It’s OK, I Brought My Own – #1linerWeds

Earlier this week, I was up near Boston for a few meetings. Traveling for business is a thing that I am used to after 40+ years. I don’t travel nearly as much as I did in the early 80s, and travel isn’t as unpleasant as it was back then. Well, I should say travelling to Boston isn’t as unpleasant as it was back then. That’s because I drive to Boston. Air travel, which seemed arduous in the 80s, has degraded beyond my ability to describe.

Travel problems today seem too silly to complain about. An alarm clock with an obnoxious glowing button that lights up more than half the room. A TV remote that seems incapable of landing on an even number for volume – who wants to set the volume at 13? A sliding glass door to the bathroom that doubles as an exercise routine, and then there’s the in-room coffee supplies – “We Proudly Serve” wrapped around the implied circle showcasing the green Siren. Did you know Starbucks was named for the mate in Moby Dick? Reason enough not to like it (he says, knowing there are a few Moby Dick fans among the regular readers – sorry ladies, no offense intended).

Anyway, the alarm clock can be muted with a folded washcloth. The volume can be set without looking at the number, the door can – well, exercise is good for you. And, as I texted my wife:

“I am so glad to have Dunkin Donut K-cups and a box of Mini-Moos.”

That was my way of saying thinks. The Editor thinks of these things way before I get around to packing for a trip. Left on my own, a trip to Boston would involve a stop at the grocery store.

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  1. Okay, just had to pop into this one as I’m always fascinated by the American view of coffee. Did you know Starbucks went bust in Australia? We love our coffee and Starbucks ain’t it.
    Anyway. I was glad I popped in if only for that gorgeous photo of Maddie as a pup. So cute! :)

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    • We live in a small town in Connecticut. I am proud of the fact that Starbucks failed here. The opened, they sat and a year later, they closed. I never stepped inside. I’m proud to know you as a representative of a country that stopped the spread. Thanks!

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  2. Aww…babay Maddie is so cuuuute. I don’t mind the Star ucks coffee but I swear the promotional products these companies use isn’t the same as the real deal. Photos are beautiful, Dan. The first is my very favorite. Good luck with the rest of your week! Oh, and the trip to the grocery for coffee in a strange city would be a perk for my hubs. Yeah, he knows to partayyy. 🙄

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  3. You could have had my total attention with only that five-year old photo of Maddie. :-) Since we spent four nights in a hotel last week, I certainly understood the issues. We had the exact same clock, had to put the volume on 46 on the TV, and didn’t try the in-room coffee, but we had DD within a mile of the hotel. But, never did I see bacon like that. You are a lucky man to have the Editor taking such good care of you. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. That clock – ugh, I can’t imagine the engineer who designed that thing. That’s the lowest setting for brightness (you’d thing one setting would be ‘Off’).

      I knew you guys would like that photo of Miss Maddie. That “why am I here?” look is one we see often with her. That usually means no business will be conducted on this trip outside.

      There is a DD not far from here, but it requires a left turn against rush hour traffic (or driving to an intersection and turning around). The Editor takes very good care of me.

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  4. Isn’t that supposed to be a “Dunkin” K-cup?

    Sorry, being a smart aleck early in the morning. I haven’t had my coffee yet, soooo…
    I agree with MOSY…Starbucks ain’t it. I will choke down a blonde roast cafe au lait in a desperate pinch, but otherwise no. Just like your Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, I have my preferences – a nice, smooth organic roast from Brazil. Yum. Bacon. Yum.

    Have an awesome Wednesday, Dan.

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    • Thanks Mary – I wondered if the Dunkin’ police would show up. I really like it when the hotel I am in features a local roaster’s coffee. It gives me a chance to taste something else, and it’s usually pretty good. I had no problem with the bacon. One person at our meeting, is hosting a meeting here on Saturday afternoon. He said that he’s going to add that bacon to their menu.

      Good luck getting over the hump and sliding into the weekend!

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  5. You can tell I’m not a Millennial, the only time I allowed Starbucks to charge me for coffee I can make at home was when I was still working and someone handed out $5. gift cards. :)

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  6. The things that make us happiest change as we get older. Of course, I doubt that in the 1980s you’d have thought that anything called a “Mini-Moo” would float your boat, ever. But there you go, life is a pip! Enjoy your coffee.

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    • Thanks Ally. The in-room coffee supplies include a non-dairy creamer, which is just too horrible to think about.

      Travel has changed so much. In the 80s, the only think you could really do in a hotel room was sleep. You really couldn’t afford to use the phone. Today, it’s like having an office in another city. I can work from my room as I stay here, and I can meet people in the lounge. I can schedule meetings with three or four people in a couple of days and stay productive the entire time. What a difference.

