2019 Mulligan, Please

Can I start this year over? Seriously, can we just take the past six days and pretend they didn’t happen. If not, then how about the past 4 ½ days (the ones I spent mostly in bed)? Can I have a second bite at that part of the apple of 2019? Right now (Sunday morning), I am awake, sitting upright in a chair, drinking coffee and pecking away at my laptop. I have taken the dog for a walk, and she and I have had toast. Yes, I remembered that she gets the buttered corners, not the dry ones. In a few minutes, I’m going to shower, dress like a big boy, get in my car and run an errand. I have also brushed MuMu.

So, can we just call this the start of 2019?

What was my errand?

Well, um, I went to the drug store to buy more Alka-Seltzer Cold Medicine. It’s OK. It’s just to keep the lingering sniffles at bay if I decide to visit my coworkers tomorrow. I may work from home. I can do that. I can be equally effective doing my job from a desk three feet from the corner of my bed as I can in that 59°f (15°c) office I mentioned on Saturday. I may just do that. If I can have a mulligan, so can the landlord. He can have an extra day to get the building warm.

In fact, I’ll concede to give everyone a mulligan, as long as I can have one. Those sports teams I was crying in my seltzer about – mulligan – we’ll get them next year. Congress, and their inability to keep all the cars of the government railroad on the track – mulligan – come back today, hit it hard and git ‘er done. Connecticut, I’ve only been here 38 years, and you’ve had a budget crisis in 44 of them, but – mulligan – you got a new governor, a new legislature and from now until June to figure that out.

Um, Connecticut, just so you understand, that’s June 2019. Specifically, June 30. That’s when the fiscal year ends. I only point that out because the people before you celebrated when they finally passed a budget on October 30. So, June, OK?

WordPress. I know it’s technically not a 2019 issue, but I’m giving you a mulligan on this new editor thingie you’re trying to get us to use. I get it, progress. I understand it, but I’m not really liking it. I also don’t really care all that much because I write in Word. I am unlikely to use your editor no matter how good it is. I’ve written fewer than five posts in the WordPress editor in the past two years. But hey, you have a mulligan, you might as well use it. I’d suggest improving the image gallery options.

Even though it might be a slow start, I am comfortable starting 2019 – today. I wasn’t able to wait for the prompt, so no mementos but here’s a nod to Linda G. Hill’s #JusJoJan

Happy New Year (again).

And, for those of you who celebrate Christmas today, we wish you a Happy Feast of the Nativity.


  1. On the bright side, the year can only go up from here, right?

    I only learned about the term ‘mulligan’ when it was a topic of articles in which the evangelical types of a certain country were shown to be giving more than one said mulligan to a certain leader of the stated certain country. Can’t say it made me a fan of such things. But, to be honest, I could do with a few mulligans myself. Or some editing software so I can rewind my life in certain parts and shot them again….

    Hope you’re feeling super dooper soon, Dan.

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  2. I think, despite being ill, you have been very kind with your Mulligan distribution. It is time for the people in your life to start getting their act together. (except maybe MiMi who can’t figure out which feet are which).

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    • Everyone around here has been wonderful, well, except MuMu who still doesn’t understand that I’m getting up to take more cold medicine and not to brush her. I’ll give anyone a second chance, but let’s see some effort. Thanks GP!

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  3. I so understand what you mean, Dan. I always view sick days as days I can’t get back. But at least now I can allow myself to lie down and sleep off the worst of it instead of trying to power through. I hope you are 100% soon! And I would love to work from home. Good Maddie. Taking care of her Daddy. 🙊I’m sure she was happy for a couch mate.

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  4. I hope you feel much better this week, Dan. And the heat is fixed at work. And the government shutdown ends. And WordPress comes to their senses. And our NFL teams have a winning season. And the weather is warm and sunny. And we all eat brownies and cake.

    That last And is associated with a craving. Sorry.

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  5. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick,Dan. So many people have been the past few weeks and I hope I continue to dodge that bug. My strategy has been to keep away from people 😏
    … but I can’t believe we are already 7 days into the new year!! Who is responsible for speeding up time?!

    I like the idea of getting a mulligan. I could have used a few – or 50 – in the past number of years 🙂

    Hope things start to look up for you and you’re back to 100% soon.

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  6. Hi Dan – sounds like people just didn’t get their acts together … and so I hope later today for you – you’ll be at home, relaxed, and ready to work … rather than facing the commuter run in – with the bugs that are out there. I’m touching wood that I’ve missed those little manipulators of our lives … but I bet Maddie, MuMu and the other (though can’t remember her/his name!) are all cuddled up happily with you. I expect the Editor is wondering about all the extra legs under her feet … Happy New Year – and here’s to a healthier one in the days ahead – cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hillary. I think everyone here is ready for me to go back to work. They have their routines (and I’m not part of them), but we’re all adapting pretty well. I’m looking forward to feeling well enough to join that commute again tomorrow.

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  7. Not the greatest way to start off a new year, so a Mulligan is perfectly acceptable Dan. Sounds like you’re finally coming out of the woods. Maddie is such a good girl to be spending those endless hours with you on the couch when she could be out staring down Galloping Grandma! And MuMu is just attempting to keep your regular schedule in play….thus the never-ending brushing. And sweet MiMi is just staying out of your way and passing time sorting out her feet. Lol.

