Winter Weight – #SoCS

It’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the US, but Linda G. Hill is in Canada, so no leftovers from her. She served up a fresh Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt that might be hard to swallow:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘digest.’ Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be concerned about my health.

“Did you get those cars in the garage?”

“I did, yesterday.”

“Now what?”

“Huh? Now what, what?”

“Well, you’ve been getting quite a bit of exercise on these projects. Now that they’re done, what’s next for you?”

“I guess I’ll have to walk the dog more often.”

“Or spread out until spring.”

“Well, if it becomes necessary, we have Bud Light on tap and Miller Lite in bottles. I wouldn’t recommend either one, but it’s a free country.”

“Thanks Cheryl. I’ll stick with Corona, if you don’t mind helping her find a lime.”

“And the weight watcher?”

“Bourbon has fewer calories than wine.”

“But you have to add in the seltzer.”

“I thought seltzer was calorie-free.”

“I’ve been giving you tonic water. It has about 125 calories per glass.”

“I never knew. I’ll take the regular setup, Cheryl, calories and all.”

“I’ll be right back.”

“Did you know there were calories in tonic water? Oh, what do you know, you drink beer.”

“I also drink seltzer, and I did know about tonic water. I don’t like the taste – quinine, but it helps prevent malaria – so you got that going for you.”

“Thanks. So, back to your winter challenge. How do you plan to stay at what I’m guessing is a historic low weight?”

“Historic low? Not even close.”

“I don’t remember you looking thinner than this. What are you, about one-eighty-five?”

“One-ninety. On the last big construction project, I got down to one-seventy-five.”

“Wow, so that’s the lower limit.”

“Nope, in high school, I was this tall and one-twenty-five. I was one-thirty-five when I got married.”

“That’s impossible.”

“Here’s your Corona, Dan. One-thirty-five? If you dropped to that weigh, I’d butter that lime before shoving it in.”

“Seriously, you must have looked anemic.”

“Ironically, I was anemic, as a child.”

“You want some cod liver oil with that beer?

“No thanks Cheryl, I had enough of that by the time I was five to last a lifetime.”

“OK, so what are your plans for staying at one-ninety?”

“I like to walk, and we have an exercise bike.”

“Owning it doesn’t help. You actually have to ride it.”

“I know, and I do.”

“You should join my gym.”

“No thanks.”

“Why not, it’s on your way to work. You could workout for an hour, shower, dress and be off.”

“That would bring back too many memories from junior high.”

“Is that what we call middle school?”

“Yes, but I doubt your fancy name made the experience any better.”

“Nobody at the gym is going to make you climb the rope, and we have individual showers.”

“I’ll stick with the bike at home.”

“Exercising at home instead of a gym is like reading Reader’s Digest instead of going to the library.”

“That’s a bit harsh.”

“It’s true. Both leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished something but only one really counts.”

“That’s absurd. Exercise is exercise.”

“And stress is stress. I don’t like the stress of the gym.”

“Stress? Cheryl, what stress?”

“Anywhere you have people in a hurry, doing something they don’t really want to do, you have stress. You might as well go to DMV.”

“I think I agree with her. I’ll stick to exercising at home.”

“And stopping at Dunkin Donuts on the way to work?”

“If it’s raining or too cold, otherwise, three of us walk over around eight o’clock.”

“How far is that?”

“Round-trip, it’s about a mile.”

“Maybe enough for the coffee, but that won’t offset the donut.”

“You boys still at this? I hesitate to ask if you want any food.”

“I’m still working on a pile of leftovers, Cheryl. I’ll skip the wings today.”

“I understand, especially if there’s leftover pie.”

“There is – pecan.”

“Oh my. Understood. You want another round before you head out for that pie?”

“I do.”

“We do.”

“By the way, some days I just get coffee. No donut.”

“Are those the days you stop for breakfast?”


I promised a couple of people that I’d include pictures of Maddie today. And, since I’ve been cleaning the garage, that’s about all I have been able to snap.


  1. I think tonic water is just perfect…when gin is added. :-) Congratulations on getting your projects done, although I’m pretty sure there will be more. I don’t see you as the type of person who can just sit around. Good luck walking off the doughnut, though. :-)

    Enjoy the weekend!


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  2. Whooo boy, do I agree with that gym/DMV comment. I’ve gone through several periods in my life when I hit the gym regularly — never quite to the gym rat level but enough so that it felt weird if I skipped. Now that I’m older (ahem! wiser) I just can’t seem to drag myself back into such a hurry-up-and-sweat setting. Too stressful for me, thanks.

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    • I did the gym thing once. We lived just outside the center of town and I could walk there, in my sweats and walk home and shower. I don’t like it before work, because, once I’m up, I just want to get to work and get on with the day.

