Maybe Next Year

So many people were lost tthis year.

I know, I know, it’s the last day of 2018 and I’m supposed to recap the year that was and ponder the year to come. I’m not going to do that. OK? You see, at work, I’ve been busy annualizing my 2019 budget, writing a list of accomplishments and explaining the things that should have been accomplished but weren’t. I’ve also been articulating a plan for the next several years and clearing that with the folks who will be left behind to implement that plan. A review of 2018 here would feel like work – I come here to avoid that, so I will.

I was planning a somewhat lengthy post about what didn’t happen in 2018. I don’t feel like writing that either, but I can share the list:

I didn’t buy a new car like I thought I was going to. That ended up being a mistake, as my current car required some costly end-of-the-year repairs that could have been someone else’s to make.

The Pirates, Penguins and Steelers didn’t make me exceedingly happy, but I remain a fan of all of them. That goes for the Pitt Panthers and the WVU Mountaineers, as well.

We didn’t achieve world peace, solve the problems with race relations, immigration, student loans or address pay equity and other respect issues regarding women. And despite how well they keep telling us the economy is performing, there seem to be a lot of poor/nearly poor people in this country.

On the lighter side, MuMu wasn’t brushed often enough, Maddie didn’t walk or sit enough and MiMi did NOT get enough sleep.

On a positive note, the squirrels did not starve, and the US did not impose tariffs on Mexican beer.

In the ‘technically-correct-but…’ category, I did not fall of the roof I was replacing. I did fall off a ladder that slid down the side of my workshop. I wasn’t hurt, and although the ladder knocked another ladder and some staging into the spot where the Editor had been standing; she escaped unharmed. We enter 2019 with high praise for our guardian angels and promise to try to give them an easier year.

Deleted from the list in May was the fact that I didn’t need emergency medical treatment. Six stitches took care of that claim.

I did not fly on Southwest Airlines in 2018. They treated me badly in 2017 and I vowed to boycott their airline for a year, if possible. I managed to find lower fares on other airlines, and I happily took the train to their east coast hub city of Baltimore. Take that SWA.

As for 2019, I’m not planning to change anything here at No Facilities. I will enter the next chapter of my career in November, but I don’t have comprehensive plans at this point. Let’s just say, I don’t think I’ll be bored. Since my travel schedule will be limited by comparison to previous years, my only flight on Southwest might be so that I can use my frequent flier miles before they expire.


  1. Here is a suggestion for 2020 – re-open a cabinet shop but enjoy yourself and sell anything that sells. If necessary, work your way through New Yankee Workshop, one episode at a time. Wish I could do that but I am “stuck” in an apartment – boo!!!

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  2. Wow. That was a close call for both of you. Someone earned their wings this year. 😉 many things on your list mirror my own. May 2019 surprise us with miracles. I love that ladt shot the most! Happy New Year! 🎊

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  3. Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, Dan! If I started photographing my cats I would never stop. Although, I MAY be including more pictures of them in my 2019 posts. There is something about when you see an animal, your Heart just goes ohhhhhhh ……. BIG (((HUGS))) 💝💝💝

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  4. I think this is the perfect year end post! Great shots featuring lights and reflections. But the last photo is awesome.

    Maddie, you know I love you and can’t get enough pictures of you, but today the last picture of MiMi wins the blue ribbon….tongue and teeth included!! Too cute!

    Gotta say, the photo of the “ladder fiasco” is a bit scary. So glad no one got hurt. Pwhew!! Close call Dan. I don’t know when the Editor’s birthday is, but you might want to consider giving her a suit of protective armor to wear when she’s helping you with your projects! Just sayin……..!! 😂😂

    Wishing you and yours the very best New Year ever. Hope you each see at least one dream come true in 2019. Happy New Year! 🎉🎊🍺🍷🎊🎉
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks so much Ginger. The odd thing is that the Editor wasn’t helping with that job, she had just come out to see if I was getting ready to call it a day. I was, and that was going to be the last of about 3 dozen trips down that ladder. We were both lucky.

      MiMi regularly wins the cute prize around our place, at least on the inside. There are a couple of squirrels that give her a run for the money, but we don’t tell her.

      Retirement has long been an elusive dream. It will take almost the entire year to get there, but it’s coming in 2019.

      Happy New Year.


