Did You Hear Something?

Who does the dishes and leaves this?

Remember that “if a tree falls in the forest…” thing? Well, there are even more important questions. Albeit they are less arguable from the corners of physics, metaphysics and philosophy – which is good ‘cuz if I brought those into a post on a Monday, I’d be in trouble for sure. Let’s ponder.

The idea for this post comes from a comment that a friend of mine made when we were in high school. He had been charged with taking his little brother to church. The young boy asked why they couldn’t leave after communion, like so many others were doing. My friend said: “Jesus doesn’t take attendance until after the last hymn.”

In the church I grew up in, we always stayed for the last hymn. In the summer, if it was hot and humid, the minister might give us a break, “let’s sing verses one, two and four of hymn number one hundred and sixty-eight – A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.” “…God’s truth abideth still; His kingdom is forever!” We can go now.

So, about those other questions:

Does it count as having done the dishes if you didn’t wash the silverware? – I do this. We have a dishwasher, but we don’t use it very often. The Editor is a wash-as-you-cook kind of person, so by the time dinner is over, there isn’t much to put in the dishwasher. She doesn’t often leave dishes in the sink, but if she does, I might do them. On a rare day, I might do the silverware.

Taking the garbage out but not putting a new bag in the can. Does that count? It doesn’t really complete the cycle, I mean the can can’t be used until that new bag is in. I’m not sure what/who made me think of this.

Cutting the grass but not weed-whacking around the edges – I did this a lot this summer. It was so hot and humid that the grass never stopped growing. I think this is ok with pre-approval – “I’m going to cut the front, but I’m not going to weed-whack” – Wait for… “OK” – phew.

What would a list like this be without one from my childhood closet of memories? Have you finished dinner if your plate is empty but there’s still milk in your glass? No. Take my word for it, the answer is no.

And, for the current project – Have you finished the renovation if you’ve replaced the roof and siding but left the few bits of wooden trim unpainted? To look across our neighborhood, one would think the answer is yes. Painting those few remaining trim boards looms in my future. I could have replaced them all with PVC, but it’s expensive, time consuming and the wood seemed solid, so… yes, I have paint, dear.

A little closer to WordPress, does reading a blog post in your inbox but not visiting the site really count as having read the post? What about visiting but not ‘Liking’ the post? What about trying to like the post but having WordPress send you into we-don’t-know-you-ville? What about ‘Liking’ the post but not leaving a comment? Oh, this goes on and on, but you know that. Feel free to do whatever you like. I’m just glad you took the time to read.

I’ll leave you with the question plaguing man/womankind around the world today. If you didn’t take a selfie, were you really there?

So as to leave no doubt that I walked with Maddie and sat with Maddie this weekend, today’s gallery contains evidence of both activities. And, for you Maddie lovers, Facebook dug up a treasure I posted five years ago today. No selfies – you can thank me later.


  1. Awwww – look at the little baby Maddie!!!

    Glad you mentioned about the WP thing since I’ve been in purgatory for a few weeks now and have to jump through hoops to comment. *Liking* is hit and miss, and some blogs won’t let me do either – regardless of the hooping I do. No – it feels like it doesn’t count that I’ve read the post if I can’t acknowledge it in some way.

    In terms of your other questions – I’m a clean-as-I-go cook/baker, but I use my dishwasher and everything gets washed and put away. I’m a leave-no-utensil behind kind of cleaner-upper. And yes, that goes for the bag in the garbage can too. The job is not done until the last task is completed. It makes me a little crazy that Husband will empty the dishwasher but leave certain items on the counter. It’s like, we’ve been living in this house for over 25 years and he STILL has no idea where everything goes?! Sigh.

    However, weed-whacking is another story. I’m guessing I make Husband a bit crazy because I don’t and won’t weed-whack. Hate that thing.

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    • I’ve been in that WP purgatory so many times during the past 12 months that I’m starting to get a complex. I go along fine, and then I get to a point where I push the :Lke button and the screen goes dark and WordPress pretends not to know me.

      I’m not sure we’d be any better using the dishwasher. I should say me – the Mrs. tends to get the last bits out of the sink. I also am fond of stacking on top of what’s in the dish drain. She tends to put away first. I odn’t think I every put things away, but I stack really well ;-)

      I hope you guys have a great week!


