Thanks for…

The larger of the two bunnies eating in our yard.

This might seem more appropriate to November (when we in the US celebrate Thanksgiving) than June, but I think you’ll understand. I am going to be giving myself some time off this summer. I’m trying hard to not let blogging seem like work, and that normally happens on Sunday, as I try to prepare Monday’s post. Am I writing to tell you I’m not writing, again?


As the title implies, I am writing to say thanks. Thanks for the other portion of blogging – reading your posts, your comments and your replies to my comments. Those bits aren’t separate parts, they overlap in a funny way. If I wasn’t afraid of the Monday-math-backlash, I’d draw a Venn Diagram to illustrate, but…

I’m not going to compile a list of links, (you know who you are, and you may recognize others) but these are the things I’ve enjoyed the past few days:

  • I’ve learned things I never knew.
  • I’ve learned new things about things I know about.
  • I’ve laughed out loud.
  • I’ve felt sad.
  • I’ve thought about friends I have lost.
  • I’ve been reminded of silly things like scenes from movies I can’t seem to forget.
  • I’ve enjoyed activity, vicariously through your activity.
  • I’ve been made to think.
  • I’ve felt hungry.
  • I’ve laughed out loud. Wait, did I say that already? Well, it happened more than once.
  • I’ve said “awwwww” (also more than once).
  • I’ve listened to and enjoyed music I haven’t hear for a long time.
  • I’ve been inspired (and I wrote notes in my ever-expanding No Facilities list in Trello).
  • I’ve been angry and I’ve shared the anger of others.
  • I’ve been encouraged.

And so much more. It’s a routine I’ve come to enjoy. I am reminded of a scene from Star Trek Next Generation when Commander Riker (standing with Counselor Troy) uses Lt. Commander Data’s own words to express his affection for Data.

“It’s just that our mental pathways have become accustomed to your sensory input patterns.

To which Data responds:

“Hmmm. I understand. I am also fond of you, Commander. And you as well, Counselor.”

So, I may not write much on Mondays for a while, but I’ll still be reading.

Enjoy the summer!


  1. Thank you, Dan, for helping me see a world that is often overlooked – the plant life, the raindrops, the little visitors, the doorways … Life is so much richer, because of you. PS. I love the Good Morning photo of your home. :)

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  2. You gotta’ make time for you, Dan. I completely understand. That bunny is so cute! 💕So are Maddie’s paws. 😉I love the sun jus over your house. My favorite shot from today’s post. Hey, good song to have stuck in your head is Gungor’s Beautiful Things. I love hearing that one all day…..have a great week.

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  3. I think most bloggers who engage with other bloggers would meet many of your bullet points, Dan. It’s why we don’t just write something and then run away from the computer. Not to sound cliche, but blogging is a window to the world and to engage with people in countries we may never visit.

    You deserve a break. I don’t know how you keep up with blogging four times a week, so it’s probably a good thing to have a summer vacation from Monday morning posts. A fine way to enjoy the weekend.

    100 bonus points, of course, for the Star Trek mention. I know that scene and it’s one that forever endears the character of Data to us Trekkie nerds. Have a wonderful Monday, Dan.

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    • Ha ha – thanks Pam. I might still put some photos out here. I understand that Maddie has her fans. It won’t be a permanent thing, I have stories to tell that fit Mondays better. Maybe, if we have a rainy weekend, I’ll sneak one or two in.

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  4. Happy Monday – happy blogging break! PS – I smiled, I laughed, I said Aw, and I nodded my head throughout your post! I feel the same way, so thank you for sharing this and thank you for the encouragement to enjoy our blogging efforts. ;-)

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  5. Summertime is supposed to be for relaxing and easing up after a long, cold, dark winter. I applaud your decision to take Monday’s off from blogging. Sounds like a plan!

    I hate to burst your bubble Dan, but isn’t that the tip of Maddie’s paw still photobombing in that last closeup of the flower! Good girl Maddie! Lol.

    Great collection of photos in the gallery. Not sure if it’s flag etiquette to let a sprinkler wet the flag, but it does make quite a unique picture. The bunny is so cute. If you want more, we have them to spare down here! And that is a really cute little playground.

    Happy Monday. Happy last Monday of blogging for a while! 🤗
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. You might see some photos on Mondays, but not much thought in the post (don’t go there…).

      Yes, Maddie did stick her paw in that last photo as well. She just doesn’t see the point in a photo that doesn’t include her. I think I’ll put some photos out here on Monday, but they’ll have to stand on their own.


  6. In order to write, we have to live. Take whatever time you need with all of our blessings. Just don’t go away. :-) I use to blog three to four times a week, but living life and other volunteer responsibilities just got in the way. I also find I’m okay with once or twice a week. But, there are some guidelines for your break – I still need my dose of Maddie photos, family trips with Faith, the Editor’s lovely flowers, and your DIY progress. :-) Enjoy your summer, Dan.

