Ups, Downs and Whatchamacallits – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, so we’re going to the bar to visit with my buddy and the Internet’s best bartender (that would be Cheryl of Dreaming Reality fame). And, because it’s Saturday, Linda G. Hill has given us the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt to guide our conversation. Linda says:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘call.’ Use the word ‘call’ or any word that contains those letters in that order. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you would be peppering me with questions about my projects.

“Did you move your wife’s weather station thingie again?”

“Ha! You said ‘thingie’ I thought you hated that word.”

“I do. I just didn’t know what else to call it.”

“Thingie’s a good word. I think it’s better than 5-in-1 outdoor sensor. “

“Thingie is a great word. What are you boys drinking today?”

“Cheryl, to better prepare for my young friend’s eventual answer, I will have a glass of bourbon.”

“With the ice thingie and the seltzer in the snifter thingie?”

“Of course, but enough with that word.”

“And, should I send a Corona out to fetch her lime?”

“You should, I need to keep that company in the black.”

“I’ll be right back boys.”

“In the black, I’m guessing you read that article?”

“What article?”

“There have been several articles about how beer sales are down across the board in the US, with the notable exception of Corona.”

“Here you go, your Bourbon, a glass of ice and a snifter of seltzer. And, for your young friend, a brew from those not-so-bad hombres.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“Yes, thanks. Now, did you move your wife’s weather station’s 5-in-1 outdoor sensor again?”

“I did.”


“If I didn’t, it would have ended up sticking through the roof.”

“I thought that’s what you wanted. I thought it would make it easy to get to.”

“I can get to it fine, but I only have to clean it about once a year.”

“What about batteries? I’m assuming it has some sort of battery backup.”

“It’s totally battery powered, but the battery pack is inside the garage.”

“Oh, that’s what that little wire is for.”

“Yes, and you’ll be happy to know that it’s now in its permanent location.”

“The wire? Cause the wire looks dumb – just sayin’”

“No, the wire will be routed up and under the drip edge once it’s installed.”

“Are you going to trim the rest of the gable end, or is that all just for the weather station th…?”

“Thingie – thingie – come on, you know you want to say it.”

“5-in-1 outdoor sensor.”

“I will trim out the whole facia with Azek, but I’ll order that when I order the siding. I only had enough to do the peak.”

“Facia. I always get that confused with soffit. I never know what to call them.”

“You could go with the trim stuff on the side of the roof and the stuff underneath the overhang.”

“I like to use the right words.”

“You do?”

“I do.”

“What’s that you’re drinking?”


“No, the other stuff.”


“What kind of Bourbon is it?”

“John Howell’s Bourbon.”

“No, it’s Willet. You only call it John Howell’s Bourbon because he suggested that Cheryl add it to the bar.”

“And Cheryl is glad he did. I don’t care what you call it, that stuff flies off the top shelf. You boys want some food?”

“All these home improvement projects are making me hungry. How about some wings?”

“I’ll split an order of ten with you. I’m taking my wife out to dinner.”

“Can we get an order of ten with two dipping sauces, Cheryl?’

“You guys can have whatever you want. Will that include another round?”



“With all this rain, I’m guessing you haven’t been doing much of that renovation work.”

“Au contraire.”

“Really? Up on the roof during thunderstorms?”

“No, but Thursday was nice until about two o’clock.”

“Yeah, but yesterday was never nice.”

“It was disgusting. But I got the post lamp replaced and I replaced the utility sink in the basement.”

“Why replace the sink?”

“The faucet was shot. We couldn’t even turn the water on.”

“Why not just replace the faucet.”



“Previous owner syndrome – the guy connected it directly to the plumbing pipes.”

“What? No flexible, um, er, thingies?”

“No, no flexible supply lines – but you can call them thingies.”

“Who does that?”

“Stupid people.”

“OK, another splash of Bourbon, a fresh seltzer, some fresh ice, and a nicely dressed Corona. The wings will be right up.”

