Kicking the Elephant’s Ankle – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, we’re back in the bar, dealing with a challenging prompt from Linda G. Hill:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘rhymes with rosy.’ Find a word that rhymes with ‘rosy’ or use the word ‘rosy’ and base your post on it. Enjoy!”

I know Linda said “word” but I’m going to stretch that a bit.

If we were having a beer you would be in shock.

“What the…are you reading a book?”

“He’s been reading that book since he got here, David. What can I get for you?”

“Some smelling salts, and a glass of John Howell’s Bourbon. Do you suppose he turned over a new leaf?”

“No, he’s already been through a Corona.”

“Still, one has to wonder.”

“Dan, are you ready for Corona number two, or would you like to go sit in the library?”

“Corona number two sounds good Cheryl. I’ll put the book away.”

“Did your wife throw you out?”

“No, David. I knew I was going to be early, and May just happens to be ‘Get Caught Reading Month,’ so I brought the book along.”

“Why not just read it on your phone?”

“I do a thousand things on my phone, but I prefer a book I can hold.”

“You hold your phone, or your Kindle.”

“I want to flip the pages, smell the paper, visualize my progress and see how far I have to go.”

“Well, consider yourself caught. Mickey Cohen? Isn’t that Brad Lewis’s book?

“It is.”

“I thought you read that.”

“So did I.”

“How many beers have you had? You’re making less sense than usual.”

“Your bourbon, your ice, and your snifter of seltzer. I sent your Corona out for a lime, Dan, but we’re out. Someone in the kitchen is cutting some for me.”

“I can wait.”

“Cheryl? Can I get some cherries?”

“We’re out of those, too, David. Someone spilled a beer in the garnishes. New ones will be here soon.”

“OK. Now Dan, can you clarify that last remark?”

“Brad mentioned his new book on Facebook. I commented that it was one of the few books I have read multiple times. He pointed out that this is a new book.”

“A re-release?”

“No, a new book. This is a novel about Mickey Cohen.”

“So, you ordered it. From Amazon?”

“Don’t remind me.”

“Awww, you’re not going to start in on Amazon again, are you?”

“I don’t like Amazon.”

“We know that, Dan. Here’s your Corona, and here are your cherries, David.”

“Thanks Cheryl. What do you suppose he has against Amazon?”

“Excuse me, I’m right here. And I know what I have against Amazon.”

“So, give. What did they do to you?”

“They enrolled me in Prime.”

“You didn’t already have Prime?”

“No, and I didn’t want Prime.”

“I don’t understand. They enrolled you without your permission?”


“So, you’re a Prime member now?”

“For twenty-six more days.”


“I cancelled my membership.”

“Let’s change the subject. How was your trip to Iowa?”

“It was great.”

“Other than touring that museum, did you do anything special?”

“We visited my niece and her husband and their new cats, and we celebrated the holiday.”

“The holiday? Memorial Day? That’s this weekend.”

“Last Sunday was World Whiskey Day.”

“World Whiskey Day? Really?”


“John Howell’s Bourbon?”

“Woodford Reserve.”

“OK, that’s good stuff.”

“It was. Nice and smooth.”

“Speaking of smooth, you want another splash of bourbon, David.”

“Yes please. His griping about Amazon still has me all worked up.”

“That’s what I love about the Internet.”

“What’s that, Cheryl?”

“It gives people a reason to drink.”

Cheryl added to her “Forever Never” story this week, and Teagan has Chapter 5 ready to read down in Parliament, Mississippi. Brad’s novel about Mickey Cohen is available at, well you know.

I hope those of you in the US are enjoying the long holiday weekend. Although we generally know it as the unofficial start of summer, I hope you will take a few minutes to remember those for whom this holiday was established – the military personnel who gave their lives in service to our country.


    • Thanks Anita. We put a lot of distance between us and that crane. When we came back from getting our coffee, I was happy to see they had abandoned the effort. It looked like someone could have gotten hurt. Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. I like Amazon, Dan. It delivered my Dad’s book (a present I ordered for him) in two days – to South Africa, which is a sort of minor miracle. Our post takes between three and four months to deliver. I love the picture of the lily of the valley.

