Whose Money Is It? – #SoCS

It’s Saturday, the middle of a long holiday weekend for some of us here in the States and the day to try to do justice to Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt. This week, she’s giving us:

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘chew/choo.’ Use one or both, any way you’d like. Have fun!”

I’m going to lean heavy on the “anyway you’d like” part.

If we were having a beer, the University of Connecticut’s funny finances would be on tap, and we would be in rare agreement.

“Hey there my young friend, how are you this hot holiday weekend?”

“Hi, David. I am fine. I’d be better if it wasn’t raining, but it’s been a nice few days.”

“If you like it hot.”

“Hey, I’ve got just the thing to cool you guys down. Ice cold Coronas freshly sliced limes, ice, seltzer and several varieties of bourbon up on that top shelf.”

“Cheryl, that Corona and lime combo sounds good to me.”

“How about you David. Care to experiment with another brand?”

“No, you know what they say, choosey mothers choose John Howell’s bourbon.”

“Ha, as in their mother’s little helper?”

“Maybe, Cheryl, but I’ll stay the course.”

“I’ll be right back.”

“So, David, I hesitate to ask, knowing what a big UConn fan you are, but…”

“Did I hear about the President’s new house? I did, and I’m not happy.”

“Wow, that’s unexpected.”

“They’re bleeding us dry, Dan. The Athletic Department lost forty-one million dollars last year, and, as much as I’m glad they’re moving back into the Big East, that’s going to cost a lot of money.”

“About fifteen million.”

“I thought it was ten.”

“You guys are tossing around some big numbers here. Makes me think I should jack up the price on this beer.”

“Sorry, Cheryl, that’s coming out of my pocket.”

Sausage, Bacon and Onions

“You boys care for some wings? Maybe a pizza?

“Mmmm, pizza sounds good to me. How about you, David?”

“I could go for a pie.”

“Large? Bacon, sausage and onion?”

“Sounds good, Dan.”

“Make it so, Cheryl.”

“So, Dan, how did we go from ten million to fifteen?”

“It’s ten million to leave the AAC – IF we give them twenty-seven months notice. We’re only going to give them fourteen, so it will be twelve million, at least.”

“Still, twelve isn’t fifteen.”

“We have to pay three-and-a-half million to join the Big East.”

“Jeeze-Louise – what happened to that ‘welcome-back-charter-member’ stuff?”

“Oh, you’re welcome, but cough up three-point-five large.”

“Cheers, Dan. I think I have a headache.”

“Relax, the UConn President’s new house isn’t going to cost the taxpayers anything.”

“Right, Dan, and I have a bridge in New York City I can let you have cheap. Did you read about how they’re paying for the house?”

“All I saw was that ‘no taxpayer money and no tuition funds’ were being used.”

“Yeah, they’re using money from the rent they earn from other university-owned property.”


“That’s what they said, Dan.”

“Um, who owns the university?”

“The taxpayers. This is like me paying Cheryl with your credit card and you telling your wife ‘David paid for my beers and the pizza’.“

“My wife is pretty smart; she’d never fall for that.”

“But people all over the state are falling for this ‘free’ house deal for the new pres.”

“Well, people are dumb.”

“Easily fooled, Dan, people are easily fooled.”

“So, how much is this new house not costing us?”


“Good thing it’s not coming out of our pockets.”

“Cheryl, we’re not going to be able to make these drinks last until that pie is up.”

“Another round, coming up, David.”

“The UConn President says, ‘we have to think long term.’ David.”

“She’s leaving! What does she care?”

“David, did you see this article in US News?”

“No, why?”

“You’re going to be angry.”

“I’m already angry, Dan!”

“You’re going to be mad enough to chew nails.”

“What now?”

“This house we’re buying the new president.”


“We’ve been renting it.”


“While renting it, we made five-hundred-thousand-dollars-worth of renovations.”

“And now were buying it?”

“Yes. I’ll bet those renovations made it worth more money.”

“You guys still talking about this? It’s only money. Here, dig into this pizza, David.”

“I might as well, after all, I’m paying for it.”

“Um, I have Dan’s VISA on the tab.”

“The math is complicated, Cheryl.”

In case you’re still thinking about that Rolling Stones reference, the video is attached below. Give a listen if you like. Then you can check our Cheryl’s place and don’t forget to head on down to Parliament, Mississippi for ‘The Cut’ – the next chapter from Teagan.


