Busy Weekend – Easy Monday

No rainbow, but I like the sun.

I wrapped-up a 4-day weekend yesterday by spending much of the day with Faith at The Great New England Airshow. The other days were spent working on the garage project so, I have pictures to share but few words.

This may become the pattern for the next several weeks. With good weather, I am planning to schedule long weekends to work on my garage. Three or four days of construction is enough to complete a significant chunk of work, but after that, it’s nice to get a break.

Speaking of breaks, that’s what you’re catching today. I have some pictures from my walks with Maddie, and update or two on the garage project and a teaser from the airshow. You can catch the story in the captions.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and, as always, thanks for visiting No Facilities.


  1. The construction is looking great. I imagine Maddie had a perfect weekend with you home extra days and a visit from Faith. Life is good at the Antion household. :-) But, I can’t believe I wrote three times the amount of words you did today. What the heck is going on. :-) Hope you have a great week Dan.

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    • Thanks Judy. It was a very good long weekend. Thanks to the Editor’s changing my roof plans to a simpler design, I am farther along than I had planned. The airshow was fun, and Maddie had several walks, several “sits” and she got to cuddle with Faith. She didn’t even get up for her meds this morning – slept right through. She got up to say goodbye to me, take her pill and then she crawled back into her crate.

      I was tied up during my usual writing times. I hope to catch up tonight and tomorrow night, but I have plans both evenings after work, so you might see some short posts from me.

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    • Wait until Wednesday, GP. We had a little bit of wildlife that was putting the emphasis on wild, while we were walking.

      These guys can be a pain sometimes. One of the squirrels started climbing up my ladder – while I was on it! I was trying to explain that my tool bag is for tools, not peanuts.

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  2. Nice! It looks like you had a productive AND fun long weekend. That’s great. I just love those black squirrels. I love air shows even more. Our first year in Florida we caught a great one, which was an annual event. The next year, no show due to lack of financial support. 😞I hope your week is great! Love your photos.

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    • Thanks Cheryl. I’ll have more photos from the airshow to share at the bar on Saturday. It will probably take me that long to sort through them.

      The black squirrels are finally catching on. They’ve always been so skittish, it was hard to get a peanut to them. Now, they’re nose to nose with the gray guys and the blue jays.

      This airshow is every other year. They skipped a few when the base was on deployment missions to Iraq, but we’ve gone about 10 times. Muriel remembers carrying a diaper bag, so we started Faith off early.

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  3. If you’re into air shows, there’s another reason to visit WI. In a couple of weeks, the annual EAA kicks off in Oshkosh. I haven’t been to it in many years, but it’s a fun event for families and airplane nerds.

    The project looks great and it appears Maddie had plenty of the outside and Faith cuddles. Have a good week, Dan.

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    • Thanks Mary. Maybe when I retire, I should just become an airshow bum and travel from show to show.

      It’s funny, while growing up, I always thought ‘Oshkosh’ was a place my parents made up for when we got lost or when us kids came home late.

      Maddie had a good long weekend of walks and sits, capped off by a visit from Faith.

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  4. ‘When kids moved and toys were stationery.’ Love it. So true.

    Maddie must’ve been in her glory having you home for a long weekend, but getting to cuddle with Faith was a real bonus.

    Great pictures today, but the one that catches my eye is the sprinkler.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie had a great long weekend. We had to coax her out of her crate (an hour late) to give her her medicine. I took her outside, but she looked at me as if to say: “you go to work, I’ll pee later.” I took her back in, and she crawled back in her crate and went back to sleep.

      I am fascinated by the way sprinklers look in the rising sun – I’m glad you like it, too.

      Have a great week.


    • All the shingles are coming off, and the framing of the soffit “should” be even with the roof rafters. I’m planning to cut out several sections of sheathing and replace it with sections wide enough to cover the soffit – to add a little extra support from above.

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  5. The Blue Angels had their airshow here over the weekend. Parking lots on the beach were full by 5:15am. That blue jay has quite a mouthful–does Sammy know what’s going on?!

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    • We avoided the heavy traffic this time, because when we left, it was raining. The rain had stopped by the time we got to the gate. We didn’t stick around for the Thunderbirds – but we stayed for just over 4 hours. That was enough. It was over 90 degrees and very humid, and there’s no cool place on the tarmac.