      • hahahaha! I think ‘stacking’ is a male specialty 🙂

        I did contact WP a few weeks ago and I was told they were aware of the problem and were “monitoring complaints”. I think it’s time to rattle their cage again. This is really annoying and enough people have commented on it for me to know I’m not the only one having an issue!


  2. All good questions and probably every reader has different answers. No – you have to do the silverware to count, yes, you have to replace the trash bag, mowing and trimming are two different things, one always has to finish their milk, never leave before the end of service, and I’ll leave the selfie question up to those who take selfies. :-) Blog reading is a whole other topic. I don’t use the reader that much, and it certainly depends upon the platform as to whether I can like or leave a comment. Some platforms don’t play nice so I have to be creative. To comment on one blogger’s post, I have to go to her Instagram account. The project looks really good. Hope the weather continues to cooperate. And, I left the best for last – that photo of Maddie is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with her fan club. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. I guess I came to the wrong place for sympathy about the silverware and the trash bags. Trimming and cutting the grass are different tasks, but if I don’t trim first, I have to rake it up. I like to trim first and then mulch with the mower, but not always – not this summer, except on the rare cool days.

      Reading blogs shouldn’t require work. When I picked a new theme, I tried it on every browser and all the mobile devices I could get to. But sometimes, WordPress just gets in the way of the simple things.

      When Facebook suggested that I share the “Memory” I thought, “I know where I should share this.” I’m glad you enjoyed this.

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  3. No. The selfie is a must, if only to remind oneself that they really were there! Lol. Those black squirrels in your world are so tame. The ones in CR are wearing jet packs on their backs. Ummmm…how about the guy who wouldn’t ‘not trim’ or leave the silverware or put in a bew bag (complete with tucking the edges into the sides of the inner can properly BUT would leave food in the sink after dishes done and glips of toohpaste in the bathroom sink after brushing his teeth? 🤔 PS He no longer does those things either. I also know every nuance of the new espresso maker-when it drips, how many times to run clean water through and which combination makes just the right sized cup. How did I ever manage a kitchen before he retired? 💕God love him.
    Oh, we never left the southern Baptist church until the Invitation Hymn and the welcoming of all newly saved members. In one little church we went to for awhile, my Mom’s pot roast nearly burned in the oven before we got home to it. 😏

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    • Ha ha – that last line made me laugh. My grandmother was said to have yelled out at the minister during one particularly long service “Rev, I have a roast in the oven.” I don’t think I’ll get very far reorganizing the house and daily tasks once I retire. The Editor might put my bags at the curb. I can’t even mess up the routine of the cats without getting a few nasty meows.

      The black squirrels are usually too fast to capture. I have lots of dark blurs. But the one in the park will stop and look as he heads up the tree. The one in our yard has come to understand the whole peanut thing.

      Have a great week, Cheryl. Relaxe, the espresso machine is in good hands ;-)

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  4. Ohhhhh…Maddie puppy. Puppy. Monday morning smile of uteness.

    I did the “read and go” for your Saturday post, but the ongoing guilt made me come back and comment last night. So, I agree with Joanne. If you don’t like or comment, it doesn’t count.

    We do not sing a song at the end of the service, but there is a blessing from the pastor. Blessings are always worth the wait.

    Have a great Monday, Dan, and get on that trim paint…jeepers.

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    • I think I could have just put the Maddie puppy picture up and left everything else for another day. You shouldn’t feel guilty, but I always appreciate comments – and I try to leave them, because…

      Yes, stay for the blessing! We were at a church picnic yesterday. We got to a point where we were ready to leave, and the priest asked “you’re not staying for dessert?” Of course we stayed – I mena it wouldn’t be complete without dessert.

      I didn’t toss it in, but we also always stay until the end of the game, when we attend a sporting event.

      Don’t worry, I’ll paint the trim.

      Have a great week, Mary!

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  5. Awwwww! Little Maddie!! Doing the dishes and leaving a few pieces is like getting dressed and not putting shoes on: ok in some places, unacceptable in others. Oh, and if you don’t stay till the very end you may miss some good bits.

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    • I didn’t expect sympathy on the silverware, Pam. Staying until the end is easy for me, been doing it all my life – church, football games, baseball games, you name it, we stay until the end, even the Junior High Band concert.

      I thought you guys would appreciate baby Maddie. That was taken the first day she was in our house. I guess the laying on that couch against someone’s leg started right there.