    • I know this is a little too close to home for most people to follow, and I don’t know what level of college sports are practiced in England, but this is driving me nuts! The university wants more money for so many things, but they flushed $41 million down the toilet last year after the 6th losing season in a row for (US style) football (UConn went 1-11) and the 2nd or 3rd losing season for men’s basketball. The women’s basketball team is one of the best in the nation, but they lose $3-5 million dollars a year. It’s maddening. Thanks for the comment – sorry about the additional venting.


  1. I’d rather focus on the cute pictures of furry angels then money, Dan. I have a few like MuMu and so my empathy ….. LOL. That yellow sign …. that irritates me! Chemicals and I do not like one another. Adorable pictures of your family ….. You made me smile and I thank you. The one of Maddie with the stuffed animal is precious!! Happy weekend, Dan!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Gwen. There’s an editorial in a major paper today that talks about this , and they say (paraphrasing) “even if taxpayer money wasn’t used, it was a bad idea…” Seriously, whose money is it?

      Now, the benches, no taxpayer money was used, and they are really nice. I appreciate and applaud the Lions for that generous gift.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Robbie. I used that expression in the Twitter blurb for this post. I was thinking about using it in the post, but I remembered “mad enough to chew nails” although, I don’t know why. We are stuck in a heat wave that looks to be in place for another week. I would rather have the cold. We do better in the cold than we do in the heat.


  2. Complicated and they assume no one really reads it which is in most cases true. I’ll leave it there and focus on Maddie sitting on her deck. Tell her thanks for the smile. I loved watching that project, and will look forward to seeing how you finish out this last part. I’m sure she’ll love it. :-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Judy. I think Maddie is trying to give some hints as to how I should finish “her deck.” She doesn’t like the pavers for stairs. She jumps up and down. I guess I need a longer, wider stair, made out of something softer for her feet.

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  3. Seems no matter where you look, someone always has their hand in the till. Then they use that same hand to try and pull the wool over our eyes in an effort to convince us it’s not going to cost us a dime!!

    You couldn’t have made a more perfect spot for Maddie. I know you want us to believe it’s YOUR workshop, YOUR deck, but we get it Dan!! I hope before you put the finishing touches on it you consult Maddie in case she has any last minute requests!! Lol.

    So happy to see MuMu decided to make an appearance for her fan club today. And MiMi is getting smart….”no wake up call”!!

    It’s so oppressively humid here already it’s hard to breathe. The rain, when it gets here, will be welcome! Enjoy the weekend.

    BTW, those are really nice benches donated by the Lions Club. Kudos to them.
    🐾Ginger 🐾

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Ginger. I’m pasting in what I just typed in response to Judy’s comment. It seems everyone is concerned that I finish “Maddie’s deck” properly. – She doesn’t like the pavers for stairs. She jumps up and down. I guess I need a longer, wider stair, made out of something softer for her feet.

      She really, really likes this spot. I think it’s because a) it’s cool and b) it’s protected on two sides. She rests easier here than she does on her cot in the open yard. I guess I’m glad I thought of this :(

      MuMu was out yelling at us last night. I tried to get a better picture, but it’s hard. She’s very camera shy.

      The air here is just gross. I took Maddie for the shortest possible walk at 6:30am, just to get it crossed off her list. Then we sat on her deck from 7:00 – 7:45. she actually wanted to come in! I have to go back out and trim some bushes – not many and I won’t be out there very long.

      The benches are nice. I’m afraid to sit on one, lest Maddie decides she likes sitting at the park ;-)

      I hope the rain cools us off a little, Ginger. Stay inside and stay cool if you can.

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  4. Those numbers boggle my mind. Sorry the pesticide application is keeping you from the park. I wrote about city pesticides killing off the urban fireflies. I hope you have an alternative route.

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    • Thanks JoAnna. The numbers are mind-boggling, as is the fact that they expect us to buy into the program.

      We avoid the park now, until we have a few good rain storms. I tend to keep Maddie off the grass, but there is overspray and runoff. One thing that’s sad, is that the birds don’t gather on the fields to feed. As recently as three years ago, there would be flocks of 50-100 birds walking allover the ball fields. They ate the “pests” I guess they were’t fast enough.


  5. Funny math is everywhere! Goodness. But at least they will use the house for “other” university functions as well. Nice gallery today. I especially like that pizza picture outside the gallery though. Yummy!!

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  6. How does one never have enough money with the figures they’re talking. I don’t get it. MM&M–so love their photos and captions. Maddie did well through the fireworks?

