David, The Dustman & Boneless Wings – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, my day to go to the bar and to try and deal with Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt (but no yelling). I’ve been trying to find a way to include a specific item in an #SoCS post, and I think this prompt will do it:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘bone.’ Use it any way you like. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be curious about my trash.

“How are you managing your construction project without a dumpster?”

“I’m storing some stuff until we get a dumpster and tossing the rest as we go.”

“Tossing it where?”

“In the wheelie bin.”

“Where do you put your household trash?”

“In the other bin. We have two.”

“Two is good. But I’d recommend having them one at a time. That way they stay cold.”

“Trash cans, Cheryl, two trash cans.”

“Oh, so then just one beer…for now?”

“Yes please.”

“And for you?”

“Bourbon, please.”

“And all the fixings. Coming right up.”

“Do you have so much trash that you need two bins?”

“Not on a regular basis, but often enough to justify buying a second wheelie bin.”

“Speaking of seconds, that’s the second time you called it a ‘wheelie bin‘ – I mean who says that?”

“I guess I do. As well as at least a few people in England.”

“I don’t follow. Who invited England?”

“My friend David told me a joke a long time ago. It’s a silly little thing, but I laugh every time I think about it.”

“One Corona who has found her lime, one Bourbon and don’t share that joke until I get back with the rest of his ‘drink,’ I could use a laugh.”

“So how long have you known David?”

“About twenty years.”

“How long ago did he tell you this joke?”

“I think it was 2003. He and I attended a conference in Toronto.”

“I wouldn’t think there’d be much time for jokes at a conference.”

“My wife and I picked him up in Boston, and then David joined Faith and me and we drove to Toronto – there was plenty of time.”

“So, the joke is suitable for mixed company.”


“That’s good – we run a respectable bar – here’s your ice, your seltzer and the ‘mix’ for your company.”

“Thanks Cheryl – now, let’s hear this joke.”

“OK. So, the dustman…”

“…the what?”

“The dustman – the trash man – you have to listen with an English accent.”

“Oh, sorry. Go on.”

“The dustman sees that a man doesn’t have his wheelie bin out ready for emptying.”

“Hey, where’s you’ bin?”

“I took a little holiday for a few weeks,”

“No. I meant where’s you’ bin?”

“Told you, holiday, in Spain!”

“No (exasperated!). Where’s your wheelie bin?”

“Ok, fine! I’ve wheelie been in prison! Happy now?”

“Ha! That is funny, but it wouldn’t work here, since we don’t call them wheelie bins.”

“Well, I do.”

“Yeah, well there’s no end of weird with you.”

“Aw, I wouldn’t call him weird.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“I noticed one weird thing in his last set of construction photos.”

“Since “him” is right here, maybe you could share.”

“You skipped a wall.”

“He did?”

“I did.”

“See, I told you. You didn’t think I’d notice that. There was something different in the photo, but no siding.”

“Why on earth…?”

“There’s a good reason, Cheryl, and maybe even ‘he’ will understand.”

“He is…oh, I see what you did there.”

“It’s the wall with the entrance door to my workshop. I tore the ramp down, but I haven’t started the siding”

“Why? And why not?”

“The ramp was rotted, not to mention it’s always been dangerous, so I’m going to replace it with a small deck and a step or two.”

“Ah, and then you will side the wall from the deck up.”


“I wish David could join us here. Have a beer and maybe split an order of wings.”

“Wouldn’t happen.”

“He doesn’t drink?”

“Actually, I don’t think he does, these days. However, he did when we were in Toronto and when we met in Cincinnati.”

“So, what wouldn’t happen?”

“The wings.”

“He doesn’t eat wings?”

“When I asked if he wanted to get some food, he said, ‘as long as you don’t expect me to sit here picking my way through some chicken’ and he handed me the menu.”

“We have boneless wings on the menu, now.”

“Those sound good Cheryl.”

“They do, but I’d rather have the drums and flats.”

“Like I said, there’s no end of weird with you.”

“Cheryl, how about another round. We’ll argue about food later.”

“Well, there’s no bones about that – the argument, that is.”

David Pennington shares news and photos from the Ipswich waterfront. Cheryl shares seashells by the sea…sorry – Cheryl shares beautiful images, wonderful poetry and delicious looking food at Dreaming Reality. The gallery includes some pictures from our visit to Toronto in 2003 and a few from this part of the project.