  5. Judging by all the ladders and the tumbled plank might I suggest you construct Rube Goldberg like toys in your workshop ? Something that captures a poured Corona without spilling it ? Glad to hear the Editor was not injured in this experiment. And that other than your pride you were also unscathed. Hope you have a happy new year Dan. Pace yourself for November. One day at a time so the transition is a smooth one. And if you get desperate take up something like knitting or kibitzing to keep you busy. You know something that will work up a thirst and allow you time to plan your next workshop project.

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    • Thanks John. I think kibitzing sounds like a worthwhile endeavor. I’ve been practicing lately on Saturdays. We were lucky to escape shaken but not stirred, as it were. I was even more careful from that point forward, and I think the days of my hire wire acts will be fewer and fewer going forward.

      Here’s wishing yo ua wonderful new year!

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  6. Nice recap. Yes, I do recall the tasks of recalling the accomplishments at the end of year and planning for the upcoming one. Those were the days and now it’s great to just reflect rather than list. Happy and safe 2019. 🙂

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  7. So glad nothing is changing at No Facilities. The year in review is great. Your furry buddies…..never fail to crack me up. Poor MuMu–no brushing in like forever!!! Get with the program, Dan! :) Happy New Year…and may November arrive quickly for you.

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    • Thanks Lois. I know you have a soft spot for MuMu, but she tends to exaggerate (in the extreme). I think the bridge instructions for 2019 are along the lines of “steady as she goes” or the modern equivalent. I hope you enjoy a peaceful and happy transition to the new year.

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  8. This coming year should be a happy countdown to retirement for you. Lots to accomplish and finish up at work and lots to plan for when you finally hang up that work hat. Curious about Southwest…

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    • Thanks Annie. You can read a little bit about the Southwest thing here – – basically, my experience with them has been they are great when things go well, but when there’s a problem, they aren’t as responsive as other airlines.

      In any case, my need to fly is being greatly reduced starting later this year. I think I’ll focus on putting a few more miles in the bank with Delta, since that’s likely the only airline I need to fly in retirement (to visit my brother).

      I hope you have a happy new year’s holiday and a wonderful 2019.

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  9. “And despite how well they keep telling us the economy is performing, there seem to be a lot of poor/nearly poor people in this country.”

    I agree with this so much, Dan. I get annoyed with people who proclaim on their FB page that the country s doing great because their 401K is doing great. Meanwhile, as the poor and homeless stand in line for a hot meal and perhaps a word of encouragement…
    Those comments have been silent as the stock market has become volatile and although I am also affected, it makes me chuckle and go “Ha! Take that!” at the FB commenters.

    On the lighter side…yeah, not the year for college or pro football here either. The Brewers gave us something to cheer about and I will think positive for their 2019 season and perhaps a trip to the World Series.

    Poor MiMi, MuMu and Maddie. So much time, so little love. Gibbs and Ziva send their sympathy.

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    • Thanks Mary. I do get frustrated with everyone talking about how good things are going. I tend to avoid those conversations when I can.

      Football ends today for me when Pitt plays Stanford. I could use a win, but not expecting one. Hockey and baseball will fill the gap until August. The Pirates play the Brewers 19 times (same division) so we have some jabbing in our future.

      The girls appreciate the support from Gibbs and Ziva. I’ll try to do better next year.

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  10. Happy New Years , Dan ! Have a serene , productive , and happy new year . Don’t feel that you need to do all of the things you didn’t do in 2018—— but world peace would be nice if you think of it and can somehow manage that .

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    • Thanks Dan. I’m doing my part for world peace. I haven’t declared war on or invaded any country in years. There was that spat with Canada over the price of Labatt Blue, but we came to an understanding (I’m now drinking Corona).

      Happy New Year.


    • I don’t have many opportunities to fly United, and from what my friends tell me, I’m not sad about that, Jan. Yes, not falling off anything would be an improvement – I’ll aim to be less specific next year. I hope you have a wonderful new year.


  11. Happy new year, Dan! I’m so happy that you care for the squirrels. I’m so happy that you love animals. One day I will tell you how a dog I didn’t even know saved me from a bad client. The funny thing was: that dog reminded me of your Maddie–that’s why she drew my attention–except she was white with dark patches and rings around the neck and tail and legs. Her face was just like Maddie’s. I say “was” because I dodn’t know if she is still alive. I will tell you how it went. I’m glad I ever knew you. May the new year bring you more blessings.

