Storing and Sharing Pictures

“Monday? I’m not ready to wake up yet.”

It’s been over a year since I uploaded a photo to Flickr. Prior to September 2017, I was a fairly regular contributor to that photo-sharing platform. I had, and I still have i.e. I still pay for, a Pro account, but it’s been quiet at my place. That may be changing, but I’m not sure it will matter to most folks here. However, there is something in this post might matter to some of you. I’ll try to get to the point quickly.

I stopped contributing to Flickr after Verizon bought the photo-sharing service from Yahoo and announced their rather curious terms of service. I may have been wrong, but it seemed Verizon was saying that any photos I shared ‘publicly’ on Flickr could be used by them, or their partners, without asking permission, without attributing the photo to me and, of course without paying me. They could do that forever – I made my account private, and since nobody was there to see my pictures, I stopped sharing.

Later on, I read the legal-ish opinion of a few folks who suggested that if you only shared photos with specific people, they wouldn’t be considered ‘public’ photos. I studied those terms and conditions, and it did seem that if I only shared with ‘friends and family’ I was safe. Still, it had been months since I had uploaded anything, and I didn’t trust Verizon.

Now, Flickr has been purchased by SmugMug, an even older photo-sharing site, which seems to be more in tune with photographers, including us amateurs, but I’m not sure what I’m going do.

I like having my photos on Flickr so I can search for them by keywords.

I like that SmugMug gives its Pro member unlimited storage – that makes Flickr a great place to back up my photos.

I like being able to find and share a photo quickly from a mobile device if someone asks, but

For all intents and purposes, Flickr is another social platform. It takes time to be on Flickr and I’m not sure I have the time.

Most of my social contacts see my photos here on this blog.

What’s a boy to do?

I’ll let you know.

In the meantime, here’s the point I was getting to. I did open an Instagram account as No Facilities. I don’t plan on sharing photos on Instagram (I don’t trust Facebook), but I’d like to see some of your pictures. So, if you have an Instagram account, and you like having people follow you, please let me know how I can find you. You can leave a message in a comment, or you can email “noFacilities at gmail dot com.” I won’t make any promises about how often I might get there, but I’d like to give it a try.

As for my photos in today’s gallery, it’s just the usual suspects. I hope you have a great week.

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  1. Consider a watermark prior to displaying. You have to protect your personal creativity and ownership of created products (photos in this case). Perhaps see if you can run that legalese past a trusted friend who knows about this stuff.
    I’ve been gone for a few years but I am back. So glad to see you are still actively creating on your blog.

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    1. Thanks (and welcome back). I use a small watermark on the photos I use here,m but they are also low resolution. I liked storing the full-res photos on Flickr. I may give the watermark some thought, although unless it’s fairly obvious, it’s easy to crop away. I might just keep it private.

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      1. Private is always a good option. In the world of ‘breaches of personal information’ and rampant forms of identity theft, you really can’t be too careful with things you own, etc. Good luck…let us know how you solved this dilemma…


  2. Oh, I do wish I lived just one state closer so we could have a Saturday beer and talk social media. :-) I’m not on Flickr, but a gardening friend who is a fantastic photographer is, and he allows me to go on his account and pull photos for the Master Gardener blog. I just drag them off whenever I want them, but I do give him credit. :-) I’m on Instagram, NewEnglandGardenAndThread, and post once in a while. I also manage an account for Master Gardeners, NHSCMGA, and I load more info and better photos there. Again, I have a couple of blogging friends who have given me permission to use their photos, and I give them credit. I like Instagram, at least the gardening folks, because no one talks politics or weather. :-) I LOVE the Maddie puppy shot, and the front of the garage, hidden panel and all, looks terrific. Great job.

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    1. Thanks Judy. I know some of my pictures were harvested from Flickr, because I saw stats where I had thousands of views in a short period of time. I like being able to access them. I have a personal storage drive that is accessible over the Internet, but there’s no search feature. I’m taking a vacation day today to jump on the long east wall. Wish me luck.

