The Perfect Haiku? – #1LinerWeds

So said coworker Brian Carvell. Yes, I named him. I didn’t use the somewhat anonymous “coworker whose sense of humor is so bizarre that you laugh until you realize you shouldn’t be laughing.” Of course, that would have only been anonymous in the world outside our office. Inside, everyone would say, “oh, he means Brian.”

So why throw him under the bus?

He insisted. Just in case this IS the perfect haiku, he wants the credit.

Far be it from me to plagiarize – Note: I couldn’t even spell that well enough for Word’s spellchecker to point me in the right direction – I guess the problem is, I don’t pronounce it correctly. Brian also likes Dunkin Donuts coffee, although, he seems to prefer the drive-through to parking and going inside. That choice is not only unfriendly to the planet, but due to the inferior microphone in the lane, has led to this perfect-haiku-wanna-be”

Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-thru
– Brian Carvell

I’d like a coffee.
Could you repeat your order?
I’d like a coffee.

And, from the list of the top-50 fast foods, It also works for:

A Big Mac
Two Tacos
A Frosty
Some Hash Browns
A Whopper
Some Cheese Curds (although we don’t have Culver’s around here)
A pretzel (although I’ve never seen an Auntie Anne’s with a drive through)
Cajun Fries

This unhealthy post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. Dan, all your photos are beautiful! You know how I feel about sunrise and reflections..always perfect. Wow. Flooding is so frightening. I hope it stops rising soon. Since I no longer partake of fast food, drive thrus are not even a question. We preferred to go inside even on the rare occasion we pick up a Chick Fil A biscuit, even if it’s to go. I’ll admit to sometimes taking a drive thru for CC’s Mochassippi coffee back in the day but that was too long ago to remember well. That hiding crow looks so black that his head is blue! Have a great Wednesday.

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  2. Despite Florida not having actual season, we do have flowers that bloom this time of year also. The poor snowbirds never get to see them. It’s terrific seeing so many different colors outside, not just solid green, but I’m not looking forward to another 7 months of HOT HOT HOT!!

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  3. We have one Culvers in this region. I don’t know about their cheese curds, but they do a delicious fried fish sammie. Suddenly I’m in the mood for one… wonder how that happened?

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  4. I’m enjoying the beautiful spring photos and then I arrive at the flooding. Sigh. It’s pouring rain right now p, rained quite a lot yesterday, will rain more today, and of the next nine days, six show rain or thunderstorm symbols on my weather app. Sigh again. The river that runs through downtown was already well out of its banks yesterday and after last nigh, it will be an interesting drive to work.

    Kudos to Brian and enjoy Wednesday!


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    • Thanks Judy. This particular Dunkin Donuts is almost always faster if you go in. On the other hand, to go in, you have to walk in front of the people leaving the drive-thru. I always check to see if they’re looking at me or their phone..

      It was 44°F when I left for work, but raining, I saw some sun on the way in, but it’s been covered by deep clouds. Happy May Day.

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  5. Dan, I really loved your gallery this morning! I did not realize you were having so much rain! WOW! We’ve had our share but nothing compared to you. The colors ….. dazzling! The haiku …. tell your co-worker GREAT JOB! even though as you stated, it is an unhealthy haiku. LOL I’m hoping today I can get out in between rain storms to take some more pictures. And dang! It’s cold like you guys here! 😉

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  6. Ha! I wondered if there was a real need to wake up MiMi just to say ‘good-bye’ We just got a Culver’s down the street from me **must tell Joey** My son had a cheese burger and cheese curds and loved them. Cheese curds…..just saying that out loud…, I won’t be eating them. Poor Maddie. Another couple days of storms….

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    • MiMi says “listen to Lois” and The Editor for that matter. No one but me thought saying goodbye to MiMi was necessary. She’s just so darn cute, I can’t resist. I don’t know that I could bring myself to eat cheese curds (don’t tell Joey).

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  7. Kudos to Brian ….. you know, the co-worker …. on the great Haiku!

    Fantastic shots of the sun bathing everything in gold, and all those reflections. I do see the crow, but is his head really that blue, or is that the angle of the light? Sure hope all that water recedes quickly. MiMi and Maddie getting their much needed rest while MuMu hides waiting to be brushed before she allows herself to be photographed!

    Same weather pattern here. Very tiresome, but easier to handle than snow and ice and freezing temperatures!!

    Happy May Day! Happy Hump Day!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. MuMu is not hiding! MuMu woke me up six times during the night to be scratched. I don’t sleep with a camera, but I’m tempted to start and to open the flash!

      The Editor tells me the “crow” is a Grackle – oh well. I tried.

      The water is receding, slowly. I think I might see the parking lot next week, but I’m sure they won’t have it cleaned or open. We have a gloomy week ahead of us but, hopefully not a lot of rain.

      Take care!


  8. HA! Please pass along my guffaws to co-worker Brian- I LOL’d. But I must confess, if I had read it outside of this blog post, I probably would have shrugged my shoulders. Context is everything, right? So, three cheers to you for providing the back story!

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  9. by the way, in the technology department: I could not post my comment here before “logging in.” I was already logged in, but gave the software what it wanted, and then the comment was accepted.

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  10. LOL – way to share fame along with Brian’s clever prose. My, oh, my, how the river rose. Okay…I’m done, and obviously can’t quit my day job yet. Happy Wednesday!!

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  11. Bwahahahaha! I *love* it. Tell Brian he hit it out of the park with his haiku, and now you’re safe from the plagiarism patrol. I hear they wear badges and everything.

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  12. It’s a good haiku but I can’t call it perfect because Dunkin Donuts coffee. 🙄
    I have a t-shirt with a haiku on it. It reads:
    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don’t make sense

    Love your sunrise photos. Gorgeous. And still jealous of all that water. Although, last night it rained!

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  13. Wonderful images Dan. Those flood waters can create some havoc for sure, even though they look peaceful and meander along. I saw the crow on the right side of the photo; well hidden. Maybe the bird on the log was thinking about becoming a fisher. :-)

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    • The water at park where I took most of these pictures is down below the parking lot, but there is much more rain in the forecast. I just hope it’s smaller amounts, that the river can handle.


  14. An amazing purple explosion, amazingly high water (has it ever been higher that you can remember?) and amazingly endearing fact that you have your cat photo on the phone. :D Oh, the haiku is pretty fun too, and I love many photos. Floods are no fun but they do give great reflections.

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    • Thanks Manja. We have seen the water much higher than this, but that’s when it starts doing some real damage. Spring colors are starting to fade to green, and the bare trees are filling in,

      MiMi has been the cover photo on my phone for many years.

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  15. Wow, you should do more nature shots – I really enjoyed these!
    Some people like to do things double (Brian) like going through the drive thru, and going in to order! Am glad there’s not a doughnut shop close – that would be too big of a temptation:)

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  16. Spring is beautiful! And so are your pets!
    I like the haiku and I enjoy side items more than entrees, cause meat. Like chili cheese fries. Good mercy. Poutine. I just like fries.
    Mentor is the one who makes us laugh at things we shouldn’t laugh at. Laughing shame, she is :P They’re rare moments, but utterly memorable!

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  17. Funny haiku! I can relate to that intercom who cannot understand a word. How hard is it to not get “power bowl” at Taco Bell? I guess about as hard as it is to not get “coffee” at DD. Love the photos, not the flooding. The weather guy told everyone yesterday that the temperature on the same day last year was 86. That was depressing. Happy weekend, Dan.

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