Post Cable TV – – – ish

Linda gave us an easy Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt today. I’m going to ignore the obvious track for a blog post for this one:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘post.’ Use it as a word, or find a word that uses it as a prefix. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, your blood pressure would be at a dangerous level.

“You’re late!”

“I’m not late. I simply arrived after you did. Once of us has to be first, today it’s you, but we’re both a little early.”

“It was a statement, not an essay question.”

“What the heck is wrong with you?”


“Oh no, where’s Cheryl.”

“Do I look like her agent? She abandoned her post, we got Skippy and I’m not happy.”

“Maybe it won’t be so bad. And, maybe it would help if you called him ‘Brad’ – you know, his name.”

“It’s already bad. Look at this.”

“Hi, there, what can I get for you.”

“I’d like a Coron…”

“A new glass!”

“Excuse me? I was asking your friend what he wants to drink.”

“I know that, but I still haven’t been able to try my drink.”

“Why not? I poured your wine and I brought you your special little snifter of seltzer.”

“This glass is chipped.”

“I’ll replace it with your next round.”

“You’ll replace it now.”

“It’s a small chip, you can drink from the other side.”

“What if the piece of glass is in my wine?”

“I hadn’t thought of that – OK, I’ll pour you a fresh one – no charge.”

“That’s why I call him Skippy.”

“OK, OK. But he’s probably only here until 4:00, so let’s make the best of it. We can postpone our food until after he leaves.”

“I miss Cheryl.”

“Me too, but things change, we have to roll with it.”

“Here you go, a fresh glass of wine. I even gave you a strong pour.”

“Thanks Ski…er, Brad.”

“Wow, there’s a change. Thanks.”

“See. You catch more flies with honey.”

“Bad analogy. If you recall, there was a fly in my seltzer the last time he was here.”

“Granted, we’ve had some tough times with him, but maybe – you know – things change.”

“Speaking of change, how are things working out for you in the post-cable world of TV?”

“It’s a mixed bag. In general, I’m happy, but there are some things I still can’t get used to.”

“Missing your favorite channels?”

“Only one. YouTube TV has almost everything I gave up. Remember, I didn’t cut the cable, I pruned it a bit.”

“So, what’s your problem?”

“YouTube TV’s DVR option is horrible – you can’t fast forward.”

“Well, it’s a pretty new service, right?”

“It is, and they did add MLB Network. I keep hoping for the NFL Network.”

“So you can watch the replay of the Steelers tying the Browns?”

“Shut – up!”

“If I recall correctly, you also added Netflix. How are you liking that?”

“Netflix has become my go-to option, but I might be switching to Hulu.”

“You mean adding Hulu?”

“No, I’m not going down that road again. No more adding ten dollars to the TV bill.”

“But why switch? They carry most of the same shows.”

“They do, but Hulu carries “The Twilight Zone” Season 4 – Netflix doesn’t.”

“What’s the big deal with the fourth season?”

“It’s the hour-long episodes.”

“Which you have on DVD.”

“True, but there’s more. Netflix has edited scenes out of some Twilight Zone episodes.”

“Are you sure? I mean why would they do that?

“I don’t know why, but it’s true. Paul, over at Shadow & Substance confirmed it.”

“Still, is that any reason to switch?”

“I’d say yes.”

“I’d say yes to another round, if Skippy was anywhere near the bar.”

“Hi, I’m Jen. Brad knocked off a bit early. Can I get you guys another round?”

“Aw, he left without saying goodbye to you.”

“At least he left. Hi Jen. We would like another round. I…”

“…your drinking Meiomi and he’s drinking Corona.”

“How did you guess.”

“I recognized the snifter of seltzer – Cheryl told us all about you two.”

“It’s nice to meet you Jen.”

“Same here. I’ll get those drinks. We also have Mussels today, the chef says they are very good.”

“Ooh, I love the Mussels here. How about it old man, you up for some?”

“Sure. Now, earlier, you mentioned missing one channel. Which one?”

“The Science Channel.”

“Here you go, one Corona and a splash of Meiomi. The Mussels won’t take long. Did you mention the Science Channel?”

“I did, Jen. I recently cut back on my cable; I don’t get the Science Channel and I miss watching “How It’s Made” – I know, it sounds geeky.”

“Which surprises no one.”

“Aw, don’t pick on him, I love “How It’s Made” – I watch it on Hulu – all – the – time.”

“It’s on Hulu?”

“Every season.”

“Thanks Jen – that’s the best news I’ve had since this guy opened the tab.”

Cheryl couldn’t be at the bar, but here’s a link to my favorite post of hers this week. Also, since the topic I chose had a lot to do with changes, I was planning to work “change” into the title…oh well. Still, I included the song I was thinking of. Have a greta weekend, and if you’re in the path of Florence, you’re in our prayers.


