Before Community Exercise – #SoCS

Welcome to Stream of Consciousness Saturday, when we visit the bar, have some conversation and try to score some bonus points. Linda G. Hill has given us a head-scratcher today:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘ad/add/AD (Anno Domini).’ Use one, use ’em all–bonus points if you fit them all into your post. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be picking on me again.

“Hey, look at this, my two favorite customers. Did you guys just get here?”

“Hi Cheryl. The old man was here when I arrived, but he was still settling in.”

“OK, good. We had two kegs kick during lunch, I was downstairs for a while.”

“I’m surprised you don’t have people to do that for you.”

“Because I’m a girl, Dan?”

“No, because it’s important for you to be behind the bar.”

“Ha ha – ok. Bobby would do it, but I don’t mind. Sometimes, wrestling with the kegs is the only exercise I get.”

“Could you wrestle a hunk of lime into a Corona for me?”

“Coming right up. How about him?”

“I will have a glass of bourbon, Cheryl, but could I start with a tall glass of water? I just came from the gym.”

“Sure, I’ll be right back.”

“Since when do you go to the gym in the afternoon?”

“Since January first. The newbies are still at it.”

“Here’s your Corona, and here’s your ice water. Who are the newbies you speak of?”

“The people who joined the gym as a result of a resolution and who haven’t exercised since 2019 BCE.”

“Ha ha – I’ll get your bourbon.”

“BCE…there’s an expression no one checked with me before adopting.”

“You still using BC and AD?”

“I am.”

“It’s not politically correct.”

“Neither am I, usually. I don’t use either expression very often, so I fall back on the version I learned as a kid.”

“Clearly before the current era.”

“Looks who’s talking, I think you’re older than me.”

“Here’s your bourbon, your ice and your seltzer. You need a refill on this water?”

“No thanks, Cheryl. I’m good. I didn’t do my full workout.”


“The machines were busy. The newbies don’t seem to follow rules, either.”

“You have rules at the gym?”

“Yes, Dan. If you exercised, you’d know about these things.”

“Like what?”

“Like ‘wipe down the equipment after using it’ – ‘limit your use of the machine to thirty minutes’ – ‘wear something while waiting in line for the shower.’ Things like that.”

“Um, forgive me, but that sounds like common courtesy.”

“Also, before current era.”

“That’s a choice, not a change. There’s no excuse for being a jerk.”

“Speaking of common courtesy, the little kid downstairs just said, ‘could I please have some more soda?’ He made my day.”

Add his soda to our tab, Cheryl.”

“You really should add his parents’ drinks to the tab. They’re the ones teaching that child manners.”

“Easy for you to say, you’re not paying today.”

“They’re both drinking soda, too.”

“Well then, let’s be generous!”

“Check out the TV.”


“The ad that’s on right now, isn’t that your gym?”

“Oh crap, it is. Ugh, why are they doing that?”

“Apparently they need more members.”

“It’s too crowded in the morning. It’s too crowded at night. I asked, and the manager said it’s usually quiet between three o’clock and four.”

“Hey, I’m not changing my schedule to accommodate your exercise routine.”

“Not to worry, the newbies will be gone after the Super Bowl.”

“You guys want some food? Did you burn off enough room for a few wings and another round?”

“I’m sure I did not, Cheryl, but I could go for a little more bourbon.”

“And send another Corona out in search of its lime.”

“Her lime, Dan. Her lime.”

“I keep forgetting, Cheryl.”

“No food today?”

“No, I’m still full from breakfast.”

“Breakfast? Did you go to Allegro again?”

“I did.”

“So, in addition to not exercising, you eat badly.”

“I eat well.”

“But you don’t exercise.”

“I walk. I work, I clear the driveway, I brush MuMu, and on occasion, I ride an exercise bike.”

“Are you riding the bike now?”

“No. I’ll start after the Super Bowl, when the newbies fade away.”

The gallery has some photos from the up and down week of weather we had here in Connecticut. If you want to see an interesting twist on Thursday Doors, check out Cheryl’s recent post.


  1. Ha! That is all soooo true about the gym…the rules and January newbies. The latter is the reason why I haven’t gone much this month, preferring yoga or the early Saturday morning workout at my trainer’s place.

    Speaking of which, gotta go…

    Stay warm and dry and give all of the kids a pet or two from me.

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    • Good luck with the yoga. I am trying to walk every day (today, Maddie will help) but it was almost impossible to clear the sidewalks after this last storm. I’m sitting across from the exercise bike – it’s calling.

      I hope you you have a great weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

      • There will be no outside walking around here, other than the usual Saturday morning errands. I’m about to head out into the -15 degrees (wind chills around -30 today) and thankful that I’m starting out in a garage. It’s going to be bitter cold all week, which I hope is not coming your way. Brrrrrr.


  2. LOL – entertaining, as usual, Dan! I enjoyed the virtual cheers, yet again…with less than one week until Dry January is over, you’ve made the month tolerable with your SoCS tales!

