Receding in the Face of Rain

Spring is trying to run its course around here, but April showers keep dumping water all over May’s flowers. I had to check to see if Great River Park has survived. It looks like the parking lot is fine, but the walking path is still submerged and there seems to be some tree damage.

We’ve got a few sunny days in the forecast, before rain returns on Friday. It’s a reach for the weather service to forecast the weekend, but they’re predicting sunny skies and 68°f (20°c) – I’ll take that if it happens.

I hope your week is starting out on an up-note.

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  1. Haha! “….or play in traffic.” MiMi, I love you. Scarf joint…I have never heard of that before. So, of course, now I will be on the lookout for this and proudly share my knowledge with anyone within breathing distance. :D Have a great week, Dan.

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    1. Thanks Lois. I’m reading MiMi’s expression, but I think i got the gist of it. Scarf joints are popular on fences, where there’s no way to get a long-enough board. IT lets both pieces get a good grip on the post. Give them that “I can’t believe you didn’t know this” look.

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  2. Well I am waiting to see this A to Z woodworking. It should be very interesting, if you ever decide to go back to it. I like the scarf joint. All this rain is keeping the digging and moving interesting. Plants that I am moving and keeping tend to have a little bigger root ball. Which makes it heavier. We will just call it the spring workout.

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  3. I thought I went blind this morning!! But it was blinding glare from SUNSHINE! ☀️ Your area is really flooded in spots….not that bad here. Those poor trees. I sure hope the water recedes quickly so everything can dry out.

    The lilacs are going to be gorgeous, and the sand cherry bushes are so pretty.

    Ten points for MiMi….”go play in traffic”!! Yeah, Dan, I don’t think MiMi really cares to know if you and Maddie are going out for a walk… long as she doesn’t have to go!

    Happy Monday….hope it’s the start of a great DRY AND SUNNY week for you.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Thanks Ginger. It is sunny today! as much as I like pictures of water drops on leaves and blossoms, I like not having to dry four dog feet even more. Maddie and I only made it out for a very short walk on Saturday. I think she’s going to enjoy a dry weekend (if we actually get one). If the rain holds out until Friday, I think the parks will dry to the point that maybe they can get them cleaned-up and opened for next week.

      MiMi is developing a look that speaks volumes (and not nice words).


  4. Nothing better than a good snuggle with you dog. This has been a rough winter and spring for your area as well as mine. We are still 6 feet above flood stage with more rain in sight. May be mid June before we get dry. Hope better for you. Have a good week.

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    1. Thanks Anita. If we get lucky, the parks will drain beck into the rivers this week. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy stopping at that park on the way to work until this year. In the past, the flooding has lasted a week at most. I think this is the fourth week in a row it’s starting out closed. I hope things dry up for you.

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  5. A favorite seasonal poem of mine, in my best Brooklynese:
    “Spring has sprung, the grass has riz. I wonder where the boidies is!”

    Beautiful pictures, as always.

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  6. Oh, I think we have two Sand Cherry bushed in our new yard! They sure look like that, and they’re all over the neighborhood. I really do need to find out what plants and shrubs I’ve got now. The blooms look so beautiful!

    We had a bit of rain yesterday evening, hoping for some sun and less wind today.

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    1. Thanks Deborah. I hope your Sand Cherries do better than ours have. We didn’t expect them to do really well in that spot, but they are straggly and much less full that we had hoped they would be by now.

      Good luck adjusting to the new climate.

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    1. Thanks Annie. Maddie doesn’t mind being out in the rain, but she doesn’t like having a wet head. when we bring her onto the porch, she forced us to dry her head first. After that, her back and paws if we like. She’s perfectly fine “drying” them on the furniture.


    1. Thanks! I might give it a try, but I struggle with my blog when I toss in a random extra day like WATWB Friday. But, I’ll sneak the woodworking posts in. I hope to be spending more time in my shop by this time next year.


  7. I keep asking about that “April showers bring May flowers” line, because here too!! All my newly blossoming plants are getting poured on daily!
    Other than that – my week is starting out fairly well!

