Thanks Facebook but I’ll Pass – #SoCS

The weekend is here, the bar is open, and Linda G. Hill is offering bonus points. Her Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is challenging, but I like bonus points as much as Corona, so let’s move on with:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘abash/a bash/bash.’ Use ‘abash,’ or ‘bash’ as a noun or a verb. Bonus points if you manage all three. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer you would be interested in my reaction to recent changes announced by Facebook…why, I haven’t a clue.

“Good afternoon, my young friend.”

“Hmmm, I always worry when you change up the greeting.”

“Me too, Dan. You don’t suppose he gave up alcohol for Lent, do you? He sounds dangerously sober.”

“I doubt it Cheryl, but I know I didn’t.”

“Then a Corona for you?”

“Yes please.”

“OK, Mr-fancy-and-formal, are you drinking?”

“I am Cheryl. Bourbon, Ice, Seltzer, the works.”

“I remember.”

“I just thought I’d remind you, in case you’ve embraced the new era of privacy being ushered in by our friends at Facebook.”

“Dan, I’ll leave this to you while I get the drinks.”

“Is that what this is leading to?”

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Where this is all heading.”

“This being the so-called privacy initiative Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is going to embrace?”

“That and the Facebook coin or currency he plans to introduce.”

“Here’s your beer, Dan, and your bourbon. We accept cash and all major credit cards – that would be Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover – NO Facebook!”

“Aww, Cheryl, I was hoping to be able to bring up the app, push a button and pay. I guess I’ll have to let Dan pick up the tab for this mini-bash.”

“Nice try, old man.”

“Now that you mention it, we do accept Apple Pay.”

“How do I leave you a tip? I didn’t think there was a way to do that with Apple Pay.”

“There isn’t, exactly. I add the tip to your bill at the terminal.”

“Ha ha – oh that’s a good one Cheryl. I love you like a sister, but I’m not sure I want you deciding your own tip.”

“Well, then, you might not get those cherries in your bourbon.”

“See, this is where you always lose it. Don’t mess with Cheryl.”

“Sorry, Dan, but seriously, letting her decide her own…”

“…Watch it – too late.”


“Aww, come on Cheryl, put the cherries back in. You’re just going to have to throw them out.”

“That might feel good – something a ‘sister’ might enjoy doing.”

“OK, I’m sorry. I just meant that it didn’t sound like a good way to handle tips.”

“Our bank wants us to add those stupid little terminals at each table and at the bar. Then you could pay and enter the tip on your own.”

“Wait, the whole transaction without you?”

“Without me, Dan.”

“Please don’t do that. Even if the old man is going to pay.”

“I will pay, I’ll pay with cash. I’ll leave a big tip. Please give me back the cherries, and please don’t do anything to further reduce the amount of human contact in my life.”

“You want human contact? How about a bash on the head?”

“Cheryl. Please, accept my apology. Do you realize how hard it is for me to admit that I should have listened to Dan?”

“OK, here are your cherries.”

“Thanks Cheryl.”

“Thanks for throwing me under the bus.”

“You deserve it. Do you guys think about things like this when you design all this technology stuff?”

“Don’t lump me in with the people designing Facebook.”

“You work in the same field, Dan.”

“You’re painting with a broad brush – I work for an insurance company.”

“It’s all the same. You and your kind replace people with ones and zeros and tell us we’re better off.”

“Perhaps, but I don’t collect personal information and sell it on the Internet.”

“Zuckerwhatever says he’s going to stop doing that.”

“No, he says he’s going to make it harder for ‘people’ to ‘collect’ that data off Facebook.”

“What’s the difference?”

“Facebook will still collect it, and Facebook will still sell it.”

“You sure?”

“A woman tweeted on Wednesday that she changed all her settings as recommended by Facebook, to make her account as private as possible.”

“Go on.”

“Then she shared a fake post indicating that she was pregnant.”

“And then what?”

“11 hours later, she started seeing ads for maternity wear and baby items.”

“So, Facebook lied to her?”

“They would say that they just define privacy differently than you or I do.”

“I would say they are unabashedly lying to profit off the gullible tendencies of their customers.”

“Speaking of profiting from customers. You guys realize that’s what I’m trying to do while you collectively nurse your first round.”

“You’re right Cheryl. Since the old man is paying, I was trying not to get ahead of him.”

“Since when have you been bashful with my money?”

“Cheryl, another Corona please, and maybe some wings.”

“Would you like another splash of bourbon?”

“Of course, and if you don’t mind…”

“I’ll drown a few cherries in there.”

“Thanks Cheryl, you’re the best.”

