Catching Up – #SoCS

Linda boiled up a cauldron of difficulty for us this week for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. It’s going to be hard to work this into a conversation at the bar, but I’m willing to try. I’ll let you know if I break any rules getting to the end. According to Linda:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘organ.’ Talk about an organ or base your post on the theme of them … or one. Have fun!”

Of course, fun.

If we were having a beer, you’d be interested in the various things going on…I think.

“Hey Dan, your buddy is in the little buddy’s room. Can I get you a beer?”

“Has he ordered?”

“No, he was in a hurry. He snagged the two seats and headed south.”

“OK, I’ll start the tab. It’s hot out there, I think I’ll stay light and cool today.”

“I’ll send a Corona out to find her lime and a frosted glass.”

“So, hiding in the Men’s room until I opened a tab?”

“No, I drove two hours to get here, my bladder was complaining.”

“Where were you, Boston?”

“Other way; I was over in Danbury.”

“And you came all this way to see me?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes.”

“Here’s that Corona, Dan. What will you be drinking today.”

“You know, Cheryl, that Corona looks pretty good. I’ll have what he’s having.”


“Indeed, wow – you rarely have beer.”

“I’ll switch to wine if we get some food, but after that car ride, a beer will go down easily.”

“So, what was in Danbury?”

“A family thing.”

“I didn’t know you had family in Connecticut.”

“I don’t. My wife does.”

“You dragged her away from a family event to come here?”

“No, we took separate cars. I told them I had a ‘meeting’ and that I would have to leave by 1:30.”

“Do I need to buy something…to make this legitimate?”

“The beer, wine and wings will suffice.”

“Here’s the first leg of that trifecta. Let me know when it’s post time for the next race.”

“Thanks Cheryl. Oh, this beer does taste good.”

“And it seems to be going down fast.”

“I think it’s half due to driving, and half due to those people.”

“You married the outcast?”

“I did! She’s the only normal one in the lot.”

“So what is it you were ducking out of?”

“An organ recital.”


“My sister-in-law plays the organ in her church. She had a concert, recital, whatever, today.”

“I’d leave that for a beer.”

“I left at intermission. So, what have you been up to?”

“Work and work.”

“The stuff you do for ‘work’ – the work you get paid for – is boring. What’s going on with your project?”

“I made some progress extending the roof over my workshop.”

“Have you been working straight through the weekend?”

“I’ve been taking Thursday and Friday off. Then I can knock off early on Saturday.”

“No work on Sunday?”

“If necessary. Last week we went to the Airshow.”

“What? You went to the Airshow? Why have I been looking at pictures of squirrels and train stations?”

“It took time to sort through the pictures.”

“See, that’s your problem, you’ve got your priorities all messed up.”

“Speaking of priorities, you know what’s top of the list at a bar…ordering food and drinks.”

“You up for pizza?”

“That sounds good, but let’s keep it simple.”

“Cheryl, one small pepperoni and one small with sausage, peppers and onions.”

“I’ll get those right in. You want another round?”

“Pizza and beer. There’s an American tradition. I think I’ll stick with Corona, Cheryl.”

“Two beers? I don’t think I ever saw you have two beers. Me, on the other hand…”

“Two Coronas, coming up.”

“Looking at the pictures from your recent work, I have a few questions.”


“What’s the blue stuff?”

“It’s a waterproof membrane.”

“Isn’t the roof going to be waterproof?”

“Yes, but the LVLs supporting the rafters can’t get wet.”

“L-V-Ls, do I want to know?”

“Laminated veneer lumber. It delaminates if it gets wet.”

“Don’t they make pressure treated LVLs?”

“They do, but they aren’t rated as strong.”

“This is almost as boring as your day job. Tell me about the Airshow. I heard it wasn’t well attended.”

“The crowd was smaller than in prior years. They had fewer aircraft flying, but we waited over half an hour to get up to the flight deck of a C5.”

“What’s that like?”

“Huge. Cockpit, two bedrooms, a kitchen and seating for 70-some people.”

“Wow. That must have been cool. So, what was flying?”

“I love watching the C5. They also had a Spitfire and a P51 – both had seen action in WWII.”

“How much action?”

“The Spitfire was flown by two Aces, in 116 missions.”

“The pizzas will be up soon. You boys want one more round? On the house…”

“That’s sounds good Cheryl.”

“It does, but I think I have to visit the room, again.”

“Another organ recital?”

“Yes, a duet, I’m afraid – kidneys and bladder.”

“This too shall pass.”

It seems I’m going to have to spread the airshow pictures across a few posts. Remember, Cheryl also blogs and takes wonderful photos when not behind the bar.


