Beer and a Slice – #SoCS

It’s time to visit the bar for Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Linda G. Hill is combining SoCS with Just-Jot-January again, so we get double-credit for dealing with this prompt:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘art.’ Talk about something that’s hanging on your wall. Add a picture, if you’d like. If you have no art on your walls, talk about something in a museum. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, I’d be a tad late and the tension at the bar would be palpable.

“Look who’s finally showing up.”

“It’s three O-five. Cut me some slack.”

“So, Dan. Co – Ro – Na…?”

“Yes Cheryl. I will have a Corona.”

“Phew. I heard you were in here on Wednesday but that you sipped a seltzer while waiting for two pizzas.”

“That’s true. This will be my first beer of two-thousand nineteen.”

“And for you? Wine? Beer? Something from the top shelf?”

“I will have some bourbon, Cheryl, but could you drown a couple of cherries in there? I really liked it when you did that.”

“You want a splash of vermouth to make it a Manhattan?”

“Just the cherries.”


“Eleven days without a beer. Is that a personal record?”

“You know, I think it might be.”

“So, you never gave up alcohol for Lent?”

“Give up alcohol for Lent, that’s crazy talk. Here’s your beer, Dan, and here’s your dry Manhattan, crazy man.”

“Spoken like a true LSU fan, Cheryl.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Nothing, just noting that your region’s contribution to Lent was Mardis Gras.”

“In spite of that, this first round on the house – in honor of LSU.”

“Because they won their bowl game, Cheryl?”

“No, Dan. I did enjoy that, but not as much as seeing ‘Bama lose on Monday night.”

“That’s a serious rivalry. Does that mean you’re a Clemson fan now?”

“Hey, tigers are tigers, and…”

“…the enemy of my enemy is my friend?”

“Exactly. You boys want any food today?”

“I was thinking of splitting a pizza, but you said Dan was in here for pizza on Wednesday.”

“You could get a pizza. I can always go for a slice.”

“OK, Cheryl, one pizza with peppers, sausage and onions.”

“I’ll get that right in.”

“So, why were you late?”

“I stopped at the canoe park to take a few pictures.”

“Of what, bare trees? An overflowing river? I’m guessing there weren’t any canoes out today.”

“No canoes. Bare trees, an overflowing river and some bright sunshine.”

“Sorry, I don’t see the attraction.”

“That’s the thing about art, isn’t it?”

“Wait, all of a sudden taking a picture with your cell phone is art?”

“I put the pizza order in. I realized I forgot your ice and seltzer.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“After that comment about photos not being art, I’m not sure I’m going to give them to you.”

“I didn’t say photos can’t be art.”

“I should hope not.”

“It’s just that bare trees and small rivers don’t sound like museum worthy stuff.”

“I take it you didn’t see my blog post this week.”

“The one congratulating Clemson?”

“No, the one before that.”

“Maybe, you always have nice photos. I just meant that I doubt many people have stuff hanging on their walls that started as a cell phone picture.”

“I do.”

“You’re just saying that to take Cheryl’s side.”

“No. It’s true. In fact, you’ve seen it.”


“The picture behind my desk in my office.”

“That big foggy thing?”


“That thing is huge. You’re telling me you took that with your phone?”

“I did. As a matter of fact, the picture I took was in portrait orientation. I cropped that out of the bottom half.”

“Wow, I had no idea.”

“OK, boys. Is this argument settled? I think your pizza is almost ready and I like you to be in agreement so I’m not pouring more alcohol onto the fire.”

“We’re good Cheryl. Bring him another beer and I’ll take another splash.”

“Here ya go, and two more cherries.”


Sausage, peppers and onions.

“And your pizza.”

“Hold it.”


“Before you start carving it up, I want to get a picture.”

“Too late Rembrandt, I’m hungry. Take a picture of your slice.”

We’ve had some bright sunny, albeit cold days here. While I’ve been on the lookout for pretty skies, MiMi has been seeking out the warm spots.


    • Thanks Judy. MiMi and I are learning to share that coveted space. I need to stop petting her, but she’s do dang cute, it’s hard. I’ve never seen the park flood in the winter before this year. It should be under 3-4 feet of snow.

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  1. I love that you had to stop to take photos BEFORE going to get a beer! That is a great shot of the water, and the fog!
    (I like your other ones, too, of course) So…how did the beer taste after 11 days? I took one sip of my hubby’s beer last night and it didn’t taste great enough to want one. But then again, we didn’t have pizza and weren’t at a bar… I’m curious though…do share!

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    • I’m always a day ahead on these posts. I haven’t been to the bar yet today. I’m hoping the beer is as good as I’m imagining. I’ll let you know. I stopped for the pictures on Wednesday. I was on my way to the bar (to get pizzas) but I was still drinking seltzer.

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  2. I’ve also become a Clemson fan because…the enemy of my enemy… Here’s hoping I make new friends in the AFC, if you know what I mean.

    I have a number of cell phone photographs that I could turn into wall hangings, so yes it is art. In the eye of the beholder!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better and able to take liquid gold sustenance. It’s the drink of champions and Saturday morning bloggers. 😁

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  3. You’re right! In that pic the city of Hartford looks like a ginormous cruise ship. Love the fog shot ….. I would want it blown up and hung on a wall too. I love the shot of the glass of seltzer! It’s pretty!

    MiMi certainly is in command of her space that you keep invading. Love the shot you took looking up at her. MuMu is too cute for words… could you not brush this adorable creature every time she asks (demands!).