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  6. I normally read your post in the email on my phone, but I comment when I use my laptop. Sometimes, I read it on my laptop and comment immediately like right now. Both I and Sarah are not much into appliances so we wash our dishes, clean the trash and do all our household work without any technological assistance. We only have a washing machine and a refrigerator, but most of the times Sarah prefers to hand wash. We both like clean and neat surroundings and home interiors so we don’t mess around a lot. Also, since there is no kid the discipline is always maintained.

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    • Ha ha – that last line says a lot, Sharukh. I don’t care where people read, and I understand that people go through busy times. I write because I enjoy writing. I kept it up for a few years before I started having regular readers.

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      • That’s good that you have regular readers now. The quality content you provide makes it worth the time we spend on your posts. However, every blog is different and has different target audience. In general my audience is more interested in viewing the pictures and getting the information. So my blog sort of functions like a Wiki page. However, I’m working on getting more audience to comment on my content because unless I do that I don’t know where I’m failing. I have a set goal in mind and the deadline ends in 2020 so I have to be creative.


  7. The “like” button is part of the wordpress app, not wordpress.com. not the blog, nothing. I really really really dislike the “like” button. Nothing counts except leavng a comment, in my opinion.
    I mow without weedwhacking most of the time. No trash bag, according to my wife, is huge crime, but if she forgets to put it in… Oh joy! ’cause I get to tease her.
    I like the “If you don’t take a selfie, were you really there?”

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    • The WordPress ‘Like’ button is enabled on my WordPress.com blog and is available in any browser. I prefer comments, and I leave them if I have something to say. Sometimes, I don’t, if people just post a picture or a quote. Also, some people/platforms make commenting pretty hard. I follow some blogs that have 3-5 input fields and a check box that are required to leave a short comment.

      My wife has the same law on the books about trash bags. As for weedwhacking, I can only avoid it for 2 out of 3 mowings. After that, the grass along the edge is too tall to not notice.


  8. Baby Maddie is so cute! I clean as I go with dishes. If Husband washes the dishes….well, I need to clean up after that. Soap and water everywhere, but the dishes are done! There used to be a joke on this one radio station I listened to: “I thought ‘load the dishwasher’ meant to get your wife drunk.”

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    • Ha ha – I love that radio station line, Lois. I’ve gotten a little better about not making as big a mess as the one I’m trying to clean, but I understand. Also, I rarely put dishes away. On the other hand, I am quite the creative stacker :)

      Baby Maddie is the reason people get Irish Setters.

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    • Thanks! Maddie says thanks, too. The squirrels are so much fun to watch, They seem to be very hungry this year, or they are packing away peanuts for a very cold winter. I hope they don’t know something our weather folk don’t know.

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  9. OMG, I’m choking on my tea reading loisajay’s comment, “I thought ‘load the dishwasher’ meant to get your wife drunk.” Our dishwasher (no, not me!) died two years ago. Not replacing it. It’s just the two of us and we were married for 21 years before I had my first one. I’m well-acquainted with washing/drying dishes AND PUTTING THEM AWAY. And you absolutely have to wash and dry the silverware and put it away. I think it’s a universal law! 😂😂

    Yes you have to put a trash bag in, and every so often wash the trash can out. Weed whacking is a must when mowing, preferably before mowing so you can mulch it all.

    No you don’t have to finish your milk. Why? Because I HATE milk!! And you definitely have to stay to the end of the church service, even if you’re worried about the pot roast!

    LOVE the photo of puppy Maddie, as well as those of present-day Maddie. I think you and the Editor will need a LOT more peanuts this winter. Your squirrel community seems to be growing rapidly. By the way, do they dress up for Halloween and come to the door trick-or-treating?! Lol

    Thanks for starting my week off with such a fun post Dan.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks for the comment, Ginger.

      Wash AND dry AND put away? Oh my, I guess I never do the dishes. I wash, and I put the dishes in the dish drain and, when I wash the silverware, I put it in the little basket. Yeah, that’s about as far as I ever go.

      When I weedwhacl, I weedwhack before I mow so I can mulch stuff. I am pretty good with keeping the edges looking good, but I’m not religious about it.

      When I take the trash out, I want to get the bag out of the house ASAP. I had a traumatic when-the-bag-ripped incident once, so never risking that again. Usually, by the time I get back in the house, The Editor has put the bag in. Whether that’s because she’s being nice or because she doesn’t trust me to do it – who can say?

