But You Haven’t Had My… – #SoCS

Welcome back to the bar. Linda has given us a challenge today for Stream of Consciousness Saturday that is making me shudder a bit. Here’s the prompt:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘musical.’ Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!”

OK, let’s see how much fun we can have.

If we were having a beer, Christmas parties would be all the rage.

“Welcome and Merry Christmas my young friend.”

“Welcome, indeed, but, it seems a little early for Merry Christmas.”

“I know, but we had an office Christmas, I’m sorry, “hol-i-day” party yesterday and I’m still in the spirit.”

“It’s OK, you can say ‘Christmas’ in here, or anything else that you celebrate. What can I get you boys to drink?”

“Cheryl. You can bring my young friend a Corona, and you can bring me a glass of bourbon.”

“I’ll send a Corona out to find her lime while I work on the bourbon ensemble.”

“So, what about you? Does your office have a hol… Christmas party?”

“We do. Actually, we did, last night.”

“Last night?”

“Yes, we went to that new steakhouse downtown.”

“Pricey affair.”

“Probably. It’s not in my budget. Where did you have your office party?”

“In my office.”

“So… not-so-pricey affair.”

“On the contrary, it was catered, and we all brought something special to share.”

“All? I thought it was just you and your partner.”

“We share the cost of a part-time assistant.”

“Oh, ok then. What did all of you bring?”

“My partner brought a variety of Christmas cookies. Maria brought candied bacon, and I made sushi.”

“Here’s your bourbon, your Corona, candied bacon? That sounds good.”

“Ha! You put two cherries in my bourbon, Cheryl.”

“You said you were in a festive mood.”

“Thank you, I like that,”

“You’re welcome. Now, did you bring any of that bacon to share?

“Sadly, no. But, if I have to say so myself, the sushi was the best thing at the table.”

“I like sushi, but I’d take the bacon.”

“What about you, young man? Bacon or sushi?”

“A) I’d take bacon over anything and B) I don’t like sushi.”

“You haven’t had my sushi.”

“I haven’t had Cheryl’s grits either, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like them.”

“But you said you would try them (and if you try them, you will like them). Here’s your seltzer and your ice.”

“You put cherries in my seltzer, too – and even one in my ice!”

“Since you’re not getting any love for your sushi, I thought I’d try to cheer you up.”

“Thanks, Cheryl. But I don’t understand why would he promise to try your grits and not my sushi.”

“You’d have to ask him.”

“I hate when you do that. He/him – I – am right here.”

“Did you agree to try her grits?”

“If I ever have the opportunity, yes.”

“But not my sushi?”

“I don’t like sushi.”

“You don’t like grits, either! Up until a few weeks ago, you didn’t like chickpeas, but now you’re taking two orders of chickpea salad home with you every week.”

“One order is for my wife.”

“But one order is for you. Why the open mind for some things but not others?”

“I spent a year in Georgia, I’ve had grits. I grew up eating chickpeas and I’ve tried sushi. It is possible that someone could make better grits than I’ve ever had…”

“…that someone – would – be – me.”

“Yes, Cheryl, I’m sure. It’s also possible someone could prepare chickpeas in a way that I might enjoy. In fact, this place does.”

“So, then it stands to reason…”

“…No! No it does not! No one can do anything with raw fish that will make me want to eat it.”

“What if Cheryl made the sushi?”

“I wouldn’t eat it.”

“OK, I feel a little less discriminated against.”

“Exactly, it’s not you, it’s me.”

“I’m guessing you both heard that line a few times. You boys want any food today?”

“I have too many leftovers from yesterday.”

“Mmm, day-old raw fish, what do they call that? Oh yeah, bait. I had breakfast at Allegro, but I’ll take some wings to go, Cheryl.”

“With fries and chickpea salad at the end?”

“Yes please.”

“Another round while you wait?”

“Of course.”

“For your information, my day-old sushi will be very tasty.”

“I’m sure.”

“OK, here’s your beer, and another splash of bourbon for you. Anything else?”

“Yes, Cheryl. Can you check the book and make sure that my reservation is in there for next Tuesday?”

“I know it is Dan, but that’s because we had to play musical chairs with a really large group – do you think you guys could sit here in the bar?”

“Would you be our hostess?”

“I would be!”

“Then we’ll be happy to sit in the bar.”

“Reservations? To sit in the bar? What’s going on here?”

“I bring my staff here for Christmas.”

“Now that’s a good idea. Maybe I’ll do that next year.”

“And deprive them of your sushi?”

“Truth be told, I’m the only one who ate any. I’m pretty sick of it.”

“Not fans of raw fish in general, or just yours?”

“They filled up on candied bacon.”

And, since my buddy is always looking for a good bourbon to try, I think he and you should check out Cheryl’s tribute to Angel’s Envy. Today’s gallery is critters (mostly MiMi).


  1. I don’t eat ‘bait’ either. I’ve tried it, and I know I don’t like it. Grits with enough cheese and some peppers are pretty darn good, and I’d always eat the bacon. But, now, I need to know what is in the hot dog bun alongside your hamburger. It looks interesting, but I can’t figure out what it is. :-) I’m with Cox – those pets have your number, and it is a direct line. :-)

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  2. I’ve tried to like sushi, California Rolls are ok. As for candied bacon, if it’s on/in something I’ll eat it, I guess. BUT bourbon and beer, I can honestly say I like. As do I like your pics of your pets. Cuteness.