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  3. Funny, funny conversation today. I love starting my day off with a good laugh. Photos of Great River Park capturing reflections are super. But the photo of the duck pond in Bushnell Park with the sculpture is really eye-catching. MuMu is so cute on her never-ending quest to be brushed and I love the ‘top-knot’ you caught on sweet Maddie.

    Hope you all enjoy a great weekend.
    🐾Ginger 🐾


    • Thanks Ginger. This has been a tough week. We had almost three inches of rain on Thursday; the yard turned to slop. Maddie isn’t a fan of being wet. She doesn’t seem to mind when were out, but when we come back in, you can’t dry her off fast enough.

      this morning, when I got up, MuMu came running down the hall, scooted under that gate and started crying like she’d been waiting all night to be brushed, She’s such a little pest. I wish I could get better pictures of her, but she’s a scaredy-cat and won’t stand still.

      Great River Park was closed most of the week, and worrisome after that, We had flash flood warnings, and the park is on the river-side of the levy, so I am cautious about spending time there.

      I hope you have a great weekend,


  4. adopting, addition …. You missed two, Dan. You should get extra bonus points! As for the gym, I know all about the eager beavers at the start of each year. By the end of January, Middle February the crowd begins to dwindle as people leave their New Year Resolutions behind. We have a LOT more snow then you do, FYI. About 1.5 feet was dumped last night and the snowplows at 3am, mind you, went back and forth, keeping me awake. ONCE is enough both ways. They really don’t need to plow the blacktop! Really enjoyed your gallery!!! 💞😁

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  5. I love it that you include brushing MuMu in your exercise routine. lol! Mother Nature can’t decide if she wants to be hot or cold, snowy or rainy. Say, do you feed the squirrels grocery store roasted, unsalted peanuts, or raw peanuts, or pet store special peanuts or what?

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  6. I. Don’t. Do. Gyms. And back in the 80’s I loved working out at a spa, before they became unisex gyms. And before people seemed so, excuse me, nasty. I mean who needs to be reminded to wear clothes while standing in line for a shower? Heck, I get nauseous at some of the people I have to fly with let alone those ‘sweatin’ to the oldies’. I always prefer nature trails, mountain hikes and extremely long walks on the beach. I do miss my lighthouse treks.nice job on the prompt. This is my absolute favorite of your blog weekly regulars. And not just because I get to serve the liquor at the bar! 😀

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  7. I really do resent the people who come to the gym every freakin day in January. They’re on my treadmill and in my lane. And they won’t last, they never do, because they’re like, “I’ll go every day!” which is how you take the joy right out of anything. I don’t know that women care as much about locker room nudity, or at least, me and mine don’t. Course, swimmers and dancers… not exactly modesty preserving…not that we walk about in the buff… but we don’t care who does.
    Anyway, I am also an AD person. I remember someone came along and said something about using BCE, but why? I just asked my kids and they use AD, even at school. It must be cool if the kids are doing it;)

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    • I don’t go to a gym, nor do I swim or dance. And, despite the picture on the cover of the Queen album, bicycling isn’t usually done in the nude.

      It’s not just the gym, it’s everything in January that gets tangled up with resolutions. One of my coworkers yelled at me for bringing in a dozen donuts. Apparently, I was tempting him.

      When someone corrected me about BCE vs. BC, I asked “and what event defines the ‘current era?’ ” – I didn’t say it to be overly religious, just to point out that it remains a fact.

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  8. Classic! The newbies get on my nerves too Ah who am I kidding? I’ve just decided walking outdoors is better than the gym any day. Brushing MuMu should count for double exercise.

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  9. That’s a depressingly small number of snow pictures, Dan. You know I come here for the snow. 😜
    The beauty of being on summer holidays at this time of year is that I can go to the gym in the mid afternoon and avoid the Resolutions crowd. By the time I’m back at work most of them should have dropped off.

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    • I’m sorry, Heather. The warm rain took care of our snow. I can’t say as I am too sad, but getting three inches of rain in January is a little depressing. Nice that you can avoid the influx of resolution wonders.

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  10. I really enjoyed this. You covered a lot of ground with this…gender issues, crowded Gyms and failed resolutions, and political correctness. I wasn’t able to work all three into my entry.
    well done
    by the way that is a gorgeous Irish Setter

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  11. I have always been attracted to gyms and yoga centers, but I found that I can’t do it. Have you ever tried gym or yoga training? I personally believe yoga is very Indian, but more non-Indians practice it in the real world scenario.

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    • I visited a gym, years ago. It was small, and I could walk to it from my apartment, so the walk over helped me loosen up and the walk home let me cool down. I showered at home. It was wonderful, but they closed after moving to a much larger / more modern facility that was horrible to be in.

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      • Back in my college days I wanted to try gym but the trainer said I should only enrol when I got some flesh on my bones. He isn’t qualified to shape the bones, only muscles. A few years ago, I tried yoga classes but I went for only 2 days and quit. Quite shameful.


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