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  12. I’m so glad you include photos of MiMi and MuMu now in your posts. They always make me smile and today I laughed to loud. It was the disgruntled look on MuMu’s face following the great meow.

    Glad to hear no one was hurt in the great ladder escapade …but too bad you didn’t have the same luck with stitches earlier in the year.

    Hope that 2019 is incident and injury free … but it might be time to get a new car 😉

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  13. I truly enjoyed this, Dan. You are real, and that is always a breath of fresh air. I hate the New Year’s posts with goals . Well, I just don’t like goals, as terrible as that sounds. Like you, I look forward to the year. Glass-half-full, here. My blog won’t change, either. On a side note – tariff on Mexican beer? That would rock my house! Happy New Year, Dan. Sorry for being so wordy.

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  14. I do wish the one mostly responsible for the state of your economy would be reminded that when the US sneezes the rest of us catch cold.
    So glad the guardian angels were being vigilant that day. Sometimes they can be slackers. (And then they claim it was for your own good or to teach you a lesson. Bastards.)
    Thank you for the squirrel photos but particularly for the captions. Always a hilarious highlight in your posts.
    Wishing you a productive and happy 2019, Dan!

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    • Thanks Heather. I’m sorry to tell you that the people responsible for most things, don’t listen to me. It’s sad, I mean, I could tell them some stuff, but…

      Our guardian angels have been on duty for a good long time (mind for sure).

      Thanks for the good wishes. I send the same back your way.

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  15. Love the animal photos, even the squirrels, which normally I avoid. Budgets, accomplishments, explanations of why intended projects were not completed are all on tomorrow’s to do list. Oh, and laying out a welcome packet for service recipients, which is both challenging and a welcome diversion.

    Wishing you quick work days and lots more animal chats.


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  16. Props to you for being brave enough to recount what you didn’t get done. I would never have the courage to do that.
    Maybe this year I’ll finish the back hallway or paint the main bathroom. Oh I crack myself up!
    Props to ALL of our guardian angels, as mine have also worked hard this year. So glad the ladder missed The Editor and that you merely slid instead of dropping. Mercy.
    Apropos to nothing, what material is your ‘deck/ramp’ made of?

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  17. Thanks. Yes, the guardian angels earned their wings long ago, but they still hover close. I have projects that aren’t done and some that haven’t been started. Maybe next year, but maybe not.

    The deck/ramp is Trex over a pressure treated lumber base. Everything else (railings, posts) is vinyl.


  18. Hi Dan, A lot has changed while I’ve been away. A lot! Dan, your profile photo! I miss the old one. But, then again, this one is really cool. Better even. You look pretty happy: Up On the Roof—wait, that’s a song, quite a good one, I think.

    Happy New Year and thank God for guardian angels!

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  19. I’m so glad the Editor wasn’t hurt, and you weren’t either aside from stitches.

    I’m glad things aren’t changing here, and I’m looking forward to Conversations from the Bar, and perhaps a blog post on your new car hunt down the road.

    Happy New Year to you and the Editor! I hope it’s accident-free, and easy going.

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  20. Sorry I’ve been so scarce lately, Dan.
    I get it about the recap being work. Blogging should be fun — and yours always is. Loved seeing the critter montage. I think you rounded out 2018 in great form. Although, I’m kind of worried about the amount of trouble you could get into when you retire. No I don’t think you’ll be bored at all. :D
    Oh, by the way. You’ve mentioned the Lime Bikes several times. I still haven’t seen them here, but I’ve noticed this scooter equivalent popping up.
    Cheers and hugs.

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    • Thanks Teagan, and sorry to take so long to find this. The past few days have been a fog. I am going to try to stay out of trouble in retirement, but I might get close on occasion, just to keep life interesting.

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  21. 2018 was good to me. I was busy most months of the year. I like being super busy. I had plans to expand my travel blog, but that didn’t work out the way I thought. Finally, I found some time to head to Udaipur for a week. Later I had my hernia issues and after a lot of thinking went ahead with the surgery. I’m normal now, just have to be careful with certain things.

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      • I have a set target by December 2020, so I have to work towards achieving it. Or may be I will shut down my travel blog if things don’t work by that timeline. Think of something else.

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