What He Said – #1LinerWeds

Have you ever been in a situation where someone is being a loud-mouth jerk and you want to say something but what you’re thinking of saying would likely make matters worse? I was in such a situation last Thursday, but fortunately, another man wanted to say something and came up with the right thing.

If you read Saturday’s post, you can skip this paragraph. If you didn’t read it, or if you don’t remember, here’s the backstory in a nutshell. AMTRAK was having issues. It was snowing, and it was cold. Almost 200 passengers were waiting on the platform in New Haven, CT for a train that the station announcer had said we should be boarding but which was not at the platform.

As will happen in situations like this, there was one guy who simply couldn’t keep his mouth shut. “How can four inches of snow stop a train?” “I was supposed to be in Hartford at nine o’clock.” And, of course, “This is what’s wrong with America.”

This guy had arrived on the latest train from New York. About 75 people had arrived an hour earlier and another 75, me included, had arrived an hour before that – on a train that was itself an hour late. We were in no mood.

Just as the buffoon was expounding on the state of mass transit in America and why our tax dollars would be better spent adding more lanes to the impossibly crowded I-95, a large man walked over to him. The large man looked at the buffoon and said:

“YOU are NOT helping!”

That was all he said, but it was enough. Loudmouth Lester sulked over behind the soda machines and remained quiet.

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.

Today’s gallery has a few pictures of the recent garage project progress and a few of the usual suspects.


  1. Perhaps, it more about the guy’s size than the words. I LOVE BIG PEOPLE when they’re speaking to bullies and loudmouths. Often times it’s just their size that shuts up the bullies and shit-stirrer uppers. The most amazing thing…most the time they don’t even realize they’re heroes!

    The Blue Jay, long barn in the snow and squirrel are lovely!

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    • Thanks Deborah. You’re probably right. It was such a welcome gesture. Everyone near me just cringed when the guy started with “this is what’s wrong…”

      The blue jays are so fast, and they can spot a peanut from so far away, it’s truly amazing. Even when I set them up, pre-focus, and toss a peanut when no squirrels are near, all I ever get is a blue burr.


  2. Hahahahaha….thanks for the laughs , Dan. I guess that’s a hint from Maddie. So cute. The gargar is looking so awesome! Congrats. I always say good people need to speak up. It isn’t being the same as the obnoxious ones if one doesn’t stoop to their tactics. People are getting off the chain more and more and everyone is an ‘expert’ on what’s wrong with America. Trouble is, I don’t see that most of what those folks say, do or want is making a positive difference. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Happy Friday! 👏🏻

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    • Thanks GP. You know, I used to do this for a living. I could rarely charge what it was worth. I see contractors work around here, and I see the shortcuts they take, but I know it’s about price. Even on my own place, I think about the little things I add that cost a lot, but are necessary (in my mind). The necessary things in the Editor’s mind sail through the budget process ;-)

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      • Of what I’ve seen over the years, FL construction is the worst. I once rented a house and noticed a wall was “off”. I measured and sure enough – 6 inches off!!!


  3. The garage is looking good and so is MuMu with her latest brushing.

    Bravo to the big guy who didn’t have to say much, but said it all. I would not want to work with Mr. Negative Nelly Loudmouth if that’s how he handles any situation that goes awry. It’s easy being negative about life, but it’s more rewarding showing a positive side in the face of adversity.

    Give the furry ones a pet (or brush) from me and have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Dan.

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    • Thanks Mary. The big guy did us all a big favor, and handled it well.

      MuMu has been brushed. Maddie took me out. The basement family room is warm for MiMi, and I might get cars in the garage today. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Remember to feed Gibbs & Ziva.

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  4. Looking good and glad you got that buttoned up because it is getting cold in our neck of the woods this week. Here’s hoping you have a few more workable days, but if you have to shut down for the year, you’ve got to be happy with the results of your hard work. :-) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Dan.

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    • Thanks Judy. I’ve been working at putting tools away, dismantling work surfaces and tossing stuff in the skip so we can get cars in the garage and the driveway clear. I’ve pre-cut and left the material for the deck and the wall by my shop entrance. I should get to that, but either way, I am happy.

      Tomorrow is going to be a winter wake-up call. I’m glad all I have to do is eat.

      I hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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  5. I love the one-liner! Size and chutzpah help in these situations, if nothing else, the big guy made a lot of admirers. Thank you for the photo journey and the Connecticut memories. :)

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    • The squirrels were out yesterday to remind me that it’s going to be cold (although they look like they have a healthy “coat” to keep them warm. I think we’ll be ready. Stay warm.


  6. LOL – did you clap, I would’ve clapped…maybe not, but I would’ve wanted to clap for the large man! Great photos too – you’ve been busy like the squirrels and soon you’ll be able to rest and look out the window in admiration of all your hard work! Enjoy the holidays, cheers to you!

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  7. Good for that man! I’m sure everyone felt like giving him a standing ovation, especially as you were probably all already standing. The garage is looking great and I love the black squirrels! In Cleveland, we had what I always thought of as typical brown ones. Here we seem to have more grey.

    I’ll probably see you tomorrow for Thursday Doors, but happy Thanksgiving anyway.


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  8. Let’s hear it for the big guy! Those loudmouth people…..I so have to bite my tongue. You need to start trading mail delivery for peanuts–those squirrels are so darn cute. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Dan.