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  7. I love how the word “free” is kicked around. There is nothing free and even that costs something. Great post, Dan. Loved the starfish toy. (I think it’s a starfish.). Thanks for the mention as well. Have a relaxing weekend.

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  8. Sadly, this stuff doesn’t even surprise me anymore. The rich are really good at taking care of themselves and living the lifestyle to which they feel they are entitled. Meanwhile, everyone else is making do with less. My cynicism knows no bounds.

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  9. Pam beat me to it – noting the Star Trek reference – but I’m still going to give you 50 bonus points for including it in your post.

    Well, you know me and math, so I’m not performing any algebraic equations with the money being spent by UCONN. It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors in order to spend a lot of taxpayer money, which they’ve already done with their financial losses. Doesn’t the Governor or State of Connecticut have anything to say about this mad spending? They should.

    It has cooled off here – northeast winds and low dewpoints. I’ll send it over your way. In the meantime, have some iced tea or a brew on the garage patio while Maddie sits and wonders why you didn’t build it for her years ago. Happy Saturday, Dan!

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    • Thanks Mary. I wish I could pay my taxes with bonus points. These guys (the Gov and the Legislature) are mostly all swooning over the chance to get back in the Big East (which isn’t even the Big East anymore). In February, the legislature said “we’re not giving UConn any more money to cover that $41 million dollar shortfall.” But last week, it was all “Warp seven Mr. Crusher – Engage” at the prospect of spending another $15 million to jump conferences. Not to mention losing some revenue from exiting the AAC.

      We are baking in the 90s today, with a heat-index of 108. Some seere thunderstorms may cool us off tonight. I just hope we don’t lose power. The Editor is mighty fond of her A/C.

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  10. That stinks about the UConn stuff. Sorry.
    Dang it, Dan. It’s hours before lunch, and the toast I had for breakfast is not standing up to the pizza you put on the virtual table. ;) Thanks for distracting me from my tummy’s complaints with terrific photos, especially of all the critters. Cat-tastic to get a MuMu sighting. That’s a gorgeous Jinx “understudy.” Heartfelt thanks for the shout-outs. Hugs on the wing!

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    • Thanks Teagan. I warned myself about including that pizza-pic. It’s always hard to see that while munching on an English muffin or a bowl of Special-K. MuMu was in a mood last night. Stomping up and down the hallway demanding to be brushed, but never staying still. I hope you’re having a nice weekend.

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    • Thanks Maggie. Be thankful it isn’t your state schools involved in this mess. They keep trying to tell us how good this is going to be, but they never put all the money together at one place. We’re left to assemble the components ourselves. My best friend and I worked through the numbers, and it’s way worse than this, and it gets worse going forward. More pizza and beer please.

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  11. $15 million to move from one conference to another? Geez… And the whole house thing is too much. Tell him to find a bungalow…

    It kills me that universities spend money like they have it and jack up the tuition to pay for everything.

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  12. I love the reflection of the skyline…I always do! Maddie is so cute with her toy in her mouth. That little alcove you two sit on now is a big hit with her.

    Hopefully, you’re not the only one frustrated about the amount of money that was lost and being spent, and some curbs will be put in place sooner rather than later.

    I hope it cools off and you and Maddie get to the park soon and have some comfy sitting in your spots watching the critters come for peanuts.

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  13. The Rolling Stones song started running through my head as soon as I read the words “mother’s little helper.” I suspected the reference was not accidental and the link at the end of the post confirmed my suspicions. I wonder if you have to be in a particular age bracket to “get” the reference, i.e those of us who agree with the line, “What a drag it is getting old.” :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Mike. I think you do have to be of a certain age. Especially since, when the song came out, they were probably talking about women who were i their early 30s.


  14. While the details are lost on me, Dan, I get the drift. Political mumbo jumbo at the expense of us at the bottom of this social food chain. Pizza sounds outstanding. We saw a movie today but did not get the usual over salted popcorn. We opted for a drink from the bar instead. How weird is this new world where you have a drink made and take it into the theater with you? Hubby even read online that a person can pre order all their snacks and have them hand delivered to them once they are seated. 😳 Nice photos of all the kids. They are so darned cute. This song is one of the hubs’s favorites as well as the expression. Lol

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  15. I made it as far as the pizza and that sidetracked me completely. :-) I hope you had a wonderful Fourth. Our AC is still on the fritz, but today is cool enough that we turned it off completely and just opened the windows. Phew!


