Crank Up the Blues – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, we’re at the bar, wrestling with Linda G. Hill’s fun Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. I have to admit that, although this was written in SoC fashion, there was thought and there has been editing. Still, the prompt is:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘dough/d’oh.’ Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Enjoy!”

If we were having a beer, you’d have some unanswered questions.

“Ah, there you are.”

“You say that as if you didn’t expect to see me here.”

“Well, I didn’t see your car in the lot, and you never updated that story. I thought maybe you were still under the bridge in Hartford.”

“Ha ha, no. Sit down and join us for a beer.”


“This is my daughter, Faith.”

“D’oh, it’s nice to see you again. Faith.”

“It’s nice to see you again, too. I was on my way out the first time we met, I don’t think I caught your name.”

“I’m sorry, I should have introduced you guys. Faith, this is David.”

“Do you prefer David, or Dave?”


“OK, then.”

“And I’m Cheryl, your bartender.”

“Hi Cheryl. I recognize you, and if he’s buying, I’m having bourbon.”

“I thought as much – David – here you go, one bourbon, one seltzer one ice.”


“Wow, that would make a horrible blues song.”

“Ha ha – that’s a good observation, Faith, but it is what he drinks.”

“OK, enough about me, my name, my bourbon. What the ffff… (sorry Faith, Cheryl) heck happened to your car, Dan?”

“The crank-sensor failed.”

“Your car has a crank? I thought those went out with the Model-T.”

“Crank – shaft – sensor.”

“You have to wonder why cars have all these sensors?”

“The sensor monitors the position of the crankshaft. The car’s computer uses that data to figure out a bunch of stuff, including how much fuel to pump.”

“Faith, has your dad always done this?”

“Answer rhetorical questions? Yes, yes he has.”

“You have my sympathies.”

“It’s not so bad, some of the answers are interesting.”

“I suppose. So, Mr. Wizard, is that what happened, the computer shut off the fuel? That would serve you right, as an IT guy.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. We don’t use the ‘shut-off’ term until later in the day.”

“We’re not shutting anyone off Cheryl.”

“You’re also not ordering very much, Dan.”

“Sorry. I’ll have another Corona.”

“How about you, Faith, another Meat and Potatoes Stout?”

“No thanks, I’m good.”

“That’s a weird beer for a vegetarian.”

“It’s not made from meat and potatoes, Dad.”

“I know, but still.”

“So, Faith, besides that delightful looking stout, what brings you here today?”

“My mom wasn’t too keen on the idea of dad driving, so I offered to come over and take him out for a beer.”

“What’s up with you, that your wife doesn’t want you driving?”

“I’ve had some issues with my hearing.”

“Another encounter with a hammer-drill?”

“No. This time it was a fire alarm.”

“At work?”

“No, in my hotel room up in Boston.”

“Yikes! Those things can be loud.”

“This one was really loud. I was in bed, and since I didn’t know if I’d be allowed back in, I had to get dressed and gather up all my stuff.”

“Did you lose your hearing again?”

“No, but I have this intense ringing in my ears, and I’ve been having periods of lightheadedness.”

“More than normal?”

“Yes…more than normal.”

“Here’s your beer, her lime and a frosted glass. Did you see a doctor, Dan?”

“I did, Cheryl. She called it ‘noise induced trauma’ and it should fade in about a week.”

“Well, that sounds like good news.”

“I am optimistic.”

“There’s a surprise. Faith, has he always been optimistic?”

“Yes, David, to a fault.”

“I think I should be buying your beers today.”

“It’s OK. I tend to be an optimist, too.”

“And, you’re a vegetarian. I guess that rules out us ordering wings.”

“We have fried mushrooms as an appetizer special today.”

“Ooh, Cheryl, those sound good.”

“They are, but one order won’t cover this crew. I’d recommend one order per.”

“Dan’s paying, an order each sounds good to me.”

“Ha! I’ll get them right in. Don’t worry, Dan, they’re breaded, but not a lot of dough.”

“Ha ha. Oh, that’s bad, Cheryl.”

“While we’re spending Dan’s money, I seem to be nearing the bottom of this glass.”

“I’ll get the shrooms in and be back with another round.”

“Thanks. Now, Faith, I have one more question.”

“About my Dad?”

“No, about your taste in music. Can I assume from your earlier observation that you’re a fan of George Thorogood?”

“He’s OK, but I was thinking of John Lee Hooker’s version.”

“Good choice, but he was way before your time.”

“I let her watch The Blues Brothers at a very early age.”

“Seriously, Dan? The Blues Brothers?”

“He did. I still love that movie.”

“Cheers, or should I say, boom, boom, boom, boom.”

“Either works for me.”

Note: The hearing issue occurred two weeks ago. The ringing in my ears has lessened and the episodes of lightheadedness have largely waned. Also, some you may have lost your connection to Cheryl’s blog (I did), so here’s a link to the post you might have missed.


    • Thanks Roberta. The mushrooms were breaded and fried, or perhaps battered and fried. I didn’t get a picture, because I didn’t think I’d write about them, but they were perfect. I guess there’s a lesson in there.


  1. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a stack of pancakes like that!! You have quite the good-looking family, Dan. I’m glad you had Faith listen to some of the oldies, it gives a broader range of music appreciation. so… Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom to you too!!

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  2. Hahahah! Today’s conversation in the bar was even more enjoyable with Faith’s presence. Never saw such huge pancakes….and I’m shoveling in Cheerios. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Glad your car trouble is behind you. That had to have been a heart-stopping moment.
    Hope your hearing is up to par very soon and the lightheadedness disappears pronto. Both conditions must be more than a little annoying. Kudos to the Editor for insisting you don’t drive. Good call. Why take the chance? After all, you do have a history of being accident prone and having some weird things happen to you Dan. 😜
    Love those reflection shots, especially the “technicolor” one. Poor MiMi….no rest for the weary. And everyone’s favorite redhead seems to be quite comfortable with her squirrel friends coming closer and closer to her cot. Good girl Maddie! That contrail is the biggest one I’ve ever seen. The shot where it’s dissecting the sun is neat!

