Another Monday Mistake

Neighbor’s trees

I had a draft of a post for today. I opened it up on Saturday night, thinking I’d peck away at it while West Virginia (WVU) and Texas traded the lead back and forth in an important Big-12 Conference game. OK, important if you’re a fan of football or an alumnus of WVU or Texas. Yes, probably not so important for my average reader, but you know, we have to set the scene.

There I was, with my draft that was woven around a disappointing attempt to buy two new LED outside lights for our garage. At about the time WVU was losing 21-17, I started expanding on what was going to be a sideline (still in football mode) issue. I worked on that until the game was tied at 34. By the time WVU was given the ball back with a little over 2:30 left and down 41-34, I had a complete draft, but I didn’t like it. The draft was fine, but I realized I had written my way into the election tomorrow, and I really didn’t want to go there.

I tweaked a few things. As WVU scored a touchdown, bringing the score to 41-40, we were both 16 seconds and one point-after-kick away from overtime – WVU on the field in Austin and me in my comfy-chair in the family room. I didn’t want to start over, apparently, neither did WVU. In a gutsy move, WVU attempted a two-point conversion. As they won the game 42-41, I closed Word and saved that post for another day. Maybe when WVU plays Oklahoma.

I would normally start a new post today, but it’s sunny and I have concrete to mix and support brackets to install and an Irish Setter to walk. I think I’ll just share some pictures from those activities and be done with this post. Sorry for all the football stuff. If you are a fan, may your team win. If you’re not a fan, I hope you can find a good movie or a good book. If you’re planning to vote tomorrow, I hope you get there just as they’re opening up a fresh new line.

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    1. Thanks Roberta. Elections are important, but the subject seems to be so decisive that I just try to stay away from it. It’s not like I’m going to change anyone’s mind. I posted a completely random thought on Facebook the other day, and it started a political back and forth – I finally deleted the post.

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  1. I’m not a football fan, but hubby is so I know just enough to follow the progression of the game. I’ll be there to vote tomorrow but like you don’t want to ‘talk’ about it. :-) That photo of Maddie is perfect. :-) And, no comment on Sammy and his friends except to say that at 3 p.m. today I’m ‘paying’ a pest control company to assist me in encouraging Sammy’s extended family to move on.

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    1. Don’t send them southwest! We have enough. They were so sad looking in the rain. I don’t want them inside anything.

      I will be voting tomorrow, Judy, but I’m a fan of the “secret ballot” and I wish more people were.

      Maddie is funny. When we sit on the couch, I sit, propped up by those pillows. We joke that when she sits there, shes done with me. I think she likes the fact that it’s warm all around her.

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  2. Footbal.. LSU disappointed. Nick the devil. The Saints, however, made me so proud defeating the heretofore undefeated LA Rams. What a game! Your lights look nice. Concrete?I think my hubs has finally lost his enthusiasm for such things. Friday he cleaned out his little shed and donated a circular saw to the Salvation Army, the one entity apparently left in Georgia that will pick up used furniture. They wanted clothing so he managed a few bags of those as well. New bed, straight from the box. Clean room. Sweet dreams. Now if I could just find the right accessories…
    Love the airplane shot. Another manic Monday for me. I voted already-mailed it in. I’m actually phobic about voting in public places anymore. People be so mean. 😏😱

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    1. I watched the Saints v Rams game and I was so happy when they came back to win after LA looked like they were rolling. LSU was sad, but Alabama is the NCAA version of the Patriots – Every week, I root for my teams and against those two. I root against UConn, too, but it hardly seems necessary as they clinched their 8th losing season in a row, two games ago.

      I vote right after the polls open, so a lot of the mean people aren’t up yet (I think mean people are lazy).

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  3. Yay for WVU and one of its fans. I wish I had a happy football story from last night, but…

    What are you going to do with yourself when all of this work is done? I hope you don’t have Work Hard Withdrawal and find more time for the couch and to walk Maddie.

    Happy Monday, Dan.

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    1. I have plenty of other projects, but none that will be on a tight schedule. I think from this point forward, everything will be done when it’s done. The next big thing will be to find the interior of the garage and make room for two cars.

