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A few years ago on Mother’s Day, Faith (daughter) and I built a one-person-patio for my wife. The plan was to give The Editor a place to relax for a few minutes while she was working in her garden. I had found a small antique wrought iron bench, we set a small area of pavers and we bought a patio umbrella to provide some shade. The bench isn’t what anyone would call comfortable, but it’s OK for a few minutes.

That worked for a little less than 24 hours.

Maddie discovered the patio. Maddie LOVES the patio. We put Maddie’s cot on the pavers, we sit on the uncomfortable bench and we have a happy dog. It got to be too hard to keep moving and/or tilting the large umbrella, so The Editor bought two smaller umbrellas (one for the dog, one for the humans. To help ease the pain (literally) of the bench, we cut a foam kneeling pad to fit. We are leery of putting cushions on the bench for two reasons, 1) the bench is small and curved so it’s hard to find cushions, and 2) Maddie would probably lay on the bench if it was comfy.

Each year in the fall, I wrap up the bench and stick it behind the garage for the winter. A couple of weeks ago, Maddie started walking up over to the empty patio, as if to say, “the bench should be here by now.” Last week, Maddie started dragging me over to the wrapped-up bench behind the garage. She would walk over, stop and point. Message received, Maddie.

On Saturday, I was doing various tasks in the yard; I uncovered the bench and moved it to the “Maddie Patty” (yes, that’s what we call it now). Later that afternoon, I went out with Maddie and she took me over to the patio. She pointed her nose to the bench:

“You sit here but go get my cot first.”

It was warm and the sun was bright. After about 20 minutes, Maddie got hot and wanted to go inside. As we entered the porch, she looked over to where the umbrellas are stored.

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  1. Oh Maddie, Maddie. What a dear. When I sat out enjoying the sun last evening, a couple of rare anole lizards sauntered across the porch but were too zippy for me to snag photos. That is the extent of my pet experiences these days. Glad you guys finally have some great patio days, Dan.

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    1. Thanks Cheryl. We had a sample on Saturday, then back to cold rain. Next week is supposed to be much warmer, I always like your lizard pictures, I am always too slow for those guys, they move so fast!


  2. I’m thinking there must be a to-do-list for after you retire and at the top of the list should be enlarge the patio for two, build some comfortable chairs, and consider a small arbor for shade. Yep, that seems to cover it. :-) Maddie has her people well trained. I would expect nothing less. :-)

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    1. Maddie thanks you for your support, Judy. She would like a gazebo so we could leave the cot out and sit regardless of the weather. It poured on Sunday but she kept dragging Faith and me to the bench.


  3. I’ve said it so many times – whoever says animals are stupid hasn’t lived with one. Go Maddie! I love that the little patio is now called the Maddie Patty 🙂

    … and I love the caption ““Whoever is out there should go away.” 😆 Yeah, Theo has that one down to fine art too!

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    1. Ha ha – thanks Joanne. MiMi just isn’t a morning kitty. It’s funny, but she can send a message just by ruffling her fur. Maddie was so happy to see that I had weed-whacked around the patio and she immediately started “showing” us that it was there. Then she started on the bench. She know what she wants, it’s a matter of manipulating us.

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  4. “The Maddie Patty” Perfect. Right up there with “Mt. Maddie” in the winter. Yes, our fur babies start training us the moment they enter our home for the very first time. And we love it, 🤗

    The Editor needs a much bigger patio Dan. Good retirement project. The Redhead certainly knows how to make her wishes known. Good girl!!

    And MiMi the clown. At least she’s learned to use her tail for privacy from your camera!!

    Lilacs and dogwood are beautiful.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    1. Thanks Ginger. Maddie would prefer a gazebo, preferably heated and screened for four-season access. Or we could just get her a heated cot.

      MiMi wants to establish office hours. I think they might be 10:00 am to 10:05, by appointment only.


  5. Spring has sprung in CT, at least the beginning of it. Haven’t seen a beautiful dogwood tree or lilac bush since I lived on the east coast! Maddie’s one smart pup! She knows what goes with the “good life.” MiMi has her own cute cat ways! Enjoy the warm days, and I agree a gazebo would be perfect for all the family! 📚🎶 Christine

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  6. How I LAUGHED!!! Oh, Dan! I know in spades how our fur family dictates to us. They rule. Maddie’s Patty. Oh yeah … I get it. There are times I have to fight to lay down on MY love seat in the living room and then when I do lay down, the cat who I disturbed makes sure I get zero rest by sitting on my chest and hitting me [gently] in the face with her paw. Needless to say I get up so she can have the couch. To get my 10-minute power nap I then go up to the bed to do so. LOL This post is SO cool!!

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    1. Thanks Amy. We are familiar with being tapped on the face. “I need to be brushed” “I need to be fed” “I want to sit there” “I want to play” the list of demands is endless – but we love them, don’t we?

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  7. Aw, Maddie is such a smart dog – and she has you and the Editor well trained. You get 5 stars for following the script for the changing of the seasons routine, well done, Dan! :-) PS – love seeing all the spring flowers in bloom!

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  8. Hi Dan – she’s a delight …and your story line matches right up … love seeing the garden, the animals and reading your stories. I note the hierarchy … the Editor is first … and that bench is a worthy place to take a break … cheers Hilary

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  9. It is so funny, uncanny funny, what dogs know and can tell us. Maddie’s so smart! It’s obviously bench time. Beautiful snaps — so floral, I feel like I can breathe it in :)

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  10. Have you ever heard the saying “Dogs have masters, cats have staff”? I think you got it mixed up. Having said that, I run around after my demanding pets all day, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Nice post!

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