  1. I love wings, but I don’t like that they take a real wing, break it into two pieces, and sell it as two wings. :-( When I grew up, we ate lots of chicken wings. They were inexpensive and my mom does a killer fried chicken. Now they’re popular and not inexpensive, but I still love them, just don’t have them too much.

    I see the woolly bear. Makes me think of Ohio and Dick Goddard, a weatherman there. He always talked about woolly bears in the autumn.

    Happy Saturday!


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    • I don’t see too many rusty segments on that woolly bear. I think that indicates a harsh winter. Chicken wings did manage to go from the inexpensive item in the pack to leader of the pack, but I do enjoy them. I don’t have them as often as it seems, but I think I could.

      I hope you have a good weekend, Janet.

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  2. Living in an area where we have to pay for each thin plastic trash bag made me think you are lucky to be able to use a wheelie to put construction debris in for disposal. We haul ours to recycling and pay for dropping construction debris. But, when you have it, you need to get rid of it in order to keep going. :-) I hope you are getting close on the outside work because Mother Nature seems to want to bring on winter with cold temps and everything else that goes with it. :-)

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    • Thanks for the good wishes, Judy. I was rained out half of last week, and again today. Mother nature isn’t being kind to me on this part of the project. I’m almost done with the first long wall, but I’ll have to wait and finish it tomorrow. I hope to be working on the front next week, but the forecast is looking ify. I need two good days for the siding in front and one for the soffit. The other long wall is easy – nothing but wall.

      I will be ordering the dumpster this week, for delivery mid-November. The extra wheelie bin has come in handy for the smaller stuff, and for the stuff that can be cut. They can’t replace a dumpster, but they come in very handy. I am grateful for the convenience. We pay for it with our taxes, but they do make life easier.

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      • I’m going to be pulling for you to finish before that white stuff starts flying. Pouring here today with temps in the 30’s. We already got a text from Eversource about possibly losing power. I’ve been painting in the garage for the past three days and hat to put an electric heater in there to finish the drying. Here’s to the final pieces of your project going just as planned so you’ll know everything is buttoned up for the winter.

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  3. For some reason, “thingamajig” came to mind as you were calling your garbage bin a wheelie bin. Then David and England came into the picture and I went, “ohhhh.”
    You can call your two bins whatever you’d like…you’re doing the work, Dan. Lots of work. But it will all look great when it’s done and you can really relax at the bar with the boneless wings.
    BTW: I love pickin’ my way through chicken…chewing things off the bone…it’s the cavewoman gene, I guess.

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    • Thanks Mary. I missed this comment, somehow. I do enjoy eating the wings caveman style. This is a lot of work, but I enjoy (most of) it, and it will be nice to be able to look back on it once it’s done. It is rewarding to see the rain not soaking into the surface where the paint was chipping.

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  4. Funny joke!! Hahahah! Good to start this cold, rain soaked and windy day with a laugh.

    Love chicken wings. Ate a lot of them as a kid because they were so cheap. Now you have to take out a second mortgage to pay for them!

    Your project continues to progress despite Mother Nature. It’s tough working outside when the weather is less than cooperative. And yeah, that ramp needed to be laid to rest. 😜 Good call!

    So if you don’t get outside this weekend, Maddie will be more than happy to have extra cuddle time with you….especially your pillow leg!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this, Ginger. I have about two hours more work on the first long side of the garage, I’m going to try to squeeze it in tomorrow. I need to move onto the front. Mother Nature isn’t being very helpful with these rainy Saturdays.

      Maddie will have to wait until tomorrow, too, for her walk, but we spend some quality time on the couch early this morning. Me serving as pillow and protector from the storm.

      All this talk about wings probably means I’ll be snagging an order to go this afternoon.

      I hope you have a good, albeit wet weekend.


    • Thanks! This is how languages are changed, one bin at a time. We also have one for recycling. I wish we used them for yard waste. We have a brush dump that is free to use, but you have to haul stuff there. We can also put bags out on Tuesdays from March through November, but they get wet and can make a mess.

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  5. I just knew someone was gonna’ have a bone to pick with you! :) Are they really called woollybears? I love to watch those things ‘walk.’ So cute they way they move. Glass floors…..they get me a bit queasy…

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    • My buddy is always up for that task.

      Yes, woollybear caterpillars. According to legend, the more rust colored segments, the milder winter will be. More black segments indicate a harsh winter. There are 13 segments and the rust/black ratio varies over time.

