Walls, Windows & Siding – Oh My – #SoCS

We are back in the bar for a relaxing break and my weekly attempt at handling Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. This week, Linda gave my buddy an idea for a little snarky fun. Her prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘card.’ Use it any way you like. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be curious about my construction project.

“I’m glad you showed up today.”

“Was there any doubt?”

“No, it’s just that I have something for you.”

“A business card…what’s with this?”

“You’ve been quiet lately about your project, I figured you were giving up on the siding.”

“No, in fact, the siding was delivered two weeks ago, and I just started installing it this week.”

“I drove by your place, I didn’t see any siding in the driveway.”

“It’s all in the garage – siding, windows, door, channels, soffit and trim boards.”

“Whose side of the garage?”

“My wife’s.”

“That means he’ll finish this phase before winter. How are you boys today?”

“We’re thirsty Cheryl.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right place, what are you drinking?”


“Since I’m not going to make any bets with my young friend, I’m going to have Bourbon.”

“Lime, frosted glass, ice, snifter, seltzer, all coming up.”

“If the siding was delivered two weeks ago, why are you only now nailing it to the wall?”

“I had to get the walls ready.”

“What does that mean?”

“The current siding is T1-11. That’s…”

“…I know what T1-11 is, sheathing and siding in one piece. Don’t you just go over that?”

“You do, where it’s flat.”

“Where isn’t it flat? I mean, it’s plywood.”

“At the gable-ends, where the wall height exceeds eight feet. They built the wall so the upper sheet overlaps the lower one.”

“What do you do about that?”

“He kicks back, pours his Corona into its glass and relaxes. You, you sip your Bourbon and say a small thank you to John Howell for introducing it to us.”

“Ah, Cheryl, you always have the best advice.”

“Adult beverages aside, gable end? Is that the part with the peak?”


“So, what do you do?”

“I am building out the lower section with three-quarter-inch plywood and rigid insulation.”

“And then what, just nail the siding to the wall?”

“Not quite. I have to replace the windows, replace the entry door, replace the trim around the garage door, and…

“Whoa, whoa, why do you have to replace the trim around the garage door? Didn’t you just replace that a few years ago?”

“I did, but the wall is going to be three-quarters-of-an-inch thicker. The trim has to cover that.”

“Oh, OK. Are the windows and door the same size as what they’re replacing?”

“The door is.”

“Not the windows?”

“No, but they are the same width or narrower than the existing ones.”

“Why is that important?”

“Windows and doors sit beneath a ‘header’ that carries the weight around them. If I used a wider window, I’d have to tear out the framing and install a bigger header.”

“I see. Cheryl, if I’m ever going to understand this, I think I need more Bourbon.”

“Coming right up. How about your instructor, another Corona?”

“Yes please.”

“So, where did you start with the siding?”

“At the gable-end in the back.”

“The wall nobody sees? Is that so you can hide your mistakes as you learn?”

“Exactly. There’s one of everything on that wall. I get to practice where it doesn’t count.”

“I didn’t think you’d admit that.”

“No sense pretending.”

“Does it matter that you’ll be working from back to front?”

“Actually, it’s better. The siding strips are only twelve feet long. Coming back to front will help hide the seams as we look at the walls.”

“So, it sounds like the time-consuming part is all the various bits of prep-work.”

“Oh, for sure. Once I get to the siding, it goes one-two-six.”

“I assume we’ll be seeing in-progress pictures.”


“Did someone say Absolute? You switching to Vodka, Dan?”

“No Cheryl, just agreeing with the old man.”

“Wow – I can go home now, I’ve seen everything.”

The gallery has a few pics of the prep-work and the siding installation. Click to start a slideshow where you can see better and read the captions. Or, just skip to the bottom for the picture of Maddie. If you have a few minutes for something pretty, hop on over to Cheryl’s page. The business card is from Costco’s online business card designer. The Handyman image was created by Www.slon.pics – Freepik.com


  1. It’s great to hear about your progress and even better to see the photos that show some of what your described verbally. Your description may not have been super technical, but at times I felt like you were writing in a foreign language. Yeah, I have zero experience with construction.

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  2. You are coming right along with all your projects, Dan. What will your to-do list look like next summer? Rusty will be looking for you.
    You and John do such great jobs on the challenges, I’ve learned to try not to compete with you cards!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha – thanks GP. If I get this project finished, I hope to be done outside. I’ll keep busy, but nothing this big again.

      Don’t worry about Rusty. He’ll knock at the door if he gets hungry.

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  3. I’ve been blogging about our ongoing garage siding project for a month so I feel your pain. If you’ve never installed it you have no idea how much prep work there is! At least you have squirrel assistance… take comfort in that.

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    • Thanks. The prep work seems endless, but it’s so important. Good luck with your project. I could send you a few squirrels but you have to dedicate one pocket of your nail apron for peanuts 😏


  4. The weather has cooled down for this part of your project, and that is always a good thing. Thanks for the explanation, and it is going to look great when you are done. It will be warm, and won’t require maintenance – two good things. Enjoy your extra work time this weekend.

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    • Thanks Pam. I wish I could finish this in three half-hour episodes – wouldn’t that be nice.

      Yep, that’s MiMi. She doesn’t understand why I can’t get dressed and organised in the dark.

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  5. Very cool to DIY all this. I imagine the reward when you’re done. Seeing the pictures makes me motivated to try some DIY around here. We’ve got a list but it’s overwhelming. Starting small might help get the ball rolling.

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  6. This is going to look fantastic. The details in the prep work is what makes or breaks a project. And when it’s completed, maintenance free. Doesn’t get better than that!!

    You really need to learn to get yourself organized with a low beam flashlight!! Poor MiMi needs her beauty rest. Lol.