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  3. I can’t even begin to describe the state of mess my photos currently are in. I know I need to organize, but just haven’t had the time. It’s going to take a lot of time…

    Cutie pie baby Maddie! Thanks for that!

    You can find me on Instagram as Mary J. Giese. Happy Monday, Dan!

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    1. Thanks Mary. Facebook keeps reminding me about Maddie’s early days. She used to love to eat sticks. Our yard was never as clear as it was those first couple of years. My photos are also a mess. I keep saying “I’ll get these organized and upload them” but…

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  4. I love your pictures of the sun gently kissing the trees and the close up of the rain drops. And of course of Maddie! i do have an Instagram account but I’m still trying to figure it out. I only have one post cuz I can’t figure out how I did it! Silly me. I am Pread768.

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  5. You have such great autumns. Puppy Maddie grew up into a beauty! Your finished project looks great. After the weekend in the 40-50’s, it is a downpour today. Needless to say, no pretty leaves for us!

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  6. it seemed Verizon was saying that any photos I shared ‘publicly’ on Flickr could be used by them, or their partners, without asking permission, without attributing the photo to me and, of course without paying me.

    And they wonder why the word “corporate” has become an obscenity.

    Granted it is a business and they are offering a rather expensive service for free, but it would not take long to devise a model that is a lot more customer friendly.

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  7. Puppy Maddie helping you with the yard work by ‘picking up’ the twigs. What a sweetheart. And big girl Maddie is trying to point out to you that the leaf you’re trying to photograph is the same color as her. Jeez Dan, like Pam’s post today, sometimes the obvious has to be pointed out!! 🙄😂😂

    Beautiful shots of the sun filtering through trees. And raindrops… the raindrops.

    Garage looks fantastic. Hope you make a lot of headway on the remaining wall. It’s sunny right now, but mighty cold. You must be excited to be nearing the finish line!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    1. Puppy Maddie loved to eat sticks. We had to pick up every twig in the yard, Ginger. She drove us crazy 🙂

      I do tend to miss the obvious at times, what can I say?

      I am halfway up the long wall. I might not finish today, but I’ll get close. I am excited to see the finish line. Thanks for your support.


  8. Dan, I am on Instagram at Picture_retirement. Please check out my account and follow if you like. Is your concern more about storage, accessibility or copyright infringement?

    If it is storage, then any external device will keep your RAW or Jpeg images safe,(you already know that) but might not provide the accessibility you want. Instagram provides limited accessibility (based on what you post of course) I post what I consider to be my favorite photos there and keep the discards in folders on my external hard drive and backups on Shutterfly. Also, I don’t wipe my SD disc until I am sure I don’t need the images anymore. Many of my ‘pro photographer’ friends use Lightroom for editing and storage. You might want to check that out. Apparently it is wonderful for organizing files.

    Your images will be low resolution on Instagram, and cannot be reproduced for commercial use (you know that also), but can be shared and reposted, (sometimes without credit). For the most part, people are pretty respectful of giving credit. I have even had a few requests to repost, which I happily consented to. My thoughts on watermarking photographs is that since I am not a professional photographer and do not take photographs to supplement my income they are up for grabs when I post them on social media. My ‘pro’ friends feel very differently about that, and have copyright protected websites that showcase their work. They also never post more than just a small sample of their work on social media, which they use for advertising purposes. Those images are protected with watermarks that prevent the image from being cropped for use.

    Bottom line, it is a multi-dimensional task to accomplish storage, accessibility and copyright protection for your images. How much time you want to devote is entirely a personal thing. I personally don’t care if someone grabs a photo that I have taken without permission or without giving credit. I post my photographs to make people smile and share a bit joy in this sometimes dreary world. It is not a ‘loss’ to me when someone takes an image without permission. It is however, extremely gratifying to have my photographs appreciated and an added bonus when someone actually asks for permission to use.

    I am a sucker for fall and love the photos you posted today. You made it hard to choose a favorite, but I am leaning towards the single leaf with the water droplets.

