Que será, será – #SoCS

Welcome to the bar at No Facilities. We’ve gathered the usual suspects, and Linda G. Hill has challenged us to speak of heavenly things…well:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘fall from the sky.’ Write about anything that falls from the sky–real, imagined, or idiomatic. Have fun!”

If we were having a beer, you’d be back on my case.

“Did you ever add that Errata section we talked about?”

“You know, here on earth, people sometimes say ‘hello’ when meeting a friend.”

“Hello. Did you ever add…”

“I heard you, and no, I didn’t add an Errata section.”

“Why not?”

“It’s a blog. Que será, será.”

“See, there you go again, that saying is about the future. I’m talking about the past.”

“And I’m talking about the present, as in do you two hens want to order some alcohol to really get this conversation rockin’?”

“Thank you, Cheryl. I would like a Corona.”

“And for you, David?”

“It’s hard to go wrong with Bourbon. Although, I think Dan could manage.”

“I know I’m going to regret this, but what was the errata-worthy mistake that I made?”

“The Crow you had everyone searching for…is a Grackle.”

“I know that.”

“Clearly you didn’t know it on Wednesday.”

“Actually, I knew it shortly after the post went live.”

“Who told you?”

“My wife.”

“The Editor?”


“Why didn’t she tell you before you went off the rails?”

“She doesn’t edit one-liner Wednesday posts.”

“Ah yes, I remember. Based on the often-disproven theory that one-liners are short and therefore less subject to errors.”

“Wow, you guys are still at it. Here’s your Corona, Dan and here’s your Bourbon. Now ease up.”

“Um, Cheryl?”

“Yes, David?”

“Are you going to…”

“…Bring the ice and the seltzer and the cherries? Yes. I wouldn’t want to end up on the bar’s errata list.”

“You two seem a bit sensitive today.”

“You’ve done nothing but pick, since you got here. What’s not to get sensitive about?”

“I was just trying to help. People might have more respect for your writing if you acknowledged your errors.”

“Again, it’s a blog, not a dissertation.”

“Well then, let your wife edit on Wednesdays.”

“Wouldn’t help, she doesn’t edit the photo captions.”

“Then switch to Guttenberg.”

“Guttenberg doesn’t even show the captions.”

“My point.”

“I’ll see your point, and raise you two cherries, a glass of ice and a snifter of seltzer.”

“Thanks Cheryl. What do you think, should Dan add an errata page?”

“I think we spend too much time focusing on what’s wrong in the world. How about we pay attention to what’s right?”

“Nice idea, Cheryl, but we’re talking about Dan’s blog.”


“Hey, put the cherries back.”

“Not until you change the subject.”

“You can’t do that.”

“I can! I’m declaring this bar a nitpicking-free-zone.”

“OK, OK! How’s the water level at Great Escape, Dan?”

“That’s Great River Park.”

“Yes, but it’s your great escape.”

“True. The water is receding, but the rain seems to keep falling.”

Falling from the sky ??? Day after day.

“April showers, as the saying goes.”

“It’s May the fourth, David.”

“Ah, Star Wars Day – here, you can have your cherries back. Do you boys want any food?”

“Thanks Cheryl, maybe some wings. I was about to inform my young friend that since it hasn’t stopped raining since April, these are still considered April showers.”

“I don’t think it works that way. Do you want me to put the wings in now?”

“Yes please, Cheryl. I feel the urge to finish this beer quickly.”

“Anyway, look at the bright side, Dan.”

“Listen to you, the eternal pessimist talking about the bright side.”

“I just meant that the rain is good for the grass, and the fishermen love it.”

“It wasn’t the rain making me want to finish this beer.”

“Oh, you’re still thinking about my suggestion for the errata page.”

“Yes, the one I won’t be creating.”

“How about a simple counter? Or, maybe a sign, (n) days without an error?”

“That would actually be kind of fun.”

“Then you’ll do it?”


“Corona number two. You want another splash of Bourbon?”


“The wings will be right up.”

“Are those Crow or Grackle wings?”


Today’s gallery includes views of the rise and fall of that which fell from the sky. Cheryl’s latest mix of beauty and wisdom is over here, and the second episode of Teagan’s new serial story is available down in Parliament, Mississippi.


  1. Dan, when I used to belong to several bird photography groups on the now (R.I.P.) dead G+, there were several ‘moderators’ who loved to point out any faux pas regarding bird identification-and they always insisted on the details for posting. I was quick to point out that I am a bird photographer, not an ornathologist. Once, however, after I had begun to follow said rules, I was quite pleased to prove one of them in error regarding a reprimand she issued over me calling a Great Egret, a heron, when indeed they are also a part of the Great White Heron heritage. She didn’t care for me much after that. While I care about accuracy in terms of right communication, too much attention to error and detail will suck the life right out of a beautiful thing for me. I say no Errata page. I’m still stewing my Saturday post. Hmmmmm….

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  2. “I think we spend too much time focusing on what’s wrong in the world. How about we pay attention to what’s right?”

    Hear, hear, and pass a beer.

    Cheers, Dan

    PS – sorry about the crummy weather. I can relate.

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  3. Interesting bar conversation today. Why would you need an Errata page? If you made an error…..then you made an error. No need to keep track or inform us of the error, unless you were giving out instructions for brain surgery and goofed!