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    1. Thanks Judy. I hope Maddie get out with her cot, it really does help calm her down, and it’s been so long. I’ve never noticed the lilacs blooming for such a long period. this started on Friday.

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  8. Great spring pics…you have been getting a plethora of rain….we still have rain popping in and out of our forecast, which for So Cal in May is unheard of….had some light rain last week….the good news for all….spring is here…even in Seattle per our two daughters and son-in-laws up there!!

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  9. OK, now I see what you mean about my post looking familiar. Ha! I went today and the park is drying out, but it’s still wet. The joy of the day was the the herons, cormorants, and goldfinches are back!!! Can’t wait to get back on Thursday a/o Friday, but I think I’ll be taking the Nikon this time.


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  10. “Or play in traffic!” LOL
    The Lincoln Financial building with the outdoor ‘stage’ reminds me of Precedent Park here. It’s a business park, built in the late 80s, and I’d bet half of Indy has worked for at least one company over there since — many lunches taken outdoors, many coffee and smoke breaks :) It gives a view to the enormous retention pond and the grounds are well-maintained.
    I love the redbud trees. I missed those so much when I was in Georgia.
    The sand cherry bushes are gorgeous!
    I sure hope the rain is minimal moving forward.

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    1. I’m glad you liked this. I would love to be able to take a break from work and go sit next to water and nature. The colors here are pretty this spring, maybe due to the rain. I like living with four seasons, but less so when one decides to be extreme. The sand cherries are pretty, but ours aren’t healthy. I don’t think they will survive much longer.

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  11. Hi Dan – we’ve just had a bank holiday and it’s been cold and wet – though I’m always amazed how the weather changes away from the coast … wetter as it’s blown inland. Our candelabra trees (horse chestnuts – or conker trees) have slowly built up their flower growth and now are already converting to fruits (conkers) … it’s been such a gentle Spring … very different from west coast Canada. Love the family photos … as too your lilac – ours are out … it’s a wonderful time of year. Those cold showers will away soon. Cheers Hilary

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    1. Thanks Hilary. We are about 40 mi (65 km) from the coast, and that’s Long Island Sound, so not quite the ocean. Our weather is quite different “up” here. Spring is beautiful, and it looks like the rain is waning. I hope so. I’ll have to look up conkers, they sound interesting.


      1. Hi Dan … believe it or not … we had snow in Scotland and -6 degC … while in Europe they’ve had it worse … so I count my blessings for the Gulf Stream and our mild world here in England. Your 40 mi as about as far for me to get to Gatwick airport …

        Conkers – I wrote about them in Sept 2015 … and there’s a photo, the candelabra (type) flowers aren’t shown … but it’s an impressive tree … Wikipedia has links to both … and shows the inflorescence …

        It is warmer … but looks like we’ll be having rain tomorrow … and yes like you I hope it warms up … cheers Hilary


  12. How can I be sure that’s a NEW pic of Maddie on the couch next to you? O_o We might need some time and date stamps in the future!

    Kidding aside, it’s nice to see Spring has sprung. We’ve had some really nice days recently here in the mid-Atlantic.

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    1. I could probably run the same five pictures of Maddie, over and over, Paul. She and I are predictable. That would save my disk space on WordPress ;-)

      I think we might be past the rain, or at least the heavy rain, for a while.

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  13. Scarf joint! That kind of detail is gold, for a writer! You throw a term like that into a manuscript, and readers believe it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you know about carpentry. LOL I hope things dry out for you up there. We’ve had a couple of blessed dry days. I love the rain, but too much all at once, and actual trees actually fall over because their roots won’t hold in the soggy ground!

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    1. If you used scarf joint in a story, I would believe you know your woodworking stuff.

      I think the park lost one or two trees in this flood. The water was too high for too long.


  14. We’re not getting flooded yet but there sure is a lot of rain this year. Earlier in the year, the news told me that this year was in wettest in written history for Tennessee. They all seem incredibly wet to me seeing I’m from the arid climate of Colorado.

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