      Maddie gets her chances to walk, and to sit (we bought her a vest last year so we can sit on cold days). I am hoping that football continues into bowl season and January for the Steelers (February would be nice).

      So sorry about last night :-( I hope you have a great week, Mary!

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  4. Navy is stinking up the field this year. Army and AirForce got into a brawl after Army won….that is the extent of my football ‘knowledge.’ If Sammy Squirrel approves, you gotta be doing things right. Oh, Maddie–he means those WERE his pillows. :)

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  5. There is nothing quite like seeing the end of the project. And the satisfaction of getting it done. Which leads right into your comment about finding a draft post on the wrong track arriving at the wrong station. The opposite sense of un-satisfaction. Cue the Rolling Stones. I hope you have recovered from digging those post holes Dan.

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    1. Thanks John. I have a few more to dig, one for another Sonotube and two for some support posts under the ledger that will be anchored to the shop wall. It’s a unique kind of exercise that I’m not sure I appreciate any longer.

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  6. “Yo, Maddie, those are my pillows!”

    “Yo, Dan, they were your pillows!”

    Not a football fan, but your posts make the game more understandable to me.

    Really like that shot of the plane. The trees in your area are beautiful. I especially like the shot with the ‘neighbor’s dirty smoke’! We’re not enjoying much color here. Leaves are just falling off dead. 😢

    You’re right. You do look like a giraffe…..standing next to a very tall fire hydrant!!

    Happy Monday, and happy Voting Day.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    1. I love it how everyone here (and in our home) takes Maddie’s side in the battle for the comfy and warm end of the couch.

      I think I might start calling Maddie “Hydrant head.”

      I was so lucky with that picture of the plane. I knew what it was, from the sound, but was having a hard time figuring out where it was. I have long wanted to get a picture of them landing. I don’t normally see them take off, because we’re only in the takeoff path during storms.

      I hope you have a great week, Ginger. I’m hoping to take advantage of a couple nice days that are “currently” forecast for Wed/Thur.


  7. Hi Dan – love sport … but can’t get to grips with American football or whatever it is!! Maddie and couches are more my style … but helping around the garden and tidying up after ‘workmen’ I can do – good luck with the lovely day and getting things done – cheers Hilary

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  8. Your shadow does look like a giraffe. Major college ball fan but I am a SEC fan first. I like the way you wove it through your post. And in my house, I have also have to ask permission to use Mimi’s pillows, with the looks of disgust that I am given. They are special friends though.

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    1. I spent my freshman year at the University of Georgia, so I still hold a soft spot for the SEC. My other two schools cover the Big-12 and the ACC. Our MiMi has “her” blue blanket, and permission may be asked, but don’t expect it to be granted.

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      1. Our animals are so funny. Curious, what year were you at Ga. Wonder if we were there at the same time. I am a little older than you so probably not but I did go back a second time while my husband finished pharmacy school.

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          1. Well we were at UGA at the same time, I like WVU as well as I lived in Abingdon Va, for several years and got familiar with all the schools in that part of the country. I so prefer college ball over proball. Bur football is all good.

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            1. That’s cool! This is the first time I’ve “met” anyone with a connection to UGA. It only took one time seeing those RVs arriving Tuesday & Wednesday to realize the SEC football was a different animal.

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  9. Being the geek that I am, when I saw that tape measure reading about 42 inches, I though, gosh, how deep do footings around here have to be according to code? So I looked it up.

    Huh, 42 inches.

    How can that be? It’s colder here. Do you suppose the guy who wrote our codes was from out east? :) :) :)

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    1. I suspect it was just a case of New England not wanting to be outdone by a midwestern state. The actual depth here is probably 33″ Either that, of the frost lines in all states are determined by the Concrete Manufactures Association. Evidence for that lies in the fact that a 10-inch Sonotube requires 0.9 80# bags of concrete per foot. So, more than three bags, but not four to go 42″ – 3 bags exactly if going 33″.