    Beautiful selection of pictures today. Love those reflections. Glad to see the parking lot and sidewalk visible again.

    But wait!!! You expect us to end our week without so much as ONE photo of any of f the 3 M’s?!! 😳 Lol!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • I knew you would be missing the critters, Ginger. I blame the rain. Hopefully I catch them in action for Monday.

      I’m glad you liked this, warts and all, as they say. I hope you’re having a great weekend.


  4. Your photos could almost be my photos, Dan, with the exception of the large buildings in the Hartford shot. I can tell it’s hockey season as things apparently got a bit chippy at the bar today. :-) Or maybe that sounds more like it should go with fish. Oh, well. I spent several hours at the park today, so I’m drunk on nature rather than alcohol, so perhaps I’d best just say “Happy Saturday” and leave it at that. Apparently we’re going to have a dry weekend (from rain, at least) and then possibly more rain next week. The river doesn’t need any more!!


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  5. I’m glad Cheryl put a stop to the nit picking. I was about to step in there and bop someone. Bar is for alcohol, food and a kinder, gentler evening. Laughs, not picks!

    May the 4th be all that it can be and with you always.

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  6. Whew. Glad I didn’t make it to the bar too early this morning. We were out and about before the rains ‘fell from the sky.’ And please tell your drinking buddy he is wrong….fishermen don’t love the rain. It muddies the water and makes for lousy fishing…. Says my husband, the fisherman, who sees his Sunday fishing day dashed, due to rain. Carry on, Dan!

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  7. It’s been raining since April here as well. I will now look at the weather on my phone and see if it’s going to stop raining ever. Oh! tomorrow and Monday. Then more rain. Glad the water in Hartford is receding and things are lookin better for the land animals :)
    There are plenty of errors in my blogs. It’s a blog. No errata necessary.

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  8. Perfection and clarification and disclaimers can be a bummer. This said as someone who worked as a paralegal. I’d suggest that an errata page is way too much work for little reward. Let your mistakes be the freak flag that makes your blog special.

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  9. I hate finding errors and usually a few days after I have posted something but no don’t have an errata page. I get confused about those Grackles too. I think they have a strange cry. They are dark black and some blue feathers. We get the Great-Tailed Grackle out here. I know this because I just looked it up to ID it. There is a recording with this link and you can hear that squawky sound. They are pretty loud. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Great-tailed_Grackle/overview

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  10. Haha! First off, Cheryl has the right idea about focusing on what’s right. Don’t be so hard on yourself about the grackle, Dan. I wouldn’t know one from the other, and you could throw in every black feathered bird there is. Thanks for the shout-out. Loved the bird picture! In fact the gallery is breathtaking, particularly those cloud-scapes. Hugs on the wing!

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    • Thanks Teagan. Cheryl usually has the right idea to keep us on an even keel. Of course, then she serves us another round 😏

      A lot of times, I’m zooming in on these guys in a tree. If I can get my camera to focus, I’m taking it.


  11. Ohhhhh nice, Dan! I see so much math in your pictures today …. in particular geometry. I was blissed out. I happen to love math and yours truly sees geometry in her pictures. As for the bird thing …. Grackles and crows look nothing alike. Sorry, but they don’t. I missed that post. MIA. Sun ….. I actually saw it today! I believe I may be suffering from sun stroke, for not seeing the sun in SOOOOOO long! This rain is just getting out of hand! I actually wore yellow slickers in order to take the flower pictures you saw on my post today. Yep. OH how that sun felt good today. And tomorrow as well so I will be running with my camera to play. And ya know, Cheryl does have a point. Focus on good. Life will lighten up so much. I know. I’ve been told I have my head up in the clouds. Rather be there then chin on shoes. LOL Great post. I so enjoyed reading this.

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  12. Very fun.
    I like the depth on the sidewalk photo with the angle of the wall – and all that yellow
    Concrete –
    And omg – have not heard the word “pick”
    Used like this in a while:
    “You’ve done nothing but pick”

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  13. That is what July looks like in Mumbai. By first week of June the south India gets the first showers and those clouds quickly move up. Generally, June 10 is the official date for Mumbai showers and it did for many years when I was in school. Now, because of all this climate change the date has moved to 12 June and sometimes 15 and 20. Nice pictures by the way.

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  14. Your error counter suggestion made me laugh. Who gets to make a ruling on the subjective ones? Because I’m pretty sure we’d all have a big fat zero on our counters!!
    I’d be a lot happier about the ark inspiring rain if it would just “wash the pollen away” like the ever optimistic forecasters keep telling us…

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    • Thanks. I guess that’s the good thing about several weeks worth of rain. Everything isn’t sticky green.

      We’re all about making people laugh here. I don’t like it when it’s 0 days without laughter.


  15. I know I’m late, but had to reinforce this: “I think we spend too much time focusing on what’s wrong in the world. How about we pay attention to what’s right?” Amen to that! You’re gonna have a lot of really nice flowers soon. “It won’t rain all the time. The sky won’t fall forever.” https://youtu.be/TFtHMbbLUrQ

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  16. I laughed out loud at the line ““How about a simple counter? Or, maybe a sign, (n) days without an error?” 😆

    Error-free since ‘now’ sounds endearing. Besides, to some of us non bird people, a grackle is just another crow 😉

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