    Love that shot of Maddie with her “Headie Teddy”.

    Hope you get some project time in over the weekend. It’s raining here so I’m glad (my back is not!) I mowed the lawn yesterday. I hope you get to enjoy a long holiday weekend!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. MiMi would appreciate that flashlight thing, but I’m a fan of those big obnoxious overhead lights. She can always wrap her tail around her eyes.

      Maddie knows how to get me. She brings a different toy almost every day, when I’m getting dressed. It’s like “come on, come on, sit with me.” Heady Teddy and Pinky are two of the ones I always fall for, even if I’m in a hurry – she knows.

      This will be almost maintenance free when I’m done. There will still be a few bits to pain (for now) but I’m OK with that (for now). We should have a nice day today. I hope to get that wall finished.


  7. Lookin’ good, Dan! I read every word. ( nods as if she understands and retains all the building jargon) It’s what I have to do when my hubby talks technical stuff too, because I am afraid if I commit any more technical things to memory that aren’t work related I might lose something important in there. And Mama has to work. 😏
    Ummm…Rusty will be OK I think. And should some terrible head trauma occur, I will gladly send in a replacement for him. 🙈
    PS i think a nice picnic may be in order after all this hard work. Cheers to a job well done. 🍺🥃

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  8. I am waiting for the sign. Dan’s Woodshop and Construction Emporium. Bright lights are optional. And it does not have to be mounted on the roof. You have already moved the weather station often enough.

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  9. It’s almost like watching Norm from This Old House. I liked him best. Your project is coming along really well. You’re going to have it wrapped up well before Winter at this pace.

    Rusty does need a little hard hat if he’s going to hang out under the scaffolding and workhorses. 😉

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    • Thanks Deborah, I like that comparison, I always liked Norm the best, ever since the Bob Vila days. I have enough vacation time left, but autumn is a busy time at work, so I need some cooperation from Mother Nature.


  10. Horsefeathers, Dan… the effort of this project just leaves me shaking my head every time I think about it. Try as I might to stop myself, I have to say… Be careful with those power tools! o_O
    Maddie and her toys — it’s adorable. Happy weekend hugs to you and yours.

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    • Thanks Teagan. I was actually “ordered” to wrap it up early today. It was late, and I needed to set up staging to get to the top, and the Editor said “no!” I’m being careful, but she’s being extra careful.


  11. Our babies do have the life, Dan, don’t they? Here we are working our arses off and they just loll around. Do you EVER quit? Honestly, I cannot believe what you have done this Summer and now Fall. Thank goodness we are still getting mild weather. I had to laugh when you mentioned which side of the garage the supplies were in and that you would most definitely be done before winter. LOL You truly are a DIY inspiration!! What an excellent job you are doing! You like my hubby, are both perfectionists! 😉

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      • You sound so much like my husband. Quality workers are so few and far between and besides hubby is such a perfectionist that he really is not satisfied with others’ work. I totally understand the frame of mind where you are at because I am in many ways myself like this too. I will keep you in my prayers that you are able to get this job done before the cold weather gets here! Give my regards to the editor cuz I know exactly how she feels about his stuff in her space…

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  12. If I paid someone (which I would have to do), the quality would be nowhere near what you are doing. I am looking forward to seeing it completed. Rusty with a tiny hardhat would be so cute! MiMi and Maddie are so cute.

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    • Thanks Lois. The benefit of doing it myself is that I can take the time to do it right. Contractors are always trying to get to the finish line faster. I wish I could train Rusty to pick up the things I drop and bring them back up to me – I’d give him walnuts if he could do that.

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  13. How would you like to spend a few weeks in sunny SoCal this winter? My husband and I were just discussing building a narrow, but wide storage shed that could also support solar. Seems like the perfect job for you… we will even provide the Coronas :) You do great work!

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  14. I’d need a few beers to pretend to understand your construction lingo or how any of that works. On the other hand, I admire your handyman abilities and I was always fascinated when watching “This Old House.” This is like road construction – I don’t understand how it’s done, but it’s always cool when it’s done.

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend, Dan. You can respond to this comment, then please please please turn off the light and let MiMi get back to sleep.

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    • Ha ha, MiMi thanks you , Mary. I decided to spare you all a few hundred words of explanation on the construction stuff. I was planning to include an illustration, but I ran out of time. When you get right down to it, I’m covering the walls with waterproof stuff – that’s it.

      We had a good weekend, including a church picnic on Sunday that is always a good time. Have a great week!

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  15. Headie Teddy — HEHE! She’s so cute — oh her face <3
    Looks like you're doin it up nice. Kinda sad to learn about headers. I did NOT know that. This means that my window replacement dreams are less likely to come true, as I would like to increase the size of several windows… perhaps I need to think about longer windows and not wider ones?

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  16. Well, I have zero knowledge about construction but I still liked the pictures that shows steady progress. Just an out of point question: do you also like cooking?

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      • The reason I asked is because like the construction work that you do, cooking also requires patience. So, I knew that somewhere you must be a good cook. I don’t hate cooking, but I don’t like cooking. I’m extremely patient but I’m also extremely impatient.


  17. The Editor is a lucky woman! …. she has a DIYer who actually knows how to do it himself. Yeah, I understand the part about learning as you go, but you’re learning from a MUCH deeper base than most of us!!

    The *before* photos really helped to put the project in perspective and my experience has shown that the prep work is always the bulk of the project … followed by cleanup. The actual *work* part is pretty small 🙂

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    • Thanks Joanne. I worked for a siding contractor when I was in college. A lot has changed, but the fundamentals are still the same. The prep work is also when you discover things like the rotted sections that have to be replaced.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. Prep and Cleanup – ugh, that’s where I wish I had some kid working for me ;-)


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