Book Launch – Party Bus & Atonement TN Book Fair!

Woo Hoo! I got mine!

I usually don’t post on Sunday, but I had such a good time on Teagan’s party bus yesterday that I decided to share her post with anyone who might have missed it. I would have posted this last night, but I had Lilith drop me off outside the Amazon store so I could get my very own copy of Atonement in Bloom loaded onto the Kindle app on my iPad. I’ve got some work to do today, but I’ll be reading soon. The bus is still rolling, so there’s time to join the party.

Teagan's Books

October 20, 2018

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit — Atonement in Bloom is finally published!  It was a wild ride, even after I finished all the work on the novel.  Meaning I’m not best pleased with all the bumps in the road from the Amazon take-over of Create Space…  Now, let’s get this party bus on the highway!

Atonement Blog Party Bus LoadedThe bus is headed to Atonement, TN, the fictional town of my urban fantasy series.  The stories in my “Atonement universe” are not romances, not science fiction, not family drama, or religious — and they certainly are not high-brow literature.  They’re whimsical, suspenseful, magical, fantasies set in our current real world. 

All aboard!  Beep-beep, yeah! The party bus is here. (Click here for theme music Magic Bus!)  Our first stop is in Connecticut to pick up Dan Antion, who has a handy guided tour…

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    • You’re welcome Teagan. When I downloaded the book (will there be a paper copy?) I thought I should go back out and comment again. Then I figured I’d just post the whole thing again. Keep that bus on the road!

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      • Hi Dan. Yes there is a paperback. But I was disappointed with the proof copy of it. (My first since Amazon bought Create Space who used to make the paperbacks.) Plus they’ve raised the price 10% a year — so I’m u happy about the cost as well.

        If you do a search for the title, it will show the paperback.
        I don’t know why they don’t have the paperback and kindle showing together.
        I went through all the steps to “link” the books… but they still don’t show together. Everything about Amazon’s purchase of Create Space has caused problems…
        Thank you again for all your help. Cheers.

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  1. Congratulations to Teagan once again for the book launch. I wanted to post her book post on my blog but I wasn’t sure how because I have to stick to the travel theme. However, I think I have found a way. I will be writing a post on books you can read during your travel and that is where I can write about her book. I can add some more authors to create a top 5 or top 10 list.

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