      If I don’t have to finish my milk, I can eat dinner at your table.

      Hopefully, the squirrels are busy stashing things away and we won’t too much demand this winter. We do feed them (and the birds) year round.

      I knew you would like seeing puppy Maddie. It was such a surprise to find that I had shared that on Facebook.


  10. I had to do quite a bit of thinking. That’s a good thing. 🙂 Do I ‘like’ and not comment? Sometimes, if it’s a photo or a quote, without text. And, where is Sammy? LOVE the Maddie baby photo!

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  11. If the wife rearranges the husband’s dishwasher loading, did he ever attempt to do the dishes at all?
    Not many selfies for us – in fact, I tend to avoid blogs where the primary purpose is younger girls posing in every shot, as if to say, “See how cute I am?” Not cute…At. All. Unless, of course, you are a cute red puppy girl, all snuggled up. Then I want to see those all day long! ~ Lynn :D

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    • Thanks Lynn. So, how do you feel about a husband who washes the dishes but stacks them so high in the dish drain that the wife has to dismantle the pile like she’s playing Jenga in order to put them away? I’m guessing I violated too many rules to count.

      I don’t usually do selfies, but Maddies – yes, I do them.


  12. Hi Dan – Just think fair’s fair … and I’m always happy to do my share … thankfully I’m usually on my own – so just do everything – to my standard!! I always offer to help others … and as long as things are reasonably tidy to the householder’s standard then all should be well. As for comments – I do get frustrated with …’I’ve been here’ .. or equivalent … surely if you’ve read the post there’s something to comment on.

    Can I go with the delightful Miss Maddy – what an absolute cutie … and just so I don’t blog my copy book – I suspect you and the Editor have life pretty well tamed together … it’s always good to have a few future projects .. like painting … but life is for living and sharing … and enjoying together. Take care – cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. I like to comment, if there’s something I can add. I don’t like to comment just for the sake of commenting, but I do press the like button if I like the post. We have a long list of things to do, but we’re in no real hurry to do them. Take care!

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  13. Wash-as-you-cook is a very convenient way of cleaning the kitchen. I practice it. Plates can pile up in the sink until you start feeling depressed just looking at them. Especially when when you are hungry and you’d like to fix yourself a quick one.
    About that last question . . . sometimes I find myself wondering why anything exists or should exist at all. The question creeps into my head and by the time I’m aware of what I’m contemplating I even wonder what I am. What am I? What is the evidence of my existence? If you have never met me, if we never met, did I exist? Did you? I exist only in the minds of people who know me, who have heard of me, who have seen me. I don’t exist in the rest. In the billions rest. So perhaps I do not exist. I am only an idea.
    It spooks me.

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    • Oh no, Peter. I didn’t mean to start such a philosophical journey. You exist! I know it. If you ever question that, ping me and I’ll reinforce the notion.

      Wash-as-you-cook used to bother me. But she/you are right, it is a good method.

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  14. Feeling decidedly guilt-tripped into commenting as well as liking today, Dan… I’ve discovered the hard way it’s possible to be intensely introverted in a virtual environment as well as in real life! To be honest I don’t always have anything meaningful to add to a post, and there’s only so many times I can leave a smiley face – but I do always read directly from a blog page not via email or reader, so I guess that counts for something :-)

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  15. I’m afraid I’m too type A to wash dishes without the silverware or empty the trash without inserting a new bag. That’s the stuff of nightmares.
    As for blogging, I tend to read the posts of everyone I’m following and comment 99% of the time. As for liking… well, I have to like it. I don’t give those away.

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    • And you shouldn’t! If I click ‘like’ it means I read it and I liked it. Otherwise, I recorded a view.

      Sorry if I caused any nightmares. I swear, I’m getting better with the silverware. I’ll work on the bags 🙂

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  16. Yes, you have to wash the silverware… and yes, you have to replace the trash bag. As far as the unfinished trim work… I get it. I used to wonder why so many other people’s DYI remodel projects weren’t ever quit finished. Then we did our own remodel many years ago. The baseboards were left unpainted (primed and sanded, but not painted) for several years. We were so burnt out, we just wanted to stop. After a while, we no longer “saw” the unfinished baseboards. They are now painted but we have a few other unfinished projects taunting us now.