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    • Thanks Roberta. I know there are plenty of reasons to like Amazon. I just don’t buy enough to make Prime worth the cost, and I really didn’t like not being given an option just to pay for my shipping and continue as a basic customer. The lily of the valleys are so nice to see. I had transplanted these when I built our ramp, and I had given them up for dead.


    • Thanks Maggie. Send those demerits to Seattle. I do give them credit for getting the book here on time (actually 3 days, not the promised 2) but I did not like the way they did it. I’ll take those bonus points, too. I’m trying to work out a deal for redeeming them at the bar ;)

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  2. So many topics, so little time. :-) We were given Amazon Prime as a Christmas gift, and I must admit we’ve enjoyed the two-day delivery a few times but also a couple of shows including Harry Bosch and Justified. I don’t buy books because I don’t want to accumulate them, but I read 2-3 a week from my local library. And if I don’t have a paper book, I read on a tablet which is especially convenient for traveling. Your flowers are looking good, and I hope your weather allows you and Maddie to go for long walks and sit and relax with the Editor this weekend. Have a good one, Dan. :-)

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    • Thanks Judy. I considered Prime (for the streaming aspects) when I pruned my cable bill, but I didn’t think I’d take enough advantage of it. I know it has its benefits, but there aren’t enough of them for me to justify the cost, and I don’t want to be nudged into buying from them “because I have free shipping” – which would be like me to do.

      The Rhododendrons looked like they had died two years ago over the harsh winter. It’s good to see them back in force.

      I hope you enjoy the weekend.

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  3. Azaleas and rhododendrons are beautiful, but the Lilies of the Valley are a favorite of mine. And I don’t think you could kill them if you tried Dan!

    Maddie’s park is finally getting back to normal….that’s good to see. Maybe these high winds (here too) will blow the remaining water back where it belongs!! Haha!

    Hmmmm, did MiMi sharpen those claws to get even with the intrusive camera? And Maddie practicing for a summer of “cot time”…gotta love it.

    Wishing you and the Editor and Faith a warm, relaxing Memorial Day weekend.

    Heartfelt thanks, which hardly seems adequate, to all our military who sacrificed so much to keep us free and safe. 🇺🇸
    🐾Ginger 🐾


    • Thanks Ginger. It seems like we’re opening the door to summer. I just hope it doesn’t get too hot, too fast.

      I think MiMi did sharpen those claws. It’s like she was warning me about waking her.

      I hope you enjoy this weekend. I hope those souls rest easier knowing we remember.


  4. If I wandered into the bar I would ask Cheryl to get another round for the stated reason. Metaphorical elephants need kicking. The only thing missing from this grim story is the obligatory survey. Please take two minutes from your busy day to tell us how happy you are to receive Amazon Prime. Pay no mind to the fact that unless there is a mountain of negative feedback we will pay no attention to your dissatisfaction. Now about that other round and other matters of great import…

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    • You’re always welcome at the bar, John. I wish it was closer. I now just ignore those surveys entirely. I’ll try to review Brad’s book (last time I tried, Amazon though we were too close), but no survey.

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  5. Whew! I read this over quickly and, at first, thought Brad aka Skippy made the book recommendation. Dan follows Skippy on Facebook? So with you on a book-book, no Kindle. I cannot do that. Don’t wanna do that. My son has Amazon Prime, but he orders a ton of stuff so I guess it pays off for him. I am not an Amazon shopper. Have a great long weekend.

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    • Brad, and the bartender we had the day we met, inspired Skippy, so, in a sense, I do follow Skippy on FB. I read things on a tablet, when they aren’t available in paper, but I so prefer paper. Amazon Prime can be worth it, but not to me. Thanks Lois, and I hope you have a great weekend.

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  6. Happy Memorial Day weekend, Dan! Adult refreshment and sitting in the sun is in order. I have to go out soon and enjoy the 83 degree day because that’s the only one we’re going to get this week.

    I agree with you about holding a book in hand. I have a Nook and I don’t use it. Number one, it’s already an antique and number two, I can’t read from cell phone/laptop/ereader screens before I go to bed. There’s something comfortable and inviting about flipping actual pages.

