Is Nothing Sacred – #SoCS

It’s time for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, and recent news sets up a bar rant that might work for this prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘dom.’ Use it as a word, or find a word that starts or ends with it. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be in a mood.

“Ah, you’re here on time. At least I can count on something.”

“Uh oh, sounds like I might not want to be here. Is that Bourbon?”

“It is, and here’s his snifter of seltzer and his glass of ice. I hope you brought a couch, Dan, he sounds like he needs therapy.”

“Then I guess I need a Corona, Cheryl. Do you still have any of the spiced salt?”

“I’ll make some if I have to.”

“So, what’s up with you?”

“Don’t you read the news?”

“An item in the news that has you spun up? You’re going to have to be more specific. And remember, I don’t come here to talk politics.”

“Politics schmolitics – I’m talking news – real news – B-A-D bad news!”

“Here’s your Michelada, Dan.”

“You’re just in time Cheryl. Are you staying for the big reveal?”

“I caught the sneak preview when he asked the owner if he was going to drop the word ‘Grill’ from our name.”

“Oh, I get it now. It’s Dunkin’…isn’t it?”

“No, It’s DUNKIN’ DONUTS – they have no right to change that.

“Well, technically, they own the brand. I mean…”

“Do NOT defend them. They owe us the ‘Donuts’.”

“How do you figure?”

“What’s a brand without customers? We made Dunkin’ Donuts a thing, not some smartass marketing guru who’s waiting for the ink to dry on his stock options.”

“You might be right, he’s only been at Dunkin’ about a year.”

“Dunkin’ DOUGH-NUTS! If you please.”

“Hey, I’m on your side, but I’m not sure there’s anything we can do. It’s not like I’m going to Starbucks.”

“Don’t get me started on the Grande, Venti, Trenta knuckleheads. But tell me Mr. oh-so-understanding, what is it you’re dunkin’ into your coffee?”

“A donut. I get it. And, if it’s any consolation, I and at least one analyst think the idea is bad for business.”

“I like hearing that. What does he base that on?”


“She what?”

“The analyst. She’s a she – female and like that.”

“Fine, what does she base that on?”

“She says that Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dairy Queen both hurt their brands when they changed to ‘KFC’ and ‘DQ’ respectively.”

“KFC? What does that even mean?”

“That’s the thing. Unless you remember Kentucky Fried Chicken, you would have no reason to suspect that KFC sold chicken. Especially if you’re outside the US.”

“So, where does this stop?”

“I don’t follow…”

“This predominance of acronyms and key-words. Will Taco Bell become ‘Bell?’ Will Home Depot become depot? Will Cheez Whiz become ‘Whiz?’ I mean God knows it’s not cheese. What about Domino’s Pizza? Will that just be Dominos?”

“Oooh, then they could use Van Morrison as a spokesperson.”

“You think this is funny?”

“I think you might be getting carried away.”

“Look at the tap handle, ‘Bud Light’ – what do you suppose they’ll turn that into?

“ ‘Dishwater’ I mean, if there’s any truth in advertising.”

“See how funny it is when you go to Dunkin’ Park to watch the Yard Goats next year. Dunkin’ Park…that sounds like the place where they drown witches.”

“That’s up the street from the ball park.”


“The Old State House. That’s where they drowned witches. Technically, they hung them, but the result was the same…dead witch.”

“Dead Witch – that sounds like the name of a craft beer.”

“Speaking of beer, any chance you want to add more alcohol to this conversation? I do like selling from that top shelf.”

“I will have another glass of John Howell’s Bourbon.”

“I probably shouldn’t remind you that it’s actually Willett.”

“No, you should not. Cheryl knows what I mean when I say ‘John Howell’s Bourbon’ – there’s a connection there. It’s not a transaction, it’s not an app, it’s a conversation between friends. It’s loyalty, which is something companies no longer understand.”