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    1. Thank you so much, Suzanne for all the information. I do use Lightroom, but I’ve been more interested in it for editing than organization. I might reconsider that.

      I use a Western Digital MyCloud device for backup storage. It does allow access over the Internet, but it doesn’t provide any search or tagging capabilities. In short, it’s great if I remember when I took a picture I want to use. I like Flickr because it lets me tag and comment and then search on those terms. Unfortunately, I have much backfilling to do .

      I don’t mind sharing my photos. I’ve given permission every time when asked, but I’m not happy when not asked. I had an incident about 5 months ago when someone used one of my images, suggesting that it was their own. I asked them to remove it, and they did. That’s when I started adding the meager copyright notice. I know it’s not effective, but I felt better.

      40+ years in the tech field leads me to believe that better personal storage options are, or soon will be available. Microsoft offers a lot of storage space with an Office365 subscription. We use it effectively at work, but I haven’t explored what I might do with it personally. So much to consider.

      Thanks again!

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  9. The colour palette of the leaves! Absolutely gorgeous. Maddie’s blending in beautifully with the scenery. I’ve given up on Facebook and Instagram. I removed all of my photos from my Instagram account. Removed all followers too except family and made it private. Facebook is for blogging groups only. I don’t post there anymore. I think my blog and Twitter will be it for a while.

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    1. I understand Melissa. I have reduced Facebook to a few groups and a few friends who use it almost exclusively. I tend to stay out of the general fray. I don’t post anything that might be co-opted into the many polarized threads that reoccur without end.

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  10. Haystack – that seems to be the main feature of many software platforms these days. Once a photo or any other document is uploaded somehow it becomes a needle that one way or another is very difficult to manage. I will be following your discussion on the imaging software. However I am not overly optimistic. I did a quick pass through a couple of weeks back and opted to wait. For various reasons they all seemed to fall into the junk heap of choices.
    Good luck with that long wall. I hope you beat the weather.

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  11. Flickr. I’ve been a member of Flickr for a long time. I started paying for the “pro” account several months after uploading images there for space, and no ads.

    Flickr started messing with the algorithms which made it harder to find things like my groups, and about that time another photo sharing site came along and it was all about community and missing that hundreds if not thousands of people fled Flickr. Then Verison bought Flickr. I had high hopes, but like you didn’t like their TOS so made all my images Friends and Family only, and did a whole lot of weeding removing a lot of my images from the site.
    The communities I follow have become photo dumping groups with little to no conversation anymore. I rarely upload images there and have become an absentee member this last year myself.

    I nearly didn’t renew my paid membership last year, but since I was “Grandfathered” in and paying the original price for all these years I did renew.

    Now, that Flickr has a new owner the TOS is changing again, and my Grandfathered price will not be offered anymore. Which doubles the price I’ve been paying and reduces the amount of storage I would get. I don’t need the space for backup as I have several backup storage solutions at home and one cloud-based service.

    I’ve done further weeding of images there, and am now under the 1000 maximum that will be allowed for “free” accounts. I’ve never uploaded full res size images so I wasn’t a storage hog, and stealing my images was less attractive because one would only get a 2in X 3in or so sized image if downloaded. I’ve always watermarked my images. If one wants my little image that badly they’re going to have to work to remove my watermark and strip my metadata.

    So, I’m leaning toward not renewing my paid membership when I come due in the Spring. I spend most of my time here on WordPress following bloggers and sharing my images here. If I’m going to upgrade and spend double the price I would rather upgrade my blog and gain more space, and a few other things.

    Hopefully, like me, you don’t come up for renewal for a while so you have time to think about it.

    I love your fall colors! They’re so red/orange and vibrant.

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  12. P.S. Oh I forgot to say that I am on Instagram and share some more family images, and stuff not seen here there, but it’s owned by Facebook so I went private there keeping my images out of public viewing keeps them from using them is how I understand their TOS. I could be wrong, but that’s how I am set up over there now.

