Sometimes, Separate Works – #1LinerWeds

A long time ago, my wife and I realized that we don’t enjoy many of the same ingredients on pizza. We tried “half with…and half with…” but we don’t eat the same amount of pizza either. Besides, I’m always worried about olive juice seeping under the cheese onto my half. We started ordering two small pizzas instead of one large. Sometimes we swap a piece, but we always have what we want. And, she says the smaller leftover pieces are easier to reheat.

Faith is a vegetarian. Her mother could get along quite well in a vegetarian world. Her father, um, not really. I enjoy the occasional meatless meal, especially the ones with other comfort elements like cream sauce and melted cheese. But, my favorite meatless meals are the ones I can add chicken to.

When Faith and I were in Pittsburgh with my brother, we chose restaurants that we knew would have something for all of us to enjoy. When we visited Phipps Conservatory, we saw a sign for Café Phipps – “One of the best museum restaurants in the US” according to Food & Wine Magazine. We thought we might have lunch after touring the gardens. When we arrived back at the café, my brother – another serious meat-eater – quipped:

“Just the other day, I was thinking about how long it’s been since I had an Arugula and Cauliflower pizza.”

The menu at Cafe Phipps

It’s not that there wasn’t anything we could like about that menu, but there wasn’t much. Faith, on the other hand was in hog-heaven, as it were. We struck a deal. We would sit with her while she ate, and she would go with us to “The Original Hot Dog Shop.” The “O” as it’s known is world famous (seriously, check the link) and was a favorite lunch stop of mine when I was in graduate school, going back was an opportunity to share a fun memory.

Faith enjoyed a soup & salad combination at the Café Phipps, and my brother and I washed down two dogs apiece with a giant can of Mike’s Hard Lemonade at The O.

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  1. I’ve probably said this before but I haven’t had a hot dog since I was pregnant with #1. That was over 30 years ago. The smell can still make my stomach roll. I’d be noshing down with Faith instead! … and olives make the world a better place. Yum! 🙂

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    1. Several women have mentioned hot dogs in that same way. If the smell bothers you, I suggest never stepping inside The Original – they’ve been grilling hot dogs there since 1960. The food at the cafe did look very good, and Faith enjoyed her lunch. I can’t do olives…sorry.

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  2. All the food looks great. I would have had something at Phipps but planning on a hot dog for later. Lol. The heron is wonderful. The thing I miss most about Florida is the wildlife. Have a wonderful rest of the week, Dan.

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    1. Thanks Cheryl, I think my brother and I could have found something on that menu, but The Original was only about a half-mile away. I don’t see the Heron very often. It was amazing to see him three days in a row. I guess the fishing was good.

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  3. Sometimes I think compromise just makes things worse and you just have to agree to allow each other to go their own way on something. Excellent choice to let Faith have what she wanted and then wander over to get what you wanted. In our case, we came to an understanding that if I didn’t make him attend my singing and theatre occasions, he wouldn’t expect me to turn up to cricket and tennis events. It makes social outings much less stressful.

    Between boat docks having to be pulled out of the water and Joanne taking down all her fence decorations for the winter, I’ve been reminded what a temperate climate I live in. Our things just get wet. Or, in summer, badly faded.

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    1. Yes, when we prepare for winter, we prepare for ice and snow. In the 14 years I’ve been driving by this park, I’ve seen the CT River freeze from shore to shore about 8-10 times at this spot.

      It’s nice when you can compromise, but it’s nice when you don’t have to and everyone can have what they want. We were on vacation, so…

      Thanks for dropping by,

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  4. I’m with Faith on this one – not that I’m a vegetarian, but because of my organic and healthy eating ways. Still eating some meat, but gearing away from beef and pork. Your brother would laugh at me because the arugula and cauliflower pizza sounds delish. :-p

    Hey, if you have some sun over there, take some photos! As you know, I’ve had enough rain and fog and wet. Need happy sunshine! On the other hand, the flowers, MuMu and Maddie make everything right with the world. Have an awesome Wednesday, Dan.


    1. Thanks Mary. It’s going to be 84 today! Yucky, hot, humid, eighty-ffour! We’re getting rain tonight and tomorrow, but I should be able to gather some sunshine photos when I walk Maddie on Sat/Sun – Hopefully, by then, you have sunshine of your own.

