Hot & Dry

I hope the captions are enough to explain the images. I’ll have some words on Wednesday.


    • Thanks Damyanti. We’ve gone from flood to drought in the span of about six weeks. My wife had to plant her garden late, and now it’s dying. I’m afraid these weather patterns are just something we’re going to have to adapt to.


  1. Beautiful photos, Dan. I didn’t realize that Connecticut is experiencing a drought. It seems like this year, in particular, our country is experiencing the extremes of the “have” and “have nots” of water.

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    • Thanks Gwen. Except for some brief thundershowers, we haven’t had meaningful rain in three weeks, and the temps have been in the 90s for more than two of them. Our daughter and I hiked a rail-trail in Massachusetts yesterday. As we crossed the CT River, you could see the bottom the entire way, except for the boat channel.


    • Thanks, that’s my favorite (well, that and the ducks). We’ve had one day of rain in the forecast each week, but it hasn’t materialized. At least we don’t have to cut the grass in 90-degree temps.

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  2. I’ve seen a lot of blackbirds around here the last couple of weeks too. I think we’ve had a little more rain than you, but we’ve had the same kind of heat and humidity. Love the ‘party potties.’ Give Maddie a pat, and tell the Editor I feel her gardening pain. :-)

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  3. Poor Maddie…who can get comfortable when it’s hot? The baby ducks are so cute! I love the downy fuzz on them. MiMi looks almost bright and chipper this morning! We got a lot of rain/wind this weekend, but nothing like MS and LA.

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    • Thanks Lois. I’m glad you weathered the storm. Right now, I could use a stiff breeze and some rain. MiMi looks bright, because I lost something and had to turn the overhead lights on right over her couch. Not a happy kitty. We’ve been sitting with Maddie, very early in the morning (before 7:00 am) but she still wants to sit after 5:00 pm – but it’s really too hot. The mother duck seemed to be working so hard to keep them together. She kep circling around. Give new meaning to “get your ducks in a row” for me.

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  4. That probably is Jinx! After all, he’s temporarily unemployed, so he’s likely traveling until Teagan beckons him back.

    The photos of the ducks coupled with your captions gave me a good chuckle.

    MiMi and MuMu are as adorable as ever. Then there’s Maddie and her cushion. Murphy often lays half in-half out of her bed. 😳 I don’t know how that can be comfortable, but apparently it is.

    I hope they never remove the Sea Monster. I really like it!!

    So sorry about the Editor’s garden. Hopefully Mother Nature will get her act together and those failing plants will revive. I have weeds I’ve never seen before, and they are incredibly invasive. You pull out one and 5 more replace it. WTH?!

    I too think this weird weather pattern is here to stay….year round. Sigh….
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • Thanks Ginger! That’s exactly what’s happening in The Editor’s garden. The weeds are taking over, and we can’t even identify them.

      I’m glad Maddie isn’t the only dog who fails to understand the concept of cuddlers and cushions. I don’t get it, it looks so uncomfortable.

      The ducks were just too cute. Talk about moms having a hard time, this one was going crazy.

      I would like to think the weather will drift back toward “normal” but I am not my usual optimistic self on this.


  5. It’s hot and dry here too … although the last time I was at the lake I noticed the water levels were still higher than normal. Hope you see some meaningful rain soon to give everything a good soak.

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    • Thanks Joanne. At this point, it would take several days of rain. We had some thunderstorms in the area over the weekend (none in our area) but it doesn’t seem to have ran off into the river.


      • We keep getting calls for rain, but it doesn’t materialize.
        Sadly, today I’ve just had an outing with the Club cancelled because of a forecast for thundershowers. However when I look at the radar, there is nothing to suggest a drop of rain, let alone a thunder storm, between now and early evening. The organizer is erring on the side of extreme caution 😕


    • I hope to make some progress this Friday and Saturday, John. It’s been so hot, I’ve just been coming to work. I keep telling myself I’ll save the vacation days for when it cools off, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. Screwing down that “temporary” plywood is the last thing I did. Maddie is fine with it, but the Building Inspector is waiting.

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  6. It’s hot here too and dry so we’re being told every day the fire danger is HIGH.

    I love your first image of the Blackbird. Is it a Rusty Blackbird? I also really like the golden hour image of the Dragon. It’s a lovely view from there. The cats and Maddie have the right idea about laying low and finding a cool spot to do nothing in while it’s hot.

    I hope there’s a break in your forecast soon!

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    • Thanks Deborah. Did you have to cope with fire danger where you lived before?

      I had to look up what a Rusty Blackbird looks like. It is similar. I have other pictures of it, different angles, but I liked this one the best.

      Maddie still tries to get us to take her out in the afternoon. We walk her around the yard and she seems to get the picture that it’s hot, even in the shade.

      I hope we both get a break.

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      • I always felt we were far enough away from the Santa Cruz Mountain range not to be worried about fire in my neighborhood, but any fire in the mountains would impact our life a bit. After the Santa Rosa/Sonoma fire I didn’t feel secure in my neighborhood anymore during fire season. If that fire could happen there and wipe out neighborhoods it could happen in mine or anywhere. I lost a photographer friend to it. His neighborhood didn’t get any notice and he couldn’t get out. It happened so fast! That fire really stung and shook my world.

        I like that pose of your Blackbird too plus that lovely green background really helps to make its eye pop.

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  7. MuMu is sooo cute! I love her little face!
    Maybe Maddie likes the heat of the wood? We watched a BUNNY lie down and sprawl on asphalt yesterday. I bet it’s the heat.

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    • MuMu is a cutie, but she can be obnoxious. Maddie flips and flops inside, too, even in her crate. It’s like she can’t get comfortable. Of course, I sleep like that, so I shouldn’t complain. I haven’t seen a bunny lay on the driveway, but I see them out eating with all the fur and I start sweating.

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  8. Hot here, too, Dan, but we had a big thunderstorm the other afternoon and the humidity remains high. Still waiting for the new AC. I work tomorrow and Tuesday, so I’ll be more than cool then. Good luck with your heat!


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  9. Us human beings be never satisfied with the ‘wether’ … actually we haven’t any rain either … brief spit – though further north they had a bit … still it’s lovely to see all the photos and delightful homelovers! Cheers Hilary

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    • Thanks Hilary. I do recall saying that if the cold and wet days of spring ended, I wouldn’t complain, but we are now in week number three of 90f/32c temps, with no end in sight, so I’m breaking my promise.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the photos and I always appreciate your comments.

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