If at First You Don’t… – #1LinerWeds

Over the weekend, someone commented on one of the photos of the garage siding that “you do it right, the first time, every time.” As fine a compliment as that is, it’s not entirely true. I do usually get things right, but sometimes the first attempt is a failure that helps me along to success. One such brush with failure occurred on the same day this comment arrived. I was working in the back wall of the garage – the segment that wraps around the roof of my workshop. I promised myself a break once I got above the roofline.

The last piece needed to accomplish this transition is notched on one side, angled at the top of the other side and, below the angle, it curves around the shingles and drip-edge as it head down along the fascia board. Somewhere along the line, I cut a little too much off of something. I decided that a little extra caulking might do the trick. I gave myself that much needed break.

“I just finished fitting the hardest piece of siding. I’m not totally happy with it, but I think it’s OK.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“The gap where it meets the roof is larger than I wanted.”

“Is there any chance that snow and rain can get behind it?”

“I’ll take it down and cut a new piece”

I’ve given the benefit of one-liner highlight to the Editor – she tugged at the remaining thread holding my comfort level in place.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

In addition to the evidence, I’ve included a few photos from my evening relaxation session with the pup.

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    1. In this case, I blame the measuring devices. Sometimes, I swear the wooden rule and the tape measure speak different languages. I measure between point-A and point-B – I transfer that measurement to the siding. I cut and it doesn’t fit.

      These things are out to get me.

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  1. Ah, that simple question that causes us to go back and do it over. Been there, done that, too many times to count. BUT, you won’t have to ever worry or think about it again – done! :-) It always amazes me how Maddie just sits there while all the creatures run around so close to her. Hope you’re closing in on the outdoor part of your project. :-)

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    1. I figured most people could relate to that question. It does feel better not having to think about it.

      Looks like I have a few nice days, and then some rain coming in. I do have one task I can do in the rain (under the new overhanging roof) but I’m not looking forward to it.

      Maddie only gets interested if I say something, or if those guys move too fast.

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  2. In this instance, you could not use my saying, “Good enough for government work,” for something that major. The Editor was correct, but it appears you knew it as soon as she said it. I’d hate to see a post in January about how there is snow in your garage.

    PS: I use that saying most often in jest, in case you got the impression I’m a slacker. ;-)

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    1. Thanks – I’ve used that expression, usually before undoing something and redoing it right.

      Never thought you were a slacker. When I first saw your comment in the alert on my phone, I didn’t see the ‘not’ and I shook my head. “Close enough? That doesn’t sound like Mary.”

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  3. I think I should also write a post on How to Get the Interview Right the First Time for my friends who believe I have never been rejected in any job interview. I usually chuckle when they say that because, God damn, who am I? a son of an influential politician or a millionaire? I sometimes find it funny to hear what people assume about me. The pictures are lovely and I was just thinking Maddie is going to have fun with her snow mountain soon.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by, Sharukh. Getting it right is more important, even it it takes a second attempt. Last year, I think Maddie enjoyed laying on the cot in front of the snow pile more than climbing on it. But she does love the snow, so it will be interesting. Let’s hope we have a month or tow before that happens.


      1. I love the snow as well, Dan. I’m gonna dive right into it when I see it whenever it is destined. I wish someday it would snow in Mumbai. That would save my trip to the Himalayas. :)


  4. “I’ll take it down and cut a new piece.” Wiser words were never spoken Dan! And yeah, you probably would’ve avoided having to cut a new piece of siding if you had taken a break first. Lesson learned, so not a total loss.

    So glad to see Maddie able to get plenty of outdoor time that she so enjoys. It’s very comical how comfortable the squirrel is getting so close to Maddie on his way to the Peanut Man! Hope he never tries to venture onto her cot…..that would not be pretty!

    Watch out for those bluejays!!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    1. Thanks Ginger. At least it was a short piece. We have had squirrels that have sat up and put their front feet on the edge of the cot. We try to toss a peanut before they get this close, but sometimes they sneak up on us.

      I do worry about the bluejays, they can be nasty.

      Maddie is loving these 50-degree afternoons.


  5. Hi Dan – it’s such a pain when you know it’s not quite right … and really does need to be done again – still better to do it than ‘ignore it’. Well done to you all – how Maddie sits so quietly with her intruder nearby … still I guess they won’t compete for food! Good luck with finishing off the dry weather things … especially the more difficult one – cheers Hilary

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  6. OMG! I can’t believe that squirrel came right up beside Maddie. That one’s name is Bronson, because he surely has a death wish.
    Dan, I would never have managed all those corners and measuring. I would have been out there with a 5 gallon bucket of caulk.
    You reminded me of Edison’s quote about his failed attempts at making the light bulb. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

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    1. Ha ha – I almost included that quote, Teagan. The piece that didn’t fit made a perfect template for the one that did.

      A few squirrels get very close to Maddie’s cot. I’ve asked them if they have a death wish. That’s a good name for them.

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  7. I remember installing a glass block window with my husband years ago. When we finished very late in the evening, we noticed that one block (in the middle, of course) was tilted just a teeny weeny bit. We were both exhausted but we knew that the tilt would bug us each and every day. Despite the late hour, we decided that removing the blocks when the thin set was still wet was preferable to doing it in the morning when it was dry. It was a very, very long night but we were so happy that we made the choice. I’m sure the thought that rain and snow could seep behind your siding – even if it never did – would have bugged you forever.

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    1. That must have been a long night, indeed. I’m sure it was worth it. Having worked with tile, I can only imagine how much work it took to dismantle and rebuild.

      As I mentioned to John, above, I will see that piece every time I exit my shop door.


  8. She’s so cute! I love the one “Didja see that?” Cute.
    If I were doing this thing, which I would never do, and if my edges were too far apart as seen above, I would probably spray the foamy expanding stuff in there and take a nice hot bath ;) Do not tell Editor. Tsk. LOL

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    1. Yeah, that gap was too big to fix with caulking. I didn’t notice exactly how bad it was until I got off the ladder.The piece I removed made a good template.

      The squirrels have to be quick. The blue jays spot those peanuts and dive from a huge distance. They are really remarkable.

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  9. Oh, no! At least you have company (me) in the Things-Don’t-Always-Go-Right department. BTW, all those abundant squirrels this year discovered our barn and have stored a mountain of walnuts in the corner. 😳

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