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  17. Oh ma gah, baby Maddie! <3 You really get good shots of your squirrels. Between you and Amy Rose, I no longer want to share my photos of squirrels — blurry grainy furs lol!
    No, most of that stuff doesn't count in my book. You must stay until the Eucharist is settled. The dishes are done when you can clean the sink. The trash can isn't a trash can without a bag. You must drink your milk. I'll not complain about the edging. It's hot and I don't have to do it.
    The people renovating the house next door thought they'd be moved in by now. Their windows have unfinished trim, too, but it's already so much nicer, I don't care. Definitely not done, though. Paint another day, for you and for them :)

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  18. I can’t imagine leaving church until it was overwith, however I don’t attend since 4 years ago. My family goes to the Lutheran church in CO but I may be alone in this, their hymns are long stanzas, boring and difficult to sing. JMO of course. In my teen years in VT I want yo a northern Baptist church where the pastor and music were rousing and fun.
    Since I ran out of dishwasher soap, I’m fpdoing dishes. Not bad, there are so few.

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  19. Let me say upfront that I’m glad FB brought up that photo. It make me so happy to know that FB cares enough about me and my memories to bring them up again. (Gag.)

    I always stay until the end of church as the praise team leads the songs, including the last one, and I’m the alto. Sometimes I’m the alto for the postlude and then we have to put away all the equipment so…enough said.

    I try to always go to the WP site and “like” as well as comment. I appreciate others doing the same.

    Selfies? I rarely take them and I really don’t understand taking photos of yourself all the time, especially when there are so many other things to photograph. :-)


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    • So, being there until the end and singing, you probably appreciate others staying, too. It’s just the right thing to do. I usually ignor the Facebook memories. at best, they’re confusing. I’m sure if I had shared that on FB, I’d have apile of comments “oooh, you got a new puppy…” – But, I realized that a lot of Maddie’s fan group (I like to call them my readers) had never seen her as a puppy.

      I’ve been having such a hard time liking posts and commenting this past week. I have to login every single time to ;like and then I have to login again to post a comment.

      I rarely take selfies, except for shadow selfies as I’m walking Maddie.


  20. To answer the question under your first photo, I would do that. There’s obviously something stuck in the cup that just won’t come out with washing, but might come out if it’s soaked overnight.

    Thank you for the photo of young Maddie :-)

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  21. Dan – there is so much metaphysical food for thought here that there is going to be a very large and loath stack of digital dishes and silverware waiting to be washed. Rules are made to be broken. Or as I prefer to say ‘life is a series of adjustments.’ As for the Maddie puppy pic that is the first good FB memory I have seen in a while. And the last I expect to see for a while. I finally got around to removing FB links from my blog. Now WP is asking me to reconnect the link. To go back to the philosophical I exist for my own sake not because I post and selfie on FB. One too many prompt, nudge, and non functional software on FB for me. I do not miss the pain. Your post today on the other hand has been an intellectual banquet. Good luck with all those digital dishes and silverware…

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    • Thanks John. I think I’ll address the issue by queuing one of those old standard hymns at lunch time. I’ll listen to the whole thing, and maybe someone else will do the dishes and take out the trash.

      My time on Facebook is very limited, and I stay close to a small group of people.

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  22. When is a job finished? Hmm…

    Going to church meant staying until the very end and filing out to say hi to the pastor.

    If you’re in charge of the trash in the house, it means putting a fresh bag in all the wastebaskets.

    I’m with you about mowing the grass. I can’t imagine anyone wanting you to get heat stroke.

    WordPress is a little confusing. For me, if I’m interested in the post, I “like” and may or may not leave a comment. If my interest has waned for that particular topic, I just delete the WP notice. Sorry, Dan.

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    • No apology necessary, Glynis, it’s how life works. We all have so much time and so much interest. If I can’t keep your interest, I need to write better (or less).

      I guess I need to start working on that trash bag.

      And, in case you haven’t really acknowledged a comment if you didn’t thank the person – thanks!

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      • Dan, it isn’t that some of your posts aren’t worth reading. It’s just that I’m not interested in the topic of that particular post. It’s more of a case of my world being smaller than yours. You’re more worldly than I am.