      And you are wiser, not the O-thing.


  3. Overeating and exercise…..neither one is fun! But they will go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly forever!

    Tonic water! Ewwwwww. Should be a law against it.

    LOVE Maddie’s ‘selfie’. How cute she is looking at the phone in Faith’s hand, probably wondering, “Is this some new kind of treat?” I like the photos of naked trees against the sky. So stark yet beautiful. Then Maddie rolling over and stretching…..makes me want to cuddle with her. Of course, that would make Murphy VERY jealous! 😄

    Hope your weekend is stress free with lots of fun surprises and that you and Maddie get enough walks in so you can enjoy a donut (or two!) without having to use the exercise bike!!
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. You have to thank Judy, today, as I forgot to add the Maddie pictures to this post.

      Maddie and I have been for our walk – our freezing cold walk – and she is back on her couch. I’m not sure if I worked off a piece of pie, but that’s going to happen. I have a few leaves to rake, so…

      Give Murphy a scritch from all of us, and I hope you have a great weekend.


  4. Haha! Maddiiiiie.
    I do not like the workout gym. Not with her and not with him.
    I do not like it with free wipes, cuz someone always quips and snipes.
    I do not like it on a bike. I’d much prefer a hilly hike.
    I do not like the gym, so grim.
    I do not like the treadmill grind and sweat marks on the bench I find.
    Not even with a mini fan. I do not like it, Dan the Man. 😜
    PS You surely get your workout, Mr. Toolman. Just don’t you worry about it.
    Funny, hubs just had the tonic water/quinine discussion at my son’s house on Thanksgiving. As if those millenial darlings care a fig….

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  5. Life including the ingesting and exercising parts is a series of adjustments. Which between projects and Maddie walks you have well in hand. Back when I was a Scout leader I learned that recommended calorie counts were on the bell curve. So when we did winter tent camping you need to eat more because your body burned more energy to keep warm being outside all day and night. The adjustment of activity bell curve to epicurean delight bell curve is not always precise. So I try not to worry too much about the extra doughnut to exercise balance. That is as long as the scale does not compress too much when I occasionally check the status of the balancing act. And seeing as they ask my weight every two or so weeks when I donate platelets it seems to be working out. Hmmm working out could be the next SOCS word after digest… neat pics Dan. And do stick with the Corona. Friends don’t let friends drink light. Walking towards the light is one thing. Drinking light is a totally different thing.


  6. I’m wondering…would Maddie give you up in a hot minute for Faith? :-)

    I do go to the gym…ummm, I mean I try to go. I know I need to because I don’t have room for an indoor bike and I can’t make myself work out at home. But I’m really not a fan. I’d rather go to yoga or be on my bike or take a walk. Walking is good for you, Dan, and Maddie will appreciate it as long as it’s not -20F outside.

    This Thanksgiving was one of my favorites due to family (mom), good friends and FOOD. With eating gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb and sugar, having stuffing, a little bit of mac and cheese, and a cherry tart was like I died and went to heaven. So good! I think it satisfied a few cravings that allowed me to get back on track for now.

    I can’t imagine you being as skinny as you were. When I was a lightweight, I was around 125-130 and I’m probably about 6-7″ shorter than you. I think the 190 mark is a good weight as long as you can wear off the donuts and beer. ;-)


    • Maddie would / has given me up in a hot minute for Faith. Maddie’s favorite day of the year is when my wife took me to Urgent Care for stitches and Faith cape over to give her her meds and then sat outside with her. Maddie was like “can we do this every day?”

      I’m glad you enjoyed the fellowship and the treats of the day and I’m glad the polar express passed to the east of you. That was a new record for us.

      I was so skinny but I could not gain weight. I ate like a pig, but nothing would stick. I’d like to be 180-185 but I seem to be able to stay at 190-195 without too much effort.


    • I think shivering and just being outside in that cold burns calories. It was too cold, too early. I’m ready for that in January, but not November. Sometimes, when Maddie stretches, she pushes my legs right off the couch. I guess as long as she’s comfortable. The only difference in my mind between the gym and DMV is that I’m required to go to DMV every 4-6 years. Thanks, and have a great rest of the weekend.

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  7. Congrats on finishing your construction project. I’m guessing this is one you’re happy to see in the rearview mirror. You’re entitled to enjoy all the pie you like – at least for a few more days 🙂

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    • Thanks Joanne. I still have some work remaining, but it can wait, unless we get a warm snap. I am very happy to have enough room in the garage for our cars, and I’ll be happy if we get the skip out of the driveway before it snows again. I’ll make that call on Monday.