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  3. Well, I will read this again later to get all lathered up over candied bacon and sushi. We had our ‘holiday’ party last night and it was really fun but lots of grrat food, includingan amazing dessert table. Then we had a few more rounds in the Battery afterwards so my tummy is refusing to consider sushi right now. But, yeah, I’m a huge fan. But not just amy old sushi, not from the grocery or 7-Eleven. Seems everyone tries to get in on the act. We have a local place with the best host/owner. He is determined to turn hubby around by giving him pseudo-sushi, you know with crab salad (whitefish) avocado and boiled shrimp on top. It’s so tasty and he will eat one piece, but it turns out to be a yummy appetizer for me. Lol. I prefer my bacon salty, no chocolate or sugar, but crumbled candied bacon is ok on my salad. I can make grits that will change your mind….just sayin’…😉

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    • I was pretty sure I had your thoughts on grits correct. I hope I get the chance someday. As written, I would try them if offered, but I’m officially done trying sushi. I’ve never tried the low-end of the sushi market (gas station brand). I’ve had what I was told was “the best in this area” and, unfortunately, I tried a piece at a conference social hour. I took it before I knew what it was. I tried to be polite, but it ended in the trash.

      We had our holiday party last night. Traditional steakhouse fare. It was a good time and very good food.

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    • I’m sure my buddy’s sushi is good (for sushi) but I won’t be trying it. These knuckleheads do keep up the chatter, and it always seems to be within a few themes – what I need to do next (brush, walk, sit, feed) or where I need to be (not where I am).

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  4. “Mmm, day-old raw fish, what do they call that? Oh yeah, bait.” Cracking up!! I won’t even eat cooked fish!!

    The “kids” are in rare form today. Maddie seems determined to keep you in place, holding you down with her head and leg. MiMi and MuMu are competing for your attention. Even the squirrel! But, sadly, I think he’s much more interested in the peanuts Dan!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hi! to the Editor and Faith.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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    • Thanks Ginger. It’s almost warm enough for Maddie’s and my walk. MuMu has been brushed and MiMi has played a short round of ‘little foam ball’ which ended when she bapped it under the couch.

      I think I’m having pizza today – no fish on that, either. Have a good weekend!


  5. Let me see if my musical education got all of them: ensemble, Allegro, musical, bar, staff. Any other words I missed, Dan? I admit I had to read this several times to understand what in the heck you were doing but I think I caught on eventually. My Dad tried to teach me how to play the piano. I wasn’t a fan of his playing so I wasn’t a very good student. But I do remember some things about music. How did I do?

    And MiMi is just precious. LOVED your gallery today!!

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  6. I’ve tried really hard to like sushi and it just doesn’t work for me. Same with goat cheese. But you’ve got me interested in chickpea salad. I bet it would be good with chopped veggies and strong spices.

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    • That is how they make this, JoAnna. They use really small chickpeas and add fine chopped onions and peppers. My wife made it and added carrots and corn. I’m not a fan of soft cheeses of any sort. At least we know what we like.

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  7. You went a long way here but I have to say my brain kinda got stuck at candied bacon. What do you candy it in? What do you eat it with? Is it sticky or greasy or long pieces or chips…? You see what my brain did.
    As for sushi, I was firmly (!!) anti- until this year when I finally managed to try a California roll and loved it. “Real” sushi lovers tell me that doesn’t count but it’s all I’ve got. ;)

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    • Ha! You’re farther along than I am. I’ve had bacon candied with maple syrup and with pepper and brown sugar. Both were good. They were served in whole strips, although you could certainly crumble over a salad. You know, if you want to eat less bacon.


  8. Good one! I don’t much like sushi. Definitely not a fan of raw fish, but I’d try it. I’ve had veg sushi. My objection is to the seaweed. It doesn’t chew. It just wads up and goes down in one big fishy bolus. Gag.

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  9. Horsefeathers, this post made me hungry, Dan. Loved the critter feature. MuMu is irresistible.
    I must have been channeling you this morning — cut 2 fingers. Dang hard to type with bandages.
    Grits are good. Especially with a handful of cheese.
    Don’t diss grits. ;) Hugs.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sorry about making you hungry. I usually write these during lunch. Sorry, too about the cuts. I hope those heal quick. I’ve gotten lots of support for grits with cheese. Maybe someday. MuMu says thanks but she mentioned that she hadn’t been brushed.

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    • I loved this, Teagan. I moved down here to Florida from NJ. We don’t have grits up north. My first time with grits, I started to sprinkle sugar on them. My new Southern friends were aghast–‘Put down the sugar and no one gets hurt.’ Cheese and butter are the only way to go. Lesson learned. Although I am still not a big grits fan…..

      Liked by 3 people

    • This always happens, Kirt. I write these after I’ve eaten my lunch but I read them the next day. Working at home and sharing a space with MiMi gave me lots of opportunities to observe her antics.

