Brother Love 10 — A Cut

In case you missed it, Teagan moved her latest serial story along to a very interesting point on Saturday. You don’t want to miss this chapter. Go on now, get yourself down to Parliament, Mississippi and get under that big gospel tent.


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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Rug with Crow Dan AntionDan Antion got a kick out of finding “Jinx” in this antique rug. It reminded me of the recent July Fourth holiday.

Welcome to the crossroads.

To my friends to the north, I hope you had a lovely Canada Day.  To those in the USA, I hope you enjoyed the Fourth of July and celebrated our precious freedom.  

I appreciate you coming back after my little break last weekend.  

Thanks to Dan Antion of No Facilities for letting me use more of his great photos.

The things that drive today’s installment are:  Magnolia Leaves from Priscilla Bettis, Earthly Bonds from G. P. Cox, and Spaghetti from Jan Twissel

If you need to review a past chapter, click over to A Pause for links.

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Girl white dress road trees timothy-eberly unsplashTimothy Eberly, Unsplash

Tammy turned to Brother Love, who apparently…

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