    Just hit the follow button which sends me a notice and I’ll add you if you want to follow me there. I’m dmzajac2004 over there. I found you and followed you.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I have until next May to decide whether or not to renew. I’m going to explore other options. Like you, I’d rather put the $50 toward a better storage plan with WordPress. I get much more traction here than I ever did on Flickr.

      I have storage, including cloud and Internet accessible local storage, but I am looking for a better option for organizing images so they are easier to find by subject.

      The fall colors here have been a mixed bag. It’s never been a full blown display, but we’ve had very nice pockets of brilliance.

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  13. Hi Dan – thanks for this and then the comments add useful information. Good to read re FlickR, Instamgram, FB et al … at the moment I keep to myself! Cheers Hilary

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  14. Well yay! IG and here are pretty much the only places I share photos.
    I had my own photo program related nightmare last night. After weeks of editing wedding photos and 48 hours this weekend putting together a wedding book using photos in my Mac, when I tried to finush and order the book I found out you can no longer order these products through Apple and I needed another App for that. The real kicker? They don’t share info so I will have to start all over from scratch with the book. 😩😱

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  15. Thanks for the discussion, Dan. I have a 1 Terabyte external drive and 30G worth of photos. I’m trying to get them moved off my MAC and onto the drive but seem to be having difficulty. I have not thought about a social media solution yet. Lovely shot of little Maddie.

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    1. Thanks John. I have an external hard drive, and I can access it remotely, but the organization is weak (my fault). It doesn’t help that this (organizing files) is what I do for a living. This feels a lot like work.

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  16. Ugh. I just became a Flickr Pro member a few months back. Before that, I just had the free membership. I don’t really use it for photo storage as I have a separate hard drive for that, but I do like having people view and comment on my photos. Which is why I’m now also a member of YouPic (which I also pay for). Both sites are probably pointless as pretty much every photo there has also been published on my WordPress blog. I’ve never considered Instagram, but if everyone else is going that route, maybe I should, too. I’ll be interested in seeing what the rest of you do.

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    1. Thanks CM – these are not easy things to figure out. As people have bailed from one platform or another, I want to find a way to follow people and find a home for my images that I can access from anywhere and any device.


  17. I use Instagram so that I can get pictures of my grand kids from my youngest son. My oldest son is on Facebook. I just started using Instagram so there is not much there but if you care to see it – jimjulric1


  18. I was on Instagram for a very short time before you mentioned the issue of using photos without permission issue. I got off and haven’t been back. I know some of my photos have been put up for sale, as a fellow blogger mentioned it when he said he’d seen some of his, too. Not much you can do, that’s for sure. Even with a watermark or a copyright notice that no one can crop off, how can you get them to take them off? Legal action is too costly. Privacy is no more and neither are ethics in too many places


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    1. I guess we’ve given up most of our privacy. I can understand that. The lack of ethics disappoints me, but there’s very little I can do about it. I found one image that had been used without permission and I asked that they take it down. They did. I would have gladly given permission – if they had asked. Thanks for joining the discussion, Janet.


  19. I don’t even know if I like the trees or baby Maddie most — all so beautiful. Really some remarkable shots in there.
    I am no good at pictures and even I have had one stolen (to my knowledge) on Instagram. Last week, I saw Front Door Project’s photo on another site and I was so mad I coulda spit. I immediately unfollowed and wondered if all the photos were stolen. It happens. Like plagiarism.
    Still, I’m jolenemottern and I’d be happy to let you into my Instaworld. :)

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    1. Thanks. Here I am complaining about photo sharing places, but posting the pictures of Maddie that Facebook is reminding me about from five years ago.

      I don’t know what it is with people who steal other peoples’ pictures. It sees weird to me. I mean, what if someone asked you about it?

      I’ll look you up on IG when I make my way out there.

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  20. I share (auto post) my pics to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram (occasionally) as advised to do. My use of social media is only to promote my pics. So far with zero results. It’s been a few years now. I’m thinking of dropping most of it soon. I never liked Flicker so never used it much. I love the community at WordPress. I don’t chat on Facebook or other places.

