Sweet Melissa – #1LinerWeds

Earlier this week, I began what might become an arduous task of organizing my digital music. I hate this task, mainly because it reminds me of the fact that I’ve purchased some songs on vinyl, cassette, CD and from the iTunes store. “Eat a Peach” by the Allman Brothers is one such album.

Eat a Peach was the first Allman Brothers I bought, and it includes several of my favorite songs – Blue Sky, Ain’t Wastin’ Time No More, One Way Out, Little Martha and Melissa. In fact, if you search long enough, I think you’ll find that I’ve used several of those songs in previous blog posts. I don’t have time to search, you probably read the original post, and it doesn’t matter because, as the title hints, I’m talking about the song I haven’t featured – Melissa.

There’s a complex and controversial history surrounding this song. There are a couple of facts that are certain, 1) it was written by Gregg Allman, 2) It’s on the album Eat a Peach…after that, it gets murky. Not according to some, but definitely according to others. There are several websites offering “facts” and there are tons of opposing-opinion-comment on each. The Wikipedia page for this song was last modified less than two months ago! Keep in mind, Gregg Allman wrote this song in 1967 and Eat a Peach was released in 1971, but we’re still arguing about its origin and meaning.

One of the “maybe” facts about this song is the fact that “Crossroads” in the first and last stanza might refer to the crossroads where Robert Johnson might have made a deal with the devil. Then again, it might not. In any case, Melissa is a beautiful song, and finding it in my virtual pile of music reminded me of “Brother Love” the serial story Teagan R. Geneviene is writing – which also happens to take place at the crossroads. I’ve been supplying photos for this story and I’ve been following its progress closely. I also come by some advance information from time to time – I have news for you – something big is happening this weekend down in Parliament, Mississippi.

Oh yeah, the one-liner…

“Crossroads, will you ever let him go?”

This post is part of Linda G. Hill’s fun weekly series One-Liner Wednesday. If you have a one-liner, I’d encourage you to join in on the fun. You can follow this link to participate and to see the one-liners from the other participants.


  1. It’s difficult for Maddie to stay outside in all this heat, eh? I’ve always wanted a Saint Bernard, but with our heat lasting most of the year, I just couldn’t do that to an animal.

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  2. Hope you can stay cool Dan. That’s too hot for an office to get any work done.

    I enjoyed listening to this song. I was never a Allman Brothers fan but listening to this song I wonder why not.

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  3. “Melissa” is one of my hubby’s favorite songs from his favorite band, The Allman Brothers. Thanks for bringing back some great memories. We have our music in a variety of formats too. It would be so time-consuming to organize!

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  4. It appears it’s either famine (rain) or feat (heat) in your neck of the woods. I hope you get some rain and cooler weather soon. I can’t send anything to you today, we’re also having a steamy day. Maybe next week.

    Thanks for the almost explanation of Melissa and a reminder that I also love this music. I’ve dragged out my Allman Brothers CD and Low Country Blues by Gregg Allman for the work background music today. Happy Wednesday!

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    • Thanks Mary. I’m glad I could jog that memory. Some of their songs are really just nice to listen to.

      As for the heat wave, yeah, no sign of it ending anytime soon. If you do get some cool temps, I suggest you hang on to them.

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    • I did read that, but I was hesitant to label it a fact (even though it’s attributed to Gregg Allman) given all the comments in various places that say something else. I’m not trying to be the definitive historian on the subject ;-)

      Thanks for your comment!


  5. The flowers are lovely. I don’t think I’ve seen Bee Balm. It’s pretty.

    I’ve always liked the Allman Bros. but haven’t listened to them in ages. My music library got hosed and lost with my phone upgrade and I haven’t had the will to start over so, there are only maybe 8 songs in my iTunes library now.

    He-Man’s music library is good so we listen to his music if not the radio.

    I hope you find someplace cool to work while the heatwave continues, or they fix the A/C soon!

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    • That is a trash can, Peter. They are new (installed last summer). They are designed to be flood resistant, and since they were under water for a while this spring, I guess the design works..

      The bird is walking around the rim, checking out the contents.


    • Parliament, Mississippi, is in Teagan’s vivid and wonderful imagination, John. She’s been writing a serial story at the crossroads and under the big revival tent. It’s a great story.