    Hope today sees you feeling yourself again. And I hope too that The Editor can avoid this nasty bug.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I’ve been working hard not to pass this along to The Editor. Maddie has been sweet to accommodate my extra hours on the couch, and MiMi is pretty much a self-maintaining kitty (as long as she has her chicken, prepared and cut the way she likes it). MuMu – well the universe needs constants, so we’re good. Halfway through a “workday” from home. I think I’ll be able to try it in the office tomorrow.


  8. I see your creativity with your images is brewing, Dan. NICE! Good to hear you are feeling better. I do not want nor do I require a mulligan because 2019 has begun in a very good way for me! I say that with a huge sigh of relief, believe you me. 2018 was a tough one for me! WP editor …. I like the “old” one and will not use the “new and improved”. I’ve learned the hard way “new and improved” is not always the case. If something aint broke, don’t fix it. Enjoyed your gallery … thank you! Pace yourself, Mr. GoGetUm. Have a Happy Day! 😉

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    • Thanks Amy. I am glad to hear that 2019 has started well for you. I hope that’s a trend that continues! I realized that since the geographic range of my travel is going to shrink, I need to start paying closer attention to the smaller things.

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  9. Oh, MuMu and her feet so made me laugh! Such a great caption. Gosh, I hope you feel better, Dan. That landlord really needs to get on the stick and fix the office temps. I don’t care if they are trying so save money over the weekend, 59 degrees is nuts!

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    • Thanks Lois. Sometimes, I go up to MiMi and grab the foot that’s sticking out ans I ask her – “what foot is this? Is it one of yours?” I get a funny look. Sometimes I get jabbed.

      They don’t bring the heat up until around 6:30 (which is when I arrive) so us early birds freeze for the first hour. I do use a space heater, but it takes a long time to catch up on days when it starts out that cold. I’m glad I worked at home today, because it was 10f when I started working.


    • Thanks Deborah. I was driving by those barns when I saw that sky, that I just had to stop. Fortunately, it was a very quiet day for traffic so I didn’t even have to park.


  10. Hard to believe we are almost a full week into 2019….hope you are feeling better. We had the stomach flu race through our family right after Christmas….the worst part of that was our daughter who is three weeks out from delivery….our son-in-law had to rush her to the hospital last Sunday night….kind of scary but she was released New Years Eve and all is well and our soon to arrive new grandson is doing well even if mommy wasn’t. And on the up side, just another excuse for us to go over and take care of our granddaughter.
    On the NFL side….still have Chargers (LA now not San Diego) in the hunt and the LA Rams…so some So Cal action….have a great week, Dan!

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    • Thanks Kirt. I’m so glad your all doing well, especially your daughter. I remember having food poisoning when our daughter was about 1, and that was a real strain on my wife.

      You have to promise that the Chargers will beat the Patriots next week. I watched and rooted for the Chargers yesterday to beat Baltimore, but now I need your help. I have my favorites among the remaining crowd, but my big fav is whoever is playing New England.

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  11. Go ahead, I proclaim you as the boss for the day – you can determine the timing of the mulligan or multiple ones, whatever your heart desires are fine! Happy New Year – I hope you feel much better this week!

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    • Thanks Shelley. I just want to go to work tomorrow and feel like it’s the day after New Years. I was on a conference call today, and others in my little group were sick, so we’re all starting over.


  12. Awww, sorry you aren’t feeling well. I say let’s take that mulligan back to 11/16? But the weather? Those sunny pics are warming. It’s extremely windy here today and even the sun can’t make it warmer.

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  13. I hereby grant you permission to take a mulligan or two if necessary, any time of the day, as they won’t keep you awake. :-) I also hope your cold gets a move right on out of your body ASAP. We have had a number of people at work get sick and I think part of it might be down to the fact that it hasn’t been cold enough outside. Sorry (sort of) about your sports teams. I did think of you when the Blackhawks beat the Penguins the other night and felt bad for you, but not enough to be sad we won. :-) However, the Pens seem to be ramping up, so perhaps the season will continue to improve. They’re always dangerous.

    I have chicken stock simmering on the stove, so feel free to stop by for some.


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  14. I am sorry that you have been sick… and happy that you are on the mend. I also compose my posts in Word before cutting and pasting into WP. I hope I am understanding what you wrote to mean that this new WP editor thingie won’t have any impact on me because of that. WP made the change during my blogging break and I haven’t posted yet in the new year (in fact, I’m still using the old, original editor, which I like just fine thankyouverymuch).


    • Thanks Janice. I don’t think you/we will have problems but we might have to make a few adjustments to our habits. WordPress says you will have to option to use the Classic Editor, but it might be a second step since the new editor will be the default. I’m not worried.

      If you end up using new editor (Guttenberg), you can simply open a “Classic Editor Block” and paste your whole post into it.


  15. Clearly you’re taking too long to mend and a mulligan will be required. Maybe even two, because of spending the weekend down as well.
    I sure hope you go back to a warm office when it’s time.
    I’m sure Maddie enjoyed her extra snuggles!

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    • Thanks John.

      I think starting out with the shortest month would be a good idea. Let us build up steam for the new year.

      I hope you guys are both felling better soon.


  16. I’m getting used to the new WP editor. As long as I can convert my gallery block to Classic (which we can), I’m happy. It IS a pain getting used to. And I got a new laptop (refurbished, not new-new) that runs Linux, so I have to get used to THAT, too. Learning curves–BAH!

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    • Starting 2019 going uphill. Good girl. Good luck. I have used the new editor. We use a similar process for our site at work. I just don’t have a need for all the features blocks offer.


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