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    1. It’s funny, I had/have a lot of people who don’t seem to like Flickr. It’s one of the reasons I’m reluctant to keep paying to maintain a presence there. I share my blog posts (along with their photos) on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Facebook keeps reducing the exposure they give my page, in the hope that I will buy some exposure from them – fat chance of that happening. Thanks for adding to the conversation.


  21. I am a sporadic contributor to Instagram with 2 accounts – @blaze002 and @wiserocks. I started the second account to document the rocks I was painting and leaving on various trails in hopes that when people found them they would come to my account and tell me. So far … no 😏

    I deliberately didn’t setup my IG account as My Life Lived Full since I intended it to be completely separate. I don’t think I’ve ever used a photo on my blog that I posted on IG. My rationale was that if people follow me on both platforms, I could at least have different content on both.

    My feelings about social media in general swing wildly from one direction to the other. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder why I bother.

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  22. I’ve never heard of SmugMug, but if it allows photographers to feel more comfortable about sharing their photos, I’m all for it. I used to love to surf thru Flickr, it was relaxing… in a way that Instagram has never been for me.

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    1. I do still follow several people on Flickr, but only two of the people I follow have been posting on a regular basis. I’m not sure if I feel better or worse about SmugMug owning Flickr – I guess I really miss the early days.

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  23. Aww…so cute, puppy Maddie! Not into photo sharing on a big scale. Instagram for families & select friends, and an iPhone family sharing group. Keeping up with more takes time away from writing, and reading blog posts. Have a great week, Dan 📚🎶 Christine

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  24. Dan, the only social media I do is WP. That’s it. I don’t like FB. I don’t like IG. And to make you feel a bit better regarding your decision with Verizon …. true story coming now. LOL Hubby and I are in the middle of changing all our Wi-Fi over to hardwire. We are convinced the Wi-Fi is interfering with our health and that of our babies. In doing the switch over, we are no longer going to be a Verizon customer, everything going under one company for internet, phone, Roku. When Verizon found out what we were doing, they played hardball. We at the moment can only make outgoing calls on our land phone. All incoming calls are blocked. That is Verizon’s way of making sure we know they are All Powerful. Do ya feel better now? You really don’t wanna know the words in my head right now. 😂

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  25. I know I replied to this post, Dan. It was at work so maybe it didn’t send properly. It is such a dilemma about photos. G+ going out is a dilemma also for a lot of people. For me, all my photos were on my PC as well so no problem. My recent issue with photo programming was with Apple discontinuing their project program without letting me know until AFTER I finished the wedding book and was attempting to purchase it. First they said I needed to update my Mac OS. Then I had to research to find out I had to add another project app which Apple doesn’t converse with so….must start over. Sigh. So glad to connect with you on IG.
    Puppy Maddie is so adorable. 😊

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  26. I used to protect my photos but it was frustrating…not that my photos are anything to shake a stick at. Now I say anyone can use those on WordPress but give me credit. Some do. Most don’t. They pop up in a lot of places around the world. I just have to let it go.

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  27. Great post….I have a hard drive back-up for my photography and those I share on social media have a watermark that is plenty obvious. Having said that anyone can download my shots and crop the watermark out….lower resolution than my originals, but heck…if someone wants to go to all that trouble…whatever….Instragram as kirttisdale….love your pics!!

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    1. Thanks Kirt. That’s kind of the approach I’m taking here. I have a watermark but it would be easy to crop away. I figure it will just remind someone of what they’re doing. I liked having high-res images on Flickr, but I can access them from a MyCloud device that I use for backup. I get more views here than I ever did on Flickr, so I might just drop that and put the money toward more space with WordPress.

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  28. I’m always a big fan of the images you click. If you are visiting Instagram you can find me and Sarah @travelindiadestinations. I don’t post too many pictures on my IG account but I keep it rolling.

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