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    • Thanks for making it to the pizza, Janet. This was one of those crazy stupid things I needed to vent about. We had rain yesterday but heading back toward 90 today. I hope you can stay cool.

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  16. Squirrel photos for the win! So cute! :D
    I hate pesticide time. Sadie will eat the grass and puke, and not everywhere puts up signs. Ugh.
    As for the house, OH MY WORD, that’s completely unacceptable. Just ridiculous. I’m no math whiz, no one’s asked for my real estate secrets, but OH MY WORD! Beer me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha – ‘beer me’ sounds like the best response. I don’t have any real estate secrets, but if you can get someone to do $500,000 worth of renovations to your house and then offer to buy it for $740,000 – Sell !!!

      The squirrels are just too cute when they sit and eat. Maddie just looks and goes back to nodding.


    • Sorry, Heather. I didn’t think about how people outside the US would probably be confused by this situation. Still, the alternative would have been a very long boring term-paper on the sad state of NCAA sports in this country. Thanks for the bonus points.

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  17. A very controversial issue for UConn. How can the best women’s basketball team loose money? That’s crazy. Love the Jinx wannabe photo and especially the Hartford mirror on the water photo. Excellent post, Dan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jennie. The UConn Women have been loosing millions for years. Part of the problem might be their success. While it’s fun to go to a Men’s basketball game, where the game might come down to the last few seconds, the Women’s games are usually over by the end of the first period. It even affects their TV ratings.

      The move back to the Big East should improve attendance for basketball. It’s not the same conference as it was in the 80s and 90s, but there are still some good rivalries there. Also, the teams are closer, so travel costs will be less.

      I’m glad you like the photos.

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        • I hope it works for them. I am not a fan – alum of two previous Big East rivals – but I a a taxpayer. The prospects for the football team don’t look nearly as good. I hope they can figure that out, too.

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          • I get it. You’re a taxpayer and UConn is a state college. Dan, you are a WVU alum. What is your #2? Hubby and his entire Pennsylvania family are huge Penn State fans. His sister was there when Joe Paterno was a coach. Great man. Football divisions were less complex. Money drives the boat. I just love the game.

            Liked by 1 person

            • I went to WVU undergrad and I went to graduate school at Pitt, Jennie. Penn State is an old rival, but if they aren’t playing my teams, I like to see them win. When I was at WVU, the played Pitt and Penn State, often. Pitt and WVU will play each other again this year. That’s always hard for me. I root for the team that needs the win the most.

              UConn football looks like it’s going to die on the vine. The Big East doesn’t have football, and the AAC won’t let UConn stay for just football. Looks like they’ll be independent, which is a tough road for a good team (and they aren’t a good team). UConn is trying to cut their losses, and I think football got tossed under the bus,

              Liked by 1 person

            • Ah, I’d forgotten about you going to Pitt. I can understand that the Pitt WVU game is a hard one for you. I didn’t realize the Big East doesn’t have football. As an independent, it will be a big change for UConn. I think Navy played in that league a while back.

              Liked by 1 person

            • Navy is also in the AAC. Army is an independent. It’s not certain that UConn can’t stay in the AAC for just football. I’m not sure that’s a great option, but it might not be a bad option.

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  18. I know you guys have your own political, economic and social problems, but I still ‘think’ you guys are lucky than us. In India, corporates and politicians do fraud in billions and they walk free because they know how to bend the system. I mean I pay tax, but I don’t get any social benefits from it. Forget about getting benefits, I can’t even talk about it, because everyone knows the system doesn’t give two hoots about people’s opinion. So, the money I earn and pay as tax is used by to bribe, buy and create a system that will shut me up when I ask what you did with my tax money. Historically, the East India Company did the same thing to India. Funny, we still celebrate Independence Day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do realize the irony of complaining about something like college sports, when other countries have much larger problems, Sharukh. This is just maddening, and the part that drives me crazy isn’t that they do it, it’s that they lie about it and people believe the lies.rather than look for the truth.


    • As the Rolling Stones said, Paul, “what a drag it is getting old…” – The sign I remember was the one outside my mom’s church after she passed away. The day before her funeral was Mother’s Day, and we visited her church to meet with the people who wouldn’t be able to get to the funeral. The sign said “Choosey Mothers Choose Jesus” – My brother and I had grown up in that church, and it was such an apt description of the women in the church when we were kids.

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  19. I see you go MuMu to give some face time. Cute kitty.

    The Rolling Stones were not good looking. It makes me wonder how they became to popular because I sure didn’t like most of there music.

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