    No Amazon Prime for me. I don’t order from them often enough to make the annual fee pay for itself.

    The white flowers in your yard are so lovely! Despite the crappy spring, we can still enjoy the blooms and green!

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    • Thanks Mary. I hope, by the time you read this, you’ve had a great day. Our warm/hot day is tomorrow. A little work around the house today (which I enjoy doing) and a visit to the bar for some research ;-)

      We’ve had some plants not do well this year (I think it has been too wet) but we will enjoy the pretty ones as long as we can. We have to prune a bunch of things back this year. Next year might be a bit bare. We will try to prune them before they set their buds, but that doesn’t always work.

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    • No. Before I even placed the order, they popped up a screen saying “We’re giving you a month of Prime for free” with no option to decline. When I got to shipping, the only options were 1,2, or 3-day free shipping with Prime. I cancelled the order. I tried getting help, but there were no chat or call options. I went into my account and cancelled Prime, but it’s still in effect for the 30-day period. If I had another option to buy the book, I would have. When I reviewed the purchase, I wrote a scathing comment (which I’m sure no one reads).


  7. LOL – I ended up with Prime by accident too – at least the deliveries are incredibly fast and don’t appear to be on a boat from China. I adore holding a book too. Hardcover or Kindle, both tend to be easy to purchase through Amazon. Love your photos – so nice to see that you and Maddie are kicking off the weekend relaxing in style. Happy Memorial Day, Dan – you’ve earned extra points for your take on this week’s SoCS prompt – relax and enjoy in style!

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    • Thanks Shelley. I will be non-Prime before the end of June. I shop with Amazon as little as possible, so it would be a huge waste of money for me. I struggled to find a way to rhyme with rosey, because I wasn’t feeling particularly like getting cozy with those clowns in Seattle/

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      • Good for you! I’m so mad that I accidentally clicked on the Prime button. Mr. buys a lot from there for his 3-d printing stuff, so we do get benefits, but still…it was sneaky how they got us on the Prime route. LOL – getting cozy with clowns does not sound fun at all!

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  8. Suppose he. :-) Ring around the suppose he. OK, Janet, snap out of it!! Too little sleep after working late last night, not my usual or desired time. But I digress. I had to look up Mickey Cohen. I think the photo I saw was a mug shot. As for the big A, I get my Kindle books there because, well, where else? I try to buy other things elsewhere, but it’s not always easy. We don’t have Prime, either, as Kindle books somehow fly through the ether and land in my Kindle. Amazing stuff. As for Kindle or a real book, I prefer a real book, but I like to read and Kindle allows me to take hundreds/thousands of books with me wherever I go. It’s especially good for places where I can’t get books in English or where I don’t have a library card.

    Speaking of libraries, I can also check out e-books to take with me everywhere on my Kindle. Hard to beat that!! :-)

    I always remember those who paid the price or who didn’t die during war, but fought and are now gone, my f-i-l being one of them. He was at Omaha Beach on D-Day and later in the Pacific. The freedom he and all those others fought to leave us is so often squandered on rubbish these days. It makes me sad…and often angry.

    Have a wonderful extended weekend, Dan. All the best to the Editor and Maddie and the rest of the crowd (and Faith, if she’s around.)


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    • Thanks Janet. Memorial Day is for those who gave their lives, but it’s hard not to think of all the men and women who served so that we could enjoy the life we have. I agree that much of it is squandered these days by people who only seem to want more. Checking eBooks out of a library is pretty cool. I didn’t know you could do that. I have but a handful, typically stuff not available in print. Mickey Cohen was an interesting character. Brad did tons of research prior to his other book. So far, I’m enjoying the novel.

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  9. In the 1920s, “You’re the elephant’s ankles” was a compliment. One I’ve yet to understand, but…
    Congratulations and good luck to Brad with the new book. Thanks for a beautiful photo gallery, Dan. Also thanks for the shout-out! Enjoy the holiday weekend. You’ve earned the R&R. Hugs!

