Butterflies and Snow Blowers – #SoCS

The best part of Friday is when Linda G. Hill publishes the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. That is, unless it’s a hard one…

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘cele-.’ Find a word that starts with or contains ‘cele’ and use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be picking on me again.

“I drove past your street early on Wednesday. There seemed to be a strange glow coming from your house. What was that?”

“My snow blower.”

“It has lights?”

“Light. A single headlamp.”

“It looked brighter than that.”

“Nope, just one.”

“Just one today? I hope it’s coming off the top shelf.”

“Ha ha, Cheryl. I assure you, there will be more than one beer.”



“Ooooh and you’re buying an Absolut for him again?”

“No, that was the adverb – affirmative, like that.”


“It’s OK, Cheryl, I’m buying off the top shelf, but I’ll go with John Howell’s Bourbon.”

“Sweet – be right back.”

“So, one headlight, and I can see you from the end of the street?”

“It only shines two-hundred and seventy-five feet.”


“They had one that shines four-hundred and eighty feet.”

“They? Who’s they, and why so bright?”

“Tractor Supply. The headlamp on my snow blower broke. I had to buy a replacement.”

“You didn’t decide to fix it? That’s not like you.”

“However, a Corona with a fresh lime is just like you.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“And here’s your bourbon. Ice and seltzer coming up.”

“Thanks Cheryl, and thanks for the cherries.”

“Cheers. And for the record, I did fix the headlamp problem myself, I just chose to replace the lamp, rather than repair it.”

“Cheers. That’s the odd thing. You always seem to repair stuff that normal people would throw away.”

“I guess I can’t argue with you on that, but I would have had to try and weld the bracket.”

“Why not use duct tape? Why does it have to be so strong?”

“The mount vibrates with acceleration and deceleration, like when you hit a ridge in the sidewalk.”

“Ok then, so why not weld it? I mean, you love welding.”

“And you love ice on the side and a glass of seltzer, which, by the way, is not normal.”

“Thanks Cheryl. We may not be normal folk, but we’re loyal to this establishment.”

“And we appreciate it.”

“I do love welding, but the metal bracket is on a plastic housing. I figured it would melt.”

“Sorry you didn’t get to use all your toys.”

“That’s ‘tools’ – and I did get to, rather, have to use my welder.”


“When I was replacing the lamp, I noticed that the frame supporting the storm cab was broken where the anchor braces meet the upright supports. I had to weld those back together.”

“Yes, Heaven forbid that you end up with snow covering you like every normal person using a snow blower.”

“It’s not my fault that other people don’t have storm cabs, they’re available for every machine.”

“Do they all come with cup holders?”

“No, I added that myself.”

“Do you ever leave anything alone?”


“You always seem to tinker with stuff.”

“Only when I feel I can improve it”

“Don’t you ever think things are good enough?”

“Sorry, it’s my job.”

“What? To save the world from adequate?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact. My career has been spent analyzing operations and processes and trying to imagine ways to improve them – it’s what I do.”

“You know what would improve those drinks, boys?”

“Some wings?”

“My thoughts exactly.”

“OK, let’s have an order of those with our next round.”

“I’ll get that all in, right away. Wings, parm-pep for Dan and Blue Cheese for you.”

“And, Cheryl?”


“Can you give us an even number of celery sticks – it’s hard to share five of something.”

“I think we can splurge for you guys.”

“So, with your career coming to an end, is your wife safe from all your improvements?”

“She’s pretty good at drawing bright lines for me to stay behind, but there are a few things she wants me to work on.”

“Do they involve welding?”

“I doubt it.”

“Oh well, you can always improve that storm cab frame.”

“It’s funny you mention that.”

“You’re priceless – you’re planning to do that, aren’t you?”

“It’s broken twice, in the same place.”


“It’s obviously a bad design, the brace has no resilience, lengthwise. I’m going to add some gussets to those joints.”

“Maybe it’s you.”


“Maybe it’s the way you use it. Maybe it’s something you’re doing. Maybe it’s the cup holder. You know, like that butterfly-effect thing.”

“All the more reason to fix it, it’s easier than fixing me.”

“All the more reason to get a plow guy.”

“The money I save on a plow guy lets me come to this bar, twice.”

“The wings are almost done. Here’s your Corona, Dan, and here’s your bourbon. And, if you want cherries in this bourbon, knock it off about the plow guy.”

“Here’s to butterflies.”


The gallery has some images of the “beach” here in Hartford and the work we do. If you’re looking for the bartender, she can be found here.



    • Thanks Judy. Mother Nature is poised to add a large amount (10-12”) to Mt Maddie between now and Monday morning. Here’s hoping those repairs hold 🙂 Maybe March is planning to go out like a lamb.

      Have a great weekend.

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  1. When married, with a Harley trike, I demanded a cup holder. He got one. It’s important, these things. I think you need one for the cab.

    I’m hoping you can stop the use of your snowblower soon. Very soon, Dan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • These things are important, Mary. Being able to take a break, and sip some coffee always feels good.

      Apparently, we won’t stop using the machine this weekend, but thanks.


  2. LOL! You’re on fire today – exCELEnt (mis-spelled on purpose) take on the prompt! Very clever handy work all around. I’m extra jealous about the photo of the eggs, bacon, tomatoes, toast…and the wimpy amount of snow you have in your world!

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  3. Boy! You took the prompt to a new level today! It’s a good thing we have people like you Dan who “save the world from adequate”. The rest of us lean towards, “good enough “!!

    Great reflection pictures. And Maddie on her mountain. I think she might need help climbing Maddie’s Mt. come Monday. We’re in the same storm path. Sigh….. I’m with Pam, DIE WINTER, DIE!