    Seems like you’re finally coming around to ‘normal’. So glad. Being sick really takes the wind out of your sails. Not fun. Enjoy the weekend. Hi to the Editor and Faith.

    But I’m lodging a formal complaint Dan. Not ONE photo of our beloved redhead? Seriously? So at least give Maddie an extra special belly rub from Murphy and me!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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  4. Ha! I love it. Where do I start? Cell phone photos have been some of my best macro work. Family complains but I see their own posts on Instagram, so…and I do get too many forks in my food shots. You’d think they were hungry..
    Pizza… I’m hungry. Thanks for the shout out. That Seltzer looks tasty. I have come to really enjoy club soda since cutting back on my sugar. Even diet coke tastes too sweet and I only use a splash with my whiskey. I love all your photos and I love bare trees. They are Nature’s Sculpture! The kitties seem to understand how to prioritize. I’m so glad you are back on your feet, Dan. That’s way too long without a beer. We tried a new barbecue joint last evening. Mehhh. But the ice cold Yuengling was great. Long week. Have a terrific weekend.
    PS Do I need to mention the elephant in the room? Where is this weeks’ Maddie photo? 😳

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  5. Dan there are quite a few people who take all their garden pics with their cell phones. And the results are on par with those taken by professional cameras. Your reflection picture of the flooded park works for me. Glad you had it blown up and put on the wall. As for the trees without leaves yes. You can see some of the neatest things when the trees drop their leaves.

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  6. If anybody likes it, it’s art. You prove that cell phone photos are art. If I imagine going back to my twenties and someone told me I’d be taking pictures with a phone that goes anywhere I go, I’d have been pretty amazed.

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  7. *clears throat* Anyone who doesn’t consider photography as an art is a numbskull. Teehee ….. I make my pictures art so thus art is my pictures. I played hooky yesterday on account it was bright and sunny outside and oh yes I was gong to enjoy that sunny, albeit cold yes, but it doesn’t take a genius to choose sunny and bright over computer when it has been nothing but overcast here. OH that sunshine was glorious! I stayed out for hours and yes thank you, my face froze. LOL My cat family says MEUWWW “Hi, MiMi!” When we do see sun here our cats share the sacred sun beams on the floor. Happy Saturday, Dan! ☺️

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    • Thanks Amy. I don’t blame you at all for going out in search of sun. The cats know what they’re doing. Our daughter has her BFA in photography, so yeah, it’s art. Four years tuition paid, proves that for those that can’t judy accept the beauty.

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  8. Photography can definitely be art! So many nice pictures live out their lives inside a phone, on a memory card, or in computer files. I say, let them be free! Frame your favorites and enjoy. I have a picture I took of a sea turtle in Hawaii displayed in my dining room. It’s a nice image (if I do say so myself) and it reminds me of a wonderful trip.

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  9. Just got back from work, so I’d love a beer and a slice, although the beer needs to be dark. :-) Seeing the Tide get rolled was one of my greatest joys so far in 2019 as far as sports go, that and seeing Ohio State win. I think I’ve wandered away from art, but it’s been that sort of day. Dinner’s in the oven now and football games are on, I’m sitting down and life is good. :-)


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  10. It’s late. I’m NOT hungry, but I do have the munchies and that image of your pizza isn’t helping! Just sayin!

    You should print more of your morning visits to the park images. You have some really great images in your archives.

    I have lots of images printed only 3 hanging on my walls at the moment, and my children have several on their walls.
    I’ll keep printing, but no promises that they’ll actually get framed or hung up.

    It’s just really neat to see a few of images printed large from each year.

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    • I do have some printed. I have recently begun getting these better organized. As I do that, I see some that I really like.

      I had a very nice experience about a year ago. I work with a man who worked for the company that build the curved building that is frequently in my pictures. He visited the building while it was being built and he loved working there.

      My wife and I combed through my images and found one we thought he would like. I had it printed in a medium sized canvas wrap. He loved it. He hung it in his office and said he will absolutely take it home when he retires.

      It was such a good feeling to see him so happy.

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  11. Congratulations on your first beer of the year! Maybe I’ll have beer this year… we’ll see. I like cherries and orange in my bourbon and today I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just soak fruit in bourbon all day and nom on them later tonight.
    The flood photo is beautiful.
    I absolutely agree it looks like a ship.
    I’m happily snowed in DAY TWO :) The Mister is going out today, apparently he has an agenda. That means this is a weird day, heh.

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  12. I love that photo of the flooded observation deck – both versions of it! I have never thought to take a photo and frame it for wall art. I wouldn’t even know how to begin to select one. Nice choice you’ve made!

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  13. I made such a huge mistake catching up on your posts at this moment…lunch time calls and my stomach is shouting at me and what do I do?….I fixate on the pic of your pizza….I love pizza and now the ham and cheese sandwich I was going to have sounds light weight….ugh….

    On a more important note….love the Mimi pics with the shadow on the curtains….they are all good, but like those of her the most…creative. The outdoor shots are all great…daytime…sunset…night, etc. I love the “erase” feature in Photoshop….I have eliminated more power lines….don’t blame me for any power outages…lol

    Great post!

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    • Thanks Kirt. I’m sorry about the pizza image. I get mad at myself when I see those and I’m looking at a turkey sandwich.

      Sometimes I think I can tell MiMi’s “message” from those shadows. It’s never “why don’t you sit here…”

      I need to learn how to remove power lines.

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