What the Blogman Didn’t Notice – #SoCS

We have a new badge for Stream of Consciousness Saturday – congratulations Pamela – and a fresh new prompt. Today, Linda has given us:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘notice.’ Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you would be picking on me, perhaps with good reason.

“Cheryl, I want you to serve my young friend a beer that he can cry in.”

“Excuse me?”

“You know, something big and sloppy so his tears won’t dilute the effect”

“We actually have two new beers on tap.”

“Anything interesting?”

“Sorry, Dan. IPAs.”

“I’ll pass. However, now I need to add an ‘excuse me?’ what on earth are you talking about?”

“Did you ever notice how newscasts and newspapers have a section for ‘Errata’ ?”

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with me?”

“I think may No Facilities needs to add a new page for that.”

“For Errata?”


“Here you go Dan. A freshly dressed Corona. But don’t cry in it, it’s salty enough.”

“Thanks Cheryl, I think I know where he’s going but I still don’t know why.”

“Errata. It’s pretty simple. It’s a place to list errors and omissions.”

“I know what the term means. I just don’t know why I need to add the section.”

“Where’s David’s picture?”


“On your Thursday Doors post. You made a big deal about David Pennington sending you a door, but I didn’t notice a door from Ipswich in your gallery.”

“Well, maybe you didn’t notice it, but it’s there. Here, let…me…show…you…”

“Having some trouble finding it?”

“I know I processed that image. I wrote a description for it.”

“Then where is it?”

“You boys want some wings to cry into? Maybe a pizza?”

“Bring us some wings, Cheryl. He’s busy searching the transporter logs to see where he beamed David’s door.”

“This doesn’t make any sense.”

“Sure, it does. It’s not SoCS, it’s SNAFU.”

“Watch it, I’m familiar with that term. This is a family bar.”

“Just the acronym, Cheryl. I think he gets it.”

“Message received.”

“So, did David send you a door, or did you make the whole thing up?”

“Why would I do that?”

“To make it look like you have more friends than you really do.”

“What? David and I have been friends for over twenty years, and he sent me a door!”

“Where did you meet him?”


“I thought he lives in England.”

“He does. I worked with him for years, over the Internet, but I met him in Cincinnati.”

“At a conference?”

“At a bar.”

“You meet everyone at a bar.”

“Nothing wrong with that. Your wings will be up soon. You boys want another round?”

“I do. And I want to know what happened to David’s photo.”

“There is no photo. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s even a David.”

“OK, wait. I still have his email. Here, see, email from David Pennington and a wonderful door photo.”

From David: “This is a house in Silent Street, Ipswich. A good few hundred years old I would think.”

“That is a great photo. Seems like that would be hard to lose.”

“I don’t recall ever losing one before.”

“How do you get the photo into your blog?”

“I upload the photos to Box, then I process them in Adobe Lightroom. I export a reduced resolution copy to a new folder in Box, and then upload that folder to WordPress.”

“So, there are lots of places to lose it.”


“Here we go. Twenty barbequed wings. Parm-Pep and Blue Cheese dressing. I’ll be back with the Corona. Are you sticking with wine?”

“I’m switching to Bourbon, Cheryl. I feel like celebrating.”

“I’m not one to turn down a chance to pour from the top shelf, but you’re celebrating his mistake?”

“No, that would be cruel.”

“Then what are you celebrating?”

“I’m celebrating the fact that I noticed his mistake before he did.”

“Isn’t it ironic that the post I didn’t put David’s photo in was about how nice my friends are…”

“Hey, I bought you two beers and some wings.”

“That’s true. I guess you’re entitled to gloat a little.”

Today’s gallery has some pictures of the usual suspects as they “help” me with the garage roof project. Speaking of projects, it looks like Cheryl is busy as a bee over at her place.


    • I still don’t know what happened. But you’re here, and you’re the only door. And, technically, it’s still time for Thursday doors so I’ll add this link to Norm’s site.

      Thanks for the link. I was trying to work that in, but…

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  1. Oopsie. 🙊Easily repaired though with an extra spotlight! 👍🏻Sometimes when I put in a slide show it iwll ‘disappear’ from the draft at some point. If I add a second time it comes out twice on the post page. I’ve caved in and do the preview when that happens. Looks like you had a beautiful day to work through, Dan. You deserved those wings and beer!

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    • Very good help, Janet. No selfie-stick – that’s the editor’s handiwork from inside. It’s hard to get a picture from the yard. I can’t believe they added two more IPAs – I guess they sell well, but not to me.


  2. I enjoyed the dialogue and felt the pub atmosphere. Iif you were a few miles down the road in Bury St Edmunds you woudn’t have to succum to the IPA or as The Husband calls it Insipid **** ale, still keeping my language neat for your blog. Instead you could have a decent sup of The Gunners Daughter from the aannon bmicro brewery, that would be one nobody would want to dilute with tears. As I said good post or maybe posts…

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      • I believe one of the best a man can get😉😂😃 sorry i just had to. *cough*. I go by the husband’s face and the occasional cries of ‘For goodness sake … try The Gunners Daughter.’ If IPA is considered.