“Once again, I get it. I think the name change us stupid, but I don’t think we can stop them.”

“Maybe Tim Hortons will expand into Connecticut.”

Close but no cigar – I had to edit. When I saw the prompt, I immediately thought of “Domino” by Van Morrison, but I needed a second chance to make it work. Speaking of second chances, Cheryl published “Scenes From a Wedding/Day One” earlier this week. I wonder if “Day Two” is coming? And, if you’re a fan of Van, check out this classic on The Immortal Jukebox. Also, I’m giving a second chance to some travel pictures from our trip through Pennsylvania.


  1. It begs the question why? Why, after all this time do they feel the need to drop the Donuts? We’re all going to keep calling it that anyway..
    As for Bud Light…. dishwater is a perfectly acceptable substitute and should be implemented immediately.

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  2. Two of the more stupid things I’ve heard this year is Dunkin Donuts and IHOP changing their names. I can’t for the life of me figure out what the positives are for the company. All I see is huge expense in changing everything and for what purpose. I’ll still go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee and donuts and to IHOP for pancakes. I think I’ll just adapt to Maddie’s attitude and not let the ‘noise’ bother me. :-)

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  3. They are going to have a dunking tank right by the front counter. If you don’t say Oh My Coffee, and Other junk Too ! Preferably rhymed like lions, tigers, and bears… you get a free dunk. And for now I am glad there is no spiel on BL. At the other end of spectrum from John Howell’s bourbon is BL. And the simple answer is friends don’t let friends drink light or lite. No dunking tank threats involved. And to answer your opening question – yes the hole in the middle of donuts is sacred and always has been. Jeez Dan how could you skip that ! ? ! Hmmm there is still coffee in my cup. Good thing this is Saturday and I am not due at the bar til elevenish. Oh and wait until the next iteration when they decide to drop the ‘unkin’ and go straight to D. Now can we have another round and change the topic to something pleasant please ?

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  4. “No Facilities – it’s hard to escape” ….. Perfect! Got a good laugh out of that one. 😂
    Why can’t we just leave well enough alone? I don’t get all the name changes. Don’t these idiots understand we’ll continue to say Dunkin’ Donuts?

    Photos of PA are great. Love those clouds. Of course, Maddie wins the day, especially with her ScoobyDoo blanket. At least she doesn’t seem to be troubled by DD’s insanity!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. I guess their focus is on the group coming up behind that orders from their phone and isn’t tempted by the fresh rack of donuts being delivered to the shelf. It will be just another retailer selling coffee. I don’t understand, but they didn’t ask me.

      Central PA is beautiful country – a long ride, but beautiful.

      Maddie is fine when she’s on her cot, or on the bed, or the couch…unless the mailman or the paperboy comes – then it’s game on!

      The closed rest area meant stopping at Dunkin Donuts for coffee and some relief.


  5. IHOP is another one: if you didn’t know it stood for “International House of Pancakes,” you probably never will.

    It’ll be like Chicago, where the Sears Tower has changed names several times in the past twenty or so years, but the natives still call it the Sears Tower because, well, that’s what it is (same for Marshall Field’s). To those of us who remember it’s Dunkin’ Donuts, it’ll always be Dunkin’ Donuts.

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    • You’re right, John. I will always add the Donuts. I also go inside so I can decide if I want a donut (do they look fresh?) and, so far, I refuse to order from the app, even though the pressure is mounting. Eventually, they will relegate customers who want to order in person to the lone line on the far side of the counter. Squeezing the life out of retail :(