    • Thanks Janis. I love airshows. We live close enough to the airport (BDL) that we see planes when they are very low in their landing approach. I have always enjoyed that, even though you have to wait for them to pass before continuing your conversation.

      I made that door to my workshop about 15 years ago. I love having it on my shop.

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  1. Great SoC, Dan. “Organ concerts” from both you and John. The first thing I thought of was the Organ Mountains out west. Weird, huh? Especially considering I used to play keyboards of any kind.
    The air show sounds amazing! And difficult but awesome work with the building! Kudos! Keep taking those breaks from the heat. Hugs.

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  2. You could always discuss how the beer is affecting your organs, but that would just kill the buzz!!
    You’re doing great on the shed, but you know my favorite lands on the air show!!

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    • Thanks Pam. I was afraid of this prompt when I first saw it. But after a hot day on the roof, I was too tired to plan it at all. That’s the fun part of SoCS.

      I love that picture of MiMi giving me the look.

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  3. I’ve never been to an airshow. Every once in a while the folks at Pease change their flight pattern for a couple of hours, and I have my own private show. :-) Love the work on the shed, and you have one good looking supervisor laying down on the job but making sure you keep busy. :-) Maybe when you retire, you could have a DIY blog. I’ll be your first follower for sure.

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    • Thanks Judy. “We” are working hard on this, trying to wrap it up (literally) before tonight’s rain. MiMi keeps sending me back outside (so she can sleep) and Maddie makes sure I rest up for tomorrow – she also makes sure tomorrow starts with a walk, you know, to limber up.

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  4. Great use of the prompt Dan! … plus you managed to squeeze a lot of stuff in there 🙂

    As always I’m impressed to see your handiwork in progress.

    As airshow at an air strip makes a lot of sense in terms of great visibility. Our airshow is always over Lake Ontario and theoretically it sounds smart but all the trees do get in the way. On the other hand, the trees make for great shade on a hot summer’s day while an air strip would be like sitting on a baking sheet.

    I’m curious about the photo with the big cavernous area under the cockpit. I’m assuming that the entire front end of the plane lifts up over the cockpit and it appears to be blocking any view the cockpit might otherwise have. So what’s the view like from the cockpit with the nose up over it?

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  5. Thanks Joanne. Being on the tarmac for almost 5 hours is grueling. The only shade is under the wings of the big planes.

    If you check out the photo of the airman welcoming us to the upper level, you can see what the cockpit view looks like with the nose up. The nose lifts up, and the tail drops down, so cargo and vehicles can load and unload easier. The inside of that plane is big enough for six Greyound buses, and it can lift off with just under 300,000 lb (136,077 kg) of cargo.


  6. If you love airplanes as much as trains, you really do need to make a point in attending the annual EAA airshow in Oshkosh. The only issue is that you have to plan ahead, because hotels from Green Bay to Milwaukee are booked a year in advance. Harrison Ford has been in attendance in years past, along with a few other celebrities. It’s a big thing.

    I really like your friend. Our liquid processing organs are on the same plane. ;-)

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  7. Your construction project has activated my curiosity organ. Extending the roof to improve weather protection for the barn door ? Looking very good! I hope you beat the rain. And hope you remember to replace electrolytes and rehydrate so none of your vital organs delminate. I don’t want to hear that greusome story at the bar. As for the airshow there is nothing quite like watching a C5 take off. That always activates my amazement organ.

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    • Thanks John. The biggest reason for the roof extension is to put it far enough out that, if I have to take snow off from a nor’easter, I can move that snow with the snow blower.

      The Mrs. is in charge of rehydration. I’m not sure what she puts in my water bottle but I keep drinking.

      Seeing the C-5 take off and then bank into a turn is just amazing. I will never get tired of seeing that big jet be nimble.

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  8. Awesome photos Dan! Wish I could have seen that show. Air shows and auto races really get me pumped. Too bad the turnout wasn’t that great. But, hey, i agine how much longer the wait to see the C5 flight deck! Happy Free48 and continued luck on your project.

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  9. If you thought organ was a challenge, we couldn’t tell. Excellent post!

    I have been to one and only airshow back in the 1970s at Vandenberg Air Force base in Lompoc CA. I have vague memories of heat, concrete and such brightness. This inspires me to look for the next show coming up in our neck of the woods. I bet I could even talk the hubs into going with me. To see the Army’s Golden Knights up close like that had to amazing.

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  10. A slidey door! You have a slidey door on your workshop! I jus’ LOVE slidey doors! I never saw anybody put a roof on a roof. Is that easier than taking the old roof off and putting a new one on altogether? I guess it must be, or you would be doing it the other way. Huh.

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    • I do have a slidey door. I should explain that some time.

