A Luddite Wanna Be?

I was going to leave a comment on Pam’s blog that would have been longer than her wonderful post. She has tossed a spark into a pile of draft blog posts that have begun to smolder in their respective folders.

This will lead to something. Watch this space in the future, but enjoy Pam’s wit and wisdom today. Comments are closed here, but Pam loves comments.

Butterfly Sand

For years that has been what I have been claiming.  I may need to rethink that statement.  Perhaps a little context . . .

Luddites were a loosely based organization of English textile workers in the 19th century who protested against the use of machines.  They were afraid of losing their jobs.  Sound familiar? Protests turned violent, property and people were destroyed.

As so often happens, the movement was co-opted decades later to serve another purpose.  People have used it as a rallying cry against all technology.  It is this cry that forecasts the evils of technology and the demise of modern society.  I beg to differ.

We live longer than we did in the 1800’s. We have cured diseases that once decimated entire communities. We have explored our world and beyond.  Life is good.  Or it could be.  We have unleashed rampart greed and cynicism.  We have generations of…

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