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  7. I love your geeky Monday posts! Venn diagrams don’t count as math, do they? They’re more like art, yeah? Beautiful flower/tree/sun pics, with and without puppy bits included. And thank YOU for all the wonderful bloggers your posts and comments section have led me to.

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  8. I’ve had all those emotions and reactions and more to your posts, Dan.

    I totally understand needing a break. It’s the main reason I only post once a week. I don’t want blogging to become a chore to you and we lose you!

    Enjoy your Monday blogging break! We’ll still have One-Liner Wednesday, and Thursday Doors, and trips to the bar right, and the critters pics right?

    If I’m brave enough to post it I finally have a One-Liner for Wednesday. I need a picture to go with it though.

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    • Thanks Deborah. One-liner Wednesday is a lock. That’s easy. If I’m in a hurry, I can stay close to one line 😏

      Thursday Doors are likewise, but I may cut back on the number of doors in the gallery.

      SoCS at the bar is too much fun to abandon. Plus, I’d miss the “research”.

      As for critter pics, I may even post a few on Mondays, since Maddie isn’t taking a break.

      I hope you can join us on Wednesday.

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  9. Dan, yes, please send photos on Mondays or any other day! Agree, blogging takes time and can turn into a work chore. I struggle with that in finishing the first draft of a book. I read blogs, like & comment, but haven’t posted in many months. Enjoy your summer, work on your garage, sit in the sun with Maddie, the editor, & a Corona, ☀️📸 Christine 🙋🏻

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  10. I understand completely, Dan. One of the things I was most surprised about when I first began blogging was the wonderful community of talented writers (like you) I got to meet and interact with. I pictured blogging as a much more lonely activity – just me and my laptop. It’s supposed to be fun. If it feels like work, I think you are wise to take a break. Hope you get a chance to recharge and reset this summer!

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    • Thanks Laura. Wed & Thurs are easier, except when there’s so much history that needs careful attention like last Thursday. Saturday is too much fun, but Monday is usually the most work. I think a break from that will make summer weekends easier.

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  11. I still don’t know how you take pictures attached to Maddie. I’ve slowed down a lot with blogging. Things have caught up with me between our cat losses and the work involved around those losses and the care of my gardens. I’m finally gaining weight from going through all I did and slowly ever so slowly, I’m returning to me. Doing that story I did on the goats wiped me out. Three days back and forth, taking hundreds of pictures, talking to people, speaking to the owners and getting information, editing pics after I chose which ones, and then putting the post together. I’m glad to hear you are taking some time off too. Finally nicer weather has arrived and I don’t know about you, I’m wanting to enjoy it as much as possible. LOVED your gallery. Thank you for sharing your corner of the world. Nice try on that purple flower. (smile) At least you can say you tried. LOL ☺️

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  12. Dan, heartfelt thanks for this gratitude-filled post. You’ve no idea how much it helped.
    I had a rough day. But I tried to shake it off by working on our serial this afternoon. Then I found this post. Good bye to bad day.
    I especially liked the “good morning” photo — so lovely. Hugs on the wing!

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  13. Funny, I just finished writing a post about gratitude. I know I’m a bit haphazard in my reading and commenting but I always enjoy your posts, Dan. (Although, it’s probably telling that when I do decide to turn up it’s usually in the bar….) Enjoy your summer and I’ll look forward to reading whatever you post whenever it is. As long as there’s beer…

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  14. Thanks for sharing, Dan. It’s okay to take a break from writing. I really don’t know how you keep up with all the writing and ready and commenting as you do. My brain would be fried! Have a wonderful summer!

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  15. That’s so nice, Dan! Please know that your posts have done a world of good for me, and brought me much joy as well. That list you wrote? It’s wonderful. Enjoy some well deserved R&R. Oh, where have all the bunnies come from this year? Mine look like yours. There were six playing in my yard last evening. Best to you, Dan.

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  16. You know I was working freelance for a top firm in Mumbai in 2014. So, once the entire marketing team was in the cafeteria for lunch. I was an outsider but they invited me anyway. Now, I was among all the MBA guys who know their shit on marketing and finance. The topic was ambition and money. So, they threw me a question. Sharukh, what would you do if you got enough money right now? I was like, I would stop writing. They were quite shocked. They asked writing is your passion, isn’t it? why would you stop writing? I was like I am writing day in and out for almost five years (then). So, they asked me how much money is enough for you? Now some guys said 50 million, some said 100 million. I said for me five to ten million would be enough. Again they were like WHAT. I said yeah. That much money in my bank account is enough for making me feel I am financially stable. I don’t want to hoard 50 million that I can’t even use in my lifetime. Plus, I and Sarah are not having kids so what’s the point. I don’t even know what will happen to my home/apartment once we both are gone.

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  17. Look at the detail you got on Bunny Bunny’s back hairs! Oof! Nicely done.
    I can’t keep up. What I don’t finish today will not be read. Time is finite and all that. Thank YOU for posting and sharing all that you do. You’re an important part of my WP Community!

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    • And you are likewise an important part of mine. Your Friday post fell into my SoCS post – but it was a good landing. I hope you’re having a great weekend!


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