Loosely Intertwingled – #JusJoJan

Primitive Methodist Church, Carnegie, PA. I spent 18 years here. My mother was a member for 75 years!

Almost every geeky computer guy and gal who’s over the age of 50-something, knows the expression: “Everything is deeply intertwingled.” Depending on which computer guy/gal you talk to, you will get a different answer as to who to attribute that quote to. I learned of this quote in a class on “Structured Design” taught by Ed Yordon and Associates. They attributed the quote to Tom DeMarco. Others pin the quote to Ted Nelson. It doesn’t matter Who cares, Dan? Well, maybe you should – kinda – in an appreciate-the-past kind of way – the quote is often used in reference to the early days/ideas around HyperText and the technical stuff that grew up to be the linked content on the Internet. That’s where this post comes in, but it’s not going to be geeky.

A couple of Thursdays ago, I was mentally consumed by a song-fragment – Testify – which languished on the side of the road in my brain. Normally those things eventually wind their way into some gone-but-not-forgotten area of memory, hits an entry on a dusty shelf, and the song is soon playing in my mind’s ear.

Not this one.

I did some searching for it at lunch, but no results. When I saw Linda’s request for JusJoJan prompts, I submitted ‘Curious’ because that was the state I was in and I could write this about that. Linda said no. We already had ‘Curiosity’ by Pam. I follow Pam, and although I’d never get mad at her, I’ll bet she snickered a little, or would have had she known that she beat me out on that prompt.

Greta, my GPS, alerts me to, and will sometimes read text messages from my phone. Every now and then, she will read me messages from WordPress. I didn’t ask her to do this, and there’s no consistent pattern as to when she does it, but on my ride home, Greta read me Linda’s rejection message.

I pulled into a parking lot.

In response to Linda, I said: “how about ‘testify’?”

A few miles later, Great told me that Linda was being pedantic and had responded with “One word.”

Yes, yes, JusJoJan prompts have to appear as one-word comments on Linda’s blog. Since she had already rejected someone’s lengthy offering, I guess she needed to stick by the rules. She probably didn’t know that she was causing me to pull into yet another parking lot.



Great. I had the word, and I was going to write about my mom’s church, the church I grew up in.

Later that evening, I texted my daughter about my frustration with this song-snippet. She instantly began an investigation, interrogation and started offering possibilities. Long story, short, the song is “Stand Up” by Mel McDaniel. Phew, mystery solved.

Of course, now that I knew what song it was, I listened to it again, carefully, and realized – this is not going to be a good soundtrack for mom’s church’s “Praise and Prayers.” That is a portion of the service where people stand up and offer praise for something good or ask for the congregation to join them in prayer for something challenging.

Some people might be put off by such a public display. Some might be embarrassed (and not speak) or feel embarrassed for the person speaking. Trust me, it’s not an embarrassing thing. It’s the sharing of a profound emotional feeling among a caring and trusted group of individuals who believe in the power of prayer.

What to do?

I could tell the church story and leave out the bit about the song. I could include the song, but not a link to it. Then, only the country music fans would notice the juxtaposition of underlying thoughts. Or, I could count on the loosely intertwingled nature of the blogs and bloggers that I follow to bail me out before today. As luck would have it, it only took one day, when Ellen published “Inebriation news, mostly from Britain.”

I said, stand up, have you ever been there?
Stand up, identify
Stand up, tell us all about it
Stand up, testify

So, while the chorus might apply to the faith-sharing segment in my mom’s church, the whole song is hereby dedicated to the British Houses of Parliament. No offense intended, but it seems like a good fit. You might have to read Ellen’s post to understand.

The gallery contains a few views of winter in Connecticut. This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s annual kick-off to the blogging year, Just Jot January. If you want to participate, or see what others have contributed, check out today’s prompt.

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  1. Wow, Dan. With that kind of lead-in, I had to listen to the song. I liked it, but definitely see why it doesn’t really fit in with a serious posting about church. As always, I loved your shots of Maddie, though it was the trapped leaf that especially caught my eye this time.

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    1. Thanks Mike. This was such a twisted mess. By the time I remembered that song, I was just shaking my head – I can’t say this reminds me of the people my mother went to church with for 75 years! Maddie really wanted to go for a walk, but she got cold and dragged me home at a very fast pace. I’m glad you liked the leaf, I think that’s my favorite shot in this group.


  2. It’s nice yo know my mind is not the only Labyrinth in the blog o sphere Dan. I totall get it. Love the iced pond shot especially. Hope your week brings a major thaw. We are looking at a snowflake on our forecast for tomorrow. 😳

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    1. Looking ahead, we have one day with a high above freezing, one day with a low below zero and a bunch of twenties – brrr.