      I can’t remove the workshop roof. It’s a truss roof, and the inside is open to the exposed trusses. This is just meant to get the snow out into a place where I can move it with the snowblower. I think it will give me some shade in the afternoon, which will be good.

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  11. “Laminated veneer lumber. It delaminates if it gets wet.”

    Here, for your reader pleasure, is a list of the 10 oldest bars in the world. The oldest is The Bingley Arms and dates to 905 AD. To the best of anyone’s knowledge, the structure contains no laminated veneer lumber. I highly suspect that all that will remain of our civilization in a thousand years will be the rubble of reinforced concrete. :)

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  12. Haha! That’s funny! :)
    Your work is coming along well, so skillful and patient, you are.
    I, too, delay posts due to photo sorting and editing. Photos take as long as the writing, sometimes, longer!
    I haven’t been to an airshow in years. We have plenty, and I hear most of them, but the going, not so much. It’s nice they had a tour on this one, good behind-the-scenes footage and all.

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    • This one is every other year, do we get a break and then it’s like “if we don’t go it will be two more years,” so we go.

      Pictures do take a long time. Way longer than writing this one.

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  13. I went to one air show at Westchester Airport in the early 60’s. Yes, they actually had planes back then!! It was quite entertaining, but there were no bombers from WWII, or any big planes for that matter. I enjoyed seeing this show through your eyes.

    I wondered where you were going with today’s SoCS topic. I was sure it would be very clever and funny, and I was right.

    The shed roof is coming along nicely. Hope you’re able to accomplish your goal for today before the rain starts. Weather is so beautiful here it’s hard to imagine how drastically it’s going to change. We need rain, so I’m not complaining.

    The look on MiMi’s face says it all….”Go play with your shed and stop coming in here and annoying me.” Lol. And our sweet Maddie is ever vigilant, watching that you’re doing it right. Or maybe she’s gearing up to bark loudly to summon The Editor in the event you start slipping off the roof…..or ladder!!! 😋

    Have a great weekend. Hope you and Maddie are able to get walks in between storms.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. We are wrapped up and ready for rain. I thought I knew where I was going, then it went sideways to an organ recital. Gotta love SoCS.

      The cats just look at us like we’re weird. In and out, when we could be sleeping.

      Maddie has walked each day and sat each evening. Doesn’t look good for a walk tomorrow but we do need some rain.

      I hope your weekend is going well.


  14. ‘Little buddy’s room’…that cracked me up. I didn’t know guys had name for it….just like women call it the little girl’s room. Maddie is so good to make sure you get it all right. Poor MiMi–having her beauty rest interrupted. She is adorable.

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  15. I enjoy reading of your bar exploits but the pics of the shed building, repairs are cool. We saw the airshow here the last two years. Having an USAF base and an Air Guard base here in Cheyenne, it is a necessity!😂

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    • Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you like these posts. I do enjoy attending airshows. The projects are in an early phase, but I like the way they are going.


  16. I haven’t been to an airshow in years. Somehow the thrill of looking at planes is lost on me, but for those who enjoy it I know they’re a fun adventure. I like how you got organ into your story. Is your SIL still talking with you.

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    • The SIL is my buddy’s problem. I love going to airshows, and I think I like the static displays almost more than the flying. It’s just amazing to see the technology in place on these magnificent machines.

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  17. We live close to (20 minutes) Whiteman which has been there since 1928. Our neighborhood is a result of housing once used for Boeing families and command staff. The oldtimers tell about the railroads (in my back yard basically) dropping off houses in parts before building. Hard to imagine it now. Nice airshow!

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  18. Love the organ concerts….love the pics of the airshow. Last airshow for me was at Luke Air Force base 4-5 years ago…love air shows! I have been lucky enough to see C-5’s come in and out of March Air Base in Southern California. Beautiful birds and so fun to watch…they are huge!!!

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    • Thanks Kirt – Watching the C5 take off and then make that steep turn always amazes me. I just don’t know how something that big stays airborne at that angle. Going inside one is always a treat. It’s so big! But, I’m always impress with how well organized everything is. That plane was designed from the ground up to perform a mission, under any and all circumstances.

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  19. Those C-5’s are HUGE! We get some pretty big ones screaming over house on their way to Moffet Field…or whatever it’s called now. I always try to rush out to see them, and the fighter jets coming in those are LOUD too. But it’s kind of an exciting loud. For me anyway. 😀 I am always in awe of how those great big planes get up and stay up knowing what and how much weight they can hold.

    The project is looking good. Hope you beat the rain. Maddie looks like she’s got the supervisor position well in hand taking over from MiMi or is Mu-Mu who likes to supervise your interior projects?

    Kudos for meeting this challenge so well!

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