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  7. I am not sure I fit in with this crowd (sorry everyone) but I am so not a coffee person! I did go into a local Starbucks to try their Chai Latte. Evidently wheelchairs are foreign to them. I ordered and received my Chai (turned out to be rather awful). It was handed to me without a lid. Hot beverage + no lid = scalding accident waiting to happen. When I asked for a lid I was told to help myself as they were across the room. Millennial! I did raise my voice and ask if perhaps she could put a lid on and then explained the dangers and the fact I couldn’t reach the lids!!! I was cranky. She reached down beside her a put a lid on. I never went back. Sorry for being so longwinded. Triggers. Hi Maddie!

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    • We have a policy of not requiring apologies on No Facilities, Pam. You highlight one (or more) of the things I don’t like about Starbucks (in addition to the taste of their coffee. When I go to Dunkin Donuts, or just about any other coffee shop, they pour the milk in my coffee and hand it to me with a lid on the cup. The Starbucks near our office doesn’t even clean the area where the milk is very often. I always ask them to “please leave room for a healthy amount of milk” and they almost never do. I end up pouring coffee out into their trash can.

      To not realize that you wouldn’t be able to handle that task without risk of injury is just crazy.

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  8. The lights on some of these electronics are SO bright (especially the blue lights) I actually put a cloth over the light so that light does not disturb my sleep. Did you know that IF there is a light source as you sleep, that light source disturbs your sleep? True.

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    • Thanks Amy. I’m usually not bothered by light, but this clock is way too bright, and that image is at its lowest setting!. We have lots of little bits of electrical tape over blue lights in our house – they are truly annoying.

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  9. Puppy Maddie as adorable! How could you ever resist those eyes?! The yellow leaf–so darn artistic, Dan. Travel has become an exercise in ‘cost-cutting venturing’ at work. I have an all-day seminar to attend tomorrow. One mile from my house. No, I will not be turning in mileage. Craziness.

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    • I guess you won’t be looking for a hotel, Lois. That’s the kind of travel I like the most – out of the office, but not far from home.

      The yellow leaf was telling me to take that picture. And little girl Maddie was pretty cute – it’s how they trap us.

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  10. I’m a tea drinker, but I don’t go out any place just to get a cup of tea. I’ve never understood that mindset with coffee drinkers. And it blows my mind when I hear what people pay for a cup of coffee….served in a cardboard cup! And if I were inclined to patronize Starbucks, Pam’s encounter with them would turn me off completely.

    That clock just needs to die and stay dead! The bacon looks sooooo good, but it’s a heart attack on a plate times 10!!

    Your fall photos are great, but the first one with the brilliant red leaves takes the blue ribbon.

    Maddie was such an adorable little girl. It would have been impossible not to fall in love with her at first sight. Love her expression…’Ummmmm, will I be posing for pictures often?’ Little did she know! Lol.

    So glad the Editor looks after you, even when you’re not home. She’s a keeper!

    Happy Hump Day! 36 degrees here……32 degrees tonight!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. That red tree is my favorite.

      I only get coffee out when I’m traveling or at work. I take a to-go cup of the Editor’s best brew with me, and if I don’t get to drink it on the ride in, I’ll carry it into the office and save a cup at DD.

      That’s a great caption for that picture.

      Irish Setter puppies are so cute, Ginger. It’s how they trap you into wanting to have them.

      My days of traveling are coming to an end in about a year, but she has made it easier to feel good on the road.


  11. The other one I love is the a/c unit that won’t turn off. That red tree is a treasure. Maddie was the cutest (Well, still is.) I would love any event that served bacon and spinach as an appetizer. Of course, I have to ask what that green stuff is on the end of the bacon.

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    • That’s (a/c) the issue that puts “extra blanket” on my check-in list, John. I’d settle for an a/c unit that had a remote or a control next to the bed. Although, at my age, there does seem to be a built-in trip past the thermostat during the night. I wouldn’t want to put baby Maddie in a cuteness contest with your girls, but when \ever we haven’t had a setter, we see those old puppy pictures and we get one.

      The green stuff was extra.

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  12. That alarm clock would drive me bonkers. Even muted, it seemed too bright.

    Love all the pictures! I wish we had trees with that red fall color like that here. Maybe we do just not in our backyard :).

    One good thing about FB is the memories. The picture of baby Maddie is adorable.

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    • Yeah, the alarm clock is the most annoying thing ever. I may have to start using a face towel instead of a ash cloth. Or maybe a brick.

      The trees are just starting to change here, but some are really showing their stuff.

