Dog Days – #1Liner Weds

At some point during my extended weekend, I saw a thing on Facebook. It was something like “15 Things You Do that your Dog Hates.” I would provide a link except that the only thing worse than Facebook itself, is the search feature on Facebook. Unless, of course, you were hoping for “15 things you can do with an old wagon wheel” because…

Anyway, two of the 15 things you’re not supposed to do to your dog, are things our dog routinely does to me, my wife and our daughter. “Don’t hug your dog!” and “Don’t cuddle with your dog!”


I, and a clear majority of the over 800 people to leave comments (OK, I only read about 15) were wondering if the people who compiled this list ever owned a dog? If they did, they must have treated it like crap, because every dog that’s ever been in my family – going back over 60 years – has liked to cuddle, be cuddled and all four Irish Setters we’ve had have given hugs. Our previous Setter, Mollie, gave the best hugs EVER!

According to these self-proclaimed experts, “cuddling, like hugging, is an invasion of your dog’s personal space. It stresses them and makes them uncomfortable.

What the fluff?

You’ve all seen the pictures (I’m including new ones today) of Maddie, that speaks to the issue of cuddling your dog. I have five years’ worth of pictures showing how Maddie uses my legs as pillows and a barrier to all things dangerous in the world. When she’s tired, and particularly when she’s scared, she lays between me and the back of the couch and she either rests her head on my legs, tangles her legs all over mine or curls up in a tiny ball in a fortress formed by my legs and the couch.

Invading her personal space?

“I become the veritable outer boundary of her personal space!”

Since so many of my readers seem to love Maddie, I’m going to include a second one-liner today. A Twofer…you’re welcome.

Maddie does have a thing with her personal space. She doesn’t welcome people and other dogs into it very well – particularly if those people are coming up from behind us. People behind us upsets her to the point that we will move to the other side of the street and wait for the people to pass, or change directions to avoid the situation. We’ve tried all manner of commands, tugs, holds and pleading to get her to look forward, but as long as there’s an intruder approaching from behind, it’s like the scene from “The Galileo Seven” episode of Star Trek – Original Series”

KIRK: Mister Sulu, proceed on course for Makus Three, at space normal speed.
SULU: Space normal, sir?
KIRK: Those are my orders. Lieutenant Uhura, order all sensor sections to direct beams aft. Full function, continuous operation until further orders.
UHURA: Yes, sir.

On Sunday, I was walking Maddie when we noticed an elderly woman walking. We were heading around the ball field, she was walking around the perimeter of her apartment building. As we were heading home, the woman emerged from behind the north end of the apartments and began following us. She was forever away, but Maddie kept turning and looking. She would muffle a little bark and look up at me, disappointed that I wasn’t paying attention to this new threat. About the fifth sequence of her turning, barking and looking at me, I said:

“No, I don’t think she’s gaining on us!”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. The photo of Faith and Maddie is so much fun! I can tell they like each other just a little bit. ;-)

    I wonder what Caesar Milan would say about the hugging thing. I think that’s something you don’t do to a dog that you’ve just met, but your own dog? I can’t imagine not giving your own dog lots of hugs and cuddles, as long as they are willing. Don’t think I could ever stop myself and say, “Dog, I can’t come any closer, cuz, you know, that article said I shouldn’t.” Bwah!Ha!Ha!

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  2. People can say anything on Facebook! Dogs are ‘pack’ animals. Running in a ‘pack’ is a means for constant contact. There is a lot of touching for reassurance. I have over 50 years experience of dogs and some are not cuddlers true, but the majority are!

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  3. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of the woman … with a walker … who Maddie thought was ‘gaining’ on you 😆

    I tend to take the opinions of ‘experts’ with a grain of salt. I think any pet owner would agree that animals are like people. Each has a unique personality and while some aren’t comfortable being touched or hugged, others thrive with it. I have a cat who is very needy in the hugs and cuddles department – unusual for a cat but real just the same.
    ,,, and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a dog would didn’t like to be close … often TOO close!! 🙂

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  4. What the fluff is right? Any dog we’ve owned has been part of the family and as such was entitled to hugs and protection from personal space invasion. I think Maddie has her family well trained and all are happy with the relationship. Another reason to not spend more than five minutes on FB. :-) Flowers are looking beautiful. Happy midweek.