“Can I enter my own tip?”


If you’re like me and itching for spring, check out Cheryl’s lovely images and words. The gallery includes some of the critters from around the homestead.


  1. Is there anyone out there that thinks a company that earns $4M per ‘day’ isn’t selling what is being posted by 2.27 billion active users? I guess there must be since there is still outrage at what they are doing with personal information being posted. Let the poster beware. :-) Your four-legged family members are going to have their schedules interrupted when you retire. :-)

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  2. There were so many things enraging me about Facebook that I ultimately dumped the whole thing a year ago. I don’t miss it! There are some “friends” who have an aversion to email/text, so I guess without messenger I’ll never hear from them again. So be it. And yes, i still see plenty of ads, but they’re based on my reading habits and google searches, not on private conversations! 😀

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    • I understand, Paula. I have limited my interaction with FB to the few friends that I wouldn’t hear about via any other platform, and two private groups. I share as little as possible, but I still feel the hooks. I ignore online ads like I’ll get electrocuted if I click on them. Thanks for the comment.

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  3. Boy, you ran this prompt right up the flag pole!! Excellent! Hope Cheryl wound up with a generous tip!

    Privacy? I don’t think we’ll ever see it again. A couple of generations from now kids won’t know what you’re talking about. It’ll go the way of rotary phones, vinyl records and cursive writing. So sad and so very scary.

    The 3-M’s are in rare form today. “How long do you work?” is a great photo with the perfect caption. I didn’t realize MiMi’s ‘cradle” was so high! Good thing she’s not prone to nosebleeds! 😜 Maddie and her friend Chinook make a beautiful couple. He is one handsome fella. Is MuMu getting less camera shy, or are you getting craftier at taking her picture?

    I love the shot of the squirrel sitting on the fence behind the forsythia……at least I think it’s forsythia!!

    Enjoy today Dan. Rain and more rain tomorrow, but at least there’s no shoveling required!! Hi! to the Editor and Faith.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. First off, it is forsythia – you have a good eye. The squirrels were hungry yesterday. By now, they are usually picking stuff up off the grass, but it remains under a frozen blanket. They were taking a peanut and basically saying, “hang on. I’m gonna eat this one and then you can give me one for the road.”

      Maddie and Chinook have an on-again-off-again deal going. Sometimes they meet at the fence to say hi and sometimes, they start barking and growing and running around. He is a handsome boy, and he likes to get petted at the fence.

      MiMi has always liked to be up high, so I built that cradle high for her, It’s a pain, particularly when it has to be cleaned, but she loves it. I was able to pick MuMu up yesterday and put her on the sun shelf. She didn’t stay long, but she came back a few times to yell at me for not brushing her.

      Every online venue is a sinkhole for privacy, but Facebook is insidious. I do have some friends who only interact through FB, so I stay, just to keep tabs with them, but I share very little. I’m not worried (I share a ton of stuff here) but I just don’t like adding to their coffers.

      Cheryl (the real bartenders behind the scene) always get a good tip, from me and from my “buddy” – I have a soft spot for bartenders, especially since CT law lets owners pay them significantly less than minimum wage.


  4. LOL – excellent take on the prompt, Dan! I’m getting tired of the swimsuit ads I keep seeing, so I better check my settings again. If I didn’t have to monitor a Facebook page for work, I think I’d ditch it. Happy Saturday – hope the storm we’re getting today loses steam before it gets to you!

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    • Thanks Shelley. We have a “wintry mix” mess coming overnight. It may keep us homebound until noon-ish, but the rest of the week looks good – highs in the 40s and lows not much below freezing.

      Ironically, even though they could easily tell when you return from vacation, you’ll probably see swimsuit ads until July.

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    • Thanks Joanna. I have been limiting my time and the amount of information I share on Facebook for a while now. Other than staying in touch with a few foiks, there’s nothing to gain.

      MiMi is the master of comfort. Actually all three M-girls find ways to settle in for a nice nap.

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  5. Okay…I’m back again, I’m ready to join the bashing now…! Last night I saw a commercial on TV for Sheez. So I used Chrome on my phone to look them up. Now this morning when I looked at Facebook, there’s a commercial for Sheez. GRRR… Okay, thank you for being a safe spot for me to bash!