      Facebook provides the memories, but I almost never share them out there because people seem to bring tiny little bits of analysis to bear. If I were to share that photo on Facebook, I’d get 90% of my contacts saying “ooooh, you got a new puppy.”

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  13. Tea is often not available when traveling. The only time we went to Starbucks was at a turnpike stop. If I recall correctly they did not have plain breakfast tea the only kind my wife drinks. They had chai, green tea, and a couple of other non-choices. Now days the road trip kit includes tea bags. We are still waiting for fall colors to appear. The trees are still green here. There is a burning bush that has started to turn red and it still has way more green than red. Autumn may get here eventually.

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    • I have always traveled with tea bags, John. Tea seems to be like bread today – nobody provides the plain version – it has to be artisan or signature or in some way over-the-top interesting. The rare times I go into Starbucks, I make them mad because just ask for a “medium coffee” I ask them to leave room for milk, and they never do.

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  14. Hi Dan – well that’s great … your editor is pretty special! Love the photos – Maddie looks a bit grumpy in one … perhaps because you’re going away … but I really dislike coffee out in the chain stores … the Burning Bush is delightful … I’m naming our trees here after traffic lights … Green, Amber, Red … but the Fall is beautiful. Enjoy the rest of the week – cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. Our trees are just starting to turn, but we have some bright stars out there. When I have to opportunity to find a nice local coffee shop when I travel, I will choose that over any brand. If I can’t locate one quickly, I fall back on Dunkin’ Donuts.

      Maddie does get grumpy. Sometimes I tell here “smile for your fan base.”

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  15. Sometimes a bunch of little problems seem harder to overcome than one big one. The little things tend to overwhelm me. Love your pictures and the captions. Your sweet dog! And that bacon…yum! :)

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    • Thanks Laurie. I agree, little problems are harder to deal with, if only because if there are big problems, I switch hotels. I’ve learned to travel with certain things in my bag, and to request things (like an extra blanket) up front.

      That bacon is now a regular thing on our menu – it was a huge hit.

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    • Travel was certainly different in the 80s. One thing that made t better was the fact the out-of-the-office meant out-of-touch which was welcome. Today, we’re never out of touch.

      Increments of 5 might be too big a step for me, but I like that you have a plan.


  16. I sometimes think they’ve done everything possible to make air travel as uncomfortable and as much of an ordeal as they can. It’s like they enlisted the help of the writers for “Criminal Minds” to help them come up with new ways to torture the flyer. It got to where I’d drive anyplace less than 400 miles away from Atlanta. Seriously.

    A lot of the clock radios they put in hotel rooms (at Marriotts, anyway) come with a dimmer for the display so that, instead of the entire room, it would only light up half of it. Sounds to me like you were trying to dim a LED. Lotsa luck with that.

    I actually like Starbucks: the one we go to is a nice place to get away from home, and I’m a stockholder.

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    • This clock radio did have a “Brightness” switch. That was the “low” option. I just wish one of the settings was “off” – even LEDs can be off.

      Although, I just had to carefully choose replacement outside lights, because a lt of them have an “on” position and a “accent” position, but they are never actually off.

      I’m sorry to say I won’t be helping your portfolio. I like the ambience at the starbucks near our office, but I can’t drink the coffee.

      Air travel – yeah, odn’t get me started. People are always surprised when say that we drive to Pittsburgh (9 hours) – but it’s way better than flying. My favorite business destination is any city along AMTRAK’s northeast corridor. I will always take the train over flying.


  17. Smart phones have certainly made travel easier – you can find out if your plane is late, pay in advance for rides, etc., etc. Locate good cafes…. even navigate around in a foreign country. Bacon and spinach and pesto? Interesting!

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  18. Bacon looks great but my fave is of course the red tree. I put a folded washcloth over my surge protector. The electricity in this apartment complex sometimes starts to blink at night. This way it doesn’t wake me up. Happy traveling! In the eighties a trip to Boston by plane to see our oldest in college involved a zoom, screech of brakes taxi and a rental car with a frustrated dad. The streets were crazy then, I don’t know about now.

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    • I’ve been driving to and in Boston since 1981, and it has gotten nothing but worse. Hiding the lights of things has gotten to be a constant challenge. As LEDs get cheaper and cheaper, they seem to stick them on everything, with or without good reason.

      The tree is beautiful but the bacon was excellent.


  19. The Maddie picture from the past is so cute. Do you know Starbucks is like a status symbol in India? I might be wrong but I have seen multiple people that don’t like going to regular cafes now. In one of my work experiences I had a colleague to whom I thought of buying a regular coffee at a local cafe. He was like ‘Dude my morning only starts with Starbucks. I can’t live without it’. I was a freelancer and not on the payroll so I was told not to get involved with the staff. Had I been on the payroll I would have definitely asked him how he managed to survived all these years because Starbucks only opened in October 2012. Pathetic double-standards.

