Random New York Doors – #ThursdayDoors

I simply couldn’t resist.

Last week, I shared eight doors from my walk to the Javits Center in New York City and from there to The Molly Wee Pub. I had almost 30 doors to choose from, because walking in New York is a series of: “Oooh that’s a nice door” – “That’s an interesting door” – “Oooh a blue door” and like that. Although I have made this particular walk on numerous occasions, for the most part, only the start and end points remain the same. Every intersection is a new choice.

So many options between the two triangles.

Sometimes, I like the door itself. Sometimes, though, I’m attracted by the business behind the door and what it tells me about everyday life in one of the world’s largest and busiest cities. I think you can see, it’s not all Uber and Blue Apron. So, while many of these are ordinary doors, I like the story they tell.

As for me, I didn’t tell a story last week. I appreciate all the well wishes you guys have left in the comments. I’m feeling pretty good, but whatever this crud is that I have it’s hanging onto my sinuses. I’ve been working this week, but I also stopped to see a doctor. She said, “give it 10 days,” so far, it’s only been 8. If this stuff is still here on Friday, we bring out the big guns.

Speaking of doctors, this fun blogfest is brought to you by Norman Frampton, Thd. Doctor of Thursday Doors. Norm has studied doors for years, and currently runs the Frampton Institute for Advanced Door Studies in Montreal, Canada. To feed the institute’s enormous appetite for doors for study, Norm personally solicits door aficionados from around the world to deliver doors to him on a weekly basis. If you want to contribute, assemble your door collection and then head to the institute’s main loading dock. The little blue frog will check your manifest and assign you the necessary storage.

79 thoughts on “Random New York Doors – #ThursdayDoors

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    1. The map had to be fairly vague in order to include the Javits and the Molly Wee’s location. St. Patrick’s Pub isn’t on that map, I took that shot on the way back to my hotel. It’s on W46th St, near 7th Ave. The Irish is on W42nd between 9th and 10th Ave, about a block or so from the Lincoln tunnel. It would be in the upper right of that map.

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  1. St. Patrick’s Pub is quite an eye catcher! I don’t imagine anyone would ever confuse it with the Cathedral! Well, on second thought, it IS a pub! Lol.

    But what really caught my eye is BOY’S ENTRANCE over the beautiful red arched doors. When I was in grammar school, we had to line up outside in two lines, boys and girls. A teacher marched us girls in one entrance, and the boys were marched in the other entrance! Why? Classrooms were coed.

    Hopefully by day 10 you don’t have to deal with the ‘big guns’ to get rid of this nasty bug once and for all. They usually come with their own set of unpleasantness. Ugh. I recommend 🍺🍺🍺 and 💊💊!!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Thanks Ginger. I am looking forward to having Cheryl hand me a Corona on Saturday (long arms) instead of another seltzer. I think I’ll be able to avoid the medication. I don’t understand the Boys and Girls entrances, but, nobody asked me, so…

      I think if I was doing an Irish pub crawl in NYC, I’d set St. Patrick’s as the last stop. No chance of missing that entrance!


  2. As usual you had me laughing – Dr Frampton and the Frampton Institute for Advanced Door Studies 🤣🤣

    I like those old buildings with the exterior fire escapes. I caught a couple of the photos with doors included the extension ladder to the ground 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this Joanne. It’s been a while since I took some liberties with our beloved host.

      I really have a thing for fire escapes. I can imagine sitting out there on a warm night, but I can’t imagine having to use one during a fire.

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  3. Hi Dan – I sure hope that lurghi is winging itself away – these bugs are a right pain … but glad to see it looks like you’re improving. I know blogging does alert us to so many things we’d probably walk right on by, and certainly not bother with the camera … but as we blog the yellow one and 326 look interesting – but perhaps a beer with you and Faith would be a better idea – cheers Hilary

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  4. Hi Dan. You sound like you’re feeling better. I’m happy about that.
    A crane — and not just a crane but a red one! Wow, yes that had to be included. I like the pub door a lot, but that red arched one and its arched brick surround best. Awesome collection. Hugs.

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  5. Well this collection earns you your diploma from our Institute. Congratulations Dan you’ve graduated with honors.
    Now I just have to get to work on making up some fake diplomas :-D
    Seriously though your last few posts have me and my camera missing NYC again. Maybe in the spring for a long weekend hmm…we’ll see.

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  6. De la Salle Academy’s big red arched door and St. Patrick’s Pub won me over. Those split doors are super neat. Great lamps, always great lamps at the turn of the century. They were really showing off their electricity, weren’t they?
    Excellent choices!

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    1. I think they were. Those lamps must have been amazing to see when first switched on. De la Salle Academy is an old Catholic school. I have pictures from the 1990s when it was still in use. The doors weren’t red. I like the split doors the best. Thanks!

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    1. Thanks Jean. Five Points was much farther south. Hell’s Kitchen is the area of midtown Manhattan that is primarily west of Times Square. A lot of the same architecture still can be found there because it’s only recently that they’ve started building high rises in that section. I think Five Points is in an area where the bedrock won’t support high rises.

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  7. Are you happy that WordPress added Tiled Gallery to Gutenberg? Between figuring that out and getting used to a new laptop’s cursor/trackpad, I’m going a wee bit balmy. Your gorgeous doors from my favorite American Big City are a curative. Thanks!

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    1. They had a tiled gallery before, but it was stacked in a formal grid, not a nice mosaic. Did they fix that? I also don’t like that the captions are always plastered on the images. The mosaic is nice because, if people don’t have time to explore, they can still see all the images.

      NYC is my favorite big city, too, although Chicago is a close second.

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  8. When I was younger, I wanted to rent an apartment in one of those types of buildings where you can walk out from a window on to the fire escape. I thought the apartment would have an “old world” feel to it and a private place to get outside without the extra cost added.

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    1. Thanks! Good use of that expression. It’s funny. I don’t see a lot of difference in the color of the doors and the bricks. They aren’t the same, but I would certainly say they are both red.


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