Wordless Doors – #ThursdayDoors

I came home sick yesterday. I was not able to assemble a proper post, but I have 8 doors in the gallery that I had uploaded. These are all from New York City

Enjoy. Oh, here’s the link for Thursday Doors.


  1. Hope you’re feeling better today, Dan. You shouldn’t have bothered putting a post out while you’re ill, we aren’t exactly going to run away because you missed one day!!
    Still, have to tell you my favorite is the bottom-right hand door. I like the architecture.

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    • I had second thoughts about posting it but I guess I hit ‘schedule’. Initially, I thought I’d come back and finish it after I felt better. I slept until a little while ago.

      I do like that door this you mentioned.

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  2. I think this is a first from you – a wordless door post 🙂 You’re a real trooper for getting a post out even when you’re sick!

    The picture with the dry standpipe really intrigued me. It looks like a large fireplace and I had to zoom in on it to realize that those weren’t flames behind the glass. I blame my faulty eye. Then I thought – what is an active dry standpipe anyway?

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    • Thanks Joanne. I started this during lunch, before I started feeling bad. Then things got worse.

      I did think that those doors looked like a fireplace. I can’t help you on ‘active dry standpipe’ I was going to look that up.


      • My curiosity got the best of me and I had to look it up. The way I understand it, standpipes are a kind of fire ‘hydrant’ into which fire hoses can be attached. A dry standpipe has no water in it until needed, at which time they are attached to the fire engine which supplies the water. The standpipe is connected to lines inside the building – usually every other floor – to facilitate fighting a fire inside the building.

        Thanks Dan – I’ve seen these standpipes before but had never given them any thought until day when I saw your photo.

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  3. From Wikipedia:

    The standpipe extends into the building to supply fire fighting water to the interior of the structure via hose outlets, often located between each pair of floors in stairwells in high rise buildings. Dry standpipes are not filled with water until needed in fire fighting.

    I thought it was a fireplace too!

    Sending lots of get well wishes your way. Hope The Editor doesn’t catch it. Maddie will keep you company on the couch!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I had wanted to look that up. Good you took charge of the research department 🙂

      Maddie and I were both on the couch, under a blanket. I pulled the blanket over but I thought she’d leave. Nope.


  4. Sorry to read that you’re not feeling well, Dan, although I hope by the time you read this, you’re on the mend. Nice selection of doors and I don’t mind the lack of words at all. Doors speak for themselves!!


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  5. Good job despite feeling under the weather Dan. I share your pain my friend. For the past few days I’ve been nursing a Christmas cold from all the hugging and kissing and hand-shaking and greeting.
    I had a tough time finding the energy to put my post together too.
    Seeing friends and family over the holidays is always wonderful but people…they carry germs man!
    Hope you feel better soon :-)

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    • Sorry, I never made it back to finish the captions. It’s called the”Vessel” and it’s a walkway art installation. There are over 2,500 stairs that you can walk on, up, over and down. It’s weird looking, but I told my daughter that we should visit it. I saw it a couple of times while it was being built. I had no clue.


  6. Sorry you’re not feeling your best – hope this will be of a short nature! Love the sculpture on the left top – amazing, and the beautiful door on the bottom on right! Get rested -do not answer me with a comment before you are well enough to go back to work!

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  7. Hi Dan. I hope you’re feeling better every day. I’m sorry to be so late adding my good wishes. Thanks for showing us these terrific pictures, despite feeling so bad. I hope you’re taking it easy today. Feel fabulous fast. Hugs.

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  8. Way to push through to a post despite your illness (that you no doubt got on the train with the crabby lady who the ticket guy set straight!!?!) Hope you feel better soon!

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