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    • Thanks Judy. I am gradually winnowing my Facebook time down to life-updates from people I actually know and care about. I almost never read any random post with the words “you should know” in the title. I was set to cruise past this one, until I saw a woman’s comment where she was complaining about being told not to hug her dog. I had to know more, and it was just dumb.

      If anything needed water, it got plenty yesterday. We had over 2 inches of rain. I hope you’re having a great week.

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  5. So nuts! I don’t remember ever not being covered with slobber (and liking it!) after I’ve hugged a dog. Even our cats are/were cuddlers in their own way. Mimi is a riot–no interest, eh? So cute. Pick up the pace, Dan. Last thing you want is a woman in a walker lapping you!

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    • I know! Maddie kept checking until we turned the corner. Like granny was going to catch up to us.

      Our cats let us know when they want to be cuddled. Otherwise, stay away. I try to rub MiMi’s belly in the scratching post and sometimes, I get my hand swacked.

      Thanks Lois.


  6. What idiots. Maddie remonds me of my dog Tinker. When I had her years ago there were rules about the bed-as in, never was she allowed on it. She was so good. But if thunder rolled, rules be damned. One night a storm broke out and she flew on top of my ex’s chest so fast he thought he was being attacked. He screamed! It is one of my favorite memories. 🙊There’s no reasoning with terrified animals or children. 😊💕

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  7. Sometimes I think the boundary of a dog’s personal space is somewhere inside the dog.

    I liked the contrast in color with those light green leaves, perhaps the underside of them, in your photos.

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  8. Mary and I have a favorite cartoon: A couple is walking and about a dozen ladies in babushkas, dragging shopping carts (like what you take groceries home in) are walking closely behind. The man turns to his wife and says “They’re gaining on us!”

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  9. Nine times out of ten those “15 things” things turn out to be click bait for people to argue on, which is why I rarely look at them. They’re hard to resist sometimes though! Thanks for the lovely pictures, Dan. :)

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  10. “What the fluff.” This is joining my vocabulary today.
    I think I read that same article (because apparently I’m forever convinced we’re scarring our dogs out of ignorance). You know what would scar Phoebe? If I shoved her off and made her sit by herself when she wraps herself over my leg like your Maddie does…

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  11. Cats and dogs have been family members since I was 5 years old, and at 78 I have Murphy, an Australian Shepard Mix. We had one dog, ONE, who wasn’t interested in cuddling or hugging. All the others loved it. And all my cats were mushbugs.

    Why does everything have to be dissected by “experts”? If your dog isn’t a cuddler, then you don’t cuddle with her. I know people who don’t want to be hugged or even kissed on the cheek. So what?

    Great pictures. Love the one of sweet granny with her walker gaining on you and Maddie. Flowers and raindrops are beautiful. And the shot of Faith and Maddie…. pure love!
    🔹 Ginger

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    • Thanks Ginger. I was pretty sure you would agree. I really like the second paragraph. Why does everything have to be dissected by experts. So true!!

      Faith and Maddie are best buds.


  12. What hogwash. All my dogs have loved cuddling. On many occasions, I’ve managed to distract one of my dogs from potential bad behavior (like stealing that sock they’re eyeing but haven’t gone after yet) simply by going around a corner and then calling, “Come – you want a hug?” Works like a charm.

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  13. What the fluff? Exactly! I will say that out of my two Spotty dog loves the cuddle. Buddy not so much. A little bit like humans perhaps? I know I’m the crazy dog lady. They have personalities and they can understand me. No one will convince me otherwise. LOL

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  14. I agree about not hugging a strange dog and I often ask the owner first if the dog’s friendly or if it’s OK to pet it. One thing we were told when we had our foster dogs was to have visitors to our house greet the humans first, then the dog, as that establishes who’s the alpha. We taught the dogs to wait until we said “Go say hello” so they wouldn’t just rush and lick the visitor to death, but each one, both “scary” pit bulls, were full of love, wanted cuddles and hugs, and wanted to hand out kisses. :-) And they were dogs who had been misused or abused.


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  15. Not cuddle? That’s crazy talk! Diva Dog likes her cuddles, and being near us. I love the sound of thunder. I’m sorry it scares Maddie.

    The flower is lovely! Wouldn’t it be fun to see the world from a cherry picker? I have an idea to rent one for photography.

    I read your post this morning while at the car wash. I laughed out loud when you told Maddie, “No, she’s not gaining on us. ” Funny.

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    • Ha ha – multitasking !