  6. Hi Dan! First, huge thanks for the promo for the Brother Love serial.
    I remember Melissa, but I wasn’t aware of all that fun info about the song — and I didn’t remember the crossroads part.
    Where I grew up, at the edge of the backyard there a huge honeysuckle vine. I remember it well. Have a happy hump day. Hugs on the wing.

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  7. Knowing there’s controversy surrounding music makes it that much better. Did not know about this one, but I also love that album – which I remember as an actual album – cause we had those when I was wee.
    Anyway, 82 is BAD, so stay cool as you can! Gentleman boss likes it colder than the rest of us, so we let his end go, but I’ve got to turn our section of office AC from 66 to 71 every morning or all the ladies’ toes turn blue! Haha!

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    • Thanks! 76 is the best I’ve been able to do this week, and that has a number of people stepping outside to warm up. I always like the way people suggest that they “know” what a songwriter was thinking. It’s funny, because sometimes, the popular accepted thinking is so wrong, but the truth isn’t accepted, even when the artist is explaining it. I just love that album, and yes, it started as a vinyl disk.


  8. I do like those two photos w/reflections of the sun on the water. Poor MiMi….will you never let her get her full compliment of beauty sleep? :~}

    Maddie looks so regal sitting on her new deck surveying her kingdom. But way too hot to be out for too long. Murphy goes out for “business” period. No sniffing around. No bringing her ball for me to toss. No tiptoeing through the tulips……well, they’re gone, but all the other flowers!!

    Bikerchick57 nailed it — “feast or famine” when it comes to our weather pattern. Sigh..

    Sure hope the office AC is repaired pronto. 82 degrees in an office is cruel and unusual punishment! I’d say keep the ice cubes coming in glasses of water, but no one in your place would’ve refilled ice cube trays after emptying them!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger, and MiMi appreciates your advocating on her behalf. Of course, her full compliment is about 20 hours a day.

      Maddie did not want to stay long. She has a need to “check things off her mental list” but 5 minutes is the same as an hour on some days.

      They’re working the A/C as hard as they can. So far, I’m getting a little relief and my office-mates are freezing – so be it.


  9. ahhh – the photos are rich and vibrant and like that meow “don’t you get it”
    and had no idea about the controversy of this song – and glad I knew it – I don’t know all their music – but that is crazy that two months ago someone chimed in on the wiki

    dan – some of this classic music is just steadfast and far reaching

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  10. Good luck with the organization, Dan. My empathies! I kinda sorta remember this song …. kinda. I’m with Maddie …. just too hot to be outside especially today. Over 90 here …. rain is supposed to be a coming … if not I have to get the hose out and water my gardens. GROAN. Speaking of which your garden is coming along nicely! Hope you are having a great day!

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    • “Garden” should be in quotes, Amy. It’s random odd collections of plants. I’ll take Maddie out, after her spot has been in the shade for a while. My wife sat with her this morning, when it was cooler, but Maddie has forgotten. I hope you get the rain.

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  11. I think it’s interesting how some people can get so involved in a song like that (even making Wiki edits years after it was written). Maybe I’m just not a big enough music fan, but I usually just listen to a song and decide whether I like it or not. I didn’t even play Abbey Road backwards to hear of John was dead or not. Sweet Melissa is a beautiful song and that’s good enough for me.

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  12. I love that song. I love the crow photo. Looks like he is dancing on the edge of the can. The perspective of the lamp posts is great. The flower petals are beautiful. Good luck with the organizing!

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  13. Oh yay, I just ate peaches for dinner (BBQ-ed with salmon! And what is this with Melissa? In high demand, because she’s also in the story I’m writing right now. I’ll write about music another time:) Great one-liner!

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  14. Never heard of this band before, but after reading this post I gave it a go. The song Melissa is actually playing right now as I type this. It is a good song, perfect for some nice beer conversations.

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      • I will listen to more songs of them. In one of your earlier recommendations I loved Johnny Cash. If I have to choose one artist that I want you to listen to I would say – Lucky Ali. Well, of course, he doesn’t sing in English (although his name sounds like one). I have his entire collection, I know his every song, every lyrics, and every tune and beat. Give a try to his song – Dekha Hain Aise Bhi (Have Seen Such Too). The reason I like his music so much is because of the rich meaningful lyrics and music composition which is so unique from the typical Bollywood music.

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  15. I love how you tie all of your thoughts in your posts so well together. Great song, great photos, and a great one-liner! Plus enticing us to check out what’s happening for Teagan this week…! NICE!

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