      Sometimes, I think my mind is playing trick on me just to make me work harder at figuring things out.

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  3. Mrs Bryntin uses and claimed original invention of the word ‘intertwingled’ and had no idea of this origin for it when I told her. I believed her until today. I’m quite a fan of scrunkling words up to make new ones.

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  4. I’ve never heard the saying: “Everything is deeply intertwingled.” I believe it to be true, especially now with all the electronic devices in my life. Intertwingled is a good portmanteau, as we English majors would say.

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  5. I DO NOT SNICKER! I am a dignified woman, I do not snicker . . . I chortle. hee hee Great minds think alike Dan. Besides I like your ‘testify’. I think it works well. (oh and, not so dignified I don’t know how to guffaw!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha – OK, you can chortle. This was one of those “maybe you should get all the fact before you start something” moments – I’ve had a few of those. I’m just glad I listened to the song again before tagging that congregation with it. I might never be welcome again.

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  6. “Everything is deeply intertwingled.” –I am of the age but not a computer nerd so don’t recall ever hearing that expression. I think the Catholic church is very staid b/c no one ever stands up to testify. While Maddie had you out for a walk, I am guessing MiMi was curled up staying warm. Did you brush MuMu….I imagine static cling at this point.

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    1. Having been in both churches for long periods, I can say that you might be right. Still, there’s something to be said for the more interactive nature of that particular church. They also sing all the verses of hymns, which caused me to draw attention to myself when I was the only person starting the second verse while everyone else knew to sit down.

      Maddie and I walked. MiMi stayed warm and the humidifier keeps the static clicng in check – but yes, I brushed MuMu.

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  7. Dan Dan Dan intertwingled – loosely yet. And portmanteau and scrunkling – lucky for you those were in the comments. Now they are all stuck in my mind. And I haven’t even gotten to that link on the pubs and parliment. You have been very busy. I would say you can take the rest of the week off. However with the predicted cold weather you are likely to continue this streak of post. So take your hands off the keyboard and back away from the computer…

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    1. I only introduced one word, John. Now I have multiple people sending me to the dictionary and the urban dictionary. I will stick with my normal routine, and I’ll back away from the keyboard until Wednesday.

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      1. Those other uttered words must have been loosely intertwingled with your post. Now I need to go check if there is an intratwangled to go along with intertwingled. And the word for today is conjugate as in conjugate intertwingled. Have a good week sir.

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  8. Everything is deeply intertwingled

    Ah, and the challenge of solid object oriented design is to untwingle.

    Get ready for the cold. It’s coming at ya. The weather service says it is going to hit -30F (-34C) on Wednesday night and that is not windchill around here. Windchill is predicted somewhere around -60F.

    I’ll try the old trick of tossing a glass of water into the air and watching it freeze before it hits the ground. Maybe even get a video.

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  9. Interesting post, Dan. I’ve never been a church-goer, so the church stuff is a little mysterious to me. But there is power in “testify” in all its forms in all venues. And wintry CT looks like I remember it – cold, icy, and a bit of blue sky. :-)

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    1. Thanks. Our winter has been warmer and wetter than normal, but that might change in February. I’m not sure anyone really knows what is coming. The church testifying was a unique experience, but one I’m glad I had the chance to be a part of.

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  10. That was NOT the song I immediately thought of for Testify. Then again, I can’t tell you the name of the Christian song I AM thinking of…although the next time I hear it, I’ll be thinking of your song because of that darn intertwingling.

    Hope you’re having a good Monday, Dan.

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    1. Clearly I didn’t remember the words when I thought I would tie that song to that church. They deserve better from me. I’m sorry if the intertwingling interferes with the song you enjoy.

      I hope your week is off to a good start.


  11. I LOVE the Duck Crossing sign. I’ve never seen one before. The first frozen pond doesn’t even look like a photo….it looks like a fantastic oil painting! That sole leaf frozen to the ground is a winner. Kinda like how I feel some days! 😳 I love the shadows of you and Maddie and how she’s looking up at you….”Please dad, can we go home now, my feet are cold.”

    The video and song, “Stand Up” is very entertaining. The song may not be exactly appropriate for a church setting, but it sure is a toe tapper and hand clapper. Even this old dinosaur was wiggling (or maybe loosely intertwingling!) around the kitchen! Lol.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Ginger. The frozen ponds are always interesting, particularly when the snow melts but the ice lingers.