      That menu had more gluten free stuff on it than any menu I’ve ever seen. Vegan, Veggie, Dairy Free and Gluten Free were all designated by codes, and I think every item had at least one code.


      1. My kind of place! The gluten-free bakery I frequent is coded like that. Dairy free. Egg free. Nut free. Grain free. Gluten free. And combinations of all. And the products are all delicious.

        We will be getting sun Friday thru Monday, with high in the upper 40’s to 50. Oddly enough, I’m willin to accept the colder air for a chance to wear my sunglasses.

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    1. Thanks. I would have gladly had a turkey sandwich, but I don’t like sandwiches when the bread has more flavor than the ingredients inside. And, arugula and cauliflower belong on the salad alongside my pizza.


    1. You want a Mike’s Hard Lemonade with that dog, Pam? They go pretty well together – feels like summer.

      I do love the fog, especially along the river. It’s scary driving there, but it’s worth the trip. I never thought about it, but it does smooth things out a bit.

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  5. Try sharing a pizza with those little fishies (sardines) on half of a pizza. SOOOOO gross! That stopped when I found out no matter how far away I ate from the other half of the pizza, I could still taste those disgusting fishies. LOVE the fog pictures, Dan. Fog makes things so mysterious and always gives me a really funny feeling in my stomach. In a good way. 😉

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    1. I used to go out for pizza with some coworkers and one like pizza with spinach, extra sauce and sardines – we quickly told him he was having his own pie, Amy, because you are so right!

      I do enjoy the fog along the river. Driving to the park can be a little dicey, but the views sure are pretty.

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  6. Hmmmm, let me think real hard……arugula/cauliflower pizza or hot dog! HOT DOG!!

    Love the fog/reflection photos. They’re very soothing to look at. That first heron seems to be saying, “Geez, next time give me some warning so I can put my makeup on!”

    Looks like MuMu is looking for some scratching and Maddie definitely is in the mood to play.

    We have some shrub branches covered with the same crustaceans but minus the mushrooms. I keep weeding those branches out, and the shrub gets smaller and smaller. 😳😢

    Foggy, hot and humid here. Everything just remains wet. BUT we’re not in Michael’s path so I won’t complain.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    1. Thanks Ginger – hot and humid here today, with rain on the way (I think). MuMu is always looking to be scratched. Maddie was funny, she wanted to play catch with that ball, but she didn’t want to move. I took it from her and tossed it back to her about a dozen time while neither of us ever moved off the couch – my kind of exercise.

      I love being in that park in the fog. The river seems in commend at that point.

      The Heron gave me the same kind of look I get from MiMi when I turn the lights on. I might have scared the fish away.


  7. I have been vegetarian for many, many years. Then was vegan for about 4 years then back to vegetarian. Vegan cheese is the worst. Your brother’s comment made me laugh. MuMu–it is so good to see you again. I think Maddie loves all her toys. Her photos always put a smile on my face.

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    1. You would have loved this cafe, Lois. The little symbols either mean, Vegan, Veggie, Dairy Free and/or Gluten Free, and I swear, everything had at least one symbol.

      MuMu has been getting bolder, venturing farther into the house to be scratched. Maddie tips over her toy box and chooses a new toy each day. The red ball is a recurring favorite.

      Stay safe down there!

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  8. Besides, I’m always worried about olive juice seeping under the cheese onto my half

    It is one thing not to like something but it is quite another to not like something near.

    HER: Get those ishy peppers away from my half!
    ME: They are nowhere near your half.
    HER: But my half can smell them!!

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  9. Dan, what great dark morning photos. Reflections of light fascinate me. Yep, I’d eat lunch with Faith any day! Hot dogs? Pizza? Stomachache! Pics of MuMu & Maddie always make me smile. Happy Wednesday! 📚🎶 Christine

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    1. Thanks Christine – Faith would enjoy your company. She enjoyed ours, and we didn’t make fun. Her salad did look good, but soup and salad wasn’t what we were hungry for.

      The pets always seem willing to pose (I have to be quick with MuMu, she’s always in motion).