      The glass floor was an interesting experience. I’d like to visit the on over-hanging the Grand Canyon.


  6. At first I was picturing wheel barrows until it dawned on me you were talking about trash carts, but wheelie bin is much more fun to say. I think I’ll give it a go! I’ve done a lot of throwing away and recycling at my parents’ house and have learned to get creative by putting things inside other things to save space and minimize holes being poked in the trash bags.

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    • Thanks for the support, JoAnna. I don’t think there’s a worse feeling than when something pokes through a trash bag and the contents spill out. I tend to keep the little stuff out of the bin, adding it into a heavy duty bag. Sooner or later, I put that bag in the bin so that if it breaks, it’s still going with the trash. I do prefer having a skip (dumpster).

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  7. Enjoyed the pictures and the CN Tower ride. Can you pick the woollybear? I mean we have a similar worm here all black that will give you a horrible pain if you try to touch it. I think I post a picture of it in one of the earlier posts on monsoon in India.

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  8. The differences in “English” here and in the UK continue to fascinate me, Dan. I usually find that their version of a word makes much more sense than my own. Not to mention the different pronunciations. I doubt I would ever have learned to spell “schedule” without hearing someone from the UK say it! I enjoyed reminiscing with you in the photos. Hugs all around.

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    • Thanks Teagan. I don’t think ‘skip’ makes more sense than ‘dumpster’ but I do like it better. Wheelie bin makes sense and is fun to say.

      Schedule was a nemesis for me as well – so were all the other words, but…

      I hope you’re having a nice relaxing weekend.


  9. Made my day! We call ours wheelie bins now because Republic Waste started providing wheelie bins (one for trash and one for recycle) about three years ago. I never knew the origin. Just assumed a short hand for trash bin with wheels. This was my favorite part “you have to listen with an English accent.” Blimey that was funny :)

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  10. Wheelie bin is okay. Although why anyone would want to combine drag racing and trash is beyond me. However that completely pales in the face of railroad turn tables and Niagara Falls ! How you could say both of those things without saying ‘slowly I turn’ is totally shocking. We can save the glass floors for another day. In fact we can skip them altogether. To borrow a phrase any day spent over the garden is better than a day spent over a glass floor. Hope the weather starts cooperating for you Dan.

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    • Thanks John. Actually, in order to move the bins, you do have to get them into a drag racing wheelie position. I like the term even better now. Being a fan of glass floors is not a requirement. If it were, I might lose my editor. I have to warn you, if you say Niagara Falls again, someone might beat you up.

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      • That would simply lead to another round. Threats like that would get someone inebriated. A word which after a few has bin wheelie harder and harder to say. In subsequent rounds everyone has to take turns as the designated Drax. And expand on concepts like metaphors and such. When the Oxford English dictionary surrenders we could cease and sober…

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  11. You had a great day, judging by the pictures. I like the woollybear. Although I’d never touch it. Or let it touch me. One like it walked on me when I was a child. I still remember the itching and the rashes.

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  12. ~pets Maddie~ Happy birthday, Faith! And: “David joined Faith and me”. Thank you. Bless you. Pardon me while I kiss your feet. I hate to listen to other people talk, because I never know when they’ll drop the “Whosis joined Whatsit and I” bomb.

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  13. The wheelie bin thing seems right to me. I didn’t question this at all, I don’t know if that’s from reading you or some English influence. We just call ours bins, but they’re wheelie.
    I like wings when I don’t have to cook them. And my favorites are from the Schwan’s truck and Hooters. Now and again I’ll do a tray of drums, but honestly, what a chore, and gone in 20 minutes, lol!
    i’m glad you got to see David and y’all had a good time :) And the falls!

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    • Thanks, I think the term is a good one. David and I have worked together since the late 90s. We were fortunate to be able to meet several times, including once in England.

      I like wings, but I would never make them. So much work and gone so soon, it’s just not worth it. I am a little picky about where I get them, because the ones at the bar are so good.

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  14. The dust man – actually sounds a lot better than the trash guy:) There’s still a little honor in dust – trash is just hopelessly throw away…
    Okay, I need to stop right here, otherwise I’ll start talking like you, and then there’s no end to the conversation!

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  15. Woohoo – pictures from the CN Tower! Nice.

    … but a railway turntable. Seriously – I didn’t know we had such a thing and I don’t recall ever seeing it. Curious … now I’m going to have to investigate!

    … and the glass floor. No. Just No. Can’t, and won’t.

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