Cleaning Out the Fridge – #ThursdayDoors

Tobacco hanging to dry.

Since last week’s Thursday Doors post went live, I have spent five days on our little construction project and two hectic days at my day-job. I did manage to squeeze in a short doorscursion, but it turns out the doors I photographed are more interesting than I realized. Writing that up has required a little research, but I think it will prove to be worth the effort (and the wait). So, as the title implies, I opened a few old folders, looking for interesting doors that never made it to the gallery.

If you want more from your Thursday Doors experience, consider joining the fun. You can bring a door, a bunch of doors, a description of a door, a poem in honor of a door, a painting of a door, or you can substitute gates, openings and portals. I shouldn’t say that – I don’t make the rules. I have seen all of those things before, but Norm Frampton is the arbiter of what is considered a door. So, if you want to join us, visit Norm’s page. Check out his doors, and then click the blue frog. That little tadpole will send you into the grand gallery of everybody’s doors.

I’ve explained the doors in the captions. If you want to read the full caption, click on any door to start a slide show.


    1. Thanks Judy. Two days in the office this week was more than enough. If the “scattered showers” stay away, I should finish the workshop roof tomorrow. The shed can wait for a slow day, it’s little and I’m going over the existing shingles (and I will likely need more shingles for it). I wanted to be off the roof by the end of August, and I think I’ll make it.

      The barn at the cemetery is a favorite. It’s also a landmark to remind me of where their graves are. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  1. This is a great collection of doors Dan, I especially like the tobacco barn, the maintenance barn, the art gallery and the art museum.

    Hope weather is kind to you today and affords easier working conditions.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    1. Thanks Ginger. The maintenance barn is a favorite!

      Yesterday was miserable to work, but I was mostly in the shade. Today looks to be a better day. I hope we get some normal weather soon.

      Enjoy the weekend. If you have holiday plans, I hope they are fun ones.


  2. I’d like to see doors on a shelf, Dan! :-) I almost always use archived doors, as the doors in our newer area of homes are mostly boring and the ones in the fancy houses are just fancy. Most of mine come from France and Philadelphia, although I’ve managed to get a few from a two-state areas that are from recent bikes rides with my husband. We do what we can. :-) Hope you have a great weekend.


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  3. Dan, what a fantastic spectacle of doors. My favourite was the Wadsworth Atheneum. Can’t go past those turrets. I also appreciated the photo of the tobacco barn. The maintenance barn at the cemetery where your parents are interred, has character too. I know what you mean about needing a landmark to find your loved ones. I have no sense of direction so the thought of trying to find my loved ones in the cemetery is intimidating and yet you ought to know where they are and how to find them. I’ll have to stick some kind of GPS tracking device on it.
    I really got into the challenge this week. Had a lot of fun.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Thanks! I’m running late, but I’ll be catching up tonight. I need landmarks. I think I like the maintenance barn the best. It’s hard to choose, but it’s special. The Wadsworth is a great museum but they added on. Couple of times without a lot of thought.

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      1. It’s a shame when they extend old buildings without staying true to the original, especially with such a period piece as this. They deserve more respect.


    1. Historically they grew wrapper leaves for cigars. They used to grow the tobacco under shade cloth, but that style has fallen out of favor. the shade cloth has been removed over the past two years.


    1. Thanks! That’s the original section of the museum. I wish the various additions had been more in keeping with that architecture, but I don’t suppose you can build castles today.


    1. I’m glad you like these. Barns and trains will always catch my attention. The lizards are pretty fast. I only ever see them during our meetings in Florida. I always try for a picture, but I’m rarely successful.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. This group includes most of my favorites. I don’t have a crane, but you shared one for me today :-)

      That first image is curious. I don’t know if they only covered part of the stone, or if it’s old and deteriorated. I like the exposed part better.

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    1. Thanks Teagan. I haven’t been to the Wadsworth for a long time. Maybe it’s time to visit again. I’m guessing the ceiling doors provide access from below. I hope nobody will fall out of them.

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  4. fun fun fun – and the variety ad me looking up, down and over –
    and have to say that my fav door shot of this post (not that we have to pick a fav – but I like to at times)
    and it is the fed ex trucks.
    From the collage it was a quick back of the truck shot – ahhh
    but the larger view – dan – it was a great composition – you have the addtional truck – and the road dotted lines – and there is harmony here with some depth.
    Great SHOT.

    (and surrrrrre Faith was driving – just kidding)

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    1. Ha ha – it’s not that I haven’t taken a picture while driving, but not in that kind of traffic. Also, it seems whenever we switch to Faith driving, we hit traffic or it starts to rain.

      I do really like that picture though – thanks for the additional info (I did like having the other truck)

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  5. Hi Dan – lots of doors around … some dull as ditchwater – yet probably open onto finer things in life. Wonderful range you’ve given us … the barns and the maintenance one to remind you of other days. Good luck with finishing off your project and then the little one … not long before the end of August! Take care and enjoy finishing things off … cheers Hilary

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    1. Thanks Hilary – sorry to be so late in responding. I have been making good progress, but it keeps me away from my laptop. Maybe that’s a good thing, but not when you leave friends hanging. I hope you have a great weekend.

      I like the maintenance barn a lot!

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  6. Awesome collection Dan. It sure is nice to have reserve doors on the shelf for use when you can’t get out.
    The tobacco barn is my fave because hey, everyone loves an old red barn :-)

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    1. Thanks – sorry to be so late to respond. I’m glad I finally used those ceiling doors. I like the craftsmanship. I have larger pictures from inside the Javits Center, and I have a few from the outside that show more of the building. It’s very hard to capture the whole structure (it’s huge).


    1. Ha ha – I’m laughing at your comment about the lizard. I didn’t think about it that way when I wrote it. The Javits Center is an amazing structure. I never step inside without taking a few pictures. And trains, well, you know, trains…


    1. Direct from the cutting room floor – you’re right Paul. Nothing like gathering them up and reusing them.

      By the way. there’s a picture in today’s SoCS post specifically for you! I think you’ll recognize it.

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  7. I know Norm gives out the bonus points, because this is his brainchild, but I’m giving you a gold star for the ceiling doors. It’s a beautiful ceiling, and it has doors. Marvelous. Also quite fond of the trolley and the cemetery barn. Nice leftovers, Dan :)

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    1. Thansk Joey – I’m so glad I got to use the ceiling doors. I think they are so well crafted. I didn’t notice them at first. Of course, I was with my coworkers, so when I was taking a picture of the ceiling, people were shaking their heads.

      The maintenance barn is a fav for me (and a landmark for finding their graves).

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  8. Cleaning out the fridge or the closet or still the computer will always bring lots of nice surprises. That’s a really cool way to empty your files, Dan, to give a chance to pretty great doors and to your readers the pleasure to enjoy them.
    Considering the ceiling you posted someone might suggest a new challenge :)

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