Leftover Northside Doors – #ThursdayDoors

I really like this one.

A quick look at the forecast image below will tell most of my readers what I was planning for Wednesday and Thursday. That forecast has been the same since Monday, so I’ve been scrambling to catch up with reading blogs and getting posts ready for what I hope will be two days full of construction activity. My sense of urgency is bolstered by the presence of the S-word in Friday’s outlook.

Wednesday and Thursday it is!

Without time to seek out new doors or do much in  way of research, I’m falling back on the family tradition from my childhood and serving up some leftovers. Today’s doors are from Pittsburgh’s northside neighborhood. Some are within the area of the Mexican War Streets, others are from nearby and one that might be my favorite, is from a U-turn I had to make – nothing new for me.

To help you head in the right direction, follow this link to the door extravaganza that is Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors. Each week, Norm invites people from around the world to publish their favorite doors of the week. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s worth a few minutes looking around at some beautiful doors. After you check out Norm’s doors, click the little blue frog for entrance into the gallery.

That’s it for me. The sun is out and I need to get some soffit and siding on the wall above my garage door.


  1. You had me so curious with u-turn and that red patina and mural
    Was worth turning around for…
    And I like the tall and slender one – but very cool to see more of Pittsburgh’s does, bricks, and neighborhoods

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  2. Incredible photos, Dan. Your photojournalism has changed how I look at neighborhoods when I travel. I particularly like the last photo – amazing!

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  3. You go, go, go, go, go! I hope you can get it all wrapped up before the white stuff falls. They’re calling for the same here this weekend and it looks like it might stay too.
    That red door at the end was certainly worth making the u-turn for. Fun stuff :-)

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    • Thanks Norm. I don’t think we’re going to see serious snow for a while. I can scrape the driveway and dust the cars. I’ll get them into the garage over Thanksgiving weekend, The snow blower is ready to go. The bigger concern is that the leaves aren’t done falling, and the leaf dump closes the first weekend of December.


  4. What a great collection of doors, archways and brickwork. It’s sad to see the buildings that are in disrepair, but most are maintained beautifully. The HipCo building with its well-worn door is great. I like that the Randyland door says ‘happiness’. That about sums up that area.

    I’m glad MiMi and MuMu got their two cents worth in….that black and white building is a beauty.

    Hope you get to accomplish all you have planned for today. Yesterday we hit 65. Right now it’s 22! Rain again tomorrow. Mother Nature needs to get a grip!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. Sorry to take so long getting back to you. Yesterday was a long day, I worked outside during the day and then had a business event to attend at night. In general, these buildings are fairly well maintained. The painting alone would drive me nuts (it’s why I’m installing vinyl siding).

      Wednesday and Thursday were nice warm days. Cool, with rain coming today, The weekend looks like a mixed bag, but I’ll take any day that’s not a work day.

      HipCo and Randyland are the standout winners for me.


  5. Good thing you had to make the u-turn, Dan. This is such an attractive neighborhood and your photos showcased it wonderfully. Good luck getting everything done. We have a snowflake in the forecast for tomorrow, but we’ll see how that goes. I still need to clean up the yard. Sigh.


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  6. Hi Dan – good to see the left overs … I hope there was some left over cake to sustain you which you fixed the soffit and siding … and achieved a reasonable amount while the weather is holding … cheers Hilary

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  7. The colors really caught my eye today. My favorite is the church archway and door, with honourable mentions for 411-love the wreaths, 500, 318, and 942 I think it is. That door frame is lovely.
    I hope you get everything done before the dreaded S word!

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    • Thanks Deborah. I think the colors are so attractive. I don’t want to think about painting, but I like the results. I think I will beat the significant snow, but we might have a few flurries before I’m done.

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  8. Like the first red narrow house with the tan door, and the other with the black door! Your childhood area have brightly colored houses, no wonder you write the same way:):) Have fun doing carpentry stuff!

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  9. Randyland is super happy, plus yellow :D Also like the church door with arch/gate.
    I really like the northside you’ve shared. It looks like my kinda place.
    We’re supposed to get some snow tomorrow. I don’t mind. I wish I’d planted more bulbs though. Sigh.

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  10. While visiting PA this fall, we enjoyed seeing the different architectural styles so this post brought a smile. :-) After last night’s Steelers game, you’re probably energized to do that construction work. I’m hoping everything goes just as planned so Mother Nature doesn’t interrupt your schedule for completion. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. That game certainly was easy to take. Not like the more typical ones that have us biting our nails into the last two minutes. I think I’ll get this wrapped-up before Mother Nature unleashes her nasty stuff. I’m glad you enjoyed this.

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  11. Dan, really loved these but it reminds me of the difficulties I had trying to bring an overseas readership up to speed on my tour of a Sydney Street. That’s also part of the fun because you extend yourself and get insights into parts of the world you’ll never visit.
    I entered Mexican War Streets into Google expecting something of a no go zone (especially after all of Trump’s rhetoric against Mexico) and was quite surprised. Many of the streets where I live are named after European battles…Nelson, Trafalgar, Dardanelles, Gallipoli. Nearby we also have a series of fish streets…Snapper, Bream, Flathead. One of my friend’s in-laws were moving to the area and wanted to move in a “fish street”. It sounded quite funny.
    I doubt you’ll be surprised but the red one at the end is my favourite. I also really liked the yellow one right at the start.
    Best wishes,

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