    Be careful out there. Last night’s storm (actually still snowing) deposited a slippery mess here. Wear those cleats!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾


    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie’s sad because it’s snowing now and we aren’t going for a walk. I told her it looks good for tomorrow morning.

      Cleats, shovel, snow blower and plenty of coffee will be at the ready. Hopefully this is March pretending to be a lion.


  4. Repairing stuff that normal people would throw away is an admirable and practical quality. My husband is the same way and about to retire, so I’ll be drawing bright lines and making lists.

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  5. Great job in the “cele” front, Dan. Our beach is just grey and boring right now, no white stuff at all. Spring can’t come any too soon as far as I’m concerned. Now that we’re in the Chicago area, we don’t have a snowblower as the distance we have to shovel isn’t that great and the amount of snow usually isn’t either. But in the snow belt of Cleveland, a snowblower was a necessity!


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    • Thanks Janet. We didn’t have a snow blower when we rented the house next door to us. The driveway was short (and I was young) and one of my neighbors usually took care of the sidewalk for me. When we bought this place, with a detached garage behind the house, I told the Mrs, I had to have a snow blower. Daylight is gaining on winter, but we’re in for about a foot of snow this weekend. I guess Mather Nature wants to let us know she’s still capable.

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    • Ha ha. Ok, Kate, I’ll not count the compound word, but Linda did say “use it any way you like.” When you need a steel bracket, riveting it to a plastic housing is not a good idea. The new one is a solid block of ABS plastic, which will probably last longer.

      No gorilla glue.


  6. Yeah, hold that wise guy’s cherries. Fancy, schmancy man, with your mid range headlamp. Yay that you got to use one of your favorite toys, and with no fingerburns to boot. 😉
    The hubby once researched the whole off-number of items in appetizers. Seems there is some purpose in it. He started wondering when he (analytically as always) noticed complimentary rolls and breadsticks, etc, always came in odd numbers, usually three for two people or five for three or four. I don’t think he found any definitive answer. He surmises the extra is a ‘lagniappe’ item, while I see a more devious intent. If someone gets the last one, the others will imagine themselves left out and decide they really need another and order more. But you could most certainly have all my celery sticks, cuz….nope.
    Hope you have a warm weekend relaxing.

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    • Thanks Cheryl. I didn’t mention it, but I did burn my thumb 🙁

      The welding melted a rather big blob of latex print which sorted into my thumb. Of course I squeezed it with my index finger (yes same troubled finger) and ended up burning both. Small burn, pretty much healed now.

      The odd appetizer count does warrant further investigation. Something’s up with that.

      I just cleared the 3” we got today. 8-12” on its way Sunday night into Monday. Maybe I’ll get to try the headlamp. Looks like I will get to go conduct my weekly research.

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  7. I’m married to a man who “welded” the cracks that our big, city-issued plastic trashcan developed over months of wrangling by the giant can-destroying trash trucks, so I understand completely. Why pay for a new one when you can fix it (and, best of all, buy a new toy/tool)? “Save the world from adequate” are words to live by.

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  8. At first I thought, cherries in bourbon? And then I remembered seeing chocolate covered cherry bourbon balls! We have no snow out here but it’s dreary and drippy. I like the shot with the sun rising (or setting) and casting shadows on the snow. Nice! City reflection in the river – also very nice. Stay warm!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jan. We had a little snow this morning and a lot more coming tomorrow night. A good friend of mine always gets cherries in his bourbon, so I added that. My composite “buddy” is going to morph into Godzilla one of these days 😏

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  9. Down here, duct tape and WD-40 rule! Funny about snow blowers. Here the talk is always about who has a generator. We might lose power during a storm,but we have a gas hot water heater, so let’s hear it for hot showers! A good generator is a bit out of our price range.

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    • We’ve considered getting a generator, but we don’t lose power that often or for very long. We did lose it once for 10 days, which is why we think about it. We survived, wood stove for heat, but no hot showers, brrrr.


  10. The photos of the ice on the river are my faves here, really nicely done. And then Maddie on her mountain of snows, so cute!
    I smirked a bit at the wire holding your frame. The Mister had an incident with the mower handle a coupla summers ago. He had to replace the same part twice. In the meantime, he fashioned a security like yours. He said, and I quote, “I’m not sure if it’s a design flaw or the way Dad lifts it.” Since Papaw didn’t borrow the mower last summer and it never broke, I think we have the answer.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha – so maybe it is me! At least I didn’t break the Mister’s mower

      Maddie hasn’t been all that interested in her snow mountain this year, but then, it’s never gotten very high. It’s going to get cold again this week, so we might have more ice forming on the river. I love watching the ice drift past the park.

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  11. I am so in love with that lamp post outside your home. It can become a landmark of its own. You never know some people would use that as a landmark. You know they would say: You come to this lane and then you will see a home with a lamp post and then you turn left or right or whatever. You get the idea. In Mumbai in my neighbourhood, we had this particular home right on the crossroad. The owner would constantly play English music (all legendary rock and pop singles you can think). So, after a time it became a landmark. We used to guide people saying: You take this lane and you come across a home with English songs playing so then you take a right and then left and then you reach my place.

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  12. How much snow did you guys get over the weekend? Just doesn’t seem to let up does it….headed to Iowa on Wednesday…..here comes the cold, but doesn’t look like much while we are there…..brrr is all I can say!

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  13. Some terrific reflection pics, Dan! Really nice. And if you’ll forgive the heresy, it’s nice for a change to see only a couple of dog pics. No offense, Maddie, but I think I see more of you than I do my OWN dog!

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