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  6. “Pay no attention to the kitty behind the curtain” lol so cute. Ummmm, not that I like to even utter the FB word but they have gone psycho. I am so relieved I ditched that environment over a year ago now and though I miss our one group there, there is nothing else I miss for a second.
    Those machines are all over Florida already at places like Chili’s, Appleby’s and Olive Garden. I don’t like them. PS Did you catch the final season of The X Files? If not, ask Faith about the one where Mulder ticked off the ribots at the sushi bar. The entire episode was shot with about three sentences spoken. It was pretty cool. And very scary in a sarcastic Mulder way. Happy aweekend Dan. Nice job with the prompt! 👍🏻

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    • Thanks Cheryl. The chains have those machines here, too. I don’t like them. FB is psycho. I stick around for the group, and because I monitor our company page. I did not watch the X-Files, but I’ll ask Faith. She might make me watch it. I hope you’re enjoying your Free48

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      • Thanks, Dan. What’s not to like so far? Writing in bed and about to go for coffee. It’s raining so again no outdoorscursion but there are always projects. As a techie you would enjoy that episode. It is both humorous and scary….happy weekend.

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  7. Thought provoking post today. I’ve been trying to get my sharing from WP to FB to start working again. Now I’m thinking who cares. Try as I might to get people to join me here, they won’t. I pop on to FB rarely these days to visit old friends.

    Those pay it yourself machines have affected the livelihoods of wait staff. Our last visit to Chili’s had only three attending the whole place. Still there was no wait for a table and service was exponentially faster but it was sad. If that even makes sense.

    Yet I bag my own groceries even though that too put someone out of work. I have to wonder what jobs of the future will even look like. I didn’t realize you worked for an insurance company. Me too. How bout we trade places and I retire? Nope. Ah well. Happy Saturday.

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    • Ha ha – laughing at that last suggestion. Oh my, no. Entry-level jobs used to teach kids (like us) so many lessons you can’t learn in school of look up on google. “Alexa, how do I not be a jackass?”

      I’m spending less and less time on Facebook, but I check our company page and one for an association I belong to.

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    • Good approach. The latest is their push for you to use 2-factor authentication. They suggest using your cell phone, but then they sell your phone number. This was just reported today.


  8. Ah the love-hate FB thang. I also rarely do much there but art… The art groups are great. I go to them, monitor the biz pages, and not much else… If they want to fill my pages with ads for art supplies and fountain pens I am kay with that… And yes, I never ever ever click on a FB ad. Lately I get emails from them (yes really them) where they tell me I have not been posting enough. HMPF.
    I think the era of privacy is over. And young people do not even understand the concept of an invasion of our privacy. Gads I feel old. Good post. I had a hard time with this one.

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  9. The photo of MiMi’s nose is so darn cute! Wow. Does she jump up to her sleeping platform? I’m with, Ginger. I didn’t realize how high it was. And you built it?! Haha! The looks she give you….they so make me laugh. Ya know, I know a lot of people say FB keeps them in touch with people they would not otherwise be able to connect with, but all this stuff with Zuckerwhatever……I suppose it is so with anyone online, but FB seems to be in the news constantly about privacy.

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    • Thanks Lois. MiMi jumps about halfway up and then climbs. When she gets to the top, she flips and flops into the cradle. She has some of the funniest looks. I swear I got a chill from her shadow in behind the curtain. FB is trying to look like they are getting better while maintaining the revenue from selling everything they know about us.


  10. The ads that mysteriously appear on Facebook and websites I visit that “just happen” to reflect a recent (offline) purchase or conversation I’ve had are creepy. But, I’m sure Facebook and our other digital overlords have our best interests at heart.

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  11. “Ha ha – oh that’s a good one Cheryl. I love you like a sister, but I’m not sure I want you deciding your own tip.”

    I love my sisters but I would never allow them to decide their own tip. Actually, I would never tip them – that is because although I love them, I remember all the nasty things they did. It is the joy of being served by strangers, you don’t know all the nasty things they did.

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  12. Well, what do you know, Facebook lied to us! Again. Still. I left years ago and encourage everyone who is still there to do the same, but am ignored by the very people who are being taken advantage of the most. Go figure…

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  13. Great post, Dan. Shame on FB. And many WP users can’t post to FB because their posts are suspicious or some kind of a possible violation. Can you imagine if a post about Maddie was bounced? Don’t get me started – apologies. Cheryl deserves a huge tip!

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    • That is about all I do out there. That, and I have a friend who posts old photos and imagines us all in them. It’s kind of fun, and I don’t think the algorithms have caught onto us yet.


  14. I tell ya, my last status on FB was probably May of last year, maybe April. That’s how to be private on FB. Course, if I type to friends on their FB, about their interests, I get ads for that too. It’s really only safe to like and play word games, hm?
    Maddie and squirrel and MuMu AWWWW! MiMi is darling, and her nose pic is the best :)

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