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  10. The signature dish at one of our seafood restaurants is Shrimp and Grits. I hear it is very good. Ya know…..nothing bugs me more than when you tell someone you don’t like a particular food and they come back with, “Well, you would if you had mine.” No. Just no. MiMi’s captions are a riot! How long are planning to ‘work’ here? Hahah! She is onto you, Dan. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. It is storming so bad here, they cancelled the downtown Christmas Parade. That is some kinda storm…..

    Liked by 2 people

    • Wow, your weather seems to be chaotic lately, Lois. Working with MiMi sitting above me all day was interesting. The captions seem to reflect her mood. I have had grits, and I can imagine they might be good with shrimp. I think I might try that. I can’t imagine sushi of any sort being something I want to eat.


    • Ha ha – yes, that is Scooter’s “Classic Cheeseburger” single patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo on a toasted bun. It’s one of the best burgers around here – simple but very tasty.


  11. I’m a bit concerned that the only time I seem to catch up with you is in the bar. I do not have a problem…

    When my kids were young, if it was their birthday and they could choose any takeaway they wanted, they would always choose sushi. Now the Middle Son is studying Japanese at university and the Youngest Son is currently on a school trip to Japan.

    I also love sushi. Sorry.

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    • Don’t be sorry. If you love it, that’s great. I have tried, but it hasn’t happened. I’m sure you sons are enjoying some very good sushi now.

      As for only catching up at the bar, it is a good place for that. I appreciate visits whenever and wherever.

      I also like ‘take away’ better than our ‘take out’.

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  12. I’m laughing at Lois’s comment about having to add cheese and butter to her grits, per rules of the south. I guess I’d make all southerners aghast since I can’t really eat either. Or maybe I’d just skip them so no one got hurt.

    Thanks for so many photos of the kitty-kat girls. They are so cute…and you need to brush MuMu more often.

    Regarding the bacon and sushi, I love both and probably would have eaten both. That also made me wonder if bacon could be incorporated into sushi and sure enough, you can!
    https://www.buzzfeed.com/emofly/wait-meat-sushi-is-just-mini-meatloaf OR

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    • Ha ha – combinations are all the rage. One of my friends on Facebook looked at the pictures and asked if I’ve ever had a hotdog and a hamburger on the same bun. Of course I have, and since I had it in Pittsburgh, they were both topped with fries. At that point, you could have tossed sushi in there and I probably wouldn’t have noticed.

      MuMu hasn’t been brushed in the same universe where Gibbs hasn’t been fed. She’s been brushed, Maddie has been walked and MiMi has been allowed into the basement family room – home to her little blue blanket – all is well.


  13. MuMu has the sweetest face! Honestly, I’d brush her and brush her so she’d look at me with that sweet face! MiMi and Maddie are also very sweet, but I think you got MuMu in that Puss n’ Boots look.
    I’ve loved sushi since the first time I had it – 1985 and I was 12- my father threw a party. I thought it was the most amazing food ever, and then pined for it between opportunities to eat it! As an adult, I sadly learned it would not be a viable daily meal option for my budget, hah! The Mister did not eat sushi until we moved to Georgia. Raw fish was gross he said. Disgusting, Unsanitary, Bait, Cat Food. And then he tried it and he loves it. There are many things he eats now that he did not eat before. That being said, there are plenty of things he still doesn’t like.
    I love grits, some better than others. I do not like cream of wheat. This doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t matter.
    People like what they like :)

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    • I know several people whose young children love sushi. I just can’t but you’re right, we like what we like. I’m with the pre-sushi Mister.

      You could brush MuMu all day long. Seriously, the cat cries to be brushed right after she’s been brushed. She runs down the hall in the middle of the night if she hears me go to the bathroom. I come out and she’s all Rrrrrrooooooowll. Sometimes it’s cute, but she can be annoying.

      I tried grits in Georgia, in the cafeteria (which you would expect to be bad). In every late night diner after drinking where the waitress would brush away my “please, no grits” with “aw, honey, you hafta have grits.” and, at the homes of a few people who assured me that “you’d like my mamma’s grits.” I’ve also tried and do not like Polenta – the Italian grits made from yellow corn.

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  14. This was a MiMi special day!! Loved it. Love her!! Love your captions 😆

    I’ve never had grits. I’ve never had candied bacon either – but it sounds just wrong.
    I love sushi and raw oysters … but the thought of eating a hot dog makes my stomach roll little.
    To each their own 🙂

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  15. Musical chairs was a perfect way to use the word –
    And grits – chickpea salad and sushi and limes in corona with splashes of bourbon

    Good thing I am not hungry or thirsty, D!
    And Christmas is all the rage wherever I go this week – it is upon us

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I kinda like sushi, but I need it with lots of sauce punched up with wasabi and scallions, and a single piece of sushi is all I need. There are so many other things on the menu I’d rather eat thank you.

    Grits. I love them with butter and sugar, not plain or with gravy. I blame my mom. That’s the only way she could get us to eat them when we were kids, and now it the only way I like them. Candied bacon! I’d eat that too.

    Lastly, I like a sunny window. MiMi has the right idea!

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