Multi-Tasking for – #ThursdayDoors

Some serious attention to detail when into this little outbuilding.

This may come as a shock, but I am not always on the lookout for doors. Well, I am always interested if I see an interesting door or an interesting building, but sometimes, I just go about my business. Of course, that’s usually when my digital warehouse of doors is full and I know which doors go with what Thursday well into the future. When the cupboard is bare, I try to be keenly aware of the doors around me. Lately, that’s been the case, but…

It’s not because I need a big bunch of doors; I actually have a lot of leftovers from Concord, Massachusetts, including a few very special ones. No, these days, I’m on the lookout for buildings, dead trees, cemeteries, overflowing rivers and of course, doors. See, I agreed to supply Teagan R. Geneviene with photos for her new “pantster” series “Brother Love” and I take my responsibility seriously. I’ve been sending Teagan photos, but I’ve been taking pictures at about a 10:1 ratio – hey, it’s not math if I use it in a sentence – to the ones I send her. I am doing that, because I don’t know where this story is going. I’m not sure Teagan does, either, but I’m not worried, she usually finds out in time.

Also, since I’m trying to avoid too many purely technical posts, and since the subject of photo captions is so very important to my Thursday Doors posts, let me give you a quick update on the Guttenberg Gallery issue.

My posting two issues (one feature request and one bug) on Github has gotten the attention of a few developers from the Guttenberg project, or from sub-projects within that larger effort. Suffice it to say, there are several issues with Guttenberg and Jetpack and Galleries and Jetpack Lightrooms and a few other sub-projects I wasn’t aware of. I don’t have any hard information at this time, but I do feel confident that the people working on this project are trying to give us a very good experience when it comes to displaying multiple images. I’ll save the technical details for another day, but don’t give up. I think there will be a good solution before we get cast out of the Classic Editor.

This multi-faceted post is part of Norm Frampton’s wonderfully fun blogfest, Thursday Doors. If you love doors and want to see, photograph and/or share doors, you really need to jog on up to Norm’s place – OK, you can walk – and check out his doors. Norm will have instructions waiting for you if you have doors to share, and he will have lots of links to a world (literally) of doors.

The photos in my Classic Gallery are mostly from a walk around our office. The photos are described in the captions. Click on any one image to enter the Jetpack Lightroom (technical name for a slide show). And, if my introduction caused you to think about that great song “I Know Where I’m Going” by The Judd’s, there’s a link to that under the gallery.

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    1. I do like that house, Maggie. I think the mailbox got hit by a snowplow. I guess the house is abandoned. I’d love to see someone fix it up, but it’s in a mostly commercial area, I think someone will just buy the land and tear it down.

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  1. Nice way to explore this new place. Sad, that I couldn’t really keep up with my Thursday Doors routine. I’m working on an urgent assignment for my client, so she is my priority this week. Plus, I had no pictures. I wanted to take a tour of the city and pick some spots where I can find doors, but couldn’t.

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    1. Thanks Roberta. I don’t usually snag a photo while someone is out. I think if I wanted to, I’d probably ask, although you are allowed to photograph anything you can see from a public place. The only person to ever question me, was a security guard at a commercial building. They had heard rumors that the building was being sold, and the security staff was concerned that they would be replaced. I was taking pictures because I used to work in the building.


  2. Oooooh, the widows walk and a round dormer! I’ve never seen a round dormer and now I want one! The little out building with its own dormer is so cute. The stunning home (now commercial building) with the detailed eaves and uprights….but that front door with the glass side panels is a knockout!! Barns are my favorite, but that poor old abandoned house looks so sad waiting to find out its fate.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Thanks Ginger. I’ve never seen a round dormer. Widows Walks are common around here, but that house has so many cool details (including the dormered shed).

      The abandoned house is sad. I wish it could be saved, but I don’t have a good feeling about it. I do like barns, but the ones in this group are all pretty sad.


  3. The little TLC house that looks kind of shabby calls to me. I’m entertained that it has utility wires going to it. They must keep the inside of the house working, but that outside could use some help.

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  4. Excellent selection, as always. Perhaps you’ve detailed it before, but the background on a widow’s walk is something I’m not familiar with, other than the term. Do share if you know? Thank you for your continued efforts with the programmers for Guttenberg. I look forward to reading the resolution of all efforts. Happy Thursday, Dan!

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    1. Thanks Shelley. Widows walks are common on houses here that are by the river. Women would go up there to watch for their husbands to return from the sea. This house is about 1/4 mile from the river, so I think you could see it from there.