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    • Thanks Lois. The squirrels are too darn cute. We just hope they don’t figure out how to close that door from the inside. It’s a mailbox, not a condo. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  9. Perfect. Sometimes — no, most times — someone needs to step up and tell the loudmouth complainers that their very vocal complaints are unwelcome. I’m betting the blood pressure of everybody within earshot dropped ten points!

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  10. I’m with Shelley, it would have been the perfect touch if you all had clapped! Hats off to the big guy. If you see him again, ask him if he would deliver his one-liner to Trump!

    Great shots of Hartford, squirrels and that bluejay. How can something so beautiful be so nasty!!

    Glad MuMu got her brushing. She’s probably purring away now. And Maddie with her turkey (stuffed, no less!) is priceless. Dan, that turkey is smiling because he won’t be in your oven tomorrow!! Lol.

    Kudos on the garage! Looks fantastic! Man, you know how to meet a deadline! 😄

    Wishing you and The Editor and Faith and your other three girls a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy a day of shared love, warmth, laughter, and of course, good food.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks so much Ginger. There’s one more but if garage to do, but I could easily let that go until spring if the weather stays nasty.

      It’s funny when Maddie picks the right toy. One day, when I was going to the dentist, she brought her stuffed pliers.

      I gave the big fellow a (real) thumbs up. He could give that message to a lot of people.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


  11. “This is what’s wrong with America.”

    Holy Moly, I thought we had more problems than 4 inches of snow. If that is all there is wrong with America, it seem like a pretty easy fix. Someone ought to get right on it. :)

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  12. Good for him! It’s disgraceful how many adults need a little refresher course in the life lessons of Bambi: “If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” Not every situation requires commentary, and if you have nothing helpful to say, just keep your trap shut.

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  13. Am chuckling! It’s kind of a “what to do” situation, to decide if you need to be the one confronting (which no one want to do, unless it’s getting abusive), or just walk away. You were “saved by the bell” (meaning the one who spoke up) :):)
    If I don’t make it tomorrow – a happy Thanksgiving with your family!

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  14. And snap, back to reality! Cheers to the big guy. And that’s why I take a book with me everywhere I go. If I am stuck waiting, might as well enjoy myself. Or otherwise I might become the mouthy one.

    That blue jay picture could be a post card. Nice gallery today.

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  15. Hi Dan – people! Ah well … it takes all sorts to make a world … and glad it brought out some laughter – oh! oh! I see it didn’t … I’d have been laughing – totally irritated at the situation, but laughing at the scenario. I notice your critters are all puffed up … so it must be cold. Take care and good luck with this week – Maddie looks to be in the right place – warm and cuddly … cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. It’s 11°f (-11.7°c) here this morning. A bit unusual for this early in the season. Not much moving around outside.

      I gave the big guy a thumbs-up, and I smiled. You never know with people.


  16. This was a good one. I’m amazed to hear such stories happening in the USA. Otherwise we normally hear that USA is a Promised Land. A similar incident happened with me while I was commuting early morning. The train was delayed 10 minutes and it was a busy Monday or Tuesday I can’t remember correctly. Our local trains don’t have automatic doors so many commuters hang themselves on the foot board. This guy leaning on the door is probably pissed with the delay and the rush hour. So, as soon as he boards the train he rants about the usual delay. No one close to him is interested in what he has to say because Monday delays are quite normal. Suddenly, this guy looks at me and acts if he is talking to me. He goes on and on until I decide to take control of the situation. So, I’m like – ‘I’m not interested in what you have to say’. And he is like – ‘I’m not talking to you’. So I replied – ‘Really? Then who are you talking to?’ He sees around and then he goes silent. He gets down at the next stop and changes the compartment to avoid embarrassment.

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    • When it comes to rail transportation, I think we are the third-world country. It’s so sad. Our rail system could be so much better, if we spent a tiny fraction of what we spend on roads, on railroads.

      People who complain, as if there suffering is special, really are annoying. I’ve said things to them in the past, but this guy said the best thing ever.


      • In Mumbai, the Western Suburban Railway is infamous for its crowd. It is true that the railway authorities don’t manage it well. However, that is only because I see my comfort. If I switch sides and think from the authorities point of view I would have tough time managing 500 trains per day that carry 3.5 million passengers per day. That is a commendable job to do.

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    • Exactly! What if the last train had been cancelled instead of being 40 minutes late? 500 feet to the north, just outside the station, there were people who had nowhere to sleep that night. Life’s little miseries just don’t stack up.

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  17. Happy Thanksgiving , Dan , to you and yours ! I think it’s just chance luck that Loudmouth didn’t come back with some nasty retort . The big guy’s comment was perfectly descriptive and neutral — and it shut the guy up . One problem solved ! Good story.

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    • It was the perfect thing to say, Kirt, and it worked. The garage is mostly done. the only thing that remains is the entrance to my shop, and I may not get to it until spring, unless Mother Nature gets warm and fuzzy.

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        • We don’t usually get much snow in November, Kirt. This one seems to have caught everyone by surprise. I always forget about the mudslide danger after the fires. It’s sad enough to read about the devastation of the fires. I hope it doesn’t get much worse.

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          • I have lived through tornadoes, earthquakes and massive brush fires….brush fires by far are the worst natural disasters. Horrific is the only word to describe them. I give you some of them are started by man, but most are a natural occurrence. I remember reading about massive brush fires in the midwest back in the 1800’s…part of nature..lightening strikes and miles of open prairie with dead grass (before all of the farming, etc). Most of California is the same…dry brush and all it takes is one spark….

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