      We tried telling Maddie that is was too cold to go for a walk, but she really wanted to go. I tried telling her that we should do a short walk, but she pushed me down the driveway. Then she got cold and couldn’t get me home fast enough.

      I do like the song, but yeah, not quite the right message for that church.


  12. Well, I must say, that was an interesting journey….I think I stayed on intertwingled too long and your winter pics made me shiver again…..family and friends in Iowa and Minnesota are really in a deep freeze…so I will not complain about shivering….have a great week!

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    1. Thanks Kirt. My brother in Iowa is looking at some cold days and nights, so I’m not complaining about the prospect of dropping down to -3 on Wednesday, since he’s looking at double-digit negative numbers.

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  13. I can see how this song gets caught in your ear and keeps bouncing around. I think I’m going to be humming this one for while.

    🎶 Stand up. Testify. 🎵

    … and maybe it’s just my odd sense of linking things – you know, lapsed Catholic and all – but I think the song works quite well 🙂

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    1. Thanks John. About a mile down the road is a Goose Crossing sign. We’ve seen geese, but I’ve never seen the ducks. On the other hand, my wife and I had to stop for wild turkeys that were crossing in front of us – no sign, but we’ve been stopped there on several occasions.

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  14. Intertwingled is an excellent word and I learned it here today. Groovy.
    Swirly post went down like SoCS, you did a good job. I had read Ellen — she covers so much!
    We do have a considerable number of ducks signs here, Fall Creek, White River, all around — about five watersheds. I dunno. It’s hard to pay attention when the videos always show cute turtles.
    Testify is something I say every day, as you can imagine. I sometimes say it in the religious sense, but more like, “Preach it, sister!” I can’t imagine doing anything for 75 years, but then, neither can you. Your mom must have loved her church family.

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    1. when I first heard the word in that week-long class, I thought it was a little hokey. As I continued working, it made more and more sense. Today, it’s more valid than ever.

      I love reading Ellen’s posts. This one came at the perfect time.

      I don’t use testify very often, but I’ll always remember that church, and my mom and her mother would definitely testify. The last time we were there, it was Mother’s Day (the day before her funeral). I did offer praise for the older women in the church, some of whom had been my Sunday School teachers, and I thanked everyone for being so good to our mom. My mom joined as a junior member when she was 13. She moved to Iowa when she was 88, but she still served as the church’s goodwill person – sent get well cards & stuff like that. I thin 75 years is as long as anyone has done anything (other than breath) that I am aware of.

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  15. Nice that you pulled over – smart! And fun the way you described the song and pieces in your memory – I recently had that with a song from 1990 – could
    Not find it for months and then one day on YouTube it was on from auto play! I was excited –
    I will check out the song you wrote about here – so curious about itn

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  16. Hi Dan – I’d never heard of ‘intertwingled’ … but the word immediately stood out. Fantastic about your mother being a worshipper for over 75 years … and I have to say I’d not realised quite where Pittsburgh was in the scheme of the great USA til the other day – I thought it was nearer the east coast. I’ll be back to read properly and to listen to Mel … cheers and thanks for your interesting post, with the usual display of appropriate pics – cheers Hilary

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Blogging at least teaches me some geography. While your mother’s 73 years – denotes a stable life … lovely to think about – cheers Hilary


  17. I like the music. I was wondering what was going on when that guy stood up in court and started running but then it turned out so fine. I also like that “Duck Crossing” road sign. It is so thoughtful. To keep animals in our thoughts as creatures who also deserve to live and go on about their businesses . . . I love that. Thanks, Dan.

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  18. I mean really could you have thrown perhaps the kitchen sink in here with this post? 😂 How do you sleep for all the THOUGHTS that don’t stop? Needless to say now songs? You are something else, Dan! And oh how you can write! LOVED the photo of the leaf and the ice above it in the gallery. Always good to see Maddie too. What would we do without our beloved animals? 🐾🐾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Amy. I can’t control what’s going on in that brain. The animals do try to divert my attention, but you’re right, we do love them. I’m glad you like that leaf – I think that’s my favorite in this batch,

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Testify song? My mind raced back to one, an R&B in the 60’s. Obviously not a church theme. I haven’t found it yet in the deep crevices of my brain, but it is definitely there. I have to say, your testify song is really good. And I must say I read Ellen’s post earlier on, and absolutely loved it. Hilarious! Great post, Dan!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome, Dan. Ellen’s wit and humor are terrific, including her photos that have no relevance. I will be going crazy trying to remember that testifying song. How can I forget when I grabbed the DJ’s mike and “testified”? Now, that was one great party. 🙂

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