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    • That’s funny, Teagan. The last thing I’d want to do is compliment Jeff B, and Co. Elepahnt’s ankles, Bee’s knees. Interesting times, to say the least. I hope you have a nice weekend. Thanks for popping it at the bar,

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  10. Happy Memorial Day, Dan. I suppose the critters are enjoying it too! I haven’t seen azalea bushes in years. So pretty. I’ll be on the east coast (CT, MA, & ME) in July, to celebrate the “turning 80” birthday with a cousin born 3 days before me. We’re all going back home to our kid hood town in Maine. Fun, reunion time! Have a relaxing long weekend, I suppose with a Corona and Maddie in the back yard! 📚🎶 Christine

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  11. My kids talked me into Amazon Prime two Christmases ago. The first year the subscription more than paid for itself. Now I am not so sure. I just don’t use it often enough. I need to do the math. Maybe I can cut more fat from our discretionary spending :).

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    • There is rarely anything that I need to have tomorrow or in two days. Besides, there are still stores open within driving distance of our house. It would never be worth it for me to pay for prime. Approaching retirement, I am cautions of what payments I agree to.

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  12. In spite of the fact that Whole Foods cashiers keep asking me, I do not have Amazon Prime. At least I don’t think I do. I hope I don’t. Maybe I should check….. Nice white azaleas. Ours have come and gone. Summer is early here – it’s in the 90s this week.

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  13. Thoroughly enjoyed your flower pictures, Dan. All white. Nice theme. Amazon Prime …. I do so LOVE it. Ya gotta be careful though on Amazon these days however due to the “imitations” that Amazon can’t keep up with to kick out. Your Lily of the Valley reminded me after I just took a whole lot of flower pics today that I forgot them. Hope you have had some sun over your way …. we are, but the insects are horrible with a capital H. And …. sorry I don’t get the prompt. Am I brain dead today? I dunno. But I enjoyed the read anyway. LOL Happy Memorial Day! 🌟🌟🌟

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  14. Shouldn’t that have been “suppose ‘e” with a Cockney accent?

    The azalea looks stunning, I love the reflection photo and the video is hilarious.

    I’m considering signing up for the 30 day free trial of Prime just so I don’t have to wait another year to see the adaptation of ‘Good Omens’ on free to air. The plan then being to cancel at the end of 30 days. I’m just nervous about putting my details anywhere near those Amazon people.

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    • Thanks Heather. The Cockney accent would have been a nice touch. The azalea bloomed nicely this year. I think I forget to prune it last year. I have to cut it back soon.

      Amazon relies on you forgetting to cancel or falling in love with the service. Good luck escaping the clutches.

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      • Yes, Stan (local version of Netflix) got me like that. But I escaped because their TV app was so appalling I couldn’t stand using them anymore. When I cancelled and they asked why, I made sure to tell them. I’m not sure if they’ve picked up their game. I’ve never gone back, despite the fact they managed to snatch all the Disney (and hence Marvel) movies. I just buy the ones I want on bluray.

        I’ll let you know when I escape from the Amazon. 😁

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  15. I’ve never heard of any company doing something like what Amazon did. I suspect isn’t not allowed here in Canada. I vaguely remember an incident many years ago when one of the telcos tried a ‘negative confirmation’ billing – ie unless you cancel in 30 days, we’ll assume you want the service and we’ll start charging you. People went berserk and the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) was buried in complaints. The company was forced to back down.

    It’s just not done now. No wonder you’re not impressed.

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  16. I’m a bit dim sometimes. I read this, watched the video, looked at the images twice and it’s just now occurring to me what you mean by, “kicking the Elephants Ankle”!

    I love those golden tones in the reflection of the skyline in the river. Your azaleas are gorgeous. The Lil Lily’s are so sweet. I rarely see those.


  17. Haha! That last line! *snort*
    Beautiful photos, Dan. Lookin all lush your way :)
    I luuuurrrrve Amazon and Prime and all of its perks. I’m so sorry you suffer this way.

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    • Thanks Joey. I know I am in the minority re: Amazon, but I’ll stay there until it makes sense for me. I don’t buy enough to make Prime worth the cost.


    • We do have two cats. MiMi and MuMu. MiMi is the more social (and acrobatic) one. Her sister is quite shy and I rarely get a good picture of her. They both have to stay away from the dog, as Maddie is unpredictable toward them.

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