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  20. How sweet that your wife packed those things for you! It’s small considerations like that that make my heart sing. My husband and I take a whole packet full of defensive tools to thwart hotel irritations, including black tape to put over too-bright LED lights and binder clips for the curtains that never completely shut. They always come in handy.

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    • Ah, the wisdom of the seasoned traveler. The binder clips are a great idea, I’m keeping that one. Being able to wake up and make a decent cup of coffee, just the way I like it, is a very nice treat.

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  21. I LOVE that color on that tree, and it’s so lush! Maddie as a pup is so cute!!

    What an Editor to have your coffee and mini moos packed for you! I don’t frequent Starbucks too often as I’m really only a social coffee drinker. I prefer tea, and I can make a great cuppa at home. There was a breakfast pancake house here years, and…well decades ago now that served fresh brewed Sanka. That coffee I woulda been addicted to. I think they went under due to Denny’s, or maybe b/c their name and theme were not PC. The coffee and breakfast was so good though.

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    • I think that tree is my favorite color of the season. I don’t go out for coffee around here, The Editor brews a pretty good pot. It is nice to have a decent cup in a hotel. I do carry teabags with me when I travel, the tea they offer in hotel rooms is rarely anything I’d want to drink.

      A local pancake house is needed in every town. The place I stop for breakfast on the way to work makes great pancakes. They also male pretty good coffee.


  22. Dan, love the photos, especially the red tree, and sweet baby Maddie!! The SoCal is full of Starbucks & so few DDs. A new DD nearby got such bad reviews I won’t go there. You can bet I frequented DD on my recent trip to the CT & MA. Happy Slide-into-the-Weekend day! 🎃🎶🍁 Christine

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  23. I have never been so desperate for a coffee that I’ve used the in-room offerings. It’s a brilliant idea to travel with your own! I don’t know what a Mini-Moo is, but it sounds like a great pick-me-up 🙂

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    • Ha ha – I knew either you or Joey would come to Herman’s aid on that comment. Baby Maddie might still be cute but she’s clearly retained the ridiculous part. I did a calendar a couple of years. That’s a bunch of work.

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  24. Beautiful fall :) Purty Maddie :)
    So thoughtful, Editor with the nice-nice!
    I did not like Moby Dick — But I still love my Starbucks. Really, a lot. I drink Starbucks at home almost always. Now and then I like the French Roast from Fresh Thyme, or some Caribou. At work, it’s mostly DD decaf. Office Manager bought me some McCafe, and the decaf was actually really good, but it gave me tummy aches, so no more that. Out, I get DD more than Starbucks because it’s closer by far and Moo has a thing for donuts.
    I tell you what though — our Starbucks is staffed with consistent competent people we’ve had for years — and our DD is full of rotating idiots. They screw up the girls’ drinks so badly at DD, I don’t know if they’ve ever had the same drink twice. YMMV and from the looks of the comments, it does. I am GALLED that anyone had to ask for a lid at Starbucks, let alone someone in a wheelchair. Who exactly are they savin their good manners for?
    I am one of those people who’d rather camp than hotel. If that bed isn’t as comfy as mine, if the sheets aren’t as smooth… I even take my own pillow. Most of them are disappointing. Price used to tell you a lot more about hotels than it does now.
    I definitely do not like the hotel coffee makers. The Mister, love his heart, will go down to the lobby and bring me coffee.

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  25. I understand that lots of people like Starbucks. I think my daughter enjoys it, along with DD. It still comes down to management and staff, though. We have two near work, and one if ill-managed with a rotating staff. On the other hand, the Starbucks staff is rude and unhelpful. I’m pretty sure they would hand an open cup to a woman in a wheelchair.

    I will often go down to the lobby to retrieve coffee for myself and others, but in this case, that was also Starbucks. I use the equipment, but I bring the coffee. The Mrs. keeps a supply of K-cups and coffee bags, and of course., Mini-Moos. I tend to stick with Marriott properties, they are usually good for a good night’s sleep, regardless of price. Two of my favorites are the Fairfield Inns in Ames, Iowa and Pittsburgh.

    I thought you did like Moby Dick. At least I only have Marian giving me the stink eye ;-)


  26. Love the pics….we buy Dunkin Donuts coffee grounds by the bag at Costco…have a Keurig with one of their re-usable cups….and we use to be Starbucks people….go figure….love my Dunkin Donuts coffee!! Great fall pics…

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