    Have a great weekend.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Those pancakes were Wednesday’s breakfast. Today, it’s Special K 🙁

      It’s always good when Faith can join me for a beer. The Editor wasn’t keen on me having beer, but… I think/hope this is all heading in the right direction.

      Maddie and I have been for a walk. Sitting might happen later. I have s few chores and some research for next Saturday’s post in between.


  3. Glad you’re feeling better. Ringing in the ears with lightheadedness is NOT a good mix. Glad Faith was able to drive you. Hope you have a great Saturday! PS – I loved the Blues Brothers too.

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  4. Wow. It was a rough week for you Dan. I never heard of the particular auto problem and I thought I’d heard (or had) them all. The hearing situation is so unfortunate and I do hope it continues to improve. That hotel needs ‘adjustment’. It’d great to see Faith at the bar. I think she and I could have fun at a beer festival, 😉PS I took the leaking ceiling hit for you this week. 😏

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  5. Hmmm, now I’m thinking pancakes for breakfast. Sorry about your hearing but hopefully you’ll be back soon to what passes for normal. :-) I’ve never heard of Meat and Potatoes Stout, but it sounds as if Faith is my sort of beer drinking–dark beer. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND. (Just wanted to be sure you could hear me.)


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  6. My goodness, I’m glad you were able to get the car fixed. The sensor problem sounds dangerous. I loved listening to John Lee Hooker and to reading how you incorporated the song in your post. Have a worry-free day, Dan!

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  7. Is nice to see Faith. I like her choice of beer. I’m so glad your hearing issue is on the wane. That kind of thing can be annoying. Crank sensor? Might be a good thing to ferret out nasty old men but on a car. Not so much.

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  8. What’s wrong with a meat and potatoes stout? That looked delish. I suspect Faith has good taste in beer and it paired well with deep fried mushrooms. Yum.

    Are the pancakes gluten free? No? Well, then never mind, plus they’re not chocolate chip pancakes.

    I love the Blues Brothers movie too and I’m glad you let Faith appreciate a classy movie at a young age. Enjoy your weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mary. I knew you would like her taste in beer. Nothing wrong with it, just not for me. As for pancakes being GF, I don’t know but you can get them with blueberries or chocolate chips.

      I’m glad you appreciate fine movies.

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  9. Oh dear – ringing in the ears is so unnerving. Take good care of yourself. It looks like it’s still a little cold back there. Hope the weather and your health is sunnier in the days to come.

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  10. Boom boom boom boom….This is why I love to watch NCIS: New Orleans from the very beginning. Great tune. MiMi giving you the eye… darn cute. My husband says I make good pancakes but if we go out for breakfast, I always order pancakes…mine are not that great. These look so darn good! I love when people call mushrooms ‘shrooms. Let’s just cut out useless syllables.

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  11. Those red lights are kind of atmospheric actually. Don’t forget to move the clock tonight. Ohh, I know, you’ve done it yet. For us it’s tonight. This morning bestia came to wake me up by giving me a hug at 6.45. It was a beautiful spring morning in Rome. Dogs are good for some things…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Janis. I have hearing issues before, and I feel bad for anyone that has to deal with it all the time. The ringing seems to be subsiding (slowly) and the lightheaded feeling seems to have waned. That was truly scary. The car breaking down on the highway was also scary, but it’s fixed now.

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  12. Pity about your ears. I hope it clears up speedily. Really scary about the car, still.
    Great group of shots, gives a good account of a full week. Nice Faith, Nice pancakes, Nice contrail split by the sun.
    One bourbon will do for me. I did not know John Lee Hooker did that song, and I’m a lil offended I didn’t, because I grew up on that stuff. The Mister didn’t know either, and was also shocked, but he grew up with … well, easy listening and muzak.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha – I’m laughing about that last comment. Did he grow up in an elevator? Lonesome George does a good job with that song, but there’s nothing like John Lee Hooker’s version.

      The car has been repaired. The lightheaded feeling has subsided and the noise is growing less intense. Not gone, it needs to be gone. Maybe I need more pancakes.

      I hope your weekend is still going well. BTW, my phone turned that into “you’re” and I said “No! Not with Joey!”

      Liked by 1 person

      • HAHAHA! Joey would know it was your phone, cause she knows you can spell!
        The Mister grew up where music that didn’t praise God was seldom heard and I really didn’t want to try to spell Englebert Humperdink (?) – I’m not sure what else he was tortured with, but that one has been noted LOUDLY several times. When we were kids, my parents had a record collection like a store, his parents had like, a dozen, and several of them were comedy and gospel. They had sugar at their house though :P
        Pancakes do sound good!

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  13. Good to have Faith join in, Dan. And she got to see The Blues Brothers when she was little – yes!! We let our kids watch Beverly Hills Cop. Hope your hearing returns soon! What a terrible experience for you.

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  14. So many topics in one post. :-) A weekend beer with Faith is a good thing, but noise in the ears in not. You and I could have a beer and a conversation about that. :-) I haven’t had breakfast, and those pancakes look great. Good plan to grab your stuff before exiting the hotel since I just watched a local news report about people still waiting after five days to get their belongings from a hotel with an issue.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Judy. It was a good plan, but, apparently, I took a little too long to execute it. Somewhere, in one of those bags, I had earplugs. I didn’t think I needed them in the room. I hope, if we ever manage to have that beer, the noise will have subsided – it hasn’t yet.

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