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  8. Maddie is totally beautiful! Love the happy and the “Is Faith here yet?” pics!
    Pecan pie. MMM. A thing I don’t make because I’m the only one who likes it, which is why I will be buying one in the coming week, cause I am a good person who deserves pecan pie made by someone else and cause I do go to the gym… although I don’t work hard enough to lose any weight. You know what I like about the gym? It measures my heart rate and so when it gets up there and anxiety says we’re dying, I show anxiety the heart monitor and it stops. Still, I’m not a gym person, even though I go. They have a pool. I’m not a pool person, either, but until the Y is like, ‘Here’s our climate controlled lake!’ ooh, or saltwater pool. (I’m a fan.)
    Now seltzer, that definitely keeps the weight off me, because you know I’d rather have sugary soda. Seltzer <3 Not tonic water *shakes head*

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    • You do deserve a pecan pie. When I was in physical therapy, I had to use the “fitness center” in several hotels while I traveled. It was the worst experience ever. The people who gym while traveling tend to be gym rats. There I was doing specific exercises with light weight dumbbells while these guys were grunting away with adult weights.

      I drink seltzer because it helps calm my stomach. That seems counter-intuitive but it does.

      Maddie would prefer if Faith just came and sat with her all day. We could leave, she wouldn’t mind at all.

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  9. Congrats on the project! I hate diets and need to loose a lot of weight. Gained when I was flat on my back for three months. I’ve about given up. I put weight on slowly and lost is slowly. But we are making a commitment to try one more time and so we will see. And I hate gyms too… Even more so now that they ahve the news on verywhere.


  10. Do you worry about calories before you eat? I have never been that person ever. In fact, I’m so skinny my friend’s trainer told me Sharukh you are free to eat anything. Put on some weight man. I was 47 kilos before 2011 and post marriage I’m 57 kilos. My doctor doesn’t feel that is enough but I certainly feel the change. I have survived on Pepsi, Coca Cola, burgers, pizzas, pastries, candies, and fritters for more than 7 years and I was still 47 kilos.


  11. I hear ya on the weight loss, Dan. I’ll think of you as I gain back the seven pounds I lost as I contended with huge contention in my life. All that has settled down thank goodness. Exercise. I can go to the gym any time I want to but I don’t wanna anymore. I’d rather do some floor exercises at home and go outdoors to walk and hike. Does heavy housecleaning count for exercise? Try lugging around a 40 pound shampooer to shampoo rugs. Good to hear your project is done. Now you need some R&R (do ya know what that is?) and some hearty home cooked meals. LOVED the pictures of Maddie. She is such a beautiful girl.

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  12. My exercise routine doesn’t change with the seasons. Because I have some minor problems with balance, I do all my exercise within my home no matter what the weather is. I don’t do that much anyway. I walk from the end of the hall to the end of the living room and back again 15 times twice a day. It keeps my legs toned and is a great energy boost.

    As for my diet, I try to stick to one serving of whatever I’m eating [1 to 1 1/2 cup].

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    • I’m laughing. I could do the one serving thing, but not a measured serving. I try to walk whenever I can. I take the stairs at work. We walk for coffee, and I’ll walk the pup when I’m home in the morning. I do ride the exercise bike in the winter, and I keep riding until I can replace it with outside activity.

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  13. There was still pie!

    I loved the last answer. 😉

    I started buying Diet Tonic water when I read the nutrition label on a regular bottle and saw there were as many calories as soda in it.

    I bet Maddie is disappointed that Mt. Maddie isn’t a Mt yet, but it’s coming I’m sure.

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    • Thanks Deborah. I was surprised to find calories in tonic water. Maddie is disappointed because we moved the bench off of her patio. We haven’t started putting her vest on yet, do we’re only sitting with her on warm days. She is getting walked, do that should work.

      Pie and breakfast are weaknesses, for sure. Fortunately, we don’t have pie very often.

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      • I was surprised too. I mean it’s water. Water doesn’t have calories right? Apparently not with Tonic water!

        Poor Maddie moving the bench can’t be good she thinks. I hope she completely forgets about the bench when the snow comes in earnest and her mount begins to grow! I’m looking forward to seeing her beautiful red hair adorned with snow and ice, and her chasing her frisbee, and ball all over the yard, and up and down Mt. Maddie.

        I marvel every year at her ability to handle the cold and wet stuff! She’s an amazing dog. Pretty too. 😃

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        • It’s funny. The patio had been overgrown, and I was late putting the bench back out this year. One day, I weed-whacked the grass growing around the pavers and set the bench, and she was full-on “oooh we’re going to sit!”

          Last year, she was less interested in playing in the snow, and more interested in sitting near Mt. Maddie. We’ll see how it goes. We’ve been noticing that she seems to be affected more by the cold this year than in the past. We do have that vest for her, soon enough, we’ll be out there.

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