  6. ROFL. Ummm…sorry? As a matter of point, it took me years to learn all the kitchy abbreviations. Even more frightening to me is the fact that I am now able to figure out the new ones that pop up. I mean, HMFIC has been around a long time, but for different reasons. And BFD, again, to be able to curse a bit…without actually saying the words. While I am not a Dunkin Donuts fan, I always loved the original commercial. I wonder what he would think. “Time to make the….” 😳 We live near the HD headquarters building. Yep, it’s on the side of the building. Can you guess what it stands for, Mr. Builder? I used to get PO’d when people said “Mickey D’s” when I was a faithful employee there. A thousand years ago. Before their weak attempts to join the world of real food production. Honey glazed pre-cut and formed chicken pieces that you pass off as wings? 😱Worse than the McRib.
    I love those weather shots. It’s the same driving through Missouri and Nebraska-a while lotta fields, grain elevators and hills. But it is very pretty.
    Day two will be coming up. I have had a rather long work week, the kind that requires a bit of couch time and a lot of beer to forget, promise I will get to it.
    Maddie looks quite relaxed on her royal cot.
    Have a great, cooler weekend, Dan.
    We have so many custom doughnut places here, I don’t even visit KK any more. That would be Krispy Kreme, in case you didn’t know. 😉 At least Community Coffee started out their brand stores as CC’s and it was catchy, easy to connect for thos of us who knew them well. And a much cheaper sign I would imagine. No one cares cuz the coffee is amazing. 👏🏼


    • Thanks Cheryl. Last night, my wife and I noticed the CPTV, the local public TV station now just calls itself “Connecticut Public” – I mean public what? TV, radio, toilets???

      I love small coffee shops and donut shops but they are few and far between here. Meanwhile, there’s a Starbucks on every corner, across from a DD. So far, HD seems to be sticking with the whole name. Do much more to say than Lowe’s. I don’t know how we manage.

      “Time to make the…” indeed.

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  7. PS I have a bottle of Willett on my table right now! I am trying them all. Just found out about one from Japan that is purported to be uber smooth, but there is some debate whether it is bourbon or Scotch whisky. Not a fan of the Scotch. Cheers!

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  8. A great Saturday morning visit, Dan. Thanks for all the fun links. I agree that just *Dunkin’* doesn’t do it for me. Dunkin’ what…. What are they dunkin’ and into what are they dunkin’ it? Do I get dunked if I go inside? Nope… Happy weekend hugs!

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  9. I haven’t done it very often, but I do remember the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Great photos, Dan … and I love the dramatic skies.

    Dunkin Donuts are rare here so this is one change I’m not likely to see. However I do agree with the KFC and DQ thing. This trend to change established names to acronyms is just annoying. Eventually the pendulum will swing back and those names will be ‘reinvented’ again.

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    • Thanks. I don’t always get a donut, and I stick with the simpler ones when I do. I’ve never been a fan of dunking, but the word Dunkin’ just seems to want something to come next.


  10. Ha! I heard about Dunkin on the NPR the other morning and immediately thought of you, Dan! What a hoot. DQ and KFC I get, but Dunkin just sounds like it is waiting for another word to follow….Donuts! Yeah….Any Van Morrison is always a good thing. Have a great Saturday.

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    • Thanks Lois. I just replied to someone about how our public TV station just changed to “Connecticut Public” I mean why drop the TV part if you’re keeping Connecticut?

      Van is the best, I’m glad you like that.


  11. I try not to judge (out loud or in writing) but dropping the donuts is just stupid. Same with IHOP which I would not have known unless I read it here. If it aint broke, don’t fix it. We can call them whatever we want.

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  12. Thanks for the mention, Dan. I’m with you on the whole name change idea. Obviously, some big shot at Dunkin wants to branch out into other food offerings. I hope whatever he is thinking it is a food you can dunk. I can see Dunkin running off and launching a burrito and then having to change their name to Dunkin or Not. Wonder how you dunk a pizza and what do you dunk it in? Oh well, I digress. Beautiful photos too.

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  13. Beautiful pictures and comfortable pup. And that name change is pretty stupid. Maybe they want people to think of them as more than just donuts. In which case they should consider Dunkin’ Stuff or something. Dunkin’ Donuts & More. Or just keep it as Dunkin’ Donuts and advertise that they’re not just donuts anymore. While they’re at it, any time they want to start spelling it doughnuts, it’s okay by me.