  10. 1. I can’t believe CT has not banned burning. Yuck. 2. Does anyone but me care that the Texas coach called a timeout which was whistled after WVU scored the two points the first time? I thought that was over the top in terms of unsportsmanlike conduct. The second score served that jerk right. Super post, Dan.

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    1. Thanks John. CT has banned burning, umpteen years ago. This guy puts all manner of stuff into a wood stove he has in his garage. I’m taking pictures and I don’t think it will be long before I file a complaint with the Board of Health.

      I wasn’t sure of the timing on that timeout, but it was sour grapes and I was so glad Grier ran it in the second time – Take that!

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  11. There are trees outside our office like the ones in your neighbor’s yard. This past month they have been shedding. The place used to get all red, like some carpet. It was beautiful, astonishing, although a guy in the compound had to spend several hours cleaning up the place. He asked one morning why it was even necessary for him to sweep there. I told him it only happens in one month out of twelve and there are no other trees around that are so red. Nature loves colors and it is the master at working with them. I have wished human beings had been given real colors like birds or reptiles or insects. I thought of my boss coming to the office looking like an iguana and I couldn’t stop laughing.

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  12. Games of any sort can wreak havoc with a post, Dan. This I know and don’t ask how. :-) We had the awful game this weekend, the one where my original college team (Nebraska, didn’t go there but from the state which automatically makes me a fan) played Ohio State (my husband’s original college team and no, he didn’t go there, either, but grew up in Ohio and lived there until we moved to Illinois). The problem is that both teams can’t win, which is almost as bad as the games where we wish no one could win, which for us means any SEC teams and certain pro teams. :-) The Blackhawks are having a rough time now, too, so… At any rate, I sympathize and empathize and all that. As for voting, we’ve both already voted, but only once, contrary to many in the Chicago area. Ha!

    Happy Monday!



    1. Ha ha – friend on Facebook asked “where do you go to vote early?” And he gave the answer for his area. The he asked “where do you go to vote often?” And said Chicago.

      I feel the same way about Penn State. I didn’t even apply there but home state school. I can’t even muster up a good thought for UConn.


  13. Beautiful Autumn pictures, Dan. Since I’m not a football fan, I’ll skip that jazz and move on to the next. I’ll be really happy when this election is over with. The politicians have been brutal with volunteers going door to door and phone calls to the point we had to shut our phone off. Unbelievable! YAY for the gallery!! 🍁🍁🍁

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  14. Football. blah blah
    Numbers. blah blah
    Oh look! Leaves! :D Such a pretty autumn for y’all! And Maddie looks too comfy!
    That is really ironic about the weather. Don’t you wish you’d gotten the memo? “Beginning at 11:05 the sun will shine for two hours. Plan accordingly.” I always wish I got the memo!

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  15. Sometimes drafts of posts drift askew. I recently noted that I have almost a dozen of them in my draft folder right now. I have neither the time, energy, or interest to revisit any of them so they stay there hidden in the dark.

    In the meantime, 42″ to get below the frost line?!! I wonder how much more – if any – it is here …. and whether this likely explains our leaning fence 😕

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    1. Leaning is usually due to surface frost moving in from one direction or wind. I only know that as a result of our building inspector making me use larger diameter piers for a porch we added on.

      I have enough drafts to last a lifetime, if i was unblinded to open them.


      1. We have prevailing westerly winds and it’s the west side of the fence that gives us chronic problems. Gilles has come to the same conclusion that we need larger piers … that will be version 3.0 of our fence. I guess that’s not so bad after 25+ years.

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  16. The images are great. I love the color of trees in the pictures. I’m sure they look better in real. Sometimes images don’t do justice to what we see in reality.

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  17. I dearly loved this, and totally understood trying to write with watching football, especially WVU football. So how is it that the wind and rain, much like Noah’s ark for the past forty days, you have any leaves left, and some color? We just lost it all.

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            1. We can take them to the brush dump or bag them and put them at the curb. My wife doesn’t like mulching the ones in the back, because the neighbor’s trees are oak, and the leaves are acidic. So, blow, rake, bag. It’s not too bad, it’s a tiny yard.

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