Help from My Friends – #ThursdayDoors

Gotta love my friends.

A funny thing happened on the way to Thursday Doors. It rained. In fact, it’s been raining since before Norm called for a two week break, back in July.

After posting last week’s doors, I was wondering what doors I could feature. Perhaps I could search through all the leftover folders. Perhaps a traffic jam would send me down an unknown street. Perhaps Norm would call for another two-week break. Perhaps I could ski…no, that would never happen. As I stared at my laptop, a notification popped up on Twitter. My friend Stacy, who is working for a while in Germany sent me the tweet captured at the right.

That got me thinking.

Earlier in the week, my friend Steve – you might remember Steve from his excellent guest post on GDPR – sent me a picture of a door under the subject line “For your collection.” My friend Brad, who frequently tags me on Facebook with photos of historic New York doors, tagged me on Facebook with a great door. A pattern was forming. I reached out to Cheryl, the Internet’s best bartender, and to David, over in England, and I’ve cobbled together a doors post, without having to take a picture. OK, I did take a couple of pictures, but I was with Faith, and it was her idea for us to have a beer at The Corner Pug (no typo).

So, the story today is short and sweet. I get by with a little help from my friends. (Don’t worry, that video appears below the gallery).

Of course, while we’re talking about friends, it only seems appropriate to mention Norm Frampton, the founder of this particular feast. Each week, Norm sets the table for door aficionados from all over the world to bring their favorite hinged-dish to a grand potluck dinner. Bring your doors to Norm’s place and ask his buddy, the little blue frog, where to put your entrée. If you just want to sample the other doors, that’s OK, there are always more than enough doors to go around.


  1. While I am sorry you got totally rained out for your own doorscursion this week, Dan, I love your collected ‘gift’ doors! Isn’t it nice so many people think of you when they see interesting doors? Faith is so cute. That pub looks like it would have some good things. I hope the rain has moved on and leaves you with some good weather for awhile. Happy Thursday! Gotta run. The Tardis is ready forthe doctor(s). 😏😉

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  2. You just can’t beat old architecture, eh?! I’d forgotten how grand the Woolworth building was. The CEO, back in the ’80’s, retired down here in FL, Delray to be exact, an exclusive community called the Village of Golf. He had one nice size bedroom that was set up like one of his stores, all in miniature!! I’ve often thought back to that and wondered what ever became of it.

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  3. Great idea and fun collection of doors, Dan. Love that one of the Woolworth. I remember seeing other photos of that building when I was researching something. Spectacular.
    Hopefully one day I can send you a door picture of my little adobe in the desert… Hugs.

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  4. An enjoyable and friendly collection of great doors, Dan. I recognized the REI door immediately as we have one with the same style door handles at our REI (unfortunately or not, quite a drive from us). Cheers and hopes for better weathe for you, although it’s perfectly fine to use doors from your archives. If not, I’m in the doghouse with no door, only a doorway.


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  5. Great friends, great collection of photos. There used to be a Schrafft’s in White Plains, NY. My dad worked in the same area and would bring home the best treats ever! Love the Woolworth building. LOVE the beautiful mail chute nestled between the equally beautiful elevators.

    Had to look twice to make sure that was Faith….there’s no Maddie glued to her hip! 😄

    You hit the jackpot today Dan!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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  6. Hey, thanks for including my pic! The others, I thought, were a lot more compelling — especially the old-timey ones — but I just couldn’t resist the house number!


  7. Good stuff. You have some very helpful friends Dan :-)
    I like the old-time b & w shots, and that moose/elk/deer door is awesome too.
    Lastly, I know it’s a Beatles tune but I still prefer the Joe Cocker version ;-)


  8. Love the old stone arched doorways. Nice. Different concept for you – what about all the non-physical doors we open and close on a daily basis that let people and emotions flow through us to others. Its still a door.


  9. Old-time pics (in B&W, no less) and a Beatles reference? What’s not to like? Somehow, I imagine you getting unsolicited ideas for doors all the time.


  10. Also went to the GDPR post – I missed many of your posts and that was one of them:) In this case good, as you know I am European. Cross-cultural issues was one of my expertise in my previous job, helping people from other countries with their cultural adjustment to the USA – which is a much longer process than just the first year. This means I made complete turn from European thinking to American. In my opinion the GDPR is typically European, everything that has no rules, needs to be monitored and given rules. Have to find out their contact address and send them a spicy letter, because, they have no idea how to protect me (and no real way for me) as a European living here, even if I had a business -because I am subject to American laws as soon as I enter the country. No matter their rules, the criminal will always find a way to do their illegal activity. Meanwhile bloggers are stuck with their *)&#! rules.


  11. Hi Dan – yes help from friends is always useful. Love the safe one, as too the little cottage … but the beer is better as too the young lady gracing you with her presence … bribery for the next photo of her outside the door! Fun – we could do with the rain … cheers Hilary

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  12. I love doors from friends, too! :) Yours have great taste. Isn’t it so nice to be thought of like that? Good stuff. More than ample for rainy days.
    I’ve got lots of doors, but no time to organize them. If it wasn’t that, it’d be the weather!
    The black and whites are worth a good stare and the song, well, I can’t even post this comment til they’re done singin.

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    • Ha ha – I know that feeling. The comment is done but the song goes on. Thanks. I rushed to get some doors I can work with for next week, but I’m lagging behind. The joy of summer.


  13. Great collection of doors… and friends! We have an REI here with the same doors. They must have bought axes by the truckload for their handles. Love the old pictures, especially the safe. Reminds me of the one I got locked into when I was little (long story, happy ending :) ).

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  14. A great collection of doors there, Dan. My favourite was Tardis Parking only. I’m a little concerned about all these friends sending you photos of doors. I’ve heard of mad cat ladies, but you could be the world’s first Mad Doorman, although I dare say Norm would be competing for that honour.
    Best wishes,

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      • I have two uncles who collect antique door locks called Rim locks. I like them myself and they’re fascinating and old worldy which I love but I’m not going down that path. I do have a large collection of antique and vintage tea cups which I bought not long after my grandparents passed away.
        Best wishes,

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