      I’ll publish an update on Gutterberg one of these days, as soon as I can figure out how to make it not boring. It’s fascinating to me, but I have to remember not to head into the weeds,

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      1. Thank you, I knew you’d be able to explain the term! How nice they had a spot to look from.
        I’m looking forward to that post about “G” – I’m positive you’ll be able to make it interesting, despite the technical nature of the subject!


    1. Ha ha – I had to sneak that in :-)

      It’s funny how, when I write something, I start hearing a song. I hope that house gets the TLC it needs. I doubt it will happen, but…


  5. Wow, it looks like you got every door in the the neighborhood:) A very different style, you see here in California Have to admit, I liked seeing the Judd (can’t remember who of the two, on TV -a grand event) more than the style of the music – she has a powerful personality! Whenever wordpress throws out the classic editor, I’ll be knocking you your door – but it’s nice that your writing caught their attention!!

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    1. Thanks. I think you’re thinking of Wynonna. Her mom is Naomi. The daughter had a nice solo career after her mom had to stop.

      A lot of people are working their way through Guttenberg. I think when we all have to move, help will be easy to find.

      I did snap pictures of almost every house on the block, but I’m not going to be taking that walk that much longer.


  6. Thank you for being the test subject for Guttenberg for all of us, Dan. I am holding off until the last possible second to make the switch and hoping all the bugs are worked out.

    Love your selection of doors. Some really beautiful architecture there.

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  7. Hi Dan – love the various buildings with their doors … the purple door and windows against the barn pink seem a little odd – but fascinating to see, as too the others. I’m ‘enjoying’ the techie stuff too – cheers Hilary

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  8. Lots to like in your gallery. Lots of comments too and if it has been said yet, sorry: in the photo where you say look at the barn, the door on house looks purple to me. Or mauve, or some such. :D Definitely not blue. I know that your eyes and colours don’t go all that well together, but I’m curious – maybe something is wrong with mine!

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  9. Thanks for the mention, Dan. I’m sorry to be late. I think my relentless weed pulling has put me in allergy overload. Some spore things got in side my gloves (long but not tight enough) so my hands and arms are broken out where the spores tried to hang on. Last spring I started having pollen reaction on my eyelids (not an infection, just an ugly allergy manifestation). Well, I have that to the tune of crusty red eyelids.

    LOL… Dan I can imagine the look your wife gave you when you said you wanted to buy the yellow front-loader.
    The “TLC” house is remarkably symmetrical. I wouldn’t be surprised if every measurement was in perfect balance. Maybe that explains its appeal.
    I really love that window with blue trim. Lots to like in this post. Hugs.

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    1. Thanks Teagan. As with your place, it’s never too late to stop by here. Sorry about the spores. As if pulling weeds isn’t bad enough. The loader was never a serious option, but it’s fun to think about.

      The little sad house does have an interesting appeal. I also like how it sits in a very clear lot. I think that will lead to its demise, as its in the middle of a commercial district.

      I’m excited about Brother Love, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see me working it into the otherwise random stream over here.

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  10. A fun and very eclectic collection this week Dan. I’m also glad to hear progress is being made with the tech heads working on Gutenberg. You may just convince me to give it a try.
    Now if you’ll excuse me I just have to go sit down and figure out how to process my feelings after seeing you publicly admit that you’re NOT ALWAYS on the lookout for doors :-(
    Just not sure how I’m gonna be able to cope with this news ;-)

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    1. I’m sorry, Norm. Better that you heard it from me. I should have added a count of how many times, I’ve turned around because I saw a door that I needed to get a picture of. That would have made you feel better.

      If you like to group pictures into galleries, I don’t think Guttenberg is ready for prime time. But, otherwise, it’s coming along.

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  11. the Judds song was new to me – twangy and snappy and listened to a bit of it…
    and fir in with your theme.
    Oh and I know exactly what you mean with the door hunting – at times have a store house and i am not always looking either – even though recently I keep seeing YELLOW doors everywhere i go – and passed many right on by – (but now want to maybe go back – lol)
    and I like the little shed and outbuilding most here

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad yo liked the song. They were a great team. I’m back in the market for doors, but I have another odd theme for next week. I do like the sheds – a lot of work to make them fit in.

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  12. Lovely pictures. I hope I am able to get back to putting up my Thursday Doors posts again. I have the pictures with me, now I need to generate the content and history of it.


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