  1. This post is chock full of good stuff, Dan!
    But just thought I’d tell you, my TV has cable (comes with the community’s maintenance fee), and I get Twilight Zone each night on METV channel.

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    • Thanks Judy. Maddie turned the cot into a 365-day deal. We even bought her a vest so we could sit out on moderately cold days, She seems to be of the opinion that “If I can come out here for that stuff, I should be able to sit.”

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  2. Good ‘post’ today….but then they’re all good. Perhaps Skippy should consider pumping gas instead of tending bar.

    I especially love the one shot of Maddie sitting on her cot looking so prim and proper! The bee and the Flower is terrific. Cheryl has competition now.

    Heckle and Jeckle still look very ominous to me. If I were one of those little birds I would be scared….very scared. Lol.

    Very warm and humid here, and the yellow jackets are out in force and won’t leave you alone. Hope this is a pleasant weekend for the Antion household.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger! Maddie started off sitting on the pavers. The Editor brought the cot out. I think, in Maddie’s mind, the pavers are a short sit but the cot is a long one.

      The turkey vultures do look ominous, but they prefer dead things. “Look alive Maddie, look alive!” Still, those little birds are really dwarfed by them.

      I hope you’re having a good weekend.


  3. Aw, Maddie <3 She's such a doll!
    Those mussels look fantastic. Can I smell them, or is it just my imagination?
    We cut the cable cord a while back, too. They wouldn't let me re-enroll at the same great rate and I said Goodbye. We bought an antenna, which we have not used since we checked to see if it worked. We watch Netflix and go back and forth on Hulu. We had it for about a year and then no one was watching it, so we stopped, then we wanted something and got it back, and then when that was over… I think we have a pattern here. The Mister not gonna watch any football this year cause he's mad at the NFL. He should write about that, not me.
    Anyway, it's been a long time, and I don't miss cable. BUT when Game of Thrones comes back, we'll have to have Hulu and add HBO, and that's okay, because all the money we saved by not having cable :D

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    • I didn’t cut it all the way. I kept the basic package. There’s a bundle with that and the Internet speed we use. I could only save about $8 by doing the full cut, because then you get no bundle. It’s a racket, for sure.

      I’m liking college football more and more each year, but I can’t give up on the NFL.

      I think I’m switching to Hulu. I refuse to do both, and since I’m only inconveniencing me, I can do that.

      Maddie is a cutie. I’d put a selfie next to her, but I think she would still win.

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  4. Well, who on earth edits out parts of The Twilight Zone?? That’s just crazy talk.
    We keep going back and forth on cutting the cable because that bill is stupid expensive. One of these days hubby will be ready to make the leap.

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    • If you’re not trying to cram in another commercial (SyFy), I don’t know why you would cut a TZone episode.

      I went past expensive, but when they hit stupid expensive, I couldn’t take it any longer.

      I hope you guys are hanging in there.


    • “How It’s Made” is a fun show. Not too detailed, but it’s fun to see and think about the way things are made. I was planning to prune for a long time. The last price increase drove me over the edge.


  5. Of course I laughed out loud. Poor Ski…er, Brad! :)

    The picture of the bee landing is fantastic! Heckle and Jeckle are cute. Maddie is as regal as ever.

    We are too far out in the sticks for cable but still enjoy a wide variety of viewing options Netflix and Hulu being top picks.

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    • Thanks. One of my friends suggested that “Skippy is misunderstood.”

      Being too far out for cable doesn’t sound like a bad thing right about now. Maddie and I saw the bee right after we were done sitting. That unplanned sit-session worked out well.

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  6. We ditched cable a few years ago, and I haven’t missed anything. Haven’t gotten much into Hulu or Netflix, but I have been able to stream ballgames, even local Braves games, something MLB.TV doesn’t even do. The Subreddit r/MLBStreams lists several places you can stream the games from. Great stuff!

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    • Often, the TV is on as background noise. I watch, but not too closely as I read blogs or catch up on things in the news (I can’t stand TV news). When I settle in to watch something, I usually head to Netflix and watch something from years ago.


  7. “Drink from the other side”??!! Oh, dear. Keep on calling him Skippy…what a goofer he is. Maddie is so adorable. We cut our cable bill a few years ago. I thought my husband would miss all the channels. Not at all. Netflix–so many choices, so little time….

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  8. Love the science channel as well. I like Unearth. Its cool the way technology can now break thing down through different radar techniques. Maddie is precocious as usually but I am sorry, muscles are nasty and gross. Too much like oysters.

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  9. The cable bill used to make me grind my teeth.They nickel-and-dime us at every turn. Gilles won’t part with cable service though. He would go through severe withdrawal if he was forced to give up all his news channels, the Science Channel, Discovery, and a number of others. So now HE pays the cable bill and my teeth are happy because I don’t see it 🙂

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    • That was working for me, until my wife asked me what changes I made to cause the bill to go up by over 10%. I hadn’t made any changes, but “promotions” I didn’t even remember agreeing to, were expiring. I dug in and started snipping. I reduced the total bill (TV and Internet) by over half, but added back YouTube TV and Netflix. We’re sitting at about 60% of what we had been paying and no worse for where (after I get back “How It’s Made”).