“You dressed it. Thanks Cheryl.”

“I remembered we had a little spiced salt left over.”

“Cheers to your hard work and success.”


“Just don’t run over the lamp post.”

“Not to worry. Call me Mr. Careful.”

Today’s gallery has a couple of sequences which are annotated in the captions. Thanks again to The Editor.


  1. Even working between storms, everything looks great. It is sure going to look great and provide a real snow advantage when it is done. Like the new lamp and sink. :-) Maddie sure wouldn’t have wanted to be here last night. We had a tornado warning and sirens were going off on the TV and my phone kept roaring. We didn’t have any damage here, but the humidity is once again 100%. I keep gardening, but it sure is a challenge. Hope you have some dry time this weekend and no thunder and lightening for Maddie. :-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Judy. It doesn’t look like any work is getting done today. The remaining tasks involve removing the tarps/plastic, and The Editor advises against that. I think she’s right. With any luck, shingles will arrive on Thursday and we’ll get a proper roof over my head.

      I don’t know how you kept gardening – the humidity was just gross.

      We had severe thunderstorms on Thursday, but nothing as bad as a tornado warning. The weather station registered 94 lightening strikes.


  2. You’ve certainly been very busy – a roof, a lamp, AND a new sink!!

    I didn’t realize you guys on the east coast were having such bad weather. It continues to be hot and humid here. We get threats of rain and it seems to roll around us. I’m going to have a hefty water bill this summer from all the watering I’ve had to do.

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  3. Kudos, Dan. Wow, a lot of work accomplished again — plus so much precision involved. Pantser me, I’m not good with that kind of perfect measurement. Thanks for all the cool progress pics. The new lamp looks terrific, and glimpse of the lovely home you and your wife have made. Gorgeous.
    Poor Maddie and the thunder… but nice to see MiMi in Caturday contentment. Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Teagan. The garage is a little less than precise, but it’s fitting together nicely. Getting the lamp level was a challenge.

      MiMi knows how to handle bad weather. Maddie is sticking close to her peeps today.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You know, even if I didn’t know where you live, I’d know where you live because of the word “seltzer.” Around here that bubbly water thingie stuff is called “club soda.” I like MiMi, she’s a world class snooze machine. And so pretty.

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  5. Hmmmmmm, placing a weather sensor above a shingled roof is the best way to measure the weather of a shingled roof. :)

    My meteorology prof used to take extreme delight in leading his class outside on a -20F Minnesota day to measure the temperature in the parking lot. At one point, on a still January afternoon, the temp hit 80F. Lesson learned.

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    • I couldn’t talk my wife into a 30’ pole in the yard. However, this unit has a solar powered fan that circulates air over the sensors to mitigate the reflected heat. And, it actually sticks out 6” beyond the roof.

      Asphalt gets hot, no matter what 🙂


  6. I love the word “thingie.” I use it often when I don’t know the right word…or I forget the right word. It’s a good all-encompassing noun.

    Have a wonderful Saturday, Dan. Give Maddie, MiMi and MuMu a little love from me and try not to work too hard.

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  7. Looks uber productive to me, storms or not. You deserve those beers. And dinner out! Thanks to the Editor for ‘spotting’ you on that ladder. And for spotting the bunny. 😉We finally have sunny skies here. But about a million new buggies. I have a closet to organize today. Whoop, whoop. 🙄

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  8. Another fun bar conversation. You certainly can nail them Dan, even if you only have a whatchamacallit to work with. That gizmo thingie for weather looks like it’s set for the duration. And that’s a good looking lamp. I hope you don’t back into it when you’re in your thingamajig.

    You’ve accomplished a lot in a short amount of time, in between storms no less. Good for you.

    My, my, the original plumbing for the sink looks like ‘who done it and ran?!’ Nice looking unit you installed.

    The shot of MiMi, lying upside down, hanging in her dishes, cracked me up. She sure knows the meaning of ‘chill out’. We should all adapt her way of coping with life.

