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Broken and bent, that’s what I always say. Actually, I tend to say: “…rules are rules. Until you can change them, follow them.” But, that’s the boring day-to-day me talking, not the rule-breaking-damn-the-torpedoes me who wishes he did radical things. So, what rules(s) am I breaking and bending?

Well, I’m either breaking the “I don’t post on Friday” rule, or the “I don’t post more than once a day” rule. That depends on how accurate the WordPress schedule thingie is. You see, Linda G. Hill gave us the following for the final Just Jot January prompt:

“Your prompt for JusJoJan 2019, January 31st is ‘your favorite thing/part/blog post of last year or last month.’ Talk about what you did or discovered that gave you happiness and/or success. Have fun!”

I appreciate the effort Linda puts into her prompts, so I wanted to participate one last time in JusJoJan. There are a lot of options in that prompt. But one thing jumps out at me, so I’m going to bend the prompt to be “what blog post gave you happiness last year?” I’m also going to bend the rule and slide this under Linda’s door at 11:59 pm. Still January 31st but not quite in time to count as two posts on Thursday and yet perhaps not counting as a Friday post either.

OK, I’ll wrap it up. The blog post that made me happy last year was when I published “Atonement Doors” – Doors from Atonement, Tennessee in conjunction with Teagan R. Geneviene’s brand new book launch.

I was happy when Teagan asked me to be one of the early readers of her book. I was happy when Teagan asked me to be a part of the launch. And, I was hugely happy with all the comments and support the post received. It was so much fun reading and responding to your comments and watching as Teagan responded as well.

Trust me, it’s an honor to be asked to help someone with their creative project. We all hold these endeavors very close to our hearts. It’s a leap of faith to ask someone to help. I am currently helping another author, and it’s a very special feeling to be able to contribute something meaningful.

I’ll let you go. Sorry for intruding on your Friday. If you are wondering what Teagan is up to these days, check out her latest serial story. If you’re wondering what I’m doing, check out the gallery for a sneak-peek at some of the photos I’ll be sharing at the bar tomorrow.

51 thoughts on “Rules Are Meant to Be… – #JusJoJan

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    1. Thanks Teagan. That was such a fun post to write and to find just the right doors for. There are people helping me, too. I love this community.

      Have a great day and a warm weekend. It’s -2° right now, but heading into the upper 40s for the weekend.

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      1. I have always been good at history. Probably because things don’t change. In Math, the formula might be the same but numbers change. In History, if someone died in 1947, I know he will remained dead forever in 1947, the teacher can’t change that. Adds to my confidence. :)

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  1. Teagan is great. I’ve followed her for some time and enjoy all her posts – and I’m looking forward to getting into “Atonement”!!
    Good to see your river is still flowing. I saw the Chicago River last night on TV – frozen! Yikes

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    1. I just stopped to see my river a few minutes ago. Ice is flowing, but only building at the shore. It’s going up into the 40s this weekend, so I don’t think anyone will be skating out there very soon. I, too, enjoy Teagan’s writing. You should definitely, sit back with the Atonement books.

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    1. Ha ha – thanks! MuMu will be the featured critter in tomorrow’s gallery. She and I had a “discussion” the other day. Suffice it to say, she’s been brushed. I hope you are warming up today, and have a nice warm (you know, 20s and 30s) weekend.


  2. The Atonement Doors was a fun post to read…..including all the comments! Although the project had to have meant a lot of work for you, it came across in your post you loved every minute of it. So did we!!

    Sweet MuMu, no one can ever accuse you of not being well groomed! I like the preview of Saturday’s Gallery, especially the squirrel who has better accommodations at the neighbors, but comes to you and the Editor for his meals. Very enterprising rodent….errrrr, squirrel!! Lol.

    Stay warm. Maybe MiMi will share her fire with you, “0” degrees here and going up to 21!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Thanks Ginger. I really did have fun with that post.

      MiMi always shares the fire, but she was mad because the Editor didn’t light one last night. MiMi was grumbling about the cold.

      We started today at -3 but are now basking in double-digits above zero! The squirrels have been hunkered down in the cold, but they will likely be out in force this weekend when we get near 40 degrees. When they were out before the storm, I happened to have my point & shoot camera, so I got some better pictures. Usually, all I have is my phone when I’m outside in the yard.


  3. I tend to follow rules, too, but, Dan, you also posted a Jan.31 post on Feb. 1, you wild and crazy thing. :-) But I’m happily watching the Blackhawks beat Buffalo while waiting for “Blue Bloods” and loving the fact that tomorrow will be in the 40’s. I love this community, too. Happy Friday and weekend!


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    1. Thanks Janet. I had to follow on the app on my phone, but the Pens beat the Senators, so a good hockey night all around. Enjoy every one of those 40 degrees. That’s about a 75-degree shift for you, right?

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  4. That’s very sweet!
    When I saw this post, I had assumed it was your SOCS as I had just read ThursdayDoors, whoa, you did surprise me!
    I do like rules. Except when I don’t.

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