More Help from Friends – #ThursdayDoors

East 73rd Street between 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue.
1976 – photo by Wallach Colmer

This is a difficult week for doors, for me. I was in Boston for a couple of days and returned to a schedule that wasn’t going to allow much time for writing. Despite how badly I failed at teeing up my One-Liner Wednesday post, you know the one that briefly burst into your browser on Tuesday, I had to give the scheduling thing another shot. Hopefully, you’re reading this on Thursday morning, and I was able to add a link to this post in Norm’s comment section.

Norm, by the way, is Norm Frampton. He runs this fun little blogfest and brings together doortographers from around the world to share the part of the building we like best – the door. Actually, sometimes we like the windows best, and sometimes the fire escapes, but there’s always a door. Unless there isn’t. Last week, Norm featured a lot of “there used to be a door there” photos from Pompeii.

Today, as the title suggests, I’m featuring doors my friends and family have provided. The doors are from New York, and Connecticut. Thanks so much to an old friend from Toastmasters (who never met a pun he didn’t like and who probably wants to remain anonymous), Brad Lewis, who might appreciate a bit of promotion – hint, if you’re a history buff and Audible “reader” check out the new release of Celebrity Gangster on Audible. I have the paper version of this book, and it’s a wonderful read. Thanks also to our daughter, Faith, who collected a couple doors for me on her recent hiking adventures.

Let’s move into the gallery, where unless the links I was given had some history attached, most of the captions are “this is a door” and “here’s another door” and like that.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a great weekend.


    • Thanks Lois. Faith is a firm follower of “lug-in lug-out” when she hikes and camps. She’s a very good steward of this planet. The guy with the puns is crazy at times. Some that he shares are so bad (yet so funny).

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  1. OMG! Fantastic door post. The contribution from Faith, I think that poor old building has bigger problems than whether the trash is lugged in and lugged out! Love the cartoon. I have to confess, I could look at old pictures forever.

    The photo featuring Walgreens…..the lack of much vehicular traffic and what appears to be a policeman directing ‘traffic’. Contrast that with the Mulberry Street in Detroit photo……and we complain about vehicular traffic today in our cities?!! Lol. They had people and cart traffic that rivals anything we see today.

    And I love the kitchen.

    Your friend, by the way, should do One Liner Wednesday’s. He’s very funny indeed.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. I’m lucky to have people enabling/supporting this habit. I love the old photos and he is so god at finding them. Numerous times, I’ve made a comment about not know much about a subject, and he’s back within minutes with books, pictures and other references. He did a lot of research for his books, and he’s quite good at it.

      It is funny to see old photos with few or no cars and pedestrians ruling the day.

      I do love the kitchen!


  2. The small building that Faith found is very much like the cabin I built in the woods at my old place. It broke my heart to move but the constant dampness of the woods was making my wife sick.

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  3. It’s great to see that family members and friends keep sending you doors. You can tell Faith that the close-up of her door is gorgeous!! And I love the puns too, especially that Riders on the Storm band. :D There is a future in that!

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  4. Aside from the fact that it’s absolutely wonderful that you’re recruiting new members for our cult…er..”friendly group of door lovers” :-P this post also contains some top-quality doors.
    Conquistadoor? Si señor!
    Your minions have done you proud my friend ;-)

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    • Thanks Norm. Doors appear to be contagious. The old photos are wonderful and I really like the one that Faith found in the middle of nowhere. Have a great weekend.


  5. Sorry it was a difficult week for you. Wow, those black and whites are phenomenal! Also love the cartoon:):) It looks like you are doing great in the “friends” department! Am glad you linked to All Seasons, because I had totally forgotten to visit your Thursday doors (you probably know why – I forgot to reply to half of the commentators already for a few weeks).


  6. I love the black and white pictures you posted. I love old Bombay (now Mumbai) pictures because the city had its charm back in those days. One better way to do it is I go on YouTube and enjoy some old black and white songs shot in the city. That way I enjoy some classics and get a view of the old Bombay.

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