    Hope weather calms down so Maddie can relax. Maybe even sneak in a walk if not too hot. Rain has stopped here but the humidity is brutal.

    Hope you and The Editor get some relaxation time in over the weekend.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Ginger. “who done it and ran?” Is a great description of the “friend” we bought this house from.

      MiMi loves to hang upside down. She’s a contortionist kitty but she’s fun to watch. Her sister is, um, how shall we say…not as nimble.

      No walk today. Maddie has been clinging to whichever one of us is sitting.

      I will be careful with this lamp. I have to remember it when I’m snow blowing. I broke one once with a perfectly placed big chunk of ice.

      I hope the humidity breaks for you.


  9. MiMi is so darn cute! I like how you captured the raindrops on the grass in the ‘munch, munch, munch’ photo. Do your neighbors ask you for ‘help’ with any projects they have going on? We have to replace our hot water heater and are gonna pay Lowe’s to do it. The darn thing is over 25 years old and my husband wants nothing to do with bringing it up to code. Here my checkbook…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Lois. The bunny shot is my wife’s doing.

      I had a couple of neighbors ask for help but not so much lately. New neighbors seem to keep to themselves.

      MiMi is seriously cute. We just love her antics.

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  10. I love the project updates! All this talk about rain makes me so envious. It just doesn’t seem right that one side is drowning while the other is parched. I find that the older I get, the more things are called whatchamacallits, gizmos, thingies, and whoseyourbuckets. Fortunately, my husband speaks the same language.

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  11. The ‘new to me’ meaning of POS certainly applies to a lot of things in my own house. :/ That faucet, though, we don’t have anything like that SO FAR.
    I always envy your ramp. This is something we’ve got to figure out and install.
    It would be nice to have long arms. I’m still waiting for mine to grow. I am not the shortest person in the house, but my arms are the shortest. It’s ridiculous.
    The 5-in-1 looks great at the peak and I’m glad you’ve accomplished so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. The older we get, the happier we are that we added the ramp. It sounds crazy, but last year when the ambulance guys wheeled me down, it felt good. When the guy said “this is a smooth ride” I was so proud (yes, on my way to the ER at 1:00 am, but still).

      I hope that faucet is the worst thing left that I find. We have found so many things like that.

      The Editor has short little arms. I forget sometimes.

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  12. The weather sensor thinga-ma-bob looks good, and so does the new frame for the new overhang.

    I wish I had a utility sink. No room for one here, and in the new house they tell me it will cost too much, and require much demolition, and work to get one. 😭

    The newest lamp out front looks very nice, and pretty darn level too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Deborah. I think I’ve changed that lamp more often than dress shoes. I hope this one lasts for a while.

      The weather station is working well, I only added 1/10 of an inch of rain by jostling it around. Shingles arrive on Thursday. With any luck, I’ll be off that roof sometime next week.

      The utility sink comes in handy. It’s still nice and bright. I’m going to hate to clean the first paintbrush in there :-(

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  13. I loved the pictures in this post. Do you climb that ladder alone, or is someone holding the ladder below? Do Faith work with you on such home renovation projects? Sarah and I both liked that lamp post. Classic.

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  14. A few words that don’t tell me much (“I will trim out the whole facia with Azek, but I’ll order that when I order the siding. I only had enough to do the peak.”), but good job! A lovely photo shoot and you dressed for it too, I see. :D

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I’m sorry for the construction techno-babble. If a house or building has a roof that overhangs the wall, the underside of that overhang is the Soffit. The finished edge of the overhang, running parallel to the roof, is the Fascia. These are both annoying and often difficult to paint, so it’s common practice to cover them in a vinyl or PVC (plastic) product. Azek is the dominant brand name of PVC trim boards. Dominant to the point that people refer to PVC Trim as “Azek” even if they are using a competeditor’s product, I hope that helps.

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