  10. Dan, I remember the song, but I didn’t realize it was David Bowie. Miss him.
    Maddie looks bright and alert.
    Yes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. New boss, same blame-itude. New noise (barking dog in stead of construction), but it still went on all night long.
    I haven’t tried Hulu, but I love my Netflix. No cable since 2013. Happy weekend hugs.

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    • Thanks Teagan. David Bowie was certainly gone too soon. Maddie is always happy when she thinks she gets us to sit when we weren’t planning to. Setters are known for being impish.

      I think I will start a Hulu free trial as my Netflix renewal approaches and make the cut if I like it.

      I hope it’s been a good weekend.

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      • Aww… Millennials next door brought in a dog that barked the entire night (no exaggeration)… So i’m running on fumes and not braced for Mordor Monday. Other than that it’s good.

        I remember how much you enjoy the Twilight Zone. That would be reason enough to switch. When Netflix took away a couple of my favorites, I found myself buying the entire series sets. I’m fine with that. Although I probably should have upgraded my equipment first… Oh well. No big.
        Have a great new week.

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        • Ugh, nothing worse than facing Monday without sleep – sorry.

          My wife did buy me the Twilight Zone DVDs, but there’s a sense of freedom of just watching a random episode without figuring out where it is. We have sets of several series that we watch (not binge) together. I like that too.

          I hope Monday goes by quickly.

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  11. Hi guys! I’ve missed you. Sitting in the airport as I write. Whole lotta celebrating over the last few fays. Wedding went well, food and cake all done, new grandchld arrived-whopping 9 lb 1 oz girl. I can’t believe this is the first chance I have had yo look at rmail. The product of having children who a tuLly like partying with the ‘old folks’ in tow. I’m whooped though. I do u derstand how there are a few things to miss when adjusting to a cable-less life. But most things are found on Hulu and Netflix. My sons also like Amazon. But, by the time you subscribe to too many of those, might as well return to cable. Love the reflection photo. I hope your teams did well! LSU performed a miracle!

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  12. I had to read through the comments to find out what you had done with your cable. I thought maybe you went with your daughter’s idea, Sling. My husband and I go round and round about cable trying to decide whether it’s worth it or not. However, we have a bundle package that includes our PCs and our landline phone. I don’t have a cell phone, only my husband has that.

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    • Thanks Deborah. Those mussels are wonderful. The bees were all over those flowers. I only had my phone. I hope to see them again when I have my camera.

      The cable companies keep making little changes that add small amounts. One day, we realised it was out of control. I don’t miss what I gave up.

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  13. Thanks for the shout-out, Dan!

    Many people have asked me why Netflix doesn’t carry TZ Season 4. I don’t know for sure, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that these services have to pay the owners of these shows licensing fees to carry them. What has almost surely happened here is that Netflix has decided they can save money by not carrying TZ’s lesser-known episodes. As a fan, I hate it, but from a green-eye-shade perspective, it actually makes sense.

    Frankly, we’re lucky Netflix even carries the four seasons that it does. Their strategy over the last few years has been to create more “originals”. They want to become their own premium channel. That takes a lot of money, and one easy way to get some, sadly enough, is to drop the old shows. I used to watch “M*A*S*H” and “Adam-12” and other old shows on Netflix, but one by one they were dropped. Netflix carries relatively few vintage series anymore, which is a real shame. Fortunately, Hulu still does (though it has aspirations of its own, so who knows how long that will last).

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    • Thanks Paul. I do think I’m switching to Hulu. I see no reason for me to have both. I have the DVDs if they ever drop it, but I do like the freedom of flipping around without having to find the DVD.

      I get that it costs them, that;s fine. On the other hand, it costs me too, so I make my choices accordingly.

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  14. I’m not a TV person. I used to be a TV addict but I believe English and American literature had a big impact on my mind. Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte and F.Scott Fitzgerald they all just influenced me so much that I had no interest left in the (sorry for the language) “shitty” content dished out on Indian TV channels. Later, I moved to movies that had really good content. Lately, I subscribed to Netflix and I’m glad the content variety is huge so I can pick what I want. Also, I’m not saying that India doesn’t deliver good content, we do have good content which is why Netflix has now come to India. Check out Sacred Games trailer on Netflix just in case if I have piqued your interest. However, good content is a rarity in India.

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  15. […] I’ve been there. “Do this for 12 months, forget that the fee is going up until you’re being charge $23 and then think about all you’ll be missing if you stop.” Who did that to me? Oh, yeah, COX Cable, the guys I fled like a burning barn when I switched to YouTube TV and Hulu. […]


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