      Last night’s storm was very loud. Lots of lightening and 2” of rain in about 90 minutes.

      The cherry picker would be cool for photography. I never thought of that. They aren’t terribly expensive. Hmmm.

      Maddie was seriously worried about that woman.

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      • I would have loved that storm! I want to photograph lightening one day. I mean real ground to sky lightening. We rarely have Thunder or Lightening here, and we do get lightening it’s cloud to cloud.

        I haven’t looked at the rental fee of a cherry picker, but I know where I want to go and photograph with one.

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  16. I can’t imagine a dog not wanting to cuddle. I’m now wondering why all three are in my bed at night. Is it some plot to accuse me of taking their personal space? Maybe they have hired a lawyer. I can tell you thins. I never say,”Come on guys get in the bed.”

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  17. Haha, as I recall hubs and I were engaged at that time and dog-sitting, the Lassie of a family member insisted of siting in between us, as his favorite spot – talking about invading THEIR space…I do believe dogs are more sensitive in some areas than humans are, since we’re riddled with logic.

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    • The male setter we had would jump up and lick my wife’s face after I would kiss her goodbye. Like he was wiping it off. They know all about personal space.


  18. Although I don’t own a dog anymore tons of people around me do. I love watching them when I take my morning walk. Yes, the majority of them check their surroundings and particularly what comes behind. There is a particular dog who seems to act like Maddie. He keeps turning around checking who’s behind. The guy who walks him doesn’t seem to notice until his dog pulls on his short to get his attention. This is hilarious to witness. Maddie is lucky to have people who don’t mind sharing sofas and more with her.

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  19. I like puddles, too. Nice shot!
    I hug Sadie daily, and kiss her snout. Morning begins with her jumping on The Mister’s newly empty side of the bed for what is clearly a cuddle. The day ends with her trying to cuddle ever sitting person before we retire. I think Sadie cuddles Sassy more than the rest of us in between, but she definitely ENJOYS cuddling overall.
    Your One-Liner cracked me up! I have the whiny dog on walks. The one who whimpers to meet all the people and dogs. The longer we walk the less interest she has, but the first half mile is whiny.

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  20. What crazy people profess to say that dogs don’t like to be cuddled? Every dog owner, and everyone who has merely watched a dog and a human together, knows that’s fluff, and I could say worse. Love the photos. Yes, the cherry picker is way cool.

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  21. On one hand I wish to see this FB post, but on the other (which wins) I’d rather not because it would make me mad and respond something harsh. I guess these are the same people who say that dogs must be chained or boxed outside, boys must go and die in the war and women must not walk alone in the streets at night.

    I’m spending a few days away from my bestia, he is staying with my parents. Yesterday they had a huge storm and mom was telling me for five minutes on the phone what all places he wished to climb and hide into. I think he ended up halfway under the bed and halfway out. Just in case.

    I know that feeling of disappointment dogs get when we don’t take seriously all the looming dangers. Why do we keep them then if not to be alerted, they must be thinking. Lovely Maddie photos. She doesn’t seem all that anxious next to you.


    • I usually skip these posts for the same reason. People post stuff like this, to get 800+ comments because it’s good for the ads. I worry that someone will take it seriously.

      Maddie is ok when she’s in her ThunderShirt or snuggled up with us. She also puts herself in her crate and curls up in the back. Oddly enough, if she has to go out in the rain, she’s fine.

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  22. Thoroughly love and understand Maddie. So very precious. I have always thought that people who write those crazy list are kin to the crazy list people who tell you how to raise children also not having children themselves with which to share their experience – really? I do have to agree with the one comment about dogs being scare to be hugged but its a rare situation with a rare circumstance. I have a rescue black lab/coon hound mix that was evidently abused. Even though I got her very young, she still(5 years later) has trust issue if you get too close too quick,(and absolutely no holding) even with me unless its her idea. Her only allowance is early morning just waking up hugs. Otherwise she shows her love in guard dog mode. My front door is chewed up from the mailman daring to come near the house.

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  23. Being in the content world for nearly nine years now I understand the dynamics of how things work. A huge amount of content is written by someone who doesn’t have a firsthand experience but the job of the writer is to make you believe. I have written content on topics I don’t even know. That’s a hard fact. There is an automobile website owner who wanted me to write reviews on cars like Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini without me actually testing it. I did and he liked it. So, my piece of advice to you and others visiting your blog is Don’t Believe Everything You Read.

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