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  23. “Jesus doesn’t take attendance until after the last hymn.” Well, amen and hallelujah, brother! I love that line. We ALWAYS stayed until the absolute end of a church service. I don’t know that my parents said that line, but it was implied. As for the selfie conundrum, how do I know someone was somewhere when the selfie they share shows them blocking me from seeing where they are? Hmmm? 🤔

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  24. “Taking the garbage out but not putting a new bag in the can. Does that count? It doesn’t really complete the cycle, I mean the can can’t be used until that new bag is in. I’m not sure what/who made me think of this.” Number ONE gripe with hubby. I’m still “doing” with hands that need constantly cleaning when he takes the garbage out for the day, and due to using paper towels to dry hands, when I turn around and see that garbage contraption with no bag in it, my teeth grind. NO, the job is NOT finished until you replace the bag!

    WP … I am of of the mind, those who do come to my blog, out of courtesy to them, I at the very least LIKE their latest post. That is my norm. Those who comment on my blog I comment on theirs. It may take a day or two, but I still do it. Again good old fashion courtesy. After commenting on some blogs I follow time and time again and I don’t even get a glance from them over at my blog, sorry, I unfollow. I work hard and take my precious time to visit and comment, and the least someone can do is the same back. I enjoy having these conversations back and forth. Blogging is NOT one-sided! Too many people have gotten one-sided here at WP which is so not right. There you got my 2 cents! The exception to my norm is when I go through periods of extreme stress and busy-ness which does happen now and then again. I lost a lot of followers (or so it seems) just of late when I just couldn’t blog due to outright exhaustion, as I attempted to address multiple emergencies here. You don’t know how appreciative I am of those who hung in there with me as I got me back together again!

    Church …. I was taught to stay until the very last hymn is sung. How disrespectful to go walking out while swallowing the host. Grrrrrr …… No more said there.

    And I LOVED your gallery, Dan!! Thank you for taking the time to not only take those pictures but to put them all together.

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    • Ok, I think it’s unanimous, I have never actually emptied the trash :(

      As for WP, I watch people come and go, but I realize that life gets in the way, and I never take it personally. I’ve had periods where I travel or I’m busy at work or around here where I just have to skip through a huge hunk of my inbox. I try to visit the people who show up here. I hope I never get to the point where I don’t want to.

      I’m glad you liked the pictures.

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  25. Silverware is my least liked bit about washing the dishes, but I always do them, but I use the dishwasher for most of them. There are some knives that get handwashed.
    The trash bag. He-Man can’t put the new bag in the way I like it, so he puts it in then lets me get all adjusted and fit right on the inner can.

    Edging the lawn doesn’t seem like a weekly thing to me. Twice a month should do it.

    Likes, and Comments. If I open the post I read it I always hit the “like” button, but don’t always comment. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say, and leaving a ho-hum comment like Beautiful doesn’t seem right so I don’t leave a comment.

    Maddie’s puppy photo is adorable!

    I love those reds and oranges you get back there in fall. We have mostly golds and yellows.

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    • It’s funny, my wife has a way that she likes the bag. I do try (when I remember or when she hasn’t beat me to it) but I think she fixes it after I leave.

      I think even when we used the dishwasher for dinner dishes, I was likely to leave the silverware in for a second ride. Even when I was a kid, my job was to dry the dishes, but I tried my best to skip the silverware.

      I’m with you on empty comments. I know some people don’t put much faith in the ‘Like’ button, but if I’ve pressed it, I was there and I liked what I saw.

      Agreed on the edging.

      We only have pockets of vivid color right now, but I’m sharing is as I find it because it’s makes me feel so good.

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  26. Our pastor used to go on a tear about people leaving before the end of Mass. We always stay at least until the priest has left the altar, and usually after most of the congregation had left because I’m slow and want to make sure that I have a pretty good shot of walking without people bumping into me or kids running in front of me. So far, they haven’t knocked me over…

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  27. These pics are particularly fun. And no, it’s not done ’til it’s done. Clean up the kitchen only 3/4 of the way and I’ll force myself to be grateful for the part you did but still feel bitter about the work I’ve gotta put in on the job you said you’d do for me… 🙄

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  28. Ohhhh…. Li’l baby Maddie is so cute!!!! Great squirrel pictures, too.And I like all your questions. My kids: “If I didn’t actually say the words, ‘I promise I won’t do the thing,’ I never promised I wouldn’t do the thing. Even if you said don’t and I said I understand, no, you don’t want me to do the thing.”

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