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  10. Oh yeah, separate is a good thing now and then. I don’t like Hot Dogs, and He-Man can’t eat mushrooms, but he isn’t so bad that we have to have separate pizzas when I want black olive and mushroom pizza.

    Those daisies are gorgeous! Your foggy commutes are nice and moody.

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  11. Arugula and cauliflower …. wonder how that tastes… on a pizza? And what is “hard lemonade”? Crusty (just kidding)?? Graduate school – what subject was your major?
    Your photos are out of this world -love the night reflections!

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    1. I was in graduate school for business. Mike’s is a brewed lemonade with alcohol content similar to beer. I’m glad you like the night reflections (I take a lot of those between now and March).


  12. Applesauce, Dan. That is one gorgeous collection of photos. Wow.
    I admit that I enjoy a hot dog now and then — with the works. I know they’re supposed to be horrible, disgusting, unhealthful nightmares… but they sure are good.
    Plus, even though I would immediately become a vegetarian if I had to kill or dress my own entree, I’m with you on “my favorite meatless meals are the ones I can add chicken to.” I’m feeling all sorts of hypocrite-i-cality. Terrific post. Hugs!

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  13. I don’t eat pizza often, but when I do I like something on it other than just cheese. Hubby likes cheese only and he’s afraid my pepperoni, bacon, ham or whatever might somehow contaminate his pure half of the pizza. So we order separate pizzas, too.

    As for restaurants, they’re always a challenge for me. My diet is somewhat limited due to the colitis. I can eat chicken and fish, but not salads or veggies that aren’t cooked to a mushy consistency. Fortunately, most restaurants do offer some kind of chicken or pasta dish that I can handle, even if I sometimes have to pick stuff out. I can almost always order soup instead of salad.

    It’s especially amusing when the whole family gets together – some eat beef (preferably raw, it seems), some are vegetarians or simply overly health-conscious, some can’t or won’t eat seafood, some will eat anything that isn’t moving. We always look for restaurants with a wide variety of meal options. But then, we don’t go out together all that often, so we have plenty of time to plan ahead.

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  14. Haha. But I’m with your wife, I’d LOVE an arugula and cauliflower pizza. Never seen one, though. AND WHY haven’t my guy and I realized that we can answer our pizza dilemma by ordering two small pizzas? He wants anchovies and I refuse to smell the things, even if they’re only on his half.

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  15. Then, Faith and the Editor will have more comfort in India than you in terms of finding delicious food. I prefer the meat options, but I believe Indian food can to some extent change your perspective over vegetarian food. I will be writing more about food in my upcoming posts so I will share more there.

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  16. The age old dilemma of a husband and wife who don’t like the same pizza toppings….too many years for us, but we now order two separate medium size pizza’s and the left over pieces make a great lunch the next day for each of us. We were just a little slow figuring it out….:)

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  17. I want Faith’s salad and half a dog. I mean, they ARE famous.
    SIGH, I have a tree that needs felled, SIGH.
    Sassy was chasing after her 5:45 ride to swim with an open backpack and the shower shoe just flipped right out. I’ll send her to collect it. I kid, I kid. Honestly, Moo’s the only one that ever lost a shoe, but Sassy loses things right and left. Please mail all found earbuds to :

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    1. Ha ha – Faith lost one baby shoe once. Kicked it off in a mall. Brand new 🙁 I haven’t seen earbuds, but single shoes turn up often. Maybe it happens as you described – I was believing.

      Sorry about your tree. Maybe let it go and see what grows on it.

      Half a salad and one dog, coming up. Yeah, I’m bad with orders.

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  18. Thanks for supporting Faith in her plant-based choices. I know about the xxx heaven feeling of having lots of vegetarian choices on a menu. I discovered arugula a few years ago and wow! It has a meat-like taste, but it’s a leafy GREEN! Yeah.These kinds of things excite me.

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    1. I do enjoy veggies (usually as side dishes, but sometimes not only). Faith is very good about where we eat. She often suffers the fate of looking at a limited menu, so this was a good thing to fins for her.

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  19. Oh-hoh-hoh-HOHHHH, there are SO MANY things I would eat at that museum. Seriously? You couldn’t get into pulled pork sliders? OTOH, I am cah-RAY-zee about hot dogs. So I guess I would have had to eat lunch twice that day.

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