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  3. Well, Dan, no one is perfect in the blogging world or elsewhere. I’m giving you 100 bonus points for being imperfect and another 100 points for the “transporter logs” remark. The roommate and I have made it back around to Star Trek TOS and always chuckling at the cheesy acting and 1960’s special effects (but we LOVE it).

    IPA’s…blech. When you cross Green Bay, WI, off your bucket list, there are plenty of local places that add the good beers to their rosters – ales, porters, blondes, stouts, creams, etc. The land of beer and cheese and football!

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    • Thanks Mary. I can use those bonus points. But, you could go broke rewarding my imperfection. I think Green Bay just moved up a notch. I started watching DS9. I wasn’t a fan when it first came out, but I’m enjoying it now.


      • There are a couple of villains on DS9 that I can hardly stand, but I like the rest of the cast and the storylines. Have fun watching!

        PS: You only get imperfection points once. My bank account is safe.

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  4. I’m mad at your friend today. He’s usually kinda snarky with you, but he was downright snotty today. Is he all right? He isn’t going through a bad patch, and taking it out on you, I hope. Tell him I’m worried about him. ;) Love the Ipswitch door from Silent Street!

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    • Ha ha – Don’t worry, he’s just being a jerk. Somebody had to do it, and it’s a burden he bears well. I don’t think he meant to be mean.

      David’s door is wonderful, and the story of Silent St is too.

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  5. Oh my, this made me laugh. Then it made me think about how I asked my daughter over the summer if “Riley” was her imaginary friend since I’d never once heard his name or seen him. She’s still laughing over that one…

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  6. Great conversation at the bar Dan. Clever way to bring up the ‘missing door photo’! It was worth the wait. Doors are neat, and so is the building.

    You have built up quite a fan club in the squirrel community……or maybe they just recognize a soft touch when they see one!

    I love the way Maddie just kicks back and watches them. They seem to intrigue her. In fact, I think watching the grass grow intrigues her! Anything to prolong sitting on her throne.. I mean cot.

    Then there’s MiMi. She needs to learn to chill out, don’cha think? Lol. And little Thumper is darn cute!

    You’re making great strides on garage. Hooray for good weather for a change. The finish line must look a lot closer to you now.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹


    • MiMi is an inside kitty. She watched from a window and probably groans as Maddie just sits there. Maddie will chase them if they run when they see her but they usually don’t.


    • Let’s not give me that name. I was usually trying to be very safe. The roof is steep but you can walk on it. I had staging on the long edge, and the workshop roof abuts the garage on the south end (about 8” lower).


  7. Funny, I thought there was a blue door from David…
    I get enough erratas, I don’t need them here. Occasionally I change my mind about something, like wearing black on Tuesdays and I don’t think I need an errata sheet :P Course, I doubt anyone notices.
    The squirrel pics are great! I’ve been watching the critters here, and they seem to know the fall is coming. I’ve seen them digging most often.
    I like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, which forces my beer connoisseur friends (I still can’t believe that’s a thing) to tell me I have no taste in beer, but I just like it. *shrugs* I’d rather have Corona which makes them moan, and I’d rather have Guinness which makes them snicker and maybe that’s why I often drink cocktails! I know you said IPA, but it made me think of stuff, and I tend to roll with it.

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    • Rolling is fine, it’s still SoCS. I think whatever beer you like is fine. Considering that the most popular beer is Bud Light, your friends have no reason to pick on you. Maybe you should order that and see if their heads explode 😏

      The only way I know I’ve made a clothing error is if the Mrs. says something like “no, not that shirt with those pants.”

      Our squirrels do seem to be getting ready for winter. I think (hope) it’s too early, but shat do I know?

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  8. Great post. I like to see pictures with you in them. It’s funny that I write articles on roofing, but I have no clue about the dynamics of it. I usually write on how to find a roofing contractors and tips to find one and so on. Just basics, you know. A question out of curiosity – how much would a roofing contractor charge for the kind of work you are doing on that roof? I’m sure the rates would differ based on the type of materials used and the reputation of the roofer and so on, but just an approximate number.


    • It’s really hard to say what it would cost. It varies based on location, slope, if they have to remove old shingles, etc.

      This roof would have been in the high end of all those issues, but overall, it’s fairly small. A two-person crew could have done this in 4-5 days. I think the price would be based on time, at about $100-$150 per hour for a two-person crew. Maybe higher, I haven’t checked the market in 5-6 years.

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      • Thanks for the information, Dan. I just asked out of curiosity. I like to keep details in my mind which I sometimes use in my articles and blogs. Probably, that’s why many of my close friends think of me as Encyclopedia. Personally, I don’t think I’m that intelligent, but if people think of me that way, so be it. :)

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  9. At the risk of be-laboring this comment collection : Nice post , Dan ! What a slick way to present an apology and self-criticism while making the world rosy once again.! I do disagree about the IPA issue , though . In Poland they are popular now, too . They have IPAs and APAs —— I’m not sure what APAs are . If it makes you feel any better , I don’t much care for APAs.

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