      The blue jays fight for the peanuts. Sometimes, the squirrels can’t find them right away, and the Jays swoop in and steal them. If the squirrels bury a peanut, a blue jay will come and dig it up.


    • Thanks Janis. I do hope to transform the garage into something that looks good next to the house, instead of the eyesore it has become. This project is long overdue, so I’m glad to make some progress.

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  6. I’m loving your project pictures almost as much as the Maddie ones! Like knitting, it amazes me how we can take this thing and that thing and do this stuff with it and BAM! make something new. Simply amazes me.

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  7. My daughters took Dad to our air show for Father’s Day. While he enjoyed being with the girls, and liked seeing the airplane acrobatics, I had to laugh when he commented to me privately that air shows aren’t as much of a treat now that we live half a mile from the airport. Had the air show been in Buffalo instead of Niagara Falls, we could have walked to it!

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    • Ha ha – that’s funny. We live about two miles from BDL, which also houses an Air Guard base and an Army repair depot. Still, there something about being able to walk up close, go inside and see these things fly by at 500 feet off the ground.

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  8. Hi Dan – lovely range of pics and photo-news … enjoy the building time and achievement of finishing off things … and then the relaxation … cheers Hilary

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  9. Awesome photo of the sprinkler on the flag, Dan. Love the Spitfire! Where was the airshow? Now, if only I knew how to include a photo into this comment, I could show you the Spitfire in my yard. Gotta ask those Happiness Engineers… 🙂

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      • Conversation with hubby. Enjoy!:

        You told Dan we had a Spitfire?

        Well, yes I did, because we do.

        Jennie, it’s not a Spitfire.

        What?? It’s WWII plane.

        Yes, but it’s a Hellcat.


        A Spitfire is British. A Hellcat is American, and Navy.
        (Yes, he was a Navy flyer.)

        Did you tell Dan it was a real Spitfire?

        Not exactly.

        Not exactly? He knows it’s a big wind-spinner, mounted on a post, right?

        He does now.

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        • Ha ha – that’s funny. Ok, so I jumped to the wrong conclusion. My Spitfire was a British car. Yours is a Navy plane (and a fine one at that) wind spinner. I recall seeing a Hellcat at the Intrepid Museum in NYC

          I have a video of the Spitfire and a P-51 acting out various WWII missions. Both planes were active in WWII. The Spitfire flew 116 missions. I’ll post that later.

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          • You didn’t jump to the wrong conclusion. I just gave you sketchy information that could be interpreted different ways! I knew would love the fun conversation.

            The P-51 shortened the war in Europe by being able to escort the bombers on their raids into Germany. I’ll look forward to that post.

            The flight deck of the Intrepid is unbelievable. Well, the entire museum is unbelievable. That’s the ending of Part 5 tomorrow. Lots on the post. Part 6… you’ll see.


  10. Dan, great photos! Your animal family always fun to see. So you’re the “peanut man” today. Amazing how the squirrels pose for you. Your garage project is coming along nicely! Amazing Maddie’s pics a must. Makes me smile. Happy week! 📚 Christine

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  11. In South. Calif. was a great airshow every year. Now I live N. in the state I have not investigated if there’s one (maybe because the one down S. was outrageously good!
    Sounds like great weekends – what’s your garage project? Even though we’re retired, our weekends are always busy and we probably get more done in 3 days than all week long.
    Hubbies last massive project was to clean out the garage, so our (then) next car could be in the garage – wife said hurrah!

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    • Was that the airshow at Miramar? I attended that show in 2002. I twas amazing.

      The garage project involves replacing the shingles, installing new windows, a new entry door and vinyl siding.

      Getting cars in the garage, especially in the winter, is essential here.


    • I love being up close to these planes.

      The garage project needs to be done, and will allow me to focus on inside changes that will give me more workshop space. I love working with my hands, seeing progress as opposed to telling myself I’m making progress (which is always how work feels).


  12. It’s Friday and I’m reading your Monday post. Gives you an indication of my week 😏

    Happy Friday, Dan, and good luck with the ongoing roof project! … and great photo the blue jay. They are hard to catch!

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  13. That turtle in the park was sure checking you two out! The walks around the park, the aerial attractions of both types of birds look fun to me, and the garage project looks like it’s coming together really well. Can’t wait to see the reveal!

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