilled. BTW, the panel of lights above the doors is perfect. Really looks good.

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  11. That’s quite nice! :) I would love to have more overhang on my back porch — um, actually, I’d like a breezeway. That won’t happen until new siding and all that jazz, and that’s a ways away, but it’s a plan :) Yours looks like it’s coming along splendidly, and goodness, yes, architectural details are attractive, but with FUNCTION, too? Oh yes!


  12. You are ambitious, and nicely done I add. I really like the white door opening on the garage building and the added outcrop? I can see in the picture. Btw, I probably never said I like the “nofacilities” handle. I enjoy your blog, the humor, and Maddie is gorgeous.

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    • Thanks. That set of doors was one of last year’s projects. The doors might drop down about 2 inches when I do the siding, but I did the soffit so they can stay where they are if necessary.

      I’m glad you like the name/theme. I try to keep it a little humorous if I can. Some subjects are harder than others.


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