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    • If they spelled out the whole thing, I could see dropping it, but this is crazy. And, they other stuff that they sell (sandwiches) is awful. At least their donuts are good.

      Maddie’s doesn’t care. She drops every thing. “Want to go for a walk?” Has gotten down to where you can’t say W without having to go.

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  14. LOLOLOLOL!!! Funny, I instantly thought of you when I saw the Dunkin news… I mean Dunkin’ DONUTS news. Crazy stupid, I also thought. Just Dunkin? Really? You get coffee and a turn in the dunk tank?

    However, WHIZ… I want to see the repercussions and continuous jokes. Tastes like…??? Served only in the mens’ room? Great subject for Stream of Consciousness?

    Awesome post, Dan. I’ll be chuckling over this one all day.

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    • Thanks Mary. I’m glad you enjoyed this. The name change is just stupid. It’s not like “Dunkin” makes me think of coffee.

      I hope this change fails and they change it back. Like someone above mentioned “New Coke” – if they change the name of Thad ball park to Dunkin Park, I’m going to be sad.


  15. What will the advertising idiodas think of next, Dan? Why do people have to change a good thing? I don’t get it. As for your cloud pics, they are phenomenal!! Penn. ….. I’ve traveled in that state and I have seen some pretty impressive highways, along with those in Virginia cutting around and through mountains. I’m still chuckling by your humor … thank you!! ☺️

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  16. Oh so nice to read this with everyone ON A SATURDAY! Yay! Good topic, and agree totally. I really thought you might change the name of BourDOM to bourbon at the end… I have a similar rant, which is that companies also do not remember all us visual peeps who tend to look for the familiar packaging of our favorite brands. They change them too often. Drives me crazy.

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  17. Hey, you’re talking to an editor, Dan — the, ahem, creative misspellings that companies put in their names are a real pebble in my shoe. If I am DUNKING anything, you’d better believe it’s a DOUGHnut! ;P

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    • Thanks Peter. Those roads took forever to build, and they were so expensive. In the 60s, the small section through our town was said to be the most expensive portion of the system, costing over $1 million per mile. That was before they tunnelled through the Rockies.

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  18. Pretty soon everything will be defined by initials, but it won’t last long, there are only 26 to choose from, in three letter combinations. So after 15,576, they’ll have to start using actual names again or add more than three letters.😂

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  19. This was really, really good, Dan. Cheez Whiz and drowning witches – how you wove those into the conversation was brilliant. And I have to say I agree with your friend. Dunkin just isn’t the same thing, along with many others. KFC, case in point. Wonderful photos of central PA, especially cutting/blasting through the rock to make the highway. Give Maddie a pat for me.

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  20. Oh my. The photos are lovely — oh that sky!
    The post is riotous!
    Dunkin is fine with me. I go there more than Starbucks (it’s closer AND DONUTS — Moo loves donuts!) and I go there more in winter (I only like their hot coffee) but I will never give up Starbucks, no matter what they call it. I cede the point on DQ and KFC, but there are a LOT of famous places that don’t have what they sell in the name.
    Lots of these things beg one question — WHY? Why shorten this stuff?


  21. Nice comic conversation. I liked it. The thing is that brands have to change as per customer trends. I’ve worked with a highly reputed marketing team (for 6 months as their content writer) and I understood many things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Domino’s Pizza is already just Domino’s in India, no one here says Domino’s Pizza. McDonald’s is just Mac and so on. However, I also understood that brands are more worried about their top and bottom line than the sentiments of their loyal customers. Very few brands actually mean their words when they say we care for our customers. Most don’t. Why should they? The customer-brand relationship is strictly business. Being a hyper-sensitive person I used to be upset with all the changes that brands made that I didn’t like, but I’ve grown up now to understand that I’m just one of their customers.


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