Is It Too Early? – #1LinerWeds

I spent a few nights sleeping at my daughter’s place last week, while she was on vacation. Sometimes, I just pop in and feed her cats, Moncton and Preston. Sometimes, it’s easier to just sleep on her couch and spend the night with the boys.

It’s always a good visit, but with some predictable antics. Moncton likes to “sneak” out to graze in the little grassy area in front of her apartment. Preston likes to hide when it’s time for his medication and sleep on me just as I decide I want to roll over. Moncton likes to eat crunchy/salty snacks – and anything with bacon – and Preston like to play with snack bags because they make that crinkly sound.

They both like to be fed. Each night I was there, Moncton tapped me on the side of my head around 2:30 am with the suggestion:

“I’m pretty sure this is when mom feeds us.”

I would explain – yes, cat owners often find themselves explaining things to their cats – that it was too early. That encouraged the “is it still too early?” question at 3:00 am, 4:00 am, 5:00 am and I usually caved, since that’s when I normally get up for work.

However, recent events make it hard to stay mad at those two knuckleheads. After doing a small amount of work outside on Sunday (when it was very hot), I looked at my wife and asked:

“Is it too early for ice cream?”

I am a lucky man.

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    • Thanks Judy. I’m not sure what kind of references those guys would give. I’m thinking “…but he doesn’t feed us often enough” would be in there.

      We are sitting early in the day, while it’s still cool. One nice thing about “Maddie’s deck” is that my workshop gets cool at night and keeps the dck very cool in the morning. I had no idea the benefits that would provide.


  1. Moncton and Preston are quite the characters and they definitely have the “so what if you’re sleeping, I’m a cat and I’m hungry at 3:00 am, so get up and feed me” thing down. Gibbs sends his two paws up for their meritorious efforts, with a glint in his eye.

    I told Gibbs he’d better not…

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Dan, and splendid holiday tomorrow. I may actually have time to check out some doors. ;-)

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  2. Oh my cat sitting. Are you really sure those wee hour wake ups are requests for food ? They could be editorial comments that Maddie is getting too much blog exposure and they are not. Or the dreaded invitation to go up to the mothership and meet the catmander… We were dog sitting a few days ago. The walks were good for me. And there were no communication sessions in the wee hours. Does that make dogs cuter than cats ? Or just easier to dog sit ? If we were having a beer the discussion would be good for at least three rounds. That in itself might be considered a positive point in favor of cats. Or just lead to a forth round… and so I begin to repeat myself.

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    • We have two cats and the big red dog, John. I don’t think any of them are easy. I can say, without a doubt, there is no such thing as a free kitten. That concept is good for several beers.

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    • Starving is something they are NOT doing – not by a long shot. The problem with Moncton is that once he makes enough noise, Preston wakes up and then it’s feeding time. They are adorable, but I have to stay on my toes.

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  3. Haha!! The conversation between the birds on the log cracked me up!!

    The shenanigans of Preston and Moncton are priceless. Not so sure they were telling you they wanted to eat, I think they were illustrating how easily they can manipulate you!!

    I hate to admit it Dan, but Maddie looks as comfortable without her cushion on her new deck as she does with it! 🙄 You? Maybe not so much! Lol.

    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. 🇺🇸
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger. Maddie likes to lay on the tile floor inside, to cool off after laying on the couch. At least that railing helps me get back up. It’s so funny, when we take her out, she checks the porch. If her cushion, and one of the chairs is gone, she knows. If those things are there, she know she has to work her magic on us.

      All of these guys can manipulate me – Faith’s cats, our cats, Maddie – I got no juice.

      Those two birds were crazy. They seemed to be talking to each other and then the one just up and left. It looked like some of the dates I was on in high school.

      I hope you have a great weekend. Mine starts in 3 hours.


  4. “Cool” isn’t a word in my vocabulary since we got back from Wyoming on Saturday. Hot and humid would be more accurate. At the end of the day, I feel a bit like Maddie looks in your photos. :-)


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    • I’m sorry for you Janet. It’s hot and humid here as well. 90s this week. We sit with Maddie early and maybe again late in the day, but we come in if the sun breaks through the trees.

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  5. This was a fun journey. My eldest son has a Siberian cat and lives in NYC. When I slept on their couch, the cat (Frances) jumped on me multiple times in the middle of the night. Scared the dickens out of me, but it was hilarious!

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    • “Ooooh a new thing to lay on!” Moncton still cares me. He gets up on the back of the couch, reaches down and taps/smacks my face. It is funny as you look back on it, but in the moment, it is scary. Thanks for stopping by, Gwen.

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  6. One of my cats used to push things off the dresser one at a time. She would start with the change and then move to the keys. The idea was an escalating annoyance until wake up. I think the first drop was around 3:00 am. Fun post, Dan

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  7. Forty-plus years of owning cats have taught me that it’s impossible to argue with them when they’re hungry, especially when they wake you up to tell you.

    (Hey, there’s my one-liner for today!)

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  8. So lucky! Ice cream is the best!
    Kitty bowl care seems harder for other people. My kitties get wet food twice a day and kibble overnight. They don’t fuss much for breakfast and dinner, but Catticus will not let us sleep until there is kibble in the bowl at night. I think he has carb addiction.
    I’m glad you can help out with the grandcats, Dan – that’s nice for all parties. Cat in chip bag is especially nice.

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    • Thanks Deborah. I couldn’t figure those two birds out. They seemed to be exploring. Preston and Moncton know I’m good for feeding them, and for a few snacks, and for a little bacon off my pizza.

      The sky behind those power lines is one of my favorite subjects. I don’t know how many photos I have from the shoulder of that on-ramp.

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      • The power towers can be good subjects or foreground can’t they. I have a few myself.
        Through the seasons and years you’ve made many fine images from that ramp. I hope you’re printing your favorites.


  9. Really enjoyed your commentaries within the gallery, Dan. LOL And here I thought I had it tough with my guys waking me up at 5:30 to get up so they can eat. FYI ….. since I found a quality business that sells frozen raw food for cats, and have been feeding my cats this raw food, they have been letting me sleep in or SHOCK! wake up on my own usually around 6am. We’ve actually trained our cats not to eat people food …. we’ve just got too many to do that. And for the most part they don’t. Oh, my Doodles just saying, lays on my head and hair (ouch!) when he’s not feeling good. Try that on for size! LOL Our fur babies are just so spoiled, aren’t they? Would we have it any other way? Nope!

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  10. Thanks for the tag. The photo is much clearer now and I managed to figure out how the cables were installed. Last time I missed the sun in the photo; I noticed it when I went back to spot the differences. Today, I must say the gold color of the clouds make them so beautiful. Nice photo. Thank you Dan.

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  11. You’re such a great grand-dad to the kitties! I think something has been in the air – our cats are trying to wake up at 2:30 am, 3:30 am, 4:30 am, and 5 am. grr. PS – Maddie looks quite content!

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  12. Great post….we just got in late yesterday after a week in Colorado. A week is as long as we feel comfortable leaving our two Maine Coon girls on their own (huge bowls of food, water and lots of litter box). They were excited to see us, but for some unpleasant reason they decided that we needed to get up this morning at 4:00AM. They don’t just annoyingly meow this announcement, they add the extra touch by coming up to sleeping faces where they paw my wife (no claws used….just love taps) and lick